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The D'Amelio Family

15 млн көрүүлөр0

    For our first guest on Dinner with the D'Amelio's, we have... wait... we can't tell you that, we didn't even know who was coming. Make sure you watch to see who joined us for dinner in the first episode of our new series, Dinner With the D'Amelios.
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    1. Reeedj Repuela

      Imagine how the chef felt. 😑😑😑

    2. The Circus

      So I’m commenting after all the tea was spilled, first of all you can’t expect someone to not want chicken nuggets they are delicious.SECOND OF ALL you don’t know the behind the scenes ,as in you didn’t know they were pranking Dixie. Charlie and Dixie keep going with your careers because y’all are amazing no matter the things people say. 😊

    3. 69braydenn

      are we not gonna talk about how hot there mom is🥵

    4. wacky eppie

      1.23M subscribers? really? boooo

    5. Evolet R.

      14:54 Here is

    6. Bunn3i

      Dixie if you swallowed it and did not throw it up you would have never got canceled and had good luck bad day Dixie :/

      1. Raining Planets

        Throwing up is a reflex. You don’t control it.

    7. Stephany Joss

      I think that parents should be more responsible with dixie, she is the one who needs the most manners and she clarifies things out of necessity but Charlie deeply apologized

    8. Odyssey Alvarez

      We thought it was gonna be someone famous and big like is 24million to little for you oh right I forgot your standers are at least higher than 95million

    9. Florencia Hernandez Salazar

      who is were affter charli lost 1 million of followers but she is rait now with 100?

    10. heenim hO

      tbh i'm not sure if they should make a second episode

    11. Odyssey Alvarez

      James does not like fish do you see him acting like a toddler

    12. Odyssey Alvarez

      I am proud of James he has had his fair share of drama but he did good

    13. Jose Magana

      Im Mariana

    14. Camryn Hatmaker

      I Charli such a big fan

    15. Jose Magana

      Hi Charlie Damelio and dixie damelio I love you sooooooooo much

    16. Hanakokun Uwu

      the fact that the only person in the room who had respect to the chef was james charles THE GUEST mind you. the girls are even more beyond of disrespectful. making a scene for over food and not having enough time to get 100 mil... jeez...

    17. Cheska Aguirre

      12:27 Her Mum's laugh

    18. Juanito Raymundo

      You know that charle was not great ful

    19. Juanito Raymundo


    20. Juanito Raymundo


    21. A Fletcher

      They are the best

    22. Elise Moran

      About all of the hate...... I probably would've gagged too if I put a snail in my mouth. Sure it was a little dramatic...but everyone is in different ways.

    23. cloudii

      James was like: this family I- 😳

    24. Jilyn Manuay

      she could have been swallowed the heckin snail than puking it

    25. XxBLXBERRY xX

      wowww they get famous of a black girl and dont know how to act

    26. Vega Erika A.

      Manners please hahahaha You came from a wealthy family but doesn't have a proper etiquette.

    27. cloudii

      Oh my god. James Charles was being interrupted literally the whole time. This family is so- just so dramatic. The way they act is just terrible! Like did you hear Charlie say “can we have Dino nuggets??” Eat the food you were served brat!!! And the way they sit at the table.. it’s just ridiculous.

    28. A S L E S H A

      If you’re here to see the drama, I got you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6:30 7:28 7:50 14:58

    29. Kenzie Zizzamia

      Congrats on 100M Charli !!! 👑✨

    30. Kenzie Zizzamia

      you all get all mad for nothing.. You can’t tell me if you ate a snail you wouldn’t spit it out to 🙄

    31. Music Girly

      ummm is it just me or is charlie the fav chilled like dixe wasnt even mean and then her mom yelled at her like whatttttttt

    32. Ana Carolina De Souza Werneck


    33. Ana Carolina De Souza Werneck


    34. Ana Carolina De Souza Werneck

      n n n n n n n n n n

    35. Nakoda Denali

      Wtf am I watching? Basically I’m watching James Charles hosting a dinner instead of the other way around. Cancel ever doing a dinner again. The girls were rude af. And chef May, I would run. Run and never come back to their house. And sage yourself. Then go cook for people with taste and etiquette. Like, even basic etiquette bc this isn’t it.

    36. Collete Lim

      This family is a full of disrespectful. Dixie is already have her period but still act like a 5 year old child but in a disrespectful way. They are beautiful people but lack manners

    37. idont know who u are

      This appeared to my newsfeed i have no idea whose charly d? Btw have manners please especially to the chef🙂

    38. Canray

      Props to James! He’s so well-mannered.

    39. Estefania Bermudez

      For those of you who are hating on charli for what she was doing or saying to the chef I bet you would be ruder😉 so stop hating on charli she’s an amazing person with a kind heart so shut up we don’t need hate on the D’amelios If u are spreading hate F you

    40. Maria Clara Ferreira Dias


    41. Juan David Pérez Hernández

      algún comentario en español

    42. Fergus Dutch

      I like how pissed off James semmed when she said she wanted 100 mil

    43. Little & K

      This girls act like brats 😂😂😂 very unprofessional and untrained 😂😂

    44. Tone Tone

      Fuck that you should have a fucking massive party so massive the roof gets stolen and it's on the news the next day things just got out of hand

    45. emma Hidalgo

      I’m the same I like chicken nuggets and macaroni

    46. chels n

      I feel so bad for James.. and i thought the damelios would be nicer

    47. Slytherin Sisters

      Who's here before this is deleted ⬇️

    48. Fifi Yim

      “iS tHeRe AnY dInO nUgGeTs” -charlie damelio 2020

    49. S T

      Wow 380k likes. I wonder how so many people who can't hear or see somehow managed to accidentally hit the like. This is about how I expected children from tik tok to act, so not surprising tbh 💅

    50. Krusty Crabs

      These children have no manners. I understand not liking something there no need to be dramatic about it. I feel bad about the chef hope they said sorry at least. The rich just step on the poor. I honestly feel bad for their parents look how embarrassed they look.

      1. • bright dxisies •

        I agree, James is the mature one, Dixie throws up snails but James says he is not a fan, my respect for him is higher, and the d’amelio parents act like....kids!

    51. Vex2004


    52. gouzimaki122

      obvi the parents didn't teach their children some manners growing up -_-

    53. matthew singh

      So this is where it started

    54. • bright dxisies •

      Even the parents aren’t acting like adults smh

    55. Paula Andrade

      Alguien me traduce todos los comentarios a español porfavor 😔😔

    56. George Leal


      1. George Leal

        Wow did you know that Charlie lost 1m followers after being rude to the Chef

    57. Derpy _Donutz

      It would be the best day of my life if I ate that fancy. They vomited it up and insulted the chef. So disrespectful.

      1. • bright dxisies •


    58. Noahmou

      You are so rude

    59. Jaire Jocson


    60. Jaire Jocson

      What a spoiled brat. If this is what you called influencer well RIP to this generation. I rather choose too bring back and see more of Ryan Dunn's stunts than watching how ungrateful this two kids about the food.

    61. Bakita737 737

      Alguien que hable español por aca qnq?

      1. Bakita737 737

        @Alexa uwu :D

      2. Alexa uwu

        io xd


      Ughh the hell is this shit

    63. WWETOYS 09

      Ungrateful brats

    64. Now United FC

      they really should be more humble and polite

    65. winterrrsea

      Geez how can you let your kids be such assholes?! Horrible people all the way around the table. Poor chef.

      1. • bright dxisies •

        I know right

    66. Awesome kid

      They are real brave for leaving the comments on 😂💀

    67. Xavier Mauricio

      I am spanish, and i dont like snails too😂😂 But i LOVE paella!!!

    68. Blox Bunny9

      10:36 and 10:37 the mom and Dixie or Charlie idk who but the girl with red hair was rude and the mom was rude too

      1. • bright dxisies •

        That is Charli with the red hair

    69. its gracie

      was 95 not enough for you is at 15:06

    70. Black

      Look what fame does to people, changes them it's honestly sad because the parents aren't even teaching them how to be respectful

    71. Emily Salinas

      Let's emit we all luv dino nuggets

    72. Estefany Jacobo

      eres muy mala en serio

    73. Jen Acv2

      What an embarrassing dinner. but it’s a maturity thing. And they are still young

    74. Camila M.

      12:45 hmm Dixie 😭 12:51 😭

    75. ChloeCoolCatz L

      Is anybody else feeling really bad for that chef?🥺

    76. Bacon squad Amber

      Lmao ive never seen this much dislikes on a vid

    77. Arelie Ramirez

      Y'all the snail was a paid actor

    78. Rodolfo Chavez

      i think everyone can agree that charlie and dixie are spoiled af smh

    79. Xx StrawberryCow xX

      I was surprised James Charles wasn’t wearing makeup

    80. Roblox Kid

      That poor chef like

    81. Xx StrawberryCow xX

      Dixie fake threw up and Charli and Dixie. Had TERRIBLE manners

    82. Xx StrawberryCow xX

      Charli didnt eat like anything

    83. Diego Isais29


    84. Alicia Aguilar

      These girls are really... annoying

    85. chloe chloe

      15:22 i don't like her

    86. 彡diaochan

      omg i thought dixi was acting that diva like in charlis live‘s etc. she was always mad at anything and screaming at charlie, BUT SHE IS LIKE THAT OMFG HOW CAN PEOPLE INTERACT WITH HER .. what‘s making her so mad and aggressive? :( man... also james is the best for making the outro... oh goddd what is this family i‘m so so sorry

    87. Chuckwang872

      James: Why am I here

    88. Maydelin Herrera

      You guys are in the news

      1. EL PEPE RC

        guarda, non è vero

    89. Maddie bean

      The chef told dixie to try it get OVER IT Charli likes even numbers GET OVER IT

    90. Davis Guzman

      What a worthless group of people that girl has no talent but stupid kids these day make anyone famous

    91. Sharon Santiago Camelo


    92. Саида Расулова


    93. Biz .680

      Etiquette, Charles etiquette, no elbow on the table 🤦‍♂️

    94. Corina Rodriguez

      Que mala educasion de seguro tu chef se sintio mal

    95. antidevil 454

      Delete this account

    96. gema deart

      hi family Damelio

    97. Miley Lopez

      15:00 wasnt the 95 not even for you??-James i Just like even numbers-Charlie XDDD

    98. Raider Warrior

      They are little spoiled girls with no table manners.

    99. Maria H

      It’s funny how they all predicted this would be the first and last hahaha

    100. Maria H

      The fact they said the chef did it on purpose is bs. I get not liking but she didn’t have to do all of that. It was rude and uncalled for if she knew she didn’t like it she should’ve no are it. Also they’re so rude to James they keep doing things while he is talking.