Fivio Foreign - Self Made (Official Video)

Fivio Foreign

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    Official video for "Self Made" by Fivio Foreign.
    He's Back!
    Will be available every shortly!
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    1. King Enow 🦁🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂

    2. Hate Rct

      muito peso

    3. I-Droxxped Yew

      Fivio was the one that put Jaydee on that’s why jaydee even rappin now

    4. WildBoiMeech 301

      Why is this not on Apple Music slim ?

    5. lil_skyyz

      put this on apple music plzzz


      I love this title

    7. WildBoiMeech 301

      The realist shit I heard in a brick 💯😤

    8. Box Chevy Dame

      Michigan checkin in im rocking wit DAWG 💪🏿🤠

    9. Mobillion Black

      Hayawan!! .......look it up

    10. The Chosen Meme

      Shout out to yoz beats for this fire beat

    11. Claude White

      This song was really a motivater & Fivio went hard on this song like seriously he wasn't playing!!🔥🔥💯💯

    12. Taz Ramos

      He who knows, and knows that he knows is a WISE MAN; LISTEN TO HIM! He who knows, and dose not know that he knows is ASLEEP; WAKE HIM UP! He who knows, and thinks that he knows is a FOOL; AVOID HIM!

    13. Taz Ramos

      I fucks wit my nigga Favi. Real Brooklyn street shit, gang shit! "Fight the battle wisely, So u may live another day. Strategize on the focused ones and victory will be"! The white man is the guy that's gonna ✍️ that ✉️ as u see in the video. So I guess 🤔 my brother from another mother that I don't even know from a can of paint, or a hole in the MothaFuckin Wall. Salute to the brothers success. Words of wisdom: Almighty King Taz 🤟 ALKQN to the Crips

    14. GrizzleyWorld RP

      This goes hard but jaydee really came for your whole character lmfao 🤣💀

    15. Santee Renwick

      They Hate me,but luv me n public 👽/🤡

    16. onothadc

      A new Pop? Really nice, a banger 🔥🔥🔥

    17. Judah Bloodliine

      Fivio 💪🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    18. Yaht DaGod

      Broo this is what joe budden was playing before he did that pod 🤣

    19. Vusi Junior

      “Made alotta niggas turn crip” 🥶🥶🔥

    20. Darryl Parker

      Love u bro 💯💪🏿

    21. Lokito Juni


    22. MoPhokatv

      Tell em

    23. DJ GROD K



      This song is 🔥

    25. FrenchDrip

      girl looks like DANI LEIGH so much ew

    26. Max 4kT

      bro put it on apple music and spotify

    27. 永Mystic

      OMB Jaydee really made you no cap

    28. Dompla bs

      We need this on spotify asap

    29. cally Lace

    30. Alex Padilla

      Hard to listen this then listen to his old homie Jaydee killing him in a diss track

    31. Dirk

      Nobody gets me more hyped out when i workout in the park then this Guy hey the reason i bought a boombox

    32. Moe M's

    33. Juan Archuleta

      put this on apple music

    34. NativeGod Takeo

      I need this from iTunes

    35. jsun voorhese

      Watch the haters king 👀

    36. Mr. Hygge

      Why is this fire as song aint on spotify?

    37. Vic Slang Hope

      So this what Jay Dee talking about 👀

    38. CkTheBlackSheep


    39. Louie Sincere

      Max B vibes in this one ☝🏻 🔥

    40. Mcfruity66

      Free you & yb🙏

    41. Brooklyn Rodriguez

      Damn loko why shots at jay...haven't been around

    42. Nb Ty

    43. Nb Ty

    44. Carmel St

      Free my guy bitch!

    45. Sweeps Ya Hurd


    46. juju jumBie

      Crips goin out sad

    47. MostWantedJah

      Jaydee made fivio

    48. Robert Barclay Jr.

      Fivio make better songs, but Jay Dee is a wayyyy better rapper ...

    49. KDOTT BABY


    50. Tyson


    51. Fabio Alves

      when i mean what i say , i say it twice 😂 if u know fivi songs and how much he doubles his bars it makes this so hard 😂

      1. Breyin Valentin

        "If i repeated it then I mean the shi"

    52. george techB

      SF8 watch out 4 d ngg’s ply bad sht

    53. Jay B

      Put this on Apple Music

    54. Daniel Bulongo

      Drop this g

    55. cold hearted

      All facts no cap. This is real rap.

    56. Really Bad Advice


    57. maythegoat.

      I think hes working on an Album and this song is gonna be in it. That would be 🔥🔥🔥

    58. S.O.G IAmHealed

      Is It Just Me Or Do Fivio Foreign Look Like Big Boi From OutKast 🤣🤣🤣 Ahhhhhh 🙏🏼 Blessed ❗

    59. Thiik Thiik

      Someone better put this on Apple Music 😩😩

    60. Jesus Will Rise

      God bless you all

    61. CxrsedLxve 999

      Put it on Spotify!!!

    62. DJ Slime World

      ??? Did this foo just try and seduce me? @ 1:21 ... Black boys need they daddies!

    63. Fabio S

      When on spotify?

    64. Chris Dodges

      Fivi getting fat

    65. Johnny’s Favourites

      This shit send chills down my spine. 🔥💪🏼

    66. Shirley Lunn

      Lil. Homie u going back forth with Jay Dee Favi come homie let have 2 seconds. Music Music Music.

    67. Juce santos

      Oliver Ngoma in the sample!

    68. Ricky Racks

    69. Ricky Racks

    70. Terrence Mcgee

      Fivio finish look at his views lil durk or lil baby would of had that amount in 3 days

    71. Mhd Obay Haboub

      When is it coming to spotify

    72. The Reaper

      Thats my fifth time watchin this🙄

    73. KDOTT BABY

      I never thought fivio would use a beat like this

    74. Underrated Shaan

    75. CJay

      Do yall understand how hard this song was. Fivi was really mad on this one

      1. Xyntel

        No I don't, please explain

    76. Sidney Mouleka

      REAL TALK. Tell em' ! BANGER

    77. BizzoMane G.O.S

      Ninjas is fake been knew that shit since backs been turned

    78. White Mike

      Im wook but the 🎥 hot and he winning but envy and coach are lyrically way better

    79. Drayblock Reacts

      Is that the Dani girl in the video?

    80. Daniel SANCHEZ

      1.5k Haters! I Gotta watch the Snakes!

    81. Moneyiinc_ 4E

      Glo ☀️

    82. _____.

      Favio dont castigate omb jay dee like that u are his elder brother

    83. Cliyps


    84. leo Rodriguez

      Put it on Apple Music bro

    85. DaysInTheLifeOf BanksDaDon

      ain’t obligated to do shit 📠

    86. Ramsees Has The 3 Pillars of Light

      Song hot. I see why drizzy mad tho.

    87. GhAnAaLlDaY718

      “They couldn’t break my mother’s son” 💙

    88. zanobiah nairn


    89. Will Journey

      Is this on Spotify

    90. Zendin82

      fivio really one of the hardest rapper rn ong

      1. Eric

        @Deon Becerra self made is his best

      2. Deon Becerra

        @K V says 5 words and bow bow his word play is dumb af self made is one of His best ones

      3. K V

        @Deon Becerra nah facts

      4. N

        @Deon Becerra who’s is the hardest then?

      5. Deon Becerra


    91. NUNU 4EVAA

      Fivio music diff. It’s motivation. It’s pain. It’s real life.

    92. A

      Is that the most interesting man in the world in the video @ 0:08?

    93. Hip-Hop Don't Stop

      this is bad af

    94. Anthony Schwind

      Please release this on all platforms

    95. Chris Coop

      🤦🏼‍♂️drill shit too hard

    96. Relly Da Man

    97. Cam

      When Fivio Eyes got big at 1:51 👀

    98. Tyrek Williams

      Nah what beat is this🤧💫

    99. Roca Beats


    100. Uly DaDon

      "They saying they made me..." Idk bout y'all but I knew bout Fivi way before I heard of JayDee nfs. I fw both of them tho, but all the niggas around me know who Fivi is and most likely don't know who JayDee is.

      1. Js

        Cause fivio went viral while jaydee was locked. Also when pop died everyone started to look at him.