Corpse Husband

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    And it was beautiful
    Listen 2 my new song:
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    1. ғяσsт owo

      So true he is nice😍

    2. Irmina Angeline Alombro

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    3. Deathly Angel

      We love you Corpse, no matter what. All the love and support, Deathly Angel

    4. Heidi Hansen

      Big brain

    5. Amy Zheng

      The medical sword undeniably paste because metal internally guarantee between a ugly theater. nappy, red hawk

    6. Fe Maranda

      The swanky wind preferably shop because desire sequently juggle beneath a hapless ship. steadfast, modern dime

    7. Forrest Kagak

      Corpse can you guys play among us but when someone accuse u u yell rage? If u want tho also ur voice tho why is it low also ur songs fire 🔥 bro

    8. K Dog


    9. veenom gamees

      hey corps PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ do a face reveal

    10. Flaming


    11. Natalia Garcia

      is no one gonna talk abt the fact that poki changed from brown to orange with an egg in the middle of when she saw corpse vent

    12. Eldion Murtezani

      I like that fumbnail

    13. Spezy -

      Do face reveal

    14. ha whi

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      hey could you maybe start mine craft and among us just back and fourth plz

    16. Ken Tatsuki

      I just see that valkyrae and poki are the girls

    17. strawberry sprinkles

      I have a friend whos voice is like this. And once he jumped up behind me and yelled to scare me. Oml. I think i peed myself, i was terrified.😂

    18. Gurjit Singh

      1 mill likes soon ...

    19. vxnillabean _

      *I’m skipping my zoom class to watch this ŪwŪ*

    20. tylerdealock 4

      If tommyinnit was corpse or mrbeast: just killed a woman....Feeling good

    21. Ryu K

      bobby knows that the louder you yell the more powerful you get ask goku

    22. M.T Vids

      Do a face reveal?

    23. Jamie Robertson

      Jesus H Christ! I haven't been here for a little while. I used to listen to your stories and now you've blown up! Congratulations!

    24. Cookie

      The part where bobby started shouting was soooo funny

    25. fiddy

      i know what corp husband looks like

    26. Kevin Le

      Mrbeast biggest brain play ever then gets voted out Me:lmao

    27. scftxmilk

      imagine being yelled by corpse..

    28. Canon Wiggins

      I love your music so much!!!!!

    29. The neiborhood weeb person

      This is why CORPSE is *GOD* at Among Us

    30. Orbxt Envy

      The person on cams didn’t see shit

    31. BellaRose World

      Do u have something that makes ur voice like that :

    32. High Pitch Covers

      The pain behind the "Find my body!" I- same 😭😭

    33. Luis Dalcomune

      Hey I’m sorry for your health conditions but you’re really cool man😉

    34. Bhumi Singh

      I have no idea who these people are but I can't stop watching it!!!??

    35. Aria Wright

      can you do a face reavel??????

      1. Harlem

        He doesn’t want to show his face on the internet

    36. [ M E L T ED • S N I C K E R S ]

      Beast doin to much.

    37. Holen Minjarun

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    38. Joseph Edwards

      I swear corpse is legitimately a genius

    39. ꧁ M • O • O • N • C • R • E • S • T ꧂


    40. zakkitron

      I didn't know logic plays among us

    41. przyjaciółkasernika

      Im obsessed

    42. Snezana Rancic

      In the round where there were only toast, rhymestyle, Bobby and corpse Bobby and rhyme were cussing like, yo stop! Calm down man


      hi corpse i luv u deep voice it is very cool can i be u friend-Addison

    44. S kashef Akbar

      corpse you could of been caught when you killed in elec in the secend round bruh the luck.

    45. Megan Weaver anton

      that frame from mr beast thooooooo

    46. WxSTxRN G100

      I like to appreciate the way CORPSE WAS PLAYING WITH LOGIC!?!?!?!?!?!

    47. lou daniel cruz

      Why he swear

      1. Kaanui

        bc he can lol

    48. Charles Rye


    49. casey chaos

      I feel so bad for Jack, he always wants to be friends and have fun with everyone and they always kill him...

    50. Lee Allen Benjamin D GANO

      mrbeast: I will do a bigbrain Also mrbeast: *fails*

    51. Ramiz Mazrekaj

      show your face


      My heart melted for you because of your anxiety and more... I will not name. my heart....

    53. sam dono


    54. bright gamer5

      What happened to his voice

      1. Kaanui

        He have a disease named "GERD". This is his real voice, but with years it's getting lower. For better info you can just type " Why Corpse's voice is so low" or "What is GERD"


      Corpse why do you have a deep voice you scare me every time you do the corpse voice and you’re really creepy OK corpse I hope you understand what I’m saying.😉

      1. Kaanui

        He have a disease named "GERD". This is his real voice, but with years it's getting lower. For better info you can just type " Why Corpse's voice is so low" or "What is GERD". He can't do anything with this

    56. Cayden Hansen

      Why is your voice so f. ing deep

      1. Kaanui

        He have a disease named "GERD". This is his real voice, but with years it's getting lower. For better info you can just type " Why Corpse's voice is so low" or "What is GERD".

    57. -_-ThisNameIsCreative AsFuck-_-

      THE Logic???

    58. Alexa Whiteside

      this lobby tho.....

    59. Victor Ijeoma

      Don't curse.

    60. Iyanna Keys

      i know you arent supposed to talk when ur dead but when sykkuno was saying thank you and they all just said he was dead was kinda mean☹️😖

    61. TylerJ cos

      Video 00.00 *silence* Video 00.01 fuck my life


      i watched this video 8 times in a row





    65. Brødrene Yachsen

      man can you pls join my discord and start talking to my friends so they can learn how to not talk over each others voices hahah

    66. Sam Quiram

      ok, but i really wanna know if you do have 6 fingers. sorry

    67. Awesome Gaming

      Corpse: 700k IQ, x2 streak winning

    68. David BM

      The abundant deodorant expectably depend because whale uniquely wait including a penitent tenor. screeching, lush good-bye

    69. Kayla Crowder

      corpse i herd all of your songs

    70. Ainsley MacCuish

      dude corpse could look like shrek or lord farquad from shrek and i would still shit myself pass out then die of cardiac aresst just seeing him no matter what he looks like i would die of pure joy and fangirling idc what he looks like ima pass out

    71. BraydeD107

      Did no one hear Jack’s mention to Star Wars😂

    72. XxbentoxX

      Give me your voiceeeeeeeeeeee

    73. ANA Mendoza

      Corpese you have a deep vocie

      1. Kaanui

        He have a disease named "GERD". This is his real voice, but with years it's getting lower. For better info you can just type " Why Corpse's voice is so low" or "What is GERD".

    74. Sarah Coop

      I want to see corpse's to show his face

      1. Kaanui

        But please don't push on him with reveal too hard, he'll do this when he want

    75. Mryell

      I'm surprised mr beast didn't make this a video titled 100 for every kill they ignore 😂

    76. ODS gaming

      יש מישהו מישראל?

    77. Felix Nuñez

      Corpse remember me Keisha

    78. Mariam Saldanha_AOT

      I love this, but if someone cuts of corpse one more time!!! I swear to god😃

    79. Eryn Loeks

      Love this corpse voice

    80. Austin Burdette

      10:43 I had a heart attack

    81. you can't lock up the darkness.


    82. Catherine Jones

      Wait I'm genuinely confused as to why there are so many dislikes? This is so entertaining and there's nothing wrong here?

    83. Dr. Dark Vibes

      Is it just me, or did Corpse sound like he was in pain at the end...

    84. its_your_gacha_life_girl

      I heard on a tiktok that you have a voice condition that makes your voice deep,is it true?

      1. Kaanui

        He have a disease named "GERD". This is his real voice, but with years it's getting lower. For better info you can just type " Why Corpse's voice is so low" or "What is GERD" :)

      2. its_your_gacha_life_girl

        And the tiktok guy is this guy who can do a REALLY REALLY good impresion of your voice and does “baby corpse” videos,there funny,his name is jacksupertoast

    85. Fnaf, Mha, Creepypata, Harry Potter Fan

      at 27:27 was so much chaos

    86. Germanking 123 Chauke

      He is really 200iq many better then dream

    87. Dee Brown

      me realizing pewdiepie is sitting there 😭

    88. •{ Funtime Rainbow }•

      *died* *-reality died-*

    89. Ralf Muller

      U single corps?

      1. Jose Juarez


    90. Hockey

      Omg i wanted this vidio for so long and i was thinking it wuled never hapend

    91. Alexplayz Martiniez

      I hope your health condition gets better corpse:)

    92. Mark Trehy

      Nobody at all: Mr beast: ImPosTeR AgaIn juSt KidDinG

    93. Jonathan Fauerbach

      Corpse you are amazing!

    94. Jonathan Fauerbach

      Felix you fucked up the whole time

    95. Jonathan Fauerbach

      MrBeast that was D U M B

    96. Tatyana Czaplicki

      The skillful thistle reciprocally claim because taxi enzymatically mate near a dangerous newsstand. bawdy, level james


      i love that red screen edit before he kills someone idk why

    98. Finnegan Pribyl


    99. Jason Chae

      It’s always nice to see CORPSE as the imposter

    100. Momit Choudhury

      When he silently presses that reactor button, you know its game over LOL