Better McMuffins - You Suck at Cooking (episode 109)

You Suck At Cooking

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    The McDonald's Egg McMuffin, also known as the HackBonalds Jeg NickRuffin, is a fun sandwich to add things to. Also to take things away from. Also to hold while spinning around in a circle while yelling "hey look at me I'm a McMuffin!"

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    1. Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries

      The YSAC cinematic universe is intense.

    2. The Hermitology Channel


    3. Oriana Spiderowl

      Considering I literally just woke up from a nightmare....gee that was something I shouldn't have seen.. Ugh. Please 🥺 go back to being funny 😃 also, now I am hungry.

    4. Carl Jones

      Did he really call McDonald's a restaurant

    5. who do you think iam?

      sausage mc muffin tasted better than most normal burgers like idk why. it just tasted better

    6. GeckoLettuce 1

      Well didn’t turn out. Like a circle it turned out like a egg monster

    7. randoman

      HowToBasic + Ability to speak =

    8. Lego Batman

      the saga

    9. Symetrie

      First time here. I know, I was probably living under a rock, chill mate. That was amazing.

    10. Eirgor

      the surreal horror in this episode is on the level of 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared' and I fucking love it

    11. Gabriel Merchant

      I put off watching This masterpiece for how long???

    12. Xaxai 2


    13. Zach Cooley

      La-guardia chess mc'busstop

    14. Natasha Owen

      Those aren't muffins in england. ;_; the crumb is far too airy.

    15. Ethan

      1:12 wait did he crack an orange

    16. Dale Wolver


    17. bettina barry

      Your McHumor is McGenius!!

    18. 18matts

      That was a happy ending

    19. Super Danish Gaming

      What was in the box

    20. Eris Cerpja

      What the fuck is with all the lore and character development man, i just wanted to make a Mcmuffin

    21. BryGuy

      "mayosto" checks out

    22. a person

      Was that howtobasic's basement/garage?

    23. M ZIDAAN Z

      So did anyone didn't notice that McFancy was $4500

    24. inquizit0r

      Bro I could swear that he had a mandarin in his hand

    25. Dfas Fasfas

      Oh no, this channel has lore

    26. GypsySlyp

      was not expecting this much cosmic horror from a bagel how to... you've earned my subscription

    27. Milky May


    28. Milky May

      Imagine you're waiting for the elevator and when it's doors open you see a dude inside a pool of balls with a camera

    29. Hell Girl

      The creepiest funny thing i’ve ever seen ! Really disturbing , and really funny at the same time , im confused and disturbed now 😂 thank u for bringing me in this insane recipe, now i can go to theme parks thinking that dolls are persecuting me...😂

    30. Solar Knight

      I followed the recipe because I was bored and hungry and I forgot that eggs explode in the microwave. Yeah that was really dumb of me.

    31. wasedrr XR

      Better Love Story than Twilight!

    32. Frequently Cynical

      I use an egg ring, pretty clever about the Mason jar lid if you have one. I also use turkey sausage to keep the calories down, and classic American cheese. Yummers!

    33. Diego Garcia-Camargo

      “Nothing against wild dogs” thanks for clarifying

    34. John Trimarche

      This is like an episode of black mirror

    35. Andrei Teodor

      he just turned a cooking show into a horror movie

    36. 20x20

      Don't Hug Me I'm Hungry

    37. excarlbur

      remember when at the end of this guy's videos he'd just make a song about food

    38. Sooraj

      So this is a resident evil channel

    39. piper patterson

      this is concerning

    40. Roxanne Wolf

      Monokuma would like the despair meal

    41. AwesomeShawn

      “Just don’t undercook it” Best joke yet!

    42. Ben Pesina

      wtf did I just watch

    43. achanwahn

      I forgot this one got intense

    44. N. A.

      Well... That took a turn.... 😳

    45. Motorboi 69

      I refuse to believe this can out only a year ago

    46. Jaelyn Bell

      I love pepper pepper pepper.😋🧂

    47. Marvin H

      Wonderful. Great video.

    48. Andrew Magnus

      Quality episode.

    49. AddTagHere

      anyone else notice he cracked an orange

    50. John Rogers

      So good, just so good.

    51. kornkid8600

      Is that pesto? Is that pesto on your omelet?

    52. jake the dog

      Genius gooooooooood

    53. Vagrant Janissary

      1:12 He Just Cracked a Tangerine.

    54. Node

      I’m hungry for a McBastard

    55. Guest 4

      1:12 ah yes.. orange egg

    56. noneyah

      This is so well done. He went back and saved her.

    57. drgdfhg

      You can also use onion ring.

    58. Cole Anderson

      Well then..

    59. XperimentorEES

      I was not expecting the sudden existential horror, and I loved it.

    60. broku 1984

      Dudes a hero

    61. CptEddyPrice

      never cease to amaze me with your creativity

    62. Jihad Toom

      I cant believe he did an egg episode without continuing the egg saga :(

    63. timothy king

      Great content you do here

    64. Jgoldie318

      He has a howtobasic twist at the end!

    65. DR62 Montages

      That was surreal.

    66. Maaike Ruiter

      The last bit reminded me of dont hug me im scared in some twisted way


      3:25 says monokuma

    68. jasmine s

      mclovin being a gay burger ooh what will it do next😳

    69. Ravenous Elf

      That was scarier than 80% of Horror Movies, Good Job

    70. GolldenFalcon

      this video traumatizxed me

    71. David Sianghio

      Are we not going to address the McLovin on the fake app? I salute you, sir.

    72. Komal Kuku

      Dude m watching this at 12:30 am

    73. Megan Magette

      I just realised whenever he cracked the eggs in the pan and mug, he was holding the clementine.

    74. Alex Jarvey

      I'm convinced that none of this Is video magic, and he can actually do all that stuff.

    75. Jeremy MacPherson

      This is terrifying, thank you

    76. Random SloMo

      The way you toasted those makes me want to cry... 😟

    77. Faz Studio’s

      Nice quantum ball pit ysac

    78. MightySmiley

      The way you do videos is ahead of the curve, amazing work.

    79. Not Yukita

      Cooking and humor is a great duo.

    80. CatBongo


    81. Vexbane Aramori

      fuck did i just watch.

    82. EpsilonGoods


    83. Danzig Rulze

      I never under cook my wild dogs.

    84. Danie Oberholzer


    85. Adrianna the Weirdo

      I love how the mclovin has pride colors

    86. \Drew


    87. Locksharpe

      Remember, never undercook your wild dogs!

    88. Spencer Belnap

      How are you so funny?

    89. Peninah. L.Wambui

      this is so good

    90. Errorcodepurple


    91. cozy


    92. Fabian Schneider

      That went dark pretty damn fast.

    93. sounds relaxing


    94. Steve John

      Genius. Bloody hilarious.

    95. error 404 and sudden changes sans

      How long should you microwave the egg in the microwave

    96. ya ed

      i once again do not claim any of his nigga

    97. Galactic Fuz

      What the fuck are wrong with your eggs?! How is no one talking about this???

    98. Jireh Choo


    99. placki lover

      why do your eggs look like small oranges?

    100. joe kerr

      0:27 you mean it's like any other stringed instrument but it sounds good