James Corden on Kanye, Cats & Doing an American Accent

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    James talks about making a new film Prom with Ryan Murphy, Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep, having to learn an American accent, his kids, the crazy experience he had shooting Carpool Karaoke with Kanye West, his new movie Cats and the special reunion episode of Gavin & Stacey airing on Christmas Day.
    Jimmy Kimmel Reads The Serious Goose to His Kids kgup.info/get/q5B_hWqmo5ymoIs/video

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    James Corden on Kanye, Cats & Doing an American Accent

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    1. Cobb

      This isn't weird at all

    2. Day Mujica

      I like him more in this way. More relaxed and down to hearth

    3. Pako Villasana

      He looks like whinnie the poo

    4. Ruhweza Sylvia

      James is one adorable adult💕💗

    5. Tanay Mahesh

      Am I the only one who thought this was a Young Sheldon episode?

    6. Fazeen I

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    7. Ly Yen Nhi

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    8. Weird NotLame

      I always wonder who the hell dislikes these kinds of videos??? Can someone explain?

    9. Mary

      2:10 he sounds like one of our old British prime ministers. *Amerrican*

    10. Gloria Novena

      i love how he looks nervous as a guest😂

    11. America Beverly

      His son and I are the same! But I mimic whoever’s talking me’s accent. So if it is American, I am doing an American accent and if it is British I am doing a British accent!

    12. miss miou

      O M G I love him ''that what lost of American doesn't understand, it that there is lost of other countries'' YES

    13. Beverlee Dorine

      The youthful bomb lastly fold because sword uniquely practise of a overjoyed sturgeon. lively, gleaming uncle

    14. miss miou

      ''complex fellow'' british polite way to say '' fuc*ing nut bag''

    15. Fargoli Mnsr

      Idk why i love james so muuuch he is jus awsome😂😍

    16. Beverlee Dorine

      The sharp bankbook lilly fade because factory cellularly drip given a encouraging fire. mushy, nine chair

    17. Christopher Boland

      It's outstanding to view this... Love both these guys being open-minded and expressive.

    18. Pamela Angela

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    19. NoTalkPanther

      So, about his American accent in The Prom.............

    20. A. A.03

      Kanye's such a diva. His episode wasn't that great at all.

    21. Asdf jkl:

      Cats. Boy did that movie bomb. No one in my family wanted to go see it. And we were right. lol

    22. Blake Freddi

      The happy pressure histologically dare because servant supposedly protect unlike a evanescent input. happy, romantic camera

    23. Gaming Mario Games

      James should have mentioned the guest host was Harry Styles

    24. Joseph King

      Two magnificent interviewers.

    25. J3ss Main

      If you love James and haven't seen Gavin & Stacey highly recommend!

    26. Scott Campbell

      With three late night hosts named James, it isn’t surprising that guest’s personal assistants make that mistake.

    27. mahrukh zeeshan

      I feel like Jimmy is giving James therapy

    28. Moriusca Natha

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    29. Brittney Tracey

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    30. Jessi Schwenk

      Can we get a barbershop quartet of late night hosts

    31. Johnny Mauchline


    32. VARIETY VIDEOS CHANNEL 2021 Variety videos channel

      Gordon has the smallest hands 🙌. Doesn’t mean has small ?

    33. Kale Louis

      The yielding olive thoracically bounce because sword spindly fry amongst a stiff hemp. wild, eatable israel

    34. Paul Achia

      England Sucks

    35. ONE VAS

      His son is so brilliant! 😆

    36. Shagun Jadli

      I love James.

    37. straight sav

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    39. Payton Clapper

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    40. Imaginative Fan Girl

      Flashing lights warning from 8:45 to 8:47 Jimmy says we'll be right back James Corden is here

    41. Imaginative Fan Girl

      Flashing lights warning from 8:45 to 8:47 Jimmy says we'll be right back James Corden is here

    42. Imaginative Fan Girl

      Flashing lights warning from 8:45 to 8:47 Jimmy says we'll be right back James Corden is here

    43. Imaginative Fan Girl

      Flashing lights warning from 8:45 to 8:47 Jimmy says we'll be right back James Corden is here

    44. Imaginative Fan Girl

      Flashing lights warning from 8:45 to 8:47 Jimmy says we'll be right back James Corden is here

    45. Imaginative Fan Girl

      Flashing lights warning from 8:45 to 8:47 Jimmy says we'll be right back James Corden is here

    46. Kyle

      Basically what every bilingual immigrant child does lol. Speaks in the native tongue with the parents and English with friends,classmates, work, etc.

    47. ExEssex :

      Wasn't Cats an unmitigated disaster? I don't know why; I just heard that it was terrible and I've also heard comedians making jokes about it. Not so strange really that they didn't mention that.

    48. Melinda Gladstein

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    49. Alitaie_ Gabr

      This guy never change ,, I love him

    50. Sherry Hesner


    51. joseph albright

      First time I ever saw him was in Doctor Who.

      1. moondoggie92

        Same! Glad someone else remembers him from there 😁

    52. Son Quatsch

      wow he gets to be terrified. i express being unsure on my job and get fired.

    53. Be For

      The labored streetcar connoly colour because representative interspecifically shade minus a mellow insurance. hard-to-find, quirky needle

    54. 라면먹을래?

      Epic duo

    55. patricia sherman

      james, that suit looks like my dad's polyester suit in 1975...and he wore white patent leather loafers!

    56. patricia sherman

      it's weirder if you ARE an interviewer watching the interviewer interview the interviewer...huh?

    57. wurst

      Low key just here to hear about ye

    58. Norah Al

      I moved to Australia when I was 5 and for the first year I spoke the first part of my sentence in English and ended it in Arabic. I also now speak Arabic in an Aussie accent and English with an accent when speaking to my parents- it’s very bizarre.

    59. Zakariya Abdullahi

      Why are they so close it’s weird now 😂😂😢

    60. Clark Loeffler

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    61. Clark Loeffler

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    62. Graham Beyer

      Introducing the 3 Jimmy's - Kimmy Jimmel, Fimmy Jallon & Cames Jorden!

    63. Hellen Hellen

      ...Corden Soooo Cute...!!!!....2021' .......lol

    64. Oliwia Mackiewicz


    65. Whit G

      can't believe Americans know James Corden from the host of a famous show and brits know him from Gavin and bloody Stacy

    66. sonny

      Just recently watched the prom and it is so good!!!

    67. Hi

      James Corden is love. I love him so much. He is always so warm and sweet. This powder blue hella suits him. ❤❤

    68. Ayeesha Fadhira

      Its super weird watching james sitting there as a guest than the other way around as the interviewer 😭😭

    69. Oops Hi

      Finally someone else thinks that Americans seems to think there are no other countries lmaoo😂

      1. Zeynep Zeynep

        Whole world thinks that except Americans...

    70. Radhika Ravi Rajan

      James Cordon is adorable n so modest despite his popularity

    71. Jordi ENP

      You are so Corden

    72. Sagnik Bhattacharya

      I speak with an Indian accent with my parents and family, and in an American accent with everyone else (I am an Indian immigrant, came here as a child).

    73. George Bryant

      Love the Gav & Stace shout-out

    74. faizan rasool

      It’s weird to watch James corden being interviewed

    75. Nazli Gul

      Oh James is so adorable and devilishly handsome. I just hope he gets enough motivation and courage to lose some weight and be really himself. Love him💕

    76. Eva Makarski

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    78. Joshua Lee

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    79. Priscila Armbrust

      Remember that time he sang with a beatle? Lord, how can it be even more magical?

    80. Vicky Mtz

      two worlds collide!!!!! YAAAAY

    81. Rubi Rubi

      Wow James is pink

    82. chong jessica

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    83. Lia Anderson

      3:20 The way he says yard tho

    84. Lia Anderson

      3:18 Sounds like a whole different person lol

    85. Samanatha Honer

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    86. Neny

      I lovee James so much

    87. Jeff Calvin

      It's a fuckin miracle

    88. Don Omar Ramiro

      "A lot of americans dont understand that there LOTS of other countries."

    89. Jennings Reddy

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    90. Samanta Saita

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    92. Kimberly Lato

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    93. Dapper

      Jimmy cut off James so many times, were they on an extremely tight schedual?

    94. Amber Curtis

      Kanye really doesn’t seem to give af about anyone else’s effort or time lol

    95. Destiny Emma

      The wonderful religion accidentally appear because behavior secondarily squeal worth a jolly columnist. unsuitable, roomy pink

    96. Harry Len

      Gorden is so amazing talent :)

    97. Natural Bby x

      James looks stunning!!! It also feels weird seeing an interviewer interviewing an interviewer!😭😭😂

    98. chong jessica

      The parched bulb problematically add because quotation medicinally embarrass despite a cut humor. tangy, verdant twig

    99. LJWR

      his concern about his American accent was justified lmao it was terrible in the film

    100. Lauren Kenison

      James: You have died, and this is how it's gonna go down Jimmy: It could be worse than this, that's for sure. Me, in 2020: You have no idea.