Meghan Markle Reveals Kate Middleton Made Her CRY Ahead of Wedding

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    Meghan Markle sets the record straight on rumors that she made Kate Middleton cry during Sunday’s ‘Oprah With Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special.’ The Duchess of Sussex says that it was actually the reverse and that Middleton apologized and sent her flowers. Markle also told Winfrey about why she didn’t feel protected by the royal institution.
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    1. Fulhamboy1981 H

      Good 🇬🇧

    2. Susan Phillips

      America is done with her.


        uk too

    3. Inaya Javid

      finally a woman who isnt 6 foot and a half and wears men's nikes shoes but still suffered more than those who did

    4. Hanna Asfaw

      I'm African and she herself is a racist. Changing all of her African features (Hair,nose) Never in her live Dated anything apart of white rich man.And when everybody in Britain hated her she begann with that racist Drama.I Feel so sorry forHarry .

    5. Hanna Asfaw

      I'm African and she herself is a racist. Changing all of her African features (Hair,nose) Never in her live Dated anything apart of white rich man.And when everybody in Britain hated her she begann with that racist Drama.I Feel so sorry forHarry .

    6. The third eye

      Oh I guess she's a victim 🤣🤣

    7. Owlynx Kathi

      Meghan, there's people that are dying

    8. Cotswold Kid

      We love you Kate, fuck off Meg



    9. joseph hetherington

      Don't believe anyone could make Mrs Windsor cry. Hard as nails

    10. Frances Robertson

      Look at the trailer trash

    11. petite réflexion féminine

      In comment people take Kate side because she is very smart at hiding people who smile lot scared me . I love Meghan because she is real and if she get money good for her because if she stay with weirdo family she will be more rich ... she remind me on Daina 1995

    12. Pratiwi Lomowa

      Whats wrong with this girl? She leave the palace, but mouth cant stop talking about royal...

    13. Hot Cheeto

      Meghan’s kinda an attention seeker no offence

    14. RUPAL RANA

      Now i see is waiting is better than regretting thats what prince william and kate follows❤️ & look the other side given up within 2 years .now wait for another when she bores

    15. Naila Puri

      The “wanting to have private lives” is clearly bullshit. It’s some flower dresses why would she bring it to the public? Oh right because she wants clout :)

    16. Kayla Natalizio

      Problem here is that Megan expected to be treated like Kate. She wanted to be on the same level. She isn't. Kate is the future queen consort of the UK as the wife of Prince William. Her role, responsibilities and privileges would always exceed Megan. And Megan couldn't handle that. That's why there is the slight smearing she just had to do - over an issue apparently where she ADMITS Kate apologized... So why bring it up if not to hurt her image? This whole interview was all very self serving. I don't dislike Megan, but I don't like how her and Harry did this. You want the media to stay away from you and stop the smear campaign against you.... But you do a "tell-all" interview with one of the most popular spokespersons in the world? No no. You don't get it both ways. You don't want the media, but now to self serve you go TO a media source to talk? Yeah no. I can believe someone in the royal family made a comment about Archie's colour before he was born - I don't know if it was actually ment as a racist comment; or if that's how they both took it because of what they were already dealing with due to false and hurtful tabloids in the news and they were just overly sensitive. I can't comment on that. If it was in a racist manor that it was said - then shame on who said it; especially if it is one of the two future Kings of the country. That's unacceptable. Now.... Megan's accusation that Archie was not given the title of "Prince" - Archie does not yet have THE RIGHT to be called a Prince. William and Kate's children were given the title because the Queen decided to - or they wouldn't have it either. ( Considering her own son is past 70 and not king yet, and the longest "Prince" I think it made sense to make his next in line grandchildren Princes and Princess's. ) Archie would have been granted the title "Prince" when Charles becomes King. I don't see Charles ( before all this mind you )not having granting him that title. It had NOTHING to do with Archie's skin colour. Sorry, that didn't fly with me. That's just being petty that your kid didn't immediately get the same title as a FUTURE KINGS children. I'm very sorry and hurt/shocked that the royal families HR did nothing to help Megan. I am angry knowing she went through suicidal thoughts and had no support. That's not right. Moreso if the royal family, hearing about this now doesn't step in to change it. She was attacked by the media a lot. And I understand in one way the royal family telling her to not make a fuss - but if they were telling her to stay silent, they should have been putting some pressure to try and stop it. Now, in saying that - Kate was also very much attacked back when she and William were dating and newly married. Her dress lengths and other such media coverage and newspapers were hurtful as well ( not to the extent as some of the racist media Megan got, but still hurtful ) and she also had to remain silent. I'm sure there's a lot more she's had to remain silent about - but that is the deal you make marrying into the royal family. And let's not forget her silence with all these accusations and media coverage about William being unfaithful..It's a lot of pressure on her as well. She has whatever coping method she has, or maybe she's just stronger mentally then Megan and was better mentally prepared to what her life would be like as a royal wife. End of the day, It's not about MEGAN - YOU are not going to come in and do things YOUR way or change them because you think your entitled to. She was in over her head marrying Harry if she didn't know that it came with sacrifices. And the two of them not wanting to be working Royals but still want to be called the Duke & Duchess of Sussex - and yet smearing the very royal family and title they still have is wrong. Your either against the whole idea of being a royal ( as they claim because it's "suffocating" ) and give up that title that you apparently are against; or you do as told and are a Duke and Duchess. You shouldn't be called titles you guys seem so against that you had to literally almost run away from. They want their cake and want to eat it too. They left; they should have dropped the titles - they didn't, because they are making money from WHO they are. So they only keep the parts of the "Royal" life that are self serving. It's very two faced. I applaud Harry for standing by his wife - as he should. But he should also be a voice in helping make better choices because this interview did not help their image. They are basically being viewed as rich brats complaining about a lifestyle - YET they still want to be Duke and Duchess and wanted to still be financially helped by Charles and have all the rights. I again don't dislike Megan or Harry - but this interview was wrong and I'm really disappointed with them. Not that my disappointment is of any relevance; it just lowered my view of them.

    17. Denice Ann French

      We don’t want to no about your surrogate child go away and drop royal title

    18. Denice Ann French

      I would make you cry our next queen 👸 did not make you cry come and face me I would black some eyes

    19. Neeru Logani

      No wonder why Kate is so docile and loved because she adjusted, meghan cud not even tolerate the title

    20. Queen Taloh

      She megan is a real narcissist

    21. ঘাস ফড়িং

      Kate is gem, i cant tolerate this Lady.

    22. Mimie Tan

      being a part of the royal family is really stressful

    23. Sana Attar

      I am from india.. I am not from a royal family. I have no idea about them but few things i read about them are they don't allow any family member to have social handles. Second no one's allowed to give interviews.. In few clips i saw kate and william going for podcast and stuff but they did it with grace. Royal family can also have some loop holes just like any other family. Kate adjusted well she never complained. I think family issues shouldn't be brought on public forums. Until it's related to public

    24. Elinawati Luh Ayu

      Kate very beautiful...❤❤❤

    25. lilly loves rain

      This is why problems are important when you don't have problems this is what you get.

    26. Hyperion One

      Megan's problem is this: not only is Kate more beautiful than she, but one day, she will be Queen. Protocol demands that Megan must courtesy to her whenever they meet. It isn't optional. Furthermore, the daughter Megan is carrying will forever be obliged to courtesy to Charlotte - hence Megan's alleged antipathy towards the child. Charlotte, like her Mother, is destined to be Queen, whereas Megan is destined to be whatever she can make of herself. At present, that appears to be 'a fool'.

    27. Julia Mihaj

      LOL! So classless to air all this out.

    28. Joyce

      my ex boyfriend's family made me cry tooo!! I WANT AN INTERVIEW

    29. Megumi Kiyota


    30. Kevin C

      Making someone cry is helping them. It's not a bad thing

    31. chandan chandu

      I feel sorry for Meghan , poor soul , finally she is living her life and I'm happy for her.

    32. Nguyễn Hường

      I hate Harry and Meghan

    33. maryam zafr

      She was a curse lady why she married to such a family which is totally different from her cast and she knew about the history of black n white it was her curse to earn name ...she desrve such behavior

    34. Live Laugh Love

      Being unable to get over what the sister-in-law did about the wedding dress and still obsessed with it. I guess what to wear at the wedding is very important for a feminist icon. Right? Come on Meghan, you are an almost- 40 year-old-divorcee.

    35. Anuja Heaven

      I think this is the time to learn something from the past. There was a time people also judging princess Diana for her behavior then what happened nobody was able to protect her they regreted after that. This lady must be protected

    36. AmericanLivesMatter we love you India

      *Poll* : If *England* beat *Meghan Markle* up hit *Like*👍 - If *Meghan Markle* beat *England* up ☝ *comment how she did it*

    37. l l

      Kate ❤️ 👑 👰

    38. Meg Bear

      This trailer trash lied again.

    39. itanazira mohd dalim

      One thing I love about kate...because she know when to talk...when to silent..she just soo mature.... Not with brain.for me she just perfect future queen of the sametime I really want to see archie play with prince charles same like he do with prince archie soon much.

    40. katherine french

      Kate just had louis you refused to let the flower girls stocking with new shoes your call the girls brats apart from your friends daughters

    41. Blanca Garcia

      And the thing about Princess Kate is that you could see her background and when the tabloids spoke of her it was totally different than Meghan Markle. And the other thing is is that Meghan Markle does not look black she looks white so from her saying you know they're against me and what the baby's going to look like we'll come on I'll see the skillet skin tones and get real. And the other thing is is that from watching you know how they dress her and all that and you know how Kate was modest and stuff all that speaks volumes of people so no one did anything to her but herself and no one dislikes her it's just that it's really heartbreaking when you realize so much on a minority to represent other minorities and then they're pointing the finger complaining about everybody else. There's an old saying that says it doesn't matter what other people say or do to you but how you respond to makes the difference

    42. Blanca Garcia

      Princess Kate is a classy woman I seriously doubt and I think she was trying to help her to avoid Meghan Markle feeling anything different and you have to understand the UK as an old system and you can't just go in somewhere like your home and say okay you got to do it my way that's very disrespectful and it's very wrong and a lot of times people think though they don't like me and I'll know doesn't mean that means there's rules and regulations wherever you go. It's like the United States is like her coming to the United States and saying we're going to run things my way but you have to learn how to work and talk to different people to make changes cuz otherwise it's going to lapse

    43. Conor 'I thought I was floyd' mcnugget

      This woman is an actress/drama queen. Throwing dirt at the royals knowing she’s got nothing to lose

    44. Susan McIntyre

      There she sits bashing Kate, Oh boy she is showing her true colors for doing that, how petty she really is, she stoops the lowest of lows. Jealousy gets you no where guess she was not taught that as a small child, Shame on Harry's wife and Harry for not stopping her from doing that bashing of Kate.

    45. Eamon Os


    46. Jack Bristol

      meghan, be happy that a royal family let you in.. you as a common should be very happy about that, but of course politics blm and racism must enter the world of royals too, and you american showwoman did it well.. congrats,,, go home

    47. Siti Latifah

      Such a spoil bratttt she makes me cryyyyyyy mommmyyyyyyy oh pleazzzeesss y right no pne shld touch youuuu

    48. sabiha shaikh

      I am an Indian and I love her highness the queen 👸 the royal family .....its a shame for ME GUN 🔫 to drag the royal family in cheap controversy, this shows her upbringing and a typical selfish attitude

    49. E KL

      Meanwhile, in India....

    50. jazy snow

      That's no Lady..

    51. david thomas

      Meghan never needed to say that. Any chance to attack Kate, and she'll do it. She even brought up the waity Katie stuff in clips not shown in the main interview. She's obsessed by Kate and will do anything to try and ruin her image.

    52. Selene Baptiste

      Meghan is one of the most annoying people in the world!!!!!!

    53. Jodi Dempsey

      School girl crap with megnut

    54. Jodi Dempsey

      Hard for Kate not megnut

    55. SBCKI

      Tugas2 di Istana, numpuk. Tetapi itu perempuan tidak bagus, Buktinya dia tidak bawa Ayahnya ke Altar Pernikahan nya. Sudah membuktikan dia perempuan gak benar. Semua anak baik2 passsssssti bawa AYAHnya ke *ALTAR PERNIKAHAN* nya 👰🤵, ini perempuan dia bisa2nya jalan lenggang kangkung ke Altar, dengan senyuman yang memuakkan, mungkin dia pikir itu Altar, market/ pasar x yaa⁉️ Ini sudah terbukti Mentalnya tidak bagus Gak bisa simpan rahasia keluarga. Gak hormat pada Ayah Anak durhaka👻 tidak tau berterima kasih pada Ayah, lahir ke Dunia, karena AYAH. Gak sopan Gak empati Gak mampu jadi pimpinan Mimpin diri pribadi saja gak bisa😾. Ini perempuan mentalnya berbahaya, dia juga akan mendidik anaknya dengan cara dendam kesumat😠. Ngeriii ooyy, dia punya rencana jelek. Dia mempublikasikan, se olah2 dijolimi, yg sebenarnya, dia minta *DIJOLIMI/ disakiti/ penyiksaan mental* buktinya dia yg minta keluar Istana dan Istana tdk pernah usir dia..

    56. Rita Theresia Toisuta

      Prince Harry cannot educate his wife (Meghan). There must be good rules and not to be published, especially the royal family. meghan no manners. must self-reflect. let alone the problems with the royal family. Meghan's own father is not harmonious. Prince Harry chose the wrong wife.

    57. Susan Sanderson

      The report in 2018 states Meaghan made Kate cry about Princess Charlotte wearing tights with her dress 🙄. Also Kate had recently given birth to Prince Louie and maybe was emotional. Also heard a story that the Queen had to intervene with Harry because Meaghan was demanding to wear the emerald tiara in her wedding. SMH

    58. Rosaline Jordan

      Spoil brat

    59. Rosaline Jordan

      So why tell if she apologizes

    60. Iarshinta sudjana

      Marry a commoner MM. Still ppl .....sorry that you did not get along with anyone...

    61. Thiago Rauta

      He lies as a second nature, holy fuck!

    62. Rahul Kumar

      Waste of time.. even she is not royal material

    63. Shaishta Almuktam


    64. Nan R

      We found that to be a false statement that MM made against Catherine. Go figure. MM talks about service. Catherine quietly goes about service to others without all the fanfare. Still waters run deep.

    65. S Highlander

      Job description for anyone joining the Royal family. 1, Keep gob shut and don't lecture the peasants. 2, Turn up smile, wave and cut ribbons when required. 3, Live in luxury and don't whine about it. 4, Enjoy trips all over the world. Guess Megs just wasn't up to it. Now lets all listen to how hard her life is and how upsetting some flowers can be.

    66. Arianne Iñigo

      lol attention seeker

    67. Happy Lappy

      Rachel margel did 8n the head

    68. Elsa Teame

      No body feels what she feel but only black people feel .... She dont expect white people support her

      1. Babushka Doll

        But Meghan is not black

    69. Mai Renthlei

      I think she made up most of the stories... Don't think Kate would blame her for no reasons..

    70. sayara sami

      I dunno who is right n who is wrong, probably both cried in a disagreement (one was in post partum other having the wedding jitters), but I feel the purpose to bring up such a topic on Opera by Meghan was to clear up n justify wat actually happened coz maybe the story was one sided n she had no other way to tell her side of the story.. I don't think she brought it up to put Kate down.. I'm from Asia n a Kate fan however, but I wanna see it in a broader view n give a benefit of doubt

    71. Amanda Negretè

      The whole thing is sad. Why is mm talking about Kate crying or her crying? I’ve only watched clips but don’t understand why mm felt it necessary to bring up “Waity Katey”. She should’ve mentioned the nicknames people have for her.

    72. zoi papadopoulou


    73. Tina Rider

      I believe royals advisors and councilors advised Meghan to leave Harry.. That's why Meghan feel insecure for her life.. Diana had the same feeling.. 💯

    74. liquid chrome

      This is why you don't marry a social starlet who loves to talk talk talk. She isn't for the royal family nor can she learn or have the grace to act like one. Leave Kate alone, your jealousy is showing. And i also don't believe for one second the racist remarks, that's just an easy way to turn people against them. If they wanted Harry not to marry Meghan she would be a missing person for a long time now. (north) Americans ruin everything i swear.

    75. Zuleika Zuleika

      If she wanted freedom why get married in to the Royal Family and break all rules I mean the Royal Family are allowed to have family drama it don’t mean you go on Oprah and start gossiping have some respect it’s just petty little things she say and made me cry come on show some respect

    76. Christine Chang

      Kate just had her third child and still trying to help you about your wedding.

    77. Guzz Gil

      So sorry for Harry he will be in trouble some day

    78. Mellysa Wijaya

      what i know the rumours 2 years ago, she is the one who made kate cry 🤣 but anw as a woman i just want to say this woman are special.. she go everywhere and open her mouth and thn cause new drama.. ambitious woman are scary.. pls calm your brain 🥶😒

    79. karla marie

      She talks too much!

    80. Remain Lyrics

      I wanna be a billionaire so fucking bad Buy all of the things I never had Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

    81. Jendeuki Sylor

      Royal Family starting to face problems since meghan showed up

    82. Raj G

      Whoever covers an offense seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates close friends. Proverbs 17:9 ESV

    83. Raj G

      FOX and Doll in FOX hands😂😂😂

    84. True Blue

      As much as Harry’s wife try to rebrand herself to be superior or better than Kate, it’s too late! The damage has been done by her and Oprah. Kate is such a class act, William is the smarter brother.

    85. B_ana

      Meghan is the typical American mean girl!

    86. Itz Me

      Well..she had amde charlotte cry before the wedding👿👿👿..what kind of a kind person does that 🙅🙅..if Meghan cried then she deserved this 😑

    87. anemisowatne

      Please Kate just had a child! And even if what a bullshit: oh she made me cry 😭😭😭🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    88. Багира

      I wish I have all Meghan Markle's "problems". That woman will never stop acting like a narcissist or paranoid. As an actress, she well plays this role. What is going to be next on her script?

    89. Dipti Debbarma

      She behaves like crazy woman... Kate has been in the family since long but never brought disgrace but Meghan spoke publicly which is ofcoz family matter ... May b I m not liking Meghan since she n Harry separated from family .. she myt b nice person though

    90. Sooya Han

      To be honest, I am an Asian and i live in Asia. I'm not really following the news about the Royal Family, but The Great Britain Royal Family with no doubt is the most popular Royal Family in here. Everyone recognize them, and love them. And to be very honest, after watching the interview with Harry & Meghan, surprisingly me and my family have more respect towards the Royal Family especially William & Kate. They are really fit for the throne, cause they just never priotize themselves and know their duty well. Its sad to see an outsider, came in and acted like she can broke and control one of the longest monarchy in the world!

    91. Michelle Hamby

      If it hurt your feelings like u said Meghan, means u have feelings which we all know u don't feel anything!! We know u have lied from day 1, and this whole interview!! Nice try tho!! LOL!!

    92. marichu nacor

      Respect to Kate, she deserve to be the queen. Meghan even the OSCAR'S will never recognized her ever, lousy actress. You can tell in that interview it's all acting and scripted. Bias at all. Public service is all about the people it's not about her. The queen never heard her complained even on the worst part of her life being a royal, a mother and a wife. And this woman is whining, in the midst of the biggest catastrophe the world is facing now.

    93. signature1990

      Kate=Future Queen... Markle=Drama Queen......lets face it... markle is a hard left attention seeking D grade wannabe.... She was never going to be able to cut the grade and Kate is streets ahead of her in class and sale.....

    94. O E

      Meghan the bully. No wonder she is estranged from her own family, divorced...the woman indulges in poor me stories. If that is her mantra for living then nothing will ever make her happy. She may have a face but her heart is ugly to keep dragging others down. She lives in another continent..move on and shut up.

    95. Be Kind Be Humankind

      “It’s not about us, shine the lights back to people we serve...” MO

    96. S

      Sure Meghan. We believe you. 😂🤮

    97. Pauline Bosworth

      She knew what she was getting in to .marry a prince .you get the family .

    98. Reyshelle Flores

      Wtf.... Kate middletin isnt A REAL ROYAL AS WELL BUT KATE MIDDLETON

    99. Klaudia Dostatni

      I really liked Meghan and Harry and was for them. But after watching this interview I'm starting to believe all the bad stories written about her. I mean in this interview I see a women who is trying to munipulate everyone into thinking she's the victim over and over. I mean she is 40 years old and she sounda like a 13 ear old girl hear with some of the things she says its just ridiculous. I mean come on Meghan.

    100. vishala reddy

      She is American drama queen tantrums in her blood lol