Noah Beck Tries RAPPING a DISS TRACK with Larray | AwesomenessTV


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    Noah Beck tries rapping a diss track with the one and only PRO diss track maker Larray! Does Noah actually have bars?! And... is he better than Larray?! Find out when the two rap head-to-head in the booth and see what score Larray gives him! You'll be so surprised...
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    Welcome back to “NOAH BECK TRIES THINGS”, the show where NOAH BECK enlists his influencer friends to teach him various new skills like makeup, dancing, and cooking - to name a few. Noah Beck sets out to learn new skills that his influencer friends teach him while grading his performance at the end of every episode.
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    Noah Beck (@NoahBeck)
    Larray (@Larray)
    Executive Producer: Noah Beck
    Producer / Director: Christopher Babers
    Co-Director: Vinny Mui
    Associate Producer / Writer: Marta Palley
    Head Writer: Nick Haddad
    Director of Photography: Sevdije Kastrati
    Production Designer: Marian Nusser
    Editor: Jeff Schroeder
    CCO: O.Z. Ozmen
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    Welcome to AwesomenessTV, the destination for Gen Z reality TV shows with your favorite TikTok and digital influencers. Featuring Brent and Lexi Rivera, Nate Wyatt, The Merrell Twins, Noah Beck, Larray, Alex Warren and more, see them in ways you’ve never seen them before! Like in Twin My Heart, a dating show where the Merrell Twins help their closest friends find love. And AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer, a reality competition show where up-and-coming TikTokers compete at the chance of becoming the next big ATV star. Also, our My Dream Quinceañera channel gives you a real look at planning the Quince of your dreams with rising LatinX influencers! Here you can feel free to express yourself, have fun and get real with us. And we’ll gossip with you daily on The Daily Report 😉. New shows everyday to have an awesome day!
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    Noah Beck Tries RAPPING a DISS TRACK with Larray | AwesomenessTV

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    1. AwesomenessTV

      THE COLLAB WE DON'T DESERVE!!!! This has me in TEARS. How do you think Noah did? What else do you want to see from Larray and Noah?!

      1. Ruby June

        Rap battle

      2. Anita Rrustemi

        Noah did good but he got a f oops but still they should collaborate and do some funny vids🍎

      3. Heaven G

        I would give him a c

      4. Rohini Priya


      5. Ace Spencer

        @Andres Leonidas Cool! It took about 15 mins but it worked!!

    2. Olivia Stott

      takis ;-;

    3. Cj The Gamer

      He fake

    4. ashley hall

      bro u should make a song . your voicee when u singg broo it so deep and i love that pls make a song

    5. Ca Ca

      The way larray said it “That’s fine😁”13:26

    6. Sienna & Olivia Serna

      No hate but larray Id kind of annoying

    7. Wild Amar - Roblox

      narray is the best'

    8. Lily Yue


    9. Jaidyn May

      the song needs to come out

    10. Mapking studio

      Bro they have the best friend ship bro

    11. Random things


    12. Naydelin Garcia


    13. J.J squad

      Noah is just sounds great

    14. Maniah Murrujo

      Larray is a nice nice nice nice friend

    15. Maniah Murrujo

      wat did noah say to larray in his ear

    16. Maniah Murrujo

      Larray is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funy

    17. Maniah Murrujo

      im an Actor singer song writter and a modaler and im 10 years old i am a begginer in acting and modaling sorry if I dont spell right Larray does a lot of stuff/Talented

    18. Cee Jay

      Not reel it in werk 💀

    19. Down Under Pub Fiji Ltd


    20. taib maqsoodi

      Can somone help identify the bacground music from 1:12-1:16

    21. LOL surprise fans

      Ayo that wink doe❤️

    22. Itz_Courtney Court or nia for short

      Is it just me or is noah beck just made for damnnnnnnn

    23. Genesis Benitez

      The my name is Noah my last name is beck I said and I got verified Bc I have a long neck

    24. 10 hp

      yall made a ad

    25. Aubriel Fowler

      u guys should make a distrack together !!!!!

    26. Ilona Jacques

      Yayy larray!!!

    27. Heileen Lopez

      I just think that Noah should release that song 🔥🔥or is it just me

    28. Sharita Marshall

      But f could stand for fresh beats

    29. AwesomenessTV

      🍎 You become an international superstar... who is your FIRST SONG COLLAB WITH? 🍎

      1. Helena Binnie

        Billie eilish 🍎

      2. Zoya Nabeel

        Ari 🍎

      3. Colleen Jump

        🍎Taylor Swift🍎

      4. Keandra D

        Dua Lipa🍎

      5. Michell Rocks

        Dixie damelio 🍎

    30. gentille freshley

      When noah said "he's feels threatened by me " to larray 😭😭😂😂😂😂

    31. Welcome to my youtube Covington

      He name is Noah neck honey

    32. Edits.Ov0 Yumi

      He not thinking that it was good like-

    33. Lxngui blue

      What is the name of the first track I'm obsessed 😍

    34. Vedant Srivastava

      who made this channel

    35. Summerr_weekly

      Wait Larry thinks he can rap-

    36. alanna gutierrez


    37. Aniya Maxwell

      The second beat is form Woodward

    38. Pop5chan

      I love their friendship

    39. Jeffrey Hobson

      What happened to the release of the diss track

    40. Glowliqeシ

      Noah beck diss track coming ?😏

    41. Nat

      Noah is unreal. Jesus.

    42. shadow Face

      When Larry gave him a f minus why did it look like it was actually about to cry I feel baf

    43. Rebecca pedersen

      "He is just a bully😡Aand he just wants to bring people down😢💔"

    44. Kady Roberts

      Their friendship is everything

    45. Good Boy

      Wait no. Give us this song

    46. Michelle Malfoy


    47. Dino Lover

      Aren't they besteys??!?!

    48. Keegan Coleman

      Dudes so gay I hate it

    49. pastor_ dexter

      Make this a show ti noah drop some heat

    50. Esther Horne

      When will the music be out

    51. Chelsea Isabella


    52. jellybeans217

      The way Noah looks at laryeeeee !

    53. Crazy Man

      This is cringey af

    54. Wolf club

      I wanted to hear what Noah whispered at the rhyme challenge to Larray. Bvs Larray gave him a 10/10

    55. Nyah unicorn

      awww no at the end noah was so sad aww

    56. Amber O'Brien

      I love their friendship! I feel like Larray brings out a great side of Noah!

    57. Cloud Flex

      a girl was talking about Noah in my class and thought he was so cute!!!!!!!!!

    58. Journey

      noah and larray are such bffs like awwwh 😂😬

    59. Angelina Granados

      ok but can someone tell me why he sounded like shark puppet 🦈🦈🦈 YEAH!!!!

    60. Ana TV Time!

      Noah. 😍

    61. Jr Asmr

      The way he say noahw 🤣🤣🤣

    62. Katelynn Latimer

      Larray be Jealous of Noah

    63. izzy kilty

      When Noah started rapping it hit different

    64. Sara: Taehyung Gucci Outfit

      Noah: Shes kinda cute Dixie: *finds that beat an demolishes her*

    65. Grandalfchoybg grandalfcho


    66. Bralyn Cotton

      I know noah beck but I don't have tik tok so I don't know all of the drama but stop hating on people thst is not right just saying.

    67. T S

      Larraaaaayyyz sooo turned uppp😂🥳

    68. Amandah Michel

      Loki i think the Noah is gay!!!

    69. Aaliyah Oshun

      A f-?🤚🏿😭

    70. L Squad

      We all saw Noah tear up after he got a F-

    71. Draco.Malfoy


    72. Jane poiriers life

      Noah beck why does everyone make fun of your neck what the heck

    73. Mckenna Pollock

      I love Larry he is so funny and I love Noah because he is a bunny

      1. Mckenna Pollock

        I meant to say funny not bunny

    74. Adalina Lara

      Noah the last thing larray is, is threated bye you sweety larray spits more bars than a chocolate factory so wat u talkon bout?

    75. Roshenna Williams Dryu

      Season 2

    76. Tashfia Tasnuva


    77. Royale Kara


    78. Zahiya_ Rai


    79. Gon Freecss

      Chase go..*squidward noise*

    80. Heidieh Esther


    81. DeMarc DeGasol

      This is fucking horrible

    82. Nishita Runwal

      "Noah's taking over the game..." My way of completing it was actually - "so bow ur head and walk away in shame".Not that great but ok.

    83. Piprel Teuzqq


    84. Adir Da Nobrega

      Woodward up in this

    85. Jappy Days

      I wanna be there ! Call me a creep ! 🤣

    86. Najibah

      Omg when he was "bragging" and listing all of the things he can do and then said "dancer, actor" the first thing that came to my mind and what I imagined him to say next was "magician" or magichan, as she'd say, because of Miranda Sings😂

    87. Log An

      Man why does this suck so much lol

    88. The A Squad

      I want Jarray

    89. The A Squad

      I want jarry

    90. Cocinemos Juntos

      Noah did not acept his grade becquse he thinks that he is the God of the word but if you guys go check out Dom Brack's most recent video he is actually ver rude

    91. Dejaaa Babyy

      “If you say it I’ll probably know it, I’m just spacing out” HOW YOU NOT KNOW HIS REAL NAME ALREADY KAYNE 😂😭

    92. Ella Bella

      season 2

    93. lonely creamsickle

      Boo if that F hurt your feelings write a diss track on Larray 🤷‍♀️

    94. Ridhi Patel


    95. Islaa

      They really need to drop that track tho🖤


      so when is the rap dropping???

    97. Lauren Schill

      Larray always getting that loot but don’t mess with em he might kick you with his boot

    98. Wishbubble Gaming

      wait an F- is not a grader it goes A+, A, A-,B+,B,B-, C+,C,C-,D+,D,D-,F (f is just a fail but if its fpc its fail with parcial credit)

    99. Nicole Gudanowski

      Here’s my freestyle version😩🥵😛 Enjoy🤫🥴😂😂😂 We’re on the Noah beck show, and I’m twerking you already know. Noah’s from Arizona, wait till my verse putchu ina coma. You’re always on my mind, make me wanna go back, rewind. This shordy’s all mine, so I’m never wasting time. It’s like I woke up in a dream, & you was the sugar to my cream. His name is Noah last name Beck, don’t say it too loud cause I’m gonna cash a check. Larray always gettin that loot, always buyin new Tim’s boots. Noah’s taking over the game, so put some respect on his name.👅

    100. Amy Lopez

      11:46 Larry and Noah getting LIIIIIIIITTTTTT! :D