Always Do Back-Up Spins on Top Dollar!


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    Hello Viewers! We hope you all are having an amazing day! In this video we play Wheel of Fortune at $10 max bet spins and then we try our luck on $25 a spin Top Dollar! You will learn from this video to always do back to spins on Top Dollar! We can't thank you all enough for all of your support to our channel! #fnsslots #casino #slotmachine #slots #topdollar #wheeloffortune

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    1. NG Slot

      Thanks buddy for shout, I appreciate it, hope it brings you powerful luck 👍

      1. Shirley Dixon

        Enjoying watching you guys.viewers would like to here amount of winnings/losses at the end of session. Good luck. Have fun.

      2. 912 Niner

        Nice! I always enjoy watching!

      3. NG Slot

        @FNS SLOTS oh nice my friends , keep that jackpot strikes ;) CHEERS

      4. FNS SLOTS

        Yes of course NG Slot! Yea that bracelet is present in another handpay video coming soon! We appreciate you supporting us as well!

    2. Richard Bott Slots And More

      Great run...Awesome videos. I will be doing at least 3 backup spins from now luck on the next one..

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Haha awesome Richard! Yea those 3 spins can potentially turn something good to great!

    3. 32lara32

      badass top dollar.

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you 32lara32! Yea we enjoyed it for sure!

    4. Kilian Loganellis

      Great content. You have a new sub! Why don’t you use SMZeus”dot”com?! Lot’s of channels are using it to promote their videos.

    5. Terry Chan

      I love you guys

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Aww thank you Terry! We really appreciative you watching and commenting!

    6. Playing W Gaming

      I like that hat. Might have to get it

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha you should! Thank you Playing W Gaming!

    7. Articia Hughes

      So I took your advice and did back up spins and hit every time. I also used the up and down method and it worked...wooo hoo.... Thank you FNS and Winstar....

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Wow! I am so happy that it worked out for ya! Keep on winning and wishing you lots of luck Articia!

    8. Septia Woman

      Nice hits! I have NEVER seen Top Dollar machine hit as often as it did for him.

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Septia! Yea it was definitely hot! I kept getting the bonus and hope its like that the next time!

    9. Shirley Dixon

      Would love to see triple diamonds

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Shirley for the request! We will be happy to play it sometime!

    10. Mark Rodriguez

      Check this out guys. Love Us Martin She has a store on eBay at and she’s part of the group if anyone has questions 🤗 Anna Vides

    11. J V

      I was in the lighting lounge about 3 mins walk from you guys when the lights went out

      1. FNS SLOTS

        oh wow! Yea you were just around the way from us J V! Man that lightning link lounge dont like us yet lol. Hopefully you did well over there!

    12. James Dickman

      Blame that on top dollar Mike!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha right! Im going to have to check in on him to see how he is doing! Thank you James for watching!

    13. The Slot Agency

      Great video. Love thooose back to back bonuseees.

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Oh yea! We loved this session! We appreciate you watching The Slot Agency! Thank you!

    14. Maria Perez

      You are a smooth operator on "Top Dollar"!! Congratulation on Both of your winnings and Bounces too! 🤑😉😎👍

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha Thank you Maria! We do appreciate you watching this fun run on Top Dollar!

    15. Sally Betts

      Wow that was amazing ! yayyy for U!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Sally! We are glad you enjoyed the video!

    16. Joyce Graves

      Where are you guys at? Y’all haven’t posted in four or five days. LOL

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Hey Joyce! Im here! Matter of fact im getting ready to schedule the next premiere for tomorrow @7:15 pm! Hope to see you there!

    17. DTown214 North

      My girlfriend hit 2×2×7bar on that $5 Top$ for $1600😁✌

      1. FNS SLOTS

        oh wow! Yea that is a nice hit! I would have loved to seen it! Line hits are always fun to see on machines like that but for some reason we never seem to hit any and only win in the bonuses lol. Glad to hear about her amazing run on Top Dollar!

    18. D Wolfe

      Good to see you guys won and had a good time...good luck to you and keep on winning

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you D Wolfe! We sure did have a good time!

    19. Avis Bryan

      FNS Eddie always in trouble

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha you know it Avis!

    20. Always Happy

      The casino should have paid the electric bill with the ppp money

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha right!

    21. Big Play Ray 777 Jackpot

      Fun Fun Fun !! Way to go FNS .Enjoyed watching as always. Good Luck !!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        We are glad you enjoyed it Big Play Ray 777! Thank you for your support!

    22. Amy Byrd

      I’m a subscriber and fan just have fallen on hard times and trying to get this seen.

    23. Mario Cefalu

      Hey guys, I’ve seen lots of slot channels and this is definitely in my top 3, you are genuine and fun. Ty

      1. Mario Cefalu

        FNS SLOTS ty guys , go hit them jps

      2. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Mario! Wow! We really appreciate you saying that! We hope you continue to enjoy the videos we release!

    24. SLOT ANGEL

      That was great! Congratulations!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you SLOT ANGEL! We appreciate you watching!

    25. Frances Mendez

      Alright Handpay$$$$$$$$

      1. FNS SLOTS

        yes! We love it! Thank you Frances!

    26. Frances Mendez

      Win win win Ok Nurse from Stockton CA

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Hey Frances! Thank you and we definitely hope to! Thank you for what you do as a Nurse!

    27. JavaQueen

      Nice wins...and I love your intro music.

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you JavaQueen! We are glad you enjoy it!

    28. brooklyngirl230

      Top Dollar is my absolute fav! You killed it, yay!!!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Awesome brooklyngirl230! We are glad you enjoyed the session and good luck to you on your next casino visit!

    29. Jreal Slot$

      Awesome vid. 👍 Still waiting on the livestream! 🤣 Nice of u to shout-out MGSLOTS21 & NG! We're ALL Family! ❤ Sorry to see the casino have a blackout on your last spin. Keep up the great work! 👍 Ble💲💲ings!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        What up Jreal Slot$ Yea I had to give them boys a shout out! You're right its one big family for sure! Yea the casino went black just in time haha we had to print n sprint lol.


      Nice wins! I'll be trying top dollar on my next casino trip👍

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thats awesome TOOMUCHLUV! We hope you hit a massive one on your next visit on top dollar!

    31. Benito Barrios

      Glad for yalls wins always a pleasure to see you and your dad enjoying life together

      1. Benito Barrios

        Well that's how life should enjoy it the ones you love rock on

      2. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Benito! Yea we are definitely enjoying life for sure together! Thank you for your support to us Benito!

    32. Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures

      Great video and always love your game selections and back up Spins yassss! Congratulations wishing you all continued luck 👍☘️👍☘️👍👍

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Hey Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures! We always appreciate your support to us and glad you enjoyed this session! We would like to wish you lots of luck on your next Oklahoma trip!

    33. Michael Williams

      Great Job Takin Down That Top Dollar Machine !!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Hey Michael! Thank you very much! Yea we hope to get that big boy at the top to light up one day! Thank you for watching!

    34. Mark Rodriguez

      When r u guys going back to winstar

      1. Mark Rodriguez

        Well I might just be there hope to see yall

      2. FNS SLOTS

        Hey Mark! We will be back at the Winstar on Saturday!

    35. i got game

      Cleopatra 1 or 2 , pinball, top dollar favorite games to watch

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you for the request i got game! We will be happy to play it for ya when we make our way back to Vegas!

    36. Dawn & Shane Slots

      Love your videos!! Gonna try Top $, heading there this Monday!! Hooe u left some $$ for the rest of us... Take care...

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha we left plenty of money for yall! But dont drain it out because we are coming back on the weekend! hahaha! We appreciate your support and good luck out there!

    37. Santos Contreras

      Awesome hits...

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Santos!

    38. Sonny Black

      Awesome comeback on the $25 top dollar! Glad you landed the bonus!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Sonny! Man its awesome having you stop by! Yea we were happy that bonus kept comin around and around!

    39. RainsWorld VegasSlots

      Yay! Top dollar pays off ❤️ this 25 dollar top dollar is so hard to get a spin on great job sticking with it 😍

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you RainsWorld VegasSlots! Yea I was about to get off of it after losing that first 500 but decided to ride it out! We are glad you enjoyed this session RainsWorld! Thank you for your support!

    40. Stacey's High Limit Slots

      Great run! Congrats!🎈🎉

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Stacey's High Limit Slots! Its always a pleasure to have you stop by! Glad you enjoyed the video!

    41. AnnMarie

      Love your videos! Thank you for taking us along!!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you AnnMarie! It is a pleasure to take yall along our adventures! We couldnt do it without you!

    42. Rod P

      Great video. Did any of you guys use your rewards card during play?

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Hey Rod P! Yes we use our players card for all of our play. Thank you for watching!

    43. Rudy B

      Great come back on Top Dollar Guys. Love that Highlimit Action!!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Rudy B! We are glad you enjoyed the session and look forward to bringing more action!

    44. Chris Renteria

      Did you guys see N.G at the Cosmo ??

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Hey Chris! I sure did last year! Great great guy and look forward to making another Vegas trip! Thank you for watching us Chris!

    45. ed jovi

      top dollar is my the best !!!!!! i hit 40.000.00 on it last yr edbonjovi

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Wow 40k! That is awesome! We want to do like you! Good luck on your next trip out there!

    46. ed jovi

      great too am a high roller from moehansun sun in if you every come out this i can com u everything from my host edbonjovi aka masterplumbing in ct give me a shot out edbonjovi !!! for top dollar

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you ed jovi! Yea we really want to make our way to Mohegan Sun since some of the awesome channels and slot machines are out there! We also would love to meet more of our fans out east! Thank you very much and look forward to making our way out there one day!

    47. Roseann Allen

      Thanks for the slot videos FNS always enjoy watching them That happened to me one day at the Isle in Lake Charles before the covid hit I had a handpay and while waiting for my p a you hit it again twice Three times back to back 8k I took out😍👍

      1. FNS SLOTS

        You're welcome Roseann! Wow! We hope to have a trip like that Roseann! Keep hitting while you waiting on money! There is nothing better!

    48. Low Roller Hubby

      Awesome !!!!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Low Roller Hubby!

    49. Renee Liew

      Wow!!& Yal seem to be getting better all the time or luckier !!Hahah bt So enjoy yr videos !& yal are awesome & so fun !😄🍀🍀🎰🎰🎯

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Renee! Yea hopefully we continue to have that luck rollin! We appreciate the kind words!

    50. Peanut Booter

      You never answered my question, lots of us would like to know. What do you do for work to be able to play the way you guys do? If you want that to be private I respect that.

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Hey Leanne! Thank you! FNS stands for Father N Son. My name is Raeko. We appreciate you watching!

      2. FNS SLOTS

        Hey Peanut Booter my father is retired from the military and boeing. I work at a financial institution. We appreciate you watching!

      3. Leanne Wallace

        I’m sure they get paid for this channel. Great channel! What does FNS stand for? And what’s you’re name (camera man)?

    51. Fernando Rodriguez

      That was nice of you reako for giving shout outs to ng slot show me the power of your bonus holysmokes. And see what we can do bonus best slot channels

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Fernando! Man we really appreciate you continuing to watch us! We will try and keep these videos rollin Fernando!

    52. R G

      I've never seen such big numbers or number of dollars paid out on Top Dollar before. I usually see the smaller amounts show up. Congratulations FNS Slots.

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Hey R G! Us too! We never really see the 100 credit one light up too often! We appreciate you watching!

    53. Paula Walton

      Those machines were hot,hot,hot! Glad you kept playing! You and your dad are so sweet. Glad you can go gamble together. Just precious memories! Congrats! And I like the wheel of fortune . They have one at Choctaw in high limits its all 7's but I have hit $500.00 a few times just on $40.00. I don't play it often. But I like it! Top Dollar was rocking the house!

      1. Paula Walton

        @FNS SLOTS Soon I want to go in the next few weeks but may wait until October for my b-day.Thanks for the good luck wish.

      2. FNS SLOTS

        Yes they were Paula! Yea I feel so blessed to be able to spend all of this time together! Awesome you hit that $500 on 40! We want to wish you luck on your next visit!

    54. K2 vip

      Thank you guys!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Kenny for watching!

    55. Dawn Ficklin

      Nice run on Top Dollar! I walk past those Top Dollar machines all the time at Winstar. I might have to give it a try next time thanks to you two. Keep Spinning and Winning 👍

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Dawn! Yea definitely give them a go when you get a chance! I hope you have lots of luck on it!

    56. JazzyJ Slots

      Great Session!! Winstar allows recording now! Congratulations on your hand pay!! Thanks for sharing. As always good luck ☘☘🤗🤗💖🎰🎰🎉🎉

      1. FNS SLOTS

        What! They allow recording now! Yay no more sneaking around! Thank you for the update JazzyJ Slots! Good luck to you too!

    57. Esther Sowell

      Good job baby boy yay

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Esther!

    58. betty brigance

      Just found you two....your awesome, keeping it clean, your funny too... Thanks for sharing....keep winning, keep going and be safe

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Well thank you betty! We are glad to have you watching! We hope you enjoy the videos to come!

    59. Raymond Stanley

      Great video yall! Solid freakin wins! I was at winstar tuesday didnt even see these top dollars congrats yall!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Raymond! Hey we hope you see multiple top dollars on your next visit!

    60. Shawty4sho

      I’ve played that same $5 Top Dollar and haven’t hit not one Top dollar feature on max bet😱

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Sorry to hear Shawty4sho. We definitely hope you have lots of luck on your next session on max bet!

    61. Linda Ratcliffe

      Well done boys another fun stream xx 😂😂🇬🇬

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Linda! We are glad you enjoyed our premiere!

    62. Linda Ferguson

      It's good to see Father and son again my question is why do your play at same time, can your play separate for can hold cameras and other play then switch let other hold cameras. Now go a get a jackpot smile

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Yea we had some discussions on that but we agreed that it is better this way and in the case a machine is a dud it will give us double the chance to bring excitement in one video

    63. Shhh Slots

      Great session! So much fun! Much love and luck from AZ

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Shhh Slots! We would like to wish you luck as well and appreciate you watching !


      I just subscribed!!! Much love and alohas from Hawaii

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you xGREENBAYNATIONx! We appreciate you subscribing to our channel! I bet its beautiful over there in Hawaii! Cant wait to make our way out there!

    65. Mike

      Your father is so low key, he doesn't get excited or rattled to easy no matter how much is won.

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Yea Mike! I hope we win one so big that he just hops up and down and gets crazy haha! We appreciate your support!

    66. V Hinton

      Great video! Winning !!!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you V Hinton!



      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha right! Gotta print n sprint! Especially after the shut down haha!

    68. LaShawn Brown

      That was cool! Congratulations 🎉 great session.

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you LaShawn! We are glad you enjoyed it!



      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you SHAWANA! We appreciate you watching!

    70. John Guidry

      Print and sprint lmao 😂🤣😂

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha you got that right John!

    71. Elite Sales Staffing

      Best slot channel on KGup !!!!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Stephen! We are definitely trying our best and it feels good to have you watching and commenting on our channel!

    72. LC Jewel

      Happy Friday! Y’all make me smile! Love your videos - thank you for recording! Congratulations on the wins!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you LC Jewel! Happy Friday to you too and We appreciate your support!

    73. Violet Smith

      What's Not To Like About This Video, People be Nice, It's a beautiful VIDEO AND BEAUTIFUL FATHER AND SON. TAKE A CHILL PILL.👍👍👍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦❤❤❤

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Violet! Hey we will keep it up even if it is just one person that finds us entertaining! Thank you for supporting us Violet!

    74. Randall Maxey

      ALWAYS do backup spins on EVERY machine that gives you a jackpot or big line hit. It has paid off for me as well. Two JP’s 3 spins apart. 😎

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha right! Thats awesome! Now thats back to back Randall! We hope to have an awesome run like that!

    75. Erica's Slot World

      Those were some great sessions y’all had! Awesome video as always! Wishing y’all continued luck! 🤩🍀🍀🍀

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Erica's Slot World! We appreciate all of your support to our channel! We would like to wish you lots of luck as well!

    76. Reba Hayes

      Love you guys. Great video.

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Reba! We appreciate all of your support!

    77. Meya’s Coins

      Nice wins!!! 🤑🤑🤑

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Meya's Coins!

    78. willie hendrickes

      Awesome video and that Top $ just wouldn’t stop paying out! Congratulations on that 🖐 💰

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you willie! Yea that Top Dollar was hot! We hope to have that luck on one of them Vegas Top Dollars! We appreciate you watching!

    79. John Marquez

      Awesome great vid

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you John! We appreciate that!

    80. NJ Slot Guy

      You guys are absolutely awesome. Wishing you guys the best of luck. ALWAYS do a backup spin!!!!!! Lets get you guys to NJ!!!!!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you NJ Slot Guy! Yea you know it! Back up spins are a must! Yea we are overdue for New Jersey! Man its a pleasure having you watching us! We will keep you posted when we have the opportunity to head to AC!

    81. Rene Louisiana Red

      Nice selection of games! Congrats on that Top Dollar hand pay. Have a great day :)

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Rene Louisiana Red! Yea we ended up turning a tough session into a fun one! We are glad you enjoyed it!

    82. Daniel Jordan

      Good job guys

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Daniel! We appreciate that!

    83. Scott Vera

      Those were awesome wins! My family and I enjoy hearing you say, let's see what we can do! Thank you for sharing.

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Scott! We are glad to have you and your family watching and supporting us! wow! Thank you for watching!

    84. OldSchoolSlots

      Man, you almost busted the casino so they had to turn the lights off on you! What a great session! Hope you all have a great weekend, cheers!

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha right OSS! Man we hope to have another session like that again soon! We appreciate your support bud and hope you have a great weekend as well!

    85. Perry B.

      That was fantastic!!! Congratulations 🍾🎉🎊

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Perry B!

    86. Demetra ESTERS

      Great session! You Guys are the BEST slot channel on KGup! FNS slots up in the casino "Getting into trouble"💕🥰

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Demetra ESTERS! wow! We really appreciate that! You know we have more trouble to get into! Thank you for all of your support!

    87. Nachi Jr

      👍👀👍 Let's See What we Can Do

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha you know it Nachi Jr! We are ready to make it back to the casino!

    88. Shannon Harris

      Awesome wins you guys. Much love

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Shannon! We appreciate that!

    89. Billy D’s Slot Channel

      Great run FNS... Happy Thursday bud 👍🤑

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Billy D's Slot Channel! Happy Friday now haha! We appreciate your support as well bud!

    90. Valerie Neal

      Next time you are out and about. .play a little Tabasco for me. I love that game😍 And as's so wonderful to see you and FNS Eddie here 😉

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Valerie for the request! We will be happy to play it when we come across it! We are glad you enjoy our videos!

    91. Brent Baker

      That happened to me at Winstar..hit 10 dynamites and then machine failed..should have been a major jackpot

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Yea that sounds like a continued issue with that casino. Hopefully you hit that major on the next run Brent!

    92. Marti Lambert

      Sooo..i walk into work now..saying.."let's see what weeee can do"

      1. Marti Lambert

        @Shaun Robert paralegal

      2. Shaun Robert

        Haha wat industry are you in?

      3. FNS SLOTS

        haha I love it! I wake up out of a dead sleep just to yell "BONUS!" We appreciate you watching us Marti!

    93. Eric John

      Let's see would we do let's get a

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha yea Eric lets get a bonus! Thank you for watching!

    94. Jalinda Vincent

      I love it when you two get into trouble. Congrats on the hand pay and I am wishing you continued good luck.

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you Jalinda! Yea we love getting into trouble! Thank you for the good luck wishes!

    95. De Marrio Herring

      One time play music video

    96. charlene brown

      Let's see what we can do

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha yes! Thank you charlene!

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      Please stop with the cringey talk. “Sub-SCRIBER”..

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        If people agree with you then ill stop but until then Subscribers! Viewers!

    98. bransonf

      How about playing some of the Willy Wonka machines??

      1. bransonf

        FNS SLOTS thank you so much!!!!! I look forward to always watching your videos!! Let’s see what we can do!!

      2. FNS SLOTS

        Thank you BransonF for the request! We will be happy to play it for you!

    99. Richard Do

      No luck for me @ Winstar place is a crook they set up their jackpot too low you guys seem to do well I was there last Saturday around 4p.m across from top dollar high limit room toward other side $100 slot someone hit the left machine $60,000 and the right side $30,000 i waisted $1000 before someone told me it's been hit big already on both...

      1. FNS SLOTS

        Sorry Richard to hear things didnt go well. We hope that you are the one that hits a massive handpay out there next! Wow people were really hitting that day!

    100. Billy Lake

      Loving that song Is that Ella Fitzgerald ' Miss Otis "

      1. FNS SLOTS

        haha honestly im not even sure. I know I got it from an intro creator app awhile back! Thank you Billy Lake for watching our videos!