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    Full Tournament video with every fish catch in route to winning the $125,000 FLW Tour bass tournament. I hope this video will show how to be more successful when you fish. Big smallmouth, Big largemouth, and Spotted Bass on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.
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    1. Stiks fishing channel

      my first time watching this one.. you brought the heat :)

    2. J-Brock

      His second helper was good to his second spotted bass he caught he said big one u could hear him throw his pole down to getthe net and net the fish. I personally think that in these tournaments that they should have to get their own catch in the boat and can't use the net

    3. J-Brock

      Tokyo dude is a legendary second hand man

    4. Kickin Bass

      Scott Martin is my role model

    5. Backwoods Creek Fishing

      Can’t tell ya how many times I watched this video. This is by far my favorite video on this channel. Also if I got a dollar for everyone Scott said o my gosh I’d probably have $125,000 lol. Love me some small mouth fishing 🎣. Congrats on the bass masters elites.

    6. DeadMan BassLord

      Want to see some cool Texas fishing and a guy who was a pro. Check out PRO AM OUTDOORS channel please subscribe. This man deserves the spotlight

    7. Scott Jewett

      I have watched this video ten times or more . I cant wait for 2021 and hope pray to see scott winning one this year. Go SMC!!!! love yall.

    8. Jessie Cratsley

      Nice one bro

    9. Jed Steelwell

      It's a bigin

    10. Texas Bassin

      Will u sub to me

    11. Colby B.

      Doesn’t matter how many times i watch this (going on 12). The win still gives me goosebumps.

    12. LordPandaNinja

      What boat is this

    13. Martingale

      wth I catch that many good fish in a season not a few hours hahaha

    14. Bailey Stringer

      I was there you signed my had 😁

    15. Fish&triggers

      Loved it Scott

    16. Preston Mire

      You are the man Scott awesome fishing

    17. Joe Van Kilpatrick

      This is one of my favorite tournament videos, good job!

    18. Landon Meadows

      Hey Scott what is the best bait you use I use a lot but I caught a 5 pounder on a spinner bait at Douglas lake in Tennessee!

    19. Bendy Cronin

      If ur reading this I hope u have a good day Jesus loves you

    20. James Shirah

      great vid bro

    21. Karley Jane Rouse

      Scott on every fish it a biggin iiiiits abiggin 😂🤣😂 great job

    22. Jason Rowe

      Its interesting how small the bass are in the states. In Zimbabwe the African record is just over 16lb if I'm not mistaken. Average we catch here, are about 5.5lbs give or take. Anyway, still fun to watch these videos Iligal netting here is rife. Unbelievable over fishing with nets in Zim He is a Christian. I like him even more now.😁

    23. C W

      Why does this guy put so many commercials in his video

      1. Nick Berry

        dude there is almost no ads for a 30 minute video. he’s gotta get ad revenue somehow

    24. Tim Davis

      Great job

    25. Hmong Fishing

      Who else watched this for the 2000000000th time???

    26. TheJtaylor000

      Wow!! 879 subs kicked off the channel. they deserve it.

    27. TheHunter BK

      You and wheeler fishing should do something together

    28. Eren Kandogan

      I Love YOUr vidEoS tHeY Are sO Good Im sUbbEd To yoU.

    29. larssonize

      12:32 he throws a ciggarette in the water? Should be an instant dq..

    30. Shock Wave Fishing

      wow! idol power💪🏼nice!

    31. conrrail04

      when you stub your toe 29:09

    32. 4Shots edisonvcaballes

      Woo! love it!

    33. Jimmy Simmons

      Dude you & your crew are the best! Love your videos! You need to stock up on Alka-Seltzer Plus, 1 tablet every 2hours, it will dry up your sinus up &make you feel 100% better! Won’t make you sleepy!

    34. Wayne Moore

      Congratulation Scott!!!

    35. Jeff Brummette

      Why you hollering net net! The other guys fishing to. Net it yourself.

    36. CatDogKY

      Wow...you da MAN Scott!! Nice to see you keepin the Lord first. Stay humble and share the love.

    37. Skylar GL

      302 people disliked this video how is that possible, 19 pounds wow that is a lot. Hey Scott take me fishing.

    38. 10LA_SmallTownAngler

      Amazing tournament and win. Thank you for sharing and being a angler I look up to.

    39. EpIcNaChO

      We need this scott back determined to win. I could tell he was super motivated in this tournament.

    40. Angler Squad

      24:00 smallie nutted

    41. William Riley

      Good luck Scott from a couple KVD fans...! lol Congrats Scott Great comeback...!

    42. Hog Wild

      Scott is kind, and his videos are always clean with no bad language and I love that

    43. Stan Tuggs

      In Pennsylvania, a foul hooked fish has to be thrown back... I've seen it happen several times now on Scott's channel, I always assumed most other states were there same.

    44. Nomadic Africa

      Just me, or this guy never slept and got his first day going drunk as fuck!!!

    45. Piya Chetty


    46. Snatch Block

      29:09 awesome

    47. Anthony Burkholder

      Still my favorite Scott Martin video. This video got me involved with bass fishing and helped me find my love for the sport again. Miss Brandon on the videos, times are crazy, but I always come back to watch this every now and then, just to keep me motivated.

    48. Hopson Boys

      He lost like all the giants 😂

    49. My lego world

      Just subscribed :) .

    50. SaltySquid007

      I wish the man from Tokyo Japan could be a friend of mine

    51. Zedikiahh

      Big one

    52. Splxt

      12:40 it looked like a white bass mixed with a largemouth

    53. R3VIV3_ M310


    54. Jackson Thomas

      34:00 to 34:08 needs to be a meme. Good tournament video.

    55. Jackson Thomas

      The bagpipes in the end make what he said even funnier

    56. Jackson Thomas

      All he needed was 1 rod to win the tournament. Didn’t even pick up anything else.

    57. darcy mejia

      This is a WOW

    58. Minty Peak

      Bruh this is so interesting to watch

    59. Wyatt House

      Who else was sad when the Japanese guy wasn’t there for the next few days

    60. Landon Royal

      2020 any one

    61. DN Fishin


    62. DN Fishin


    63. Melissa Bledsoe

      Scott Martin is a good fisherman do you agree 🚤🎣

    64. Melissa Bledsoe

      Good job

    65. Bass Mcd


    66. Donutmaster 2.3

      I was watching this like this place looks familiar then I saw the name and I was like wait I live there

    67. Anders Schmidt

      what did u say? was it a big one or a giant?

    68. Kanin Deal

      I’m glad that Scott lets out all his anger when ever he is mad bc if he didn’t it would all build up and he would end up braking a rod

    69. Christos is da best Kantlis

      I've caught one fish that weighs heavier than all your fish combined.

    70. lemur

      This guy is the ricky bobby of fishing

    71. Tyler Fish

      Calm down champ it’s flw

    72. Craig T

      Fish more walleye derbys!!!

    73. Anthony Lubrano

      The commentators voice is destroyed at the end

    74. Nate Housden

      Use that money to buy me a boat 😂

    75. Zach ross

      Your net man is one of the best too do it. He had some crazy fast reflex's

      1. Zach ross

        The first one

    76. Yungz Buttxrr

      Your such an inspiration! I love your vids

    77. Miguel Gutierrez

      Awesome brother!!.

    78. Xapp

      R u reelin in a fish every cast or cuttin it?

    79. Hi

      The sound the fishing pole makes when he casts is therapeutic

    80. Ben Groat

      Anybody know what song starts playing at 13:40??

    81. j w

      Awesome job

    82. Parker Langwell

      25:39 keep it up 🙏🏽✝️

    83. Kevin Ugalde

      I hope he said thank you for netting the fish

    84. Connor Peronti

      What type of line do you recommend for beginners?

    85. Peyton Ozzy

      What bait do you use

    86. Hudson Hamilton

      Dude, he won the competition first day pretty much😂

    87. Dillon Cerana

      I love live target. I have a blue gill live target and it’s a beast.

    88. Van Fulton

      Even though this is a competitive sport, you never fail to remind me that the main goal is to have fun. Blessings to you man!

    89. Jbomb Snickerlicker

      I have my face mask and gloves 😬

    90. Rich M

      Hey Scott I really like your competitive drive and you help me remember that although it’s a sport, fishing is always supposed to be fun

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!

    91. Jack schoenborn

      I like Tokyo guy. I fished Lake Caliguchi oh shit I live close to there.😂😂😂😂

    92. CCundiff

      Lake Cumberland is full of fish how he caught that many smallmouth amazes me

    93. Ethan Manning


    94. Ethan Manning

      i am neer by want to go fishing

    95. Tyler Allen

      You are weird asf

    96. Macy Milner

      my dad fishes for FLW toooo!!!!

    97. Brennan Randall

      I don't know much about fishing tournaments. Why does he have someone different each day with him that he just met?

      1. Scott Martin

        They are basically the observers for the day but yet they can still win some money

    98. Lucas VanPopering

      I hate to brag but I’ve never caught a small mouth bass

    99. joseph billings

      Does he ever loose a small fish or land a big one?

      1. Scott Martin


    100. Eli Black

      I am from Shelby NC I'm getting to grow up and fish the same lakes Brian thrift fished when he was young growing up in Shelby