I Built The Lots in The Sims 4: Snowy Escape


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    Surprise! I helped build some of the lots in the new expansion pack!
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    1. Slice of Life

      Damn usual family in japan have bed called Futon. Sad that it's not a thing here yet

    2. Skye Clements

      I just brought Laundry day and Perfect Patio....Im cracking to buy this and it looks like a great pack....can people tell me if its worth it or not please! 😭🏔👑

    3. Mack Miller

      Let’s hope to GOD they let them do this again. The houses look so much better because they asked them to create them then their usual people.

    4. Bobby Neko

      So I thought James’s Turner made it since it was modern black and white

    5. Emma vankomen

      I have loved moving my new sims into the second home that starter house :) the place was perfect and I got so excited over the computer haha

    6. Treeplantcouch

      It looks great! you are an amazing builder!

    7. Singing Gun


    8. Ewelina Jozwik

      Your builds are awesome ,,,I don't own this pack,,, yet,,, but just by looking how excited you are talking about it and the way they look (!!!) You have done fantastic job and you have made yourself proud 😀,,, dreams do come true, don't they?

    9. Julia Averaldo

      lil simsie i am so happy for you, the houses are amazing, i can't wait to see them in my game!! ❤️

    10. Shori Todoroki

      Finally I can make todoroki's house (I don't have the pack T-T)

    11. Helena Coutinho

      that explains why they have such pretty builds!

    12. Kb Groot

      Well now I need to get the pack.🤣

    13. Jonnny Vigil

      Everyone’s selling out except for Carl Sims and LGR. Who the hell cares about the builds?! Where’s the gameplay???

    14. Jen

      I wondered why the pre-builds were so good this pack

    15. Bernice Ayala

      I adore uuuuu ❤ Thank you soooooo much for making these homes 🏡. I enjoy simming with this family and love the pack.... hopefully we get werewolves or anything magical ✨ Have a wonderful Thanksgiving 👏 Tomorrow

    16. camille handa

      im so happy they added a japanese pack (':

    17. pinnie

      now I wanna make a tiny little Japanese apartment

    18. Sílvia Natalia Røsa Alves

      🇧🇷 Não entendi nada

    19. K Dunn

      That’s the house and family that I’m renovating right now as we speak well at least at the time this comment was made please don’t kill my

    20. Candy Cane


    21. Ella Nettling

      7:40 If I ever buy this dlc, I will copy this house into my galary and use it for my families.

    22. a l e n a

      finally some good fkin food, haha. EA finally cares about players...

    23. shamaela shabonti

      Kelsey played in this house right? 10:01

    24. Kinda Sus

      The reasons why I don't like your videos is 1 your videos are TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long and 2 TOOOOOOO much talking.

    25. Kelly McCool

      In so excited to get to play in your builds for this pack 🥺

    26. Pink Flush

      This is the best sims 4 pack ever! I just wish it wasn’t as much as the game.

    27. Mike C.

      At 10:28 you show us the child/guest bedroom which has a floating door, I don't know if you noticed that. Also the lower entrance you build are called Genkan, which basically is just a small area lower or the same hight as the house in a different tile or wood, it's the "porch of Japan", people stand here for a quick visit, or when entering take of their shoes without actually stepping in this particular area with socks or in-house sandles or socks. It's also a bit more traditional then modern.

    28. TheAsylumchild

      I started in your home :) The only changes I made were some extra Japanese roof accents and I made a zen garden and pool in the backyard with flowers, a bee house, and a shrine. I liked it a lot :)

    29. spaghetti m

      The sims 4 is finally getting better and better!

    30. Dark Spark

      luky you , for me like most the game crashes so I play with no sound , I miss this , and I was very excited to try the new expansion pack too snowy escape , instead of fixing some bugs in the game and adding new features , it made it hard to play ... :(

    31. Candie Nemesys

      I used the 50x50 build as a shell to add to my sims family! I loved it!

    32. Susanne Moholt

      Has anyone else experienced that the female sim living in the 50x50 lot is flirting with literally everyone?😂 She became friends with my sim and then came over once and was in a flirty mood. Now they have a son together, but she is still married to her unknowing husband😂 She also flirted with a couple of sims at my birthday celebration😶

    33. Melissa Lungu

      Are the kitchen counters fillable with clutter???

    34. Dorothy Lewis

      Sims 4 SUCKS

    35. Anime is my life


    36. Tara N

      Got me super excited to play too! Thank you so much for being the voice of us simmers!!! Great job on the builds!

    37. Hallie Cait

      No wonder I love the lots so much more than usual! Good job!!!!

    38. Magical Milimi

      Did EA mention why they didn't get any Asian simmers to build for them? It was such a missed opportunity

    39. Savana G

      This is so cool!! All my favorite summers got to collab! Can’t wait to get this pack!

    40. Makeup With Smidge

      congrats on 1 million subs & this launching so close together! I'm SO so proud of you & honestly, I love you Deli & James (I don't know who SimLicy is but i'm sure they're cool too) couldn't of gone to more deserving people. :)

    41. Daphne&Coran vanderhooft

      i told my boyfriend yesterday wauw what a nice house is this:P (l)

    42. belhudson71

      Did they add futons to the game?

    43. Anonymous

      Very cool thx

    44. Gabrielle Hunter

      Omg so playing the pack now and took a look at your lots. I must have said “the sims could never” about a hundred times 😂😂 This was such a cool opportunity! And love what you did with all the lots 💕💕

    45. katie thibeault

      i love that you did tons of research for your builds ♥

    46. Olivia Hughley

      I feel so bad now... I normally delete the starter homes to build my own, and now my favorite sim youtuber built them 😔 this is all bad...great! I’m super excited, But I’m going to feel so bad 🥺

    47. Libby Vander

      I vote she does the starter homes from now on bc function is KEY 😂😍

    48. AthenaLolita2

      I love it! I love your builds!

    49. ActuallyTasha

      Okay but... Did you get paid for your time? Cause if not this seems like such a lazy way of them to go about it. CBA building our own lots. We will hire important people in the sims community to do it and disguise it as an "exciting opportunity". Exposure bucks.

    50. Sarah Vandenberg

      Count how many times you see that same rug 😂

    51. Felicia Lyckemo

      OMG YES! I HATE when my sims have their shoes on! We don't have it in Sweden so it's Kinda wierd

    52. Eu

      I'm quite surprised there are no pictures of the family in the houses with people already in it.

    53. Marvelfan Girl2008

      I can’t believe I going to wake up at midnight to download the new pack and at 5:00 or 6:00 am I going to play it

    54. Miaka21

      I'm glad for you Kayla!! I can imagine how you would feel :D

    55. Sarah Schoenberger

      Ive always wanted to build my dream home in the sims but have never truly been able to but now that we have platforms I can and I’m so excited

    56. Elyssa Duran

      The level change from the front door to the house is called genkan :)

    57. Adriahn Paulo Miguel

      oh shit this expansion would be one of the best just because of the split floor.

    58. rach1224

      I love this! I can feel the happiness coming from you lol

    59. Biohazerdtrollz Trolls

      wow kinda poke in every now and then u do great work and is amazing iv seen the 50 by 50 house in like all the promotional stuff iv seen latly so kudos :D id say ea loved it too as much as iv seen this house :D

    60. willowriver44

      So awes. I'm so happy for you

      1. willowriver44


    61. Lisa H

      Wow! you go girl! 👏👏

    62. K G

      That’s so dope

    63. whyamilikethis

      have we always been able to do that with the stairs?

    64. Eclectic Solidarity

      What do they have against adding more lots...all that space they can definitely add more than what they give us...

    65. Moyra Barraza

      I'm soooo proud!

    66. Kayle, The Righteous

      I’m not Japanese but I am Asian and it’s so emotional to see this. Representation really does matter and the fact that Kayla actually did the research to make sure it was accurate is so amazing. Hoping they make a Middle Eastern expansion pack one day.

      1. sad reee

        I want African too

    67. saafia cooley

      Research* that's the key word in this video. The amount of detail and care, reflects how dedicated they were to completing these builds while also being respectful to another culture

    68. Danny Day

      The landgraabs have a competitor

    69. Elessar

      AAAHHHH THIS IS AMAZING 😭😭I can’t wait to buy this pack and dive in!! I love your houses so much!!

    70. claire

      8:39 wait that would be such a cool challenge to get a price limit and butild a lot blindly without knowing he objects' prices

    71. David Sotomayor

      WAIT, so now you know the EA limitation, rigth?

    72. Àppleeœe

      the toilet in the different room is called "Rest Room"

    73. Teresa Gustafsson

      These houses look great! Love the platforms in the big one! I'm soo looking forward to this pack!

    74. Robyn Macfie

      I love your large lot. This is awesome. I can't wait to get the pack. 👍

    75. rian blu

      dude these lots look so amazing!!! nice job simsie, fantastic!

    76. Maddison Finnimore

      we gotta get lilsimsie some airpods

    77. DEATHFLAME376775

      This girl is like what? 15 5 years younger then my sister She's more productive

    78. Sophia Veit

      How much do most packs cost? I just got the game today and I want to now how much they cost?

      1. Sophia Veit

        I lie the sims 4 game not the pack

    79. Serena Sonoma

      I hope they paid y’all.

    80. Lizbomb Plays

      Bro us in the U.S. take off our shoes too do they not do that in some places??? It would get ur house so dirty!

    81. Lizbomb Plays

      That mansion is the most amazing large build I’ve ever seen, hands down!

    82. Kaorusan241

      You should mention XFreezerBunnyX. I get that you’re excited so I don’t want to rain on your parade and the builds are nice (very American..... like giant suburban yards with swimming pools aren’t really a thing in Japan), but it’s your responsibility to amplify the voices of POC, especially when they’re better suited to a project.

    83. Person


    84. Tsuziko GM

      Actually what you did was to do EA's job for waaaay less money. Congrats.

    85. Queen

      omg Simsie!!! those builds! I love urs the best! I think I will download the pack just to play in ur houses!

    86. MoniMisia

      Congratulations! I can only imagine how proud of yourself and fulfilled you must be 🥰

    87. BlinkChaeJenLisoo Blink

      I'm so excited and congrats on getting ea to work with you

    88. Alphie LeVeaux


    89. Cory Burns

      Wait... so was your reaction video to snowy escape fake?

    90. NessieSim

      The entry in a Japanese home is called a Genkan

    91. Lucia Edwards

      i don’t understand why all western games and movies it just “makes sense” that because there is a mountain it’s japanese? i understand that japan is famous for their mountains and stuff, but like come on. it’s such a bad stereotype, no?

    92. Brennan Soyring

      I like this house you built.I like the pack, and the star wars pack seems cool.I don't have it you did good.

    93. CatFish-Colours

      She did not diss ea by not using a gate in her mansion for the gate...

    94. Lumpy Cherry

      Господи, кто нибудь сделайте субтитры, пожалуйста

    95. Blue Pearl

      Did anyone else just realise lilsimsie had 1 million subscribers

    96. Hayley wilkes

      Did she forget the mailbox on the bigger lot 3:32

    97. Eran del Castillo

      This makes me want to buy the pack way more

    98. Bailey Reid

      As soon as I saw that mansion, I knew in my soul that you had built it.

    99. Natalie Benesh

      is Kayla's last name really Sims? cuz that would be freaky ironic

    100. Meaghan McBride

      You killed it at this. Such an amazing job, I’ve been watching you for a while on Twitch and just found your KGup channel, keep up the killer work!