UFC 257 Preview Show: Dustin Poirier v Conor McGregor 2

BT Sport

707 миӊ. көрүүлөр408

    Ahead of the much-anticipated rematch between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor at UFC 257 we recap an incredible week on Fight Island.
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    1. Jay Jay

      Connor has been humble since he faced Khabib

    2. Jay Jay

      Connor '' I've never felt a calf kick before but I'm on another level'' Mcgreggor Guy must have 12 proper yes men around him. 12 proper yes men

    3. Hunter fishman


    4. T-Virus Terrance

      Hello, Humans. "The best thing to do with the best things in life is to give them up."-Ambrose Bierce TERRANCE OUT

    5. STILL

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

    6. alfamale05

      Trivia Question: The only known monotremes in the animal kingdom are the echidna and which other creature?

    7. ukll Henrik

      Connor falador de merda ...

    8. REAl REAction

      I bet McGregor loses

    9. Nolies Truesbob

      The new family man can't understand the loss of a mans father and a mans promise to his mother? Conor is fake and/or a fool.

    10. ALIZ

      Where are all the "motivated Mcgregor would beat khabib" idiots?

    11. TRP BUTTON

      It was a fixt fight

    12. renovatio

      whats up with theyr ears?

      1. renovatio

        @mathixa 123 thanks, i thought they was born with it

      2. mathixa 123

        because of all the striking and grappling the bones bruise and become mushy

    13. Kibet Freeman


    14. Guido Castillo

      Vengo a ver esto después de la paliza que le dió el pendejito

    15. Net Guru

      Conor lost, I keep telling people to stop following the UFC hype

    16. saracen uk

      Connor retire.

    17. Afghan Lion

      Connor got banged

    18. shah saud

      Conor after the fight : my leg was a balloon ! 😂

    19. Jed Nej

      Interesting fight result.....

    20. Syahiran Sapian

      Who is here after all discredit from conor Fanboi who say motivated conor got knocked out by Diamond poirier....Right now conor fans have the right to remain silent 😶 🤐🤐🤐

    21. Charlie S

      Who’s here after dustin’s win!😬

    22. CSGO'D

      mOtIvAtEd CoNoR lmfao

    23. John Johnson

      Excuse me BTSPORT I paid 19.99 for Conor to win in under 60 seconds.... He just lost, can I have a refund please

    24. 2bsure

      Well done Dustin Poirier, well done 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🙏🏿👊🏿🤗

    25. Menace To Sobriety

      Starched, absolutely beautiful.

    26. Rehan C.R

      Ole ole ole ole ole we all saw what motivated mcgregor done 🤣

    27. Victor Doom

      Who’s here after Mcgregor got destroyed 😳

    28. 8bert9

      Damn! Good for Dustin! He earned it!

    29. Theo Kerrigan1072

      He was doing alright don’t know y he kept on letting him give him those calf kicks

    30. Nono Ami

      MacGregor just too old. His stamina is not as good as it used to be

      1. LightningBone

        And the excuses start lol.

      2. Sam Goz

        Too old? He is 32

      3. Fred

        That wasn’t about stamina. That was a lack of preparation. The leg kicks ruined his chances. Also, he’s 32. Same age as dustin.

    31. Sal Ski


      1. CSGO'D

        they went back to hiding they crawled out of a few months ago xD

    32. Ɠєσяgιa

      Conor joined wwe guys

    33. Gibbo Jack

      I don’t believe it man :(

    34. red red

      so long mcgregor fanboys🤣🤣🤣🤣

    35. Good morning Eshay

      Who here just saw McGregor get knocked out

    36. erccool


    37. Lil Senshi

      Surprise2! Dustin's the man. Dont destroy yourself with that proper 12 whisky guys.. cheers

    38. 555utubefan

      Clown is down

    39. Mark kevin Flores

      Mcgregor Lose, the mcgregor i know is not the same

      1. Penthouse Button

        certain someone took his soul

      2. juggernuts1000

        how can he be the same? he got older, bigger, and was out of the game for 2 years. i told everybody that mcgregor will lose because he no longer posses the tools that made him defeat the top guys in seconds back at his prime, and thats his athletism and speed. conor in his prime was moving and covering space with amazingly fast and powerful kicks and punches. but the problem with his style is that its too dependant on being light on your feet and fast. since then, conor got older, heavier and out of the game for 2 years. everything that could happen to take away his style happened. thats it, he will never be able to regain what he was before, because he cant go back to the abilities he had back then.

      3. Mark kevin Flores

        Mcgregor lose by tko

    40. khuligan_2oo7_

      Бува чалаб

    41. khuligan_2oo7_

      Вуротата гом конор

    42. Beast Mode


    43. Abdul Afif

      Conor a lot of arrogance, in front of habib it just a vegetable chicken..

    44. boss courses

      Appreciate his honesty seems like he made a change.

    45. Rockin7Winners

      He is hottt🔥🔥🔥🔥 and in those suits. I hope I dream of him n my room tonight!

    46. Justin Martin

      Gonna get ko again

      1. P B


    47. Jona Ramirez

      Cool shirt

    48. David colin

      Mcgregor = Ragnor Lathbork

    49. Mandeep Singh

      The match is fixed . The man with money will win mcgreor

      1. P B


      2. Fred

        Nice prediction.

    50. Oy 10

      So khabib made him humble Interesting.. Its no mental breakdown on khabib Beat Dustin then Justin Then let's do the khabib rematch What's the issue If ur so good do what khabib done and get your rematch Until then u need to pipe down

    51. Uso's brutalino

      Mcgregor looks older than my grandpa

    52. monkey see monkey do

      Did ESPN crash? I can't watch the PPV I paid for.

    53. Smokey_777

      Why does herb dean keep reffing conot fights he already showed how he lets him cheat. Smh just sign fights fixed

    54. Zeeshan Ahmed

      When an egg became a chicken, always going to be a chicken 🐔

    55. jens Steiner

      Imagine the most complete warrior came out of good aol Crumlin.

    56. jessymotion pictures

      No jo rogains loud annoying voice what a treat UFC is cooler again

    57. Nooruddin Liew

      McGregor is the best👍

    58. Rudi Herianto

      the king of tap out is back..👏👎👎

    59. It's all lies


    60. Street Kombative System

      To Connor, as I know he will read this... Mate, see me I would of had light pink silk socks (to compliment the handkerchief) and blue textured leather shoes as a base. Other than that...Welcome Back!...Your welcome...All ov ya!

    61. Micky Bricks 2.0

      ROTFL Where,s the clip of him tapping out to KHABIB LMAO Can,t wait till KHABIB comes back to UFC and puts Tappa McNugget back to sleep,no bedtime story and no hot choco ROTFL

    62. Frank Espinoza

      The whimsical map literally fix because element weekly interfere next a voiceless jewel. magenta, puny vault

    63. Alex Ackerman

      Click bait

    64. Marchelinus Pabendan

      When the fight begin?

      1. Marchelinus Pabendan

        @Zenex HD i mean the date, cuz there is media said "jan 23"

      2. Zenex HD

        It either began At 1 or its 3 am

    65. x7video

      When exactly is the fight?

    66. Zac Asyraf

      Anyone knw what time they start in singapore ?

    67. Dr. Hab

      What a great video, BT sports are doing a great job!

    68. Dan JB

      I'm in me 30s now in me early 20s travelling from Wigan to Preston - I listened to adam@breakfast every day on RockFM. Good Lad!

    69. Chris Black

      Dustin's and Conor's EARS!

    70. Lloyd Senior

      I'm loving the new Connor though. And I wernt his biggest fan!!!

    71. Hoax World


    72. insomniac 56

      connor IS the cash cow..dana has to forgive him always

    73. Hvy Duty

      Conner the sucker puncher of old men nothing happened......threw a dolly and broke the windows out of a bus.....anyone else would go to jail....why watch him and put a dollar in his pocket.

    74. Carlos Martinez

      Please knock this irritating dude out!! I hope Mcgregor gets knocked out and just goes away already. I honestly dont think he will get knocked out cause he is an amazing striker and i think Poirier is not as good as a striker. But im just tired of Mcgregor already.

    75. J F

      UFC should really put this up on their site 👌👌👌👏👏

    76. Johnson Jametson

      Chester Bennington Irish version

    77. Oscar Ramirez

      Anybody have a website for me to watch while I'm at work 😔 I don't wanna miss it

    78. Monster5o

      Best reporter I seen. Good stuff 🙏

    79. Ellis Clark

      "this is the best version ive ever been, untill the next one."

      1. Terranceee

        Considering that Dustin just smoked him, I'd say he was wrong 😂

    80. Anthony Usera Power of Chiropractic

      Women's UFC should be a separate show that I can decline the view

    81. Seshoka Kabelo

      Boys being boys.

    82. oshawa vanada

      To much power, to precise, to much speed. If Dustin gets the win it’s from a lucky shot no doubt coners the best when kabobs on the shelf.

      1. LightningBone

        Hmm looked like dustin smoked mctapper.

      2. Fred

        That was not a lucky shot. Doubt next time.

    83. Febrizal Advan

      Pantek indak juo kalua berita terbarunyo do pantek !!!

    84. Tyrone Can

      where can i see free i'm poor

    85. King Holmvik

      Have a feeling dusty will knock out mcgrooger

    86. SyNc_COD

      His cauliflower ears tho

    87. Matt Sefton

      Conor animation at the end was fantastic

    88. Jay

      That intro is on point

    89. Samir Memic


    90. StefanMU

      Please someone tell me, can i watch it from stream or do they just catch streamers?

    91. Luis Hernanfes

      I cant wait till it starts bro I ve been thinking about it all week I even dreamed of it. I watched troy on tv last night. I dreamed of achilles standing at the gates of troy shouting; "We re not here to take part We re here to take over!" Then i saw connor in the octagon with an empty crowd just him and bruce buffer then bruce stepped to the micro took it and started to scream angrily "Hector! Hector! Hector" At last its about to start



    93. Certified

      Can someone give me a stream website so I can watch tonight

    94. Peter Newton

      Connor gonna put Dustin to sleep early .. simple as that

      1. Peter Newton

        @P B gutted but we'll deserved

      2. P B

        Simple as what?

      3. Peter Newton

        Dustin did good ... Fair play

      4. Fred

        Nice one lad.

      5. brialhie wallang


    95. Opticz87

      When does the fight start

      1. ツBavarianBlood

        @Zenex HD in what country?

      2. Zenex HD

        I think 1 or 3

    96. Avitar Magnus

      Conor 2.0 quiet sniper mode!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE CONOR TRUE GOD CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE as is Justin PORIER we love them both!!!

    97. Yaz

      Come on Dustin lets go.

    98. Killian Ryan

      Shout out to Chael I seem to remember him saying Conor comes up with things that make what he is doing unique. Conor says he needs to win the new belt and he will be the only person responsible for bringing their nations colors on a belt to actually hold that belt

    99. The crypto Network

      Ufc defo want khabib rematch

    100. Disco Shrew

      Did he just say a glass of tea?