Kandi Confirms Bad News For Porsha Williams & Tanya


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    Yall can say what yall want, but these last two episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has been giving me my life and when Kandi Burruss broke her own dungeon rules during her chat with DonJuan, I knew then that this Bachelorette Party drama had only just began.
    It’s Justin Diego back with another bingeworthy video and today lets talk about RHOA Season 13 Episode 11 appropriately titled The Usual Suspects and how Kandi Burruss revealed a secret about what she heard the night of the party.
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    Dinner Party RHOA Drama
    So yall know after the last episode, Bravo left us on a cliff hanger and on Sunday night’s episode we picked up right where we left off at this Dinner Party and she shade was thick. Yes the shade started early after Latoya and Drew bumped heads about what really happened after the cameras went down. And the ladies were definitely really irritated with the whole thing.
    Kandi Burruss Makes Shocking Revelation About The Bachelorette Party
    Now speaking of Kandi, I was shook when she finally sat down with DonJuan after getting back home from the trip. At first she kept it real cute but I can tell she forgot the cameras were there and she eventually shared some stuff with DonJuan that we had never heard before. (Clip: Kenya not lying) Wait a minute Wayment Kandi are you sitting here telling me this whole time you could have spilled this tea 2, 3 episodes ago but yall chose to play in our face instead? I dunno whether to commend her on not throwing Porsha under the bus or to feel some type of way. But either way I’m shook with how this scene played out because DonJuan spilled even more tea that puts Bolo at the scene of the alleged shenanigans. And seeing as tho he was the one arranging Bolo’s car service he seems like a pretty credible source.
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    Tanya Sam Cheating
    Porsha and Tanya Caught with BOLO
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    1. Keyoncé B.

      It’s the MICHELLE OBAMA clip fa me 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Crystal Shawn

        This the one 💯

      2. Keyoncé B.

        @Kayla Holland no doubt !!! No one does it like Justin!!!

      3. Alana Kretch

        These ladies all made it a big deal coz they wish they got stretched by that meat 🍆 married or not they all wanted a piece of that bologna !! They mad mad

      4. Cherry Darwel

        @Sunflower Francis zc a zxxaaxxxz xxx

      5. Ceylon

        You mean the "Big Mike" clip for you.

    2. Lariesa Champ

      It just seemed corny because Porsche did all of this to get ratings. Her business is her business but damn you that definitely for Rsting

    3. Blessed

      These are grown women who has the right to do what they wish and don't owe anyone an explanation. Girls night rock!!!!

    4. MsAngel0812

      Anyone ever think it may not have actually been Porsha. She didn’t leave the show abruptly. But, guess who did? Porsha just maybe telling the Truth it wasn’t Her.

    5. shannonfrench43

      Porsha is grown. What she chooses to do with her lady parts or whom she shares her “V” with is her business. She doesn’t have to confirm or deny anything to anyone. She’s not obligated to divulge her personal business to haters or enemies.

    6. Johanne

      Kandi is too camera savvy for that rookie mistake

    7. Lakeisha Howard

      Miserable ppl want Porsha to b miserable,.. They're mad they didn't get rocks off,.. Ol spiderweb hags,.. Like wth really ladies however I see Kenya's game,.. Say she vegan hun,.. Not from that d***😂😂😂

    8. Frankie Smith

      Kandi helded out as long as she wanted to but this is paid back to Phorsha for what Phorsha say to her about what Pheara told her. I know that Kandi was going to tell it because of good friend Kenya . But do ya realize that Phorsha told Kandi someone told her that and not saying it herself all those girl is jealous of Phorsha even Todd say that Phorsha is the baddest lady on the show. Kandi gone and be nasty with your friend Kenya and Marlo , Cynthia

    9. Ashley Means

      Kandi and porsha My favorite ❤

    10. Ashley Means

      Kenya is mesy she ain't nothing but a drama queen

    11. Ke Sa

      Why does Kenya enjoy treating people so badly and then act like a victim when anyone says anything about her? LOW BUDGET, LOW DOWN, DISRESPECTFUL, UNWANTED - PLEASE LEAVE.

    12. Ke Sa

      Kenya's fashion is soooooooooooooooooooooo bad!

    13. Ke Sa

      Why are you criticizing fans? STFU! You only have 210K subscribers - you aren't big enough to talk crap about people willing to watch your videos. Commend Kandi - nobody owes you anything...random KGup guy.

    14. Ethel Brown

      Kenya if u mind ur own stuff like Marc u wouldn't have time to be in the girls business loose the fat on the side of u

    15. Jessica Corminboeuf

      vraiment Kenya devrais soccuper de son vagin et ses frustrations disparraiterais peu etre Porsha et TANYA team

    16. All Things Helen G.

      Again why does it matter? Kenya definitely need a man!

    17. Terrell Paulette

      Who cares. What happened that night is no one's business except for the people involved. Bachelorette parties are suppose to be fun and not judged later. I call foul on the hypocrisy. Kenya was with Bolo and is deflecting.

    18. Debbie Valentine

      I love Dawn Won 😹😹

    19. Snow Ball

      KANDI'S behavior like selling Sex Toys makes sense now with her friends being sued! My mom alwsys said watch those...quiet ones aka Goody two shoes! 🤗🤗🤗

    20. Erica Cadlett

      I think it was tanya and porsha bc the shit they went through with their men paul fliriting with other women at the baer and dennis sleeping with animals i mean i would have done revenge too

    21. Barbie K

      Kandi is not wrong ! That’s what irritates me Kenya said it first obviously , we all saw that.. Kandi did say “what happens in the dungeon stays in the dungeon” but she didn’t go around perpetuating the roomer she tried hard to stay out of it and even harder at trying to change subject multiple times ... Yea she didn’t admit to the producers she admitted it to someone she trusts why is that so hard to understand

    22. hanna john

      we all know Kenya saved de show it was getting boring as hell

    23. Queenangie948

      I feel like Tanya is just being a real friend and not gonna just let Porsha go down alone on this situation... cause she’s closer to Porsha then anyone else on the cast but I mean everyone has their own opinion 🤷🏽‍♀️

    24. Linda Patterson

      Kandi is so iffy💯💯💯💯😏

    25. Yvonne Barthelmy

      For me sorry I saw real nastiness from that video focused on shutters and seeing and hearing them supposedly LADIES. Some MARRIED and what they're FRIENDS. Hmmmmm sharing a man with your friends Nahhhhh. That simply means your HUSBAND can cheat on you with the SAME FRIENDS. Sorry but disgusting for me. And in the end you want A FAITHFUL HUSBAND. On which PLANET if u're comfortable SHARING. Chooops Ehnn.

    26. China Wade

      No I wasn't feeling no type of way about Kandi street code we don't run our mouth you sit on it.

    27. China Wade

      Kandi you did right not no rat telling people business wtf lls

    28. Rebecca Zuckman

      There was 2 connecting, joint rooms as shown on the show of the bachelorette party.. she could of been in da other room, bed ect..

    29. Oskido oskido

      Why you keep saying bad news ...comeon now this show its embarrassing no wonder why its dying they have no lives they act to much for storyline..its disgusting mybe 1 day there will be a reality show of women uplifting eachother because we tired of white channels using this girls to buy houses in Malibu while they tearing eachother marriage and relationships.

    30. Jennifer Thoman

      I think Kenya Moore is a prude and should mind her business!! Why does it matter

    31. msterrip

      So what

    32. msterrip

      Why wont kenya leave the show

    33. Mrs. Stewart

      Leave Porsha and Tonyia alone, they are grown!!!

    34. Cynthia Billups

      The sun, the moon and the truth always comes out. Just because you can get away with something dont hide own it. Don't throw out a bunch of lies. Just stop lying. Now look at you we you as a beautiful fake lair.

    35. THEREALDEAL2014


    36. Michelle Warren


    37. Bdpmmom Bdpmmom

      This show getting more interest in it than the covid 19 why kandi messy and I think Kenya should get her marching orders to be quite frank.Kandi maybe someone should come out about your messy business

    38. Natalia McAfee

      P face 👀 Guilty..... Girl you don’t know how to have the poker face. To be honest if it wasn’t all that bad like everybody else is saying then why dont you just admit it you say you’re single soooooo why would it matter. T she just lefted you made it so obvious girl telling on ya self please stop incriminate yourself that’s ridiculous. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    39. J Rob

      Well I'm abt to go see Bolo this weekend so I'll ask what happened while throwing my $1 Bills.

    40. Venita Strong


    41. Tenderkisses

      yes speak on it! Kandi definitely broke her own rules and I was disappointed in that. While I believe Kandi broke her own rules I do believe it was Kenya thirsty ass that leaked to the press! Because she did it to Vivica Fox on the Apprentice!

    42. Shirley Brown

      And another thing kenya need too mine her business who ever it was they're grown women

    43. Shirley Brown

      Story line for Kenya she is washed up a story line for them all

    44. robyn spencer

      Kandi was being messy. I'm so over Kenya I used to root for her but she's definitely a misery loves company person. She's being rejected...forever by marc and is taking it out on people she don't care for. She does it every time. Cynthia should have said that Porsha is single which she did but not saying to own it. At the end of the day, they're always trying to throw shade on the winner. She should have said Ken should have respected girl code and not acted like a stripper and then turned into grandma. She's

    45. Mr. Powell

      Just here for the tea

    46. Ebony F

      Hold on...y is everyone worried about what these women are doing with their kitties? At the end of they day they all grown and it was consensual. I guess we know who's not getting any in this group 🙄

    47. Dre Adams

      She didn’t confirm that Tanya & Porsha were in the room. She just admitted she heard sounds. She didn’t say who it was.

    48. Nedra Berry

      I’m so irritated by Kenya worrying about who’s getting some....she mad mad that it wasn’t her....she’s played all the way out😡

    49. Berencer Davis

      Porsha stated that she followed Bolo. She's grown and does not have to disclose any of her bedroom business. Kandi tried to cool the stuff down. Kenya never wants to leave well enough alone. Porsha doesn't fool with Kenya and she can't get to her. Now Dennis knows that she has moved on.

    50. fonz112 Goss

      I don't care all of them are grown. The story is out and getting played out. Kenya is Nene jr.. to old to be acting like she does.

    51. Pieces of Kara

      You should be at 1 million subscribers! Your content is always on point.

    52. Rehema Thornton

      🤣🤣🤣 Dingy socks and Dusty bonnet!!

    53. Sandra Brown

      Episode r boring asf

    54. Cindy Anacleto

      It’s to bad everyone is in everyone’s business , just saying 😏

    55. Beautybeastmodeent

      Tanya lying and covering for drew period she wasn’t in that room look how relieved drew looked when Tanya took the fire 🔥 drew know her pressed face needed a moment cause Ralph been over it and she need to keep Meghan good name off her pizza empty money bag body shape cause she could never and the game been done with her washed up self where is nene cause I’m over it where Phaedra cause marring Louelle porkchop needs to go to bed

    56. TyEshia Ferrell

      What if it was girl on girl action and Bolo watched? That was type of behavior had been going on all night. Besides, why is it such a big deal anyway? Last time I checked they’re all grown women...

    57. Caroline Hills

      Kenya was jealous that she didn't get any action

    58. Miss Que

      They are so busy worrying about what other grown women are doing! No one needs to own anything about what they choose to do, it is not their business!! she doesn't have to tell anyone anything..stop being nosey with cho messy self

    59. Miss Que

      They are so busy worrying about what other grown women are doing! No one needs to own anything about what they choose to do, it is not their business!! she doesn't have to tell anyone anything..stop being nosey with cho messy self

    60. Brooklyn Nikki

      Kandi gives me fake vibes. She is obsessed with Porsha.

    61. beuhest Herb

      Porsha is still my favrite

    62. Renee Simmons

      Kandi is definitely the messiest! She just smiles in their faces and runs back to her crew and spills her guts!!! Don Juan is he Momma Joyce’s son... because he sure as hell acts like her!!! Kandi runs to him before her own husband... maybe Todd puts her in her place!!!

    63. leslie kennedy

      Candy and Kenya so messy get a life

    64. sehhi vooty

      Over the years Kandi has always brought the bones 🦴 🦴🦴She’s the true carrier ..gotta love her

    65. tick tock tube time

      Ok pause enough with the stripper gate who is the house wife that is on this season thay blogs was reporting was allegedly caught doing cocaine

    66. Ann Johnson


      1. sehhi vooty

        a child there ( a baby )... I’m glad I stop wasting, no one care about that child ... I don’t care if she was in another room, she shouldn’t have been there !!!

    67. victoria wade

      I’m glad it came out

    68. L C M

      Best review ever lol 😆

    69. Kelia Ruff

      😂 It’s crazy how some men can do this and you want hear not a damn word about it until a female start running👄. Some Females just talk to much😑😂. I bet she learned some stuff you just don’t do with other people without the paperwork to shut them up. Also make sure all cameras and Audio is off. 😂 I’m sorry I laughed the whole Episode.

    70. Evangeletta Reed

      Kandi has the sweet tea!!

    71. Dionda Ellis

      Like Cynthia said...Porsha needs to just own what she did. Couldn't have been Kenya. They will b having a field day! I'm glad K-Moore kept pushing the issue...she set the trap and 💣💥BOOM!! We got the 🐁 Plus Kandi unplug the camera to protect Porsha bc she wants her...smdh🤦🏾‍♀

    72. Sultant Tisdale

      Sorry I really don’t care. They are all adults.

    73. Barron Maxxx

      Tanya and the others that pop up....like that RHONJ Kim G. That poor 80 year old pole dancer????n ouch

    74. Karen Lewis

      Who really cares if Porsha and Tanya screwi ng BOLO.... SHIIDDDDD I WOULD TOOO

    75. Ailsa Ni

      Kandi: What happens in the dungeon stays in the dungeon Also Kandi: Let me tell you what happened in the Dungeon Don because I done heard some things

    76. Karen McDougald

      Stop being messy Kandi not confirming anything it’s messy Kenya

    77. rassle dane

      Porsha can do what she want she single but isn't tanya married or did I miss something

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Last I checked that is Porsha’s pus. Why is everyone so worried about who she let hit? 😳😳 I’m just saying

    78. tanya thigpen

      Well they are on a TV show and each person supposed to open up about things in their life and things that they do so if they didn’t want anyone speaking about the bridal party or what they did they should have never had cameras in the first place😳😩

    79. Carrie Robinson

      Last time I checked. Porsha is single, so she can do what she want. Maybe Don Juan want some of Bolo🤷‍♀️, and Kandi need to sit her fake behind down

    80. Ericka Wilson

      Good Good 😂✌.....👂

    81. Rosa Page

      Have anyone forget that Kenya had her child there !!!! With all that sex and noise and I’m sure SMELL 👃!!! Kenya knew that this was going to be a A bachelorette party for Cynthia and lots of drinking and I’m sure kandi told her what she was going to do... So if Mark had any brains 🧠 he need to take her to court and show this tape of Kenya with her legs wide open showing everyone her dry up cat 🐈 that no man want not even a lady !!!! Why have your child there ?? Everyone is saying this show was it , and forgot about there was a child there ( a baby )... I’m glad I stop wasting, no one care about that child ... I don’t care if she was in another room, she shouldn’t have been there !!!

    82. Dazzling Rose Treasures By Koreta

      I love you 😘😂👀

    83. Maria Oneal

      I can't believe these people are telling this woman's business like that, lol. Like....they're acting like teenagers on a overnight field trip.

    84. Corey J Wilson


    85. denica williams

      Facts Tanya think she’s smart but clearly she’s slow .

    86. Twenty Fortress

      These men women are hilarious 🤣

    87. Lady You Go

      Kandi I am not sure about you either why would you do that to your friends if you hired him you should have made sure he left so I feel you may have set your own friends up 🤔😳🧐

    88. Natalie Hearnes

      Yup Kandi should have kept it to herself 🧐 they just trying to drag Porscha name because she doing something positive for #BLM OR

    89. Londia Russell

      How many times are yall gonna talk about this BS to keep Atl Housewives poppin? REALLY. Let's talk about Kenya's lil toya mate ×2 younger than she. Focus on that. Trust the young lady is coming 4 Kenya's SHINE!

    90. Puddy Collar

      Its really irritating to listen the commentator🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

    91. Erica

      This show needs to end.

    92. Danielle Moore

      Last I checked that is Porsha’s pus. Why is everyone so worried about who she let hit? 😳😳 I’m just saying

    93. Diva Diva

      🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💯🙌🏽 ....Kandi definitely surprises me on breaking her own rules.... Kenya has always been annoying and phony since day one.....

    94. Tonielle Bascombe

      This storyline is DRAWN OUT!😒

    95. Tonielle Bascombe

      Kandi was going so good until that Don Juan sit down.

    96. Tonielle Bascombe

      Don Juan's social justice comment was sooooo inappropriate!

    97. Tonielle Bascombe

      Kandi aint want to put nobody on blast right before she put someone on blast😒

    98. Tonielle Bascombe

      Tanya said she was in Porsha's room not that she was with Porsha. There were 2 rooms on that side of the trip.

    99. Boobie Rubi

      Kandi has always carried bones though , what I don’t get is at the table she was trying to shut Kenya up and not backing her but then soon as she’s around Don Juan she is doing the same thing she told Kenya not to do , and I ain’t buying she forgot the cameras were there, how can you miss a camera crew in your face

    100. Patricia Cason