What's The Best Gift To Give? (Game)

Good Mythical MORE

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    Today, we're discussing the best gifts to give in strange scenarios. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1877
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    1. Vandy5000

      Someone gifted me an air fryer, my favorite gift ever.

    2. Marcos

      you’ve heard of the cather in the rye now get ready for the dookie in the sheets

    3. Bailey O'Brien

      As a housekeeper at a hotel, you better be giving them a HUGE tip! It’s bad enough we have to deal with your dookie on the toilet people! Also, psa: you are supposed to tip housekeeping at hotels. I just feel like not enough people know this, and I was one of them.

    4. Karrdeh

      Did they bring back the wrong Link from an alternate snack dimension?

    5. dan west

      YES, we want to see more of Link's dad!!!

    6. JtotheA

      wth is even happenning LMAOO

    7. Attila Light

      This is why I love GMMMores haha 😂

    8. Burt Macklin

      They’re explaining GMMore 😂

    9. miqey t

      Episode idea: They should call up the old employees and ask if they still got their beats pills

    10. Leigh Massengill

      They are truly Southern boys. Only people who say “dookey”.

    11. SierraLynn1512

      The Link clone had to be replaced again.

    12. Mostly Lapse

      Love you link! This show wouldn’t be here without you.

    13. AwesomeCat2012

      Bahaha the first chunk of this is my favorite thing ever. 🤣

    14. Varun Vishal

      I like how this is sort of the behind the scenes of them as presenters on the main show.

    15. Wherehouse Music

      I'm so glad the explained the visual aesthetics of the wheel of mythicality . not for me, but for the visually impaired that may be enjoying this show.

    16. War Hammer

      this is probably my favorite good mythical more ever, it’s not just about link questioning everything but to me just how real they are being

    17. BroncFan Channel

      Rhett gone all Billy the Exterminator with the possum story.

    18. ohheyitscassie

      Was Link replaced with a body double? Is he okay?????

    19. Phoebe Jerome

      This is the GMMore tutorial mode

    20. Dwayne Anliker

      The top link doesn’t work for me and haven’t for a while.

    21. Sumayyah

      I got an air fryer from my mom for Christmas I thought it was a good gift. I wouldn't buy one for myself but I will definitely enjoy using it.

    22. EmSeeGurran

      Yep Link is still on a perc

    23. Jean Mendes

      This got hella meta

    24. Jaime Spencer


    25. Em

      Does link have a concussion?

    26. Daniel Pennino


    27. Miss B

      Hotels have your credit cards. If you take the towels or beddings you can be charged for them. But if you Dookie....take it.

    28. Miss B

      "Hey guys"

    29. Miss B

      The notes on the back of the triangles reminds me of game show hosts like wheel of fortune and the price is right.

    30. selah

      Link Reminds me of my residents in my memory care unit

    31. Joe H

      From beginning to end this was the strangest episode ever...

    32. Cookie_todoroki

      Oh yes finally I always wanted to see what they could see from behind the cards

    33. Austin Brown

      Not gonna lie this is them explaining to each other Good Mythical More while on mushrooms. Both seriously confused, yet all knowing.

    34. Grady Toland

      Welcome to Good Mythical Meta!

    35. greggory winningham

      Good mythical more. Where a trendy viking and a hip dad faced news anchor guy discuss spinning game show wheels... so mythical.

    36. Shannon M.

      The answer to all of these is gift cards. :)

    37. Serena M.

      Lol what's goin on

    38. Christina R

      Why was this extra funny lol you guys are awesome

    39. scottembler

      Link is constantly touching his face and it's making me uncomfortable. If you're giving him a gift get him the VACCINE!

    40. Julian Higgins

      Are my dudes on mushrooms this episode? Have we reached this part of quarantine?

    41. william aubrey

      I think they may be a little "Watermelon Sugar...." If you know what I'm say'n

    42. Gabriel Moline

      1:00. I didn’t. I always click in the description.

    43. Zehra

      Hey random person reading this: When you've had a bad day, make a dookie in the sheets and everything'll be okay. ♥️

    44. Morgan R

      this felt like a fever dream

    45. Chris Moon

      All my links show up at the bottom of the video screen except Link in the video 🤣😁🤓🤭

    46. Abdurrahman

      literally this is the best more episode ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    47. Mary Joy Spohrer

      Of course I had to go look up the official meaning with Webster!

    48. Sir Frederick

      18 seasons is a good time to explain how the show works

    49. John Klein

      This is the first episode of More tha ive watched without watching the main episode first, and they just happen to have done that bit at the beginning. Weird

    50. Kevin Fager

      Welcome to Metaphysical More.

    51. Lila A

      1:05 He does know...

    52. Holly Craft!

      I'm sorry, I didn't clic on it. this video was in my youtube suggestions. ^^

    53. Lawrence Charnow

      “Taking towels, I’m a towel-taker!?”

    54. Randy Cruz

      This was the uncut pitch for the pilot of GMMore.

    55. DisconnectedAutomaton

      Rhett & Link should discuss the small changes they've done to their behaviors and to their episode formats over the years on GMM!

    56. besm3st

      This gd honesty in this episode XD lol

    57. Glori Best

      I loved this!

    58. gulabchand

      First the explanation of the more and then the dookie in the sheets. I like this gmmore

    59. Jalbatross

      Oh, now I get it. I've been watching the show for years and it made no sense to me at all. Glad they finally explained it..

    60. Lisa

      This episode was perfection 🥰

    61. Joel Miller

      I did not click the top link I use the link in the description

    62. Shylee Porter

      They got a new link like in the end of the BFFs sketch.😂

    63. Hulk Amania

      change the wheel

    64. Hulk Amania

      This aint no catch the fish with granddad

    65. KiDD ViDD

      Did link have a stroke?

    66. Jamie Tripp

      They are going to be all right???? RIGHT???

    67. Eliot C

      Weird, I was just thinking about this but you should be saying “click the bottom link”. No? Just me?

    68. Tyler Chartrand

      This whole episode is just chaotic energy lmao

    69. Raven Blue

      Oh lord I love watching them both get old 😹😹

    70. Chido Enweze

      I love Link's confusion 😆

    71. Aish Kharbanda

      What am I watching?

    72. Anthony Cameron

      This was the single strangest episode of GMM/GMMore I've ever seen, and I've seen Hundreds, maybe thousands and i absolutely loved every second of it. lmaooooooo

    73. Lillian

      Rhett and Link talking about clicking the top link to get here from the main video: me, who got here from clicking the bottom link:🧍‍♂️

    74. Aaron Reyes

      Took 5 min to finally here the word of the day, but I was still kinda entertained

    75. irinav

      Link, you're okay, right? This kind of act kinda scares me. I hope it's only an act...

    76. Tim Kitchens

      Today on GMMore: Behind the Scenes of the Wheel of Mythicality

    77. Brandon Schockelt

      And it would be the most top of the Links, think about it for a second especially if Link the person is not at the top of the screen it would be click on the top link. Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing

    78. Guy Incognito

      Rhett was proud of himself? Woah, now that's crazy!

    79. greyson berndt

      i personally got here without clicking because i had gmmorning and gmmore in consecutive order on my watch later playlist and just let it take me here

    80. Camille Stadler

      never thought that deep about the wheel colors.. don’t like it

    81. E

      I would absolutely watch a full segment of Unboxing with Charles

    82. Silver Tune

      I did not click the top link

    83. Amanja Devedzc

      Charles’ first gift, a dookie in the sheets.

    84. selina nichols

      Finally I feel heard 😆 I only watch mythical more. It's more personal

    85. McKenzie Strib

      What is happening

    86. Margaret Ehrich

      favorite more lol

    87. Daniel Sheehan

      Rhett and link simultaneously have a stroke.

    88. Yisro Young

      7 full minutes of just reflecting 😅

    89. Jack Garrett

      Idk why I expected this to be informative... lol

    90. Jeffery poo

      6:46 they finally start the video

    91. Brad Miller

      A single Dove.

    92. MattChats

      If this was somebody's first episode, they would be extremely comfortable and understand what these guys do on this show, as they spent an excessive amount of time explaining it. :)

    93. AlaskanCelt

      Link is getting dementia like old Joe Biden! 😂

    94. neshapink17

      This would have been helpful like 5 years ago when I first accidentally clicked on a Mythical More episode.

    95. Vindred

      That GMMore where Rhett had to explain Link's job to Link.

    96. King Shaggy

      I needed that clarification on the episode watch order. I’ve been thinking too deep about this. Of course you guys don’t do demonic rituals, to change your age, depending on what topic you’re doing that day... right?

    97. Aaron Montoya

      We need a Rhett tapping complilation

    98. Just trying to be a decent human

      Almost 7 minutes of them explaining what they do and why they do it. Loved every second!

    99. bobbycone2

      Wait.. You don't have to use blinkers in national parks??

    100. bobbycone2

      Need a game or a bet that if Rhett looses he has to get corn rows into his hair and keep them for a month and if link looses he shaves his head.