I Drive 750 Miles In a Bass Boat for $30,000!!

Scott Martin

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    I put everything on the line with these ridiculously long runs down Kentucky Lake to my secret fishing spot trying to win 125,000 and the title of Kentucky Lake Champion. I have my hands full with Jason Lambert and the rest of the top 10 anglers.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Thanks for all the support! It is what DRIVES me! Please share this video with everyone you know and even a few you don’t..👊🏼

      1. James Garrison

        Scott where can you get some of you fishing jerseys

      2. Jack Bailey

        Great testimony about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Awesome!

      3. Bassmastr888 1

        Scott Martin I love that you mentioned Jesus👍🏻

      4. Trey Hicks

        Treyhicksiii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama football 🏈

      5. Jello's Random Channel 4182

        I Will Love You Buddy!!!!

    2. Jason Yoder

      Great job Scott

    3. Mafongo Jr

      LOL hard to beat that over 100lb day Scott

    4. Jed Steelwell

      It's a biggin every time lol

    5. James Garrison

      Where do you go to get a Scott Martin jersey?

      1. Scott Martin

        OT Wear has them..👍🏻

    6. Cesar Chin

      GIANT! *actually not giant*

    7. Carolina shooter 1982

      You deserve all you get!!! Very good fisher and humble person!!! Love the videos! I want to take your training class lol

    8. brian therion

      Scott you should of tried to slip a couple of them drum past the scales!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Dyson Weaver

      Nobody at all but then scott: is that considered fishing with live bait

    10. Matthew Whalen

      At least u had fun and u enjoy what u do with all your friends that join the tournament

    11. William Brown

      The good times before covid and riots! You rock Scott!

    12. Christian Harrell

      What should I use for bass on lake Seminole in Snead’s for a tournament this weekend anybody please help

    13. Texan Football Houston

      Los cadetes de linares. Prrenda querida

    14. Joe Wood

      Sooty that reel used day for were you missing a bearing or what come on brother get a different reel

    15. Hudson Hamilton

      I’m surprised he doesn’t just pull the lip off of those bass with those hook sets

    16. Theboss47


    17. Spinning Team

      Great adventure, we like fishing like this

    18. Spnk dis titl

      scott fighting a fish in a tournament: giant

    19. Cole

      @22:22 what is going on? He goes to release the fish and it looks like the guy in the other boat is using a net to try and scoop it back up. I dont really know much about fishing but my guess would be he has someone with him in another boat to do that so he doesnt catch the same fish again? Can anyone explain?

    20. Treye Hinson

      It’s a biggin Pulls out a 2 pound bass


      How does he get that big of bags day after day???? What's up???

    22. SarCar82

      Second place is not bad . Don't give up scott. You are the real champion

    23. Devon Scarborough

      that was stupid to drive 750 miles but ur still the best

    24. The bass factor

      How did you get started I live right beside Ky lake and it’s my dream to get to fish like this

    25. ben kirkland

      Am I the only one that skips the first 2:00 minutes

    26. Bayou Treasures

      I remember watching VHS videos of your dad with my pops on sundays when i was a kid. Now I watch all your videos and pull for you all the time. Thank you for being a class act and an inspiration! GL in 2020 when all this stuff clears.

    27. Liam Mcdonnell

      Every fish, “it’s a biggin”

    28. The Man Garage

      Scott, I enjoy these so much. Congrats and keep up the good work. Love you and your dad. All the best and God Bless!

    29. Ruaidhri's Fishing

      Great content Scott!

    30. Crankin’ With Carter

      That reel u were using sounded a little rough

    31. D Money

      the glasses tan line lmaoo

    32. armando cortes

      Is. Good man I like yours videos 👍👍👍👍👍 good look

    33. Jonah Bendorf

      I know that chances of you seeing this are slim but just want to know that you are my all time favorite angler and your the best and I love the positive prayers and words you give yourself!! Keep it man!!

    34. Lane Cunningham

      i live in kentucky about 1 hour away from that lake and it is a awesome lake

    35. Henry Jenks

      I love the sunglass tan

    36. Riley Hairsine

      I love you’re videos the make me what to get out and fish

    37. hunting,trapping,fishing boyz

      Believe it or not I live in Marshall county the kid that helped you get the fish out is from their

    38. David Lemon

      How do you get into tournament fishing?

    39. Michael Slagle

      Congrats on a great event. I Love all your stuff Scott , giving all glory to your savior and a quick witness to how it changed your life for the better is what I’ll remember most. Thank you for your channel , I watch all your stuff and have learned a ton from you lately but your father first. I’m a medically retired vet who loves to fish but dint have much time till now. Thanks again for all you and your family has done growing the sport of Fishing and the many hours I’ve spent being entertained watching you guys do it.👍🍻

    40. Jim Dawson

      You drove 750 miles in a bass boat?

    41. Marty Smith

      Awesome job! Thanks for teaching me so much!

    42. Tony Brown

      I must say your comments about God totally refreshing Scott .Your one heck of a fishermen ,and a fisher of men as well , The Spirit on your boat awesome to watch. May 2020 be another major year for you oh ,and make another competition between your pops and you .. That was an awesome video.

    43. Tony Brown

      That bass puked up real bait for fake hmmmm food for thought lol .

    44. big dad ace

      [$30,000 / 750 = $40.00] per mile, Seems like boat captains make pretty good money to me. [Lol ] As a side note I sat in a B.A.S.S. pre-tournament meeting for a top 150 event on Toho and listened to David Fritts complain when they announced that the cut off of the waterway was the lock at the south end of Lake Kissimmee, He had planned on fishing Lake Okeechobee. Go Figure...

    45. Dorie Burkhart

      hey scott I met you at the 2020 ohio fishing expo you signed my crank bait keep the videos coming

    46. Bobby Barfield

      Scott you need to find some sharper hooks for your baits. There seem to be a lot of fish pulling off.

    47. Rusty Lee

      I was recently disabled so I'm doing all the things now I never got to do before. Getting caught up on your videos. I've been by your place in Clewiston many time going to Miami with a big rig. Thank you for your testimony, God bless.

    48. Michael Jackson-Rugs

      And you said I was a hard hooksetter!!! LOL

    49. Robert Davis

      What would it take to meet up and fish someday. Really getting big on fishing and I’d love to Learn from a pro

    50. J's Outdoor Adventures

      Thank you for praising the Lord on stage, great role model and inspiration!

    51. David 1167

      A few of the catches were a little "hairy".

    52. Rustin Winborne

      Lol you always say giant 😂. I know it an old video but I'm catching up

    53. James Salyers

      Good fishing bro, the best thing is you thanked our Lord Jesus. Rock on

    54. Ryan

      Lambert should have been tested for performance enhancement drugs....hahahah. What a beast.

    55. Trey Hicks

      Treyhicksiii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama football 🏈 roll tide roll Alabama football 🏈 Scott Martin Trey Hicks iii (423)314 7956

    56. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii (423)3134-7956 Scott Martin treyhicksiii happy 40treyhicksiii fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii Scott Martin roll tide roll Alabama football 🏈 treyhicksiii Alabama football 🏈

    57. J.R. VLOGS

      Scott u a g

    58. Air Expct

      God bless you boss! Hope you keep doing good.

    59. jraintdead

      Man, don’t you just love it when you lay into what you think will be the big bass of the tournament and it turns out to be a danged old gasper goo!

    60. Anthony Withem

      Your faith in Jesus Christ is awesome,love the video

    61. Tyler Babbitt

      Scott u the GOAT

    62. VIbrantB

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      I love your videos the best and I love your reaction you are a huge role model for all of the up and coming new anglers.

    65. Tanner Maples

      so is scott sponsored by okuma or favorite? bc he has a signature okuma rod but hes been fishin favorite lately

    66. Casey Allen

      I was raised on KY lake. There is some nice fish in there

    67. crawford fite

      the bandito bug is no longer secret bait i guess😂

    68. White River Angler

      Honestly the best channel on youtube. Love it. Hope I get to meet you one day!

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    70. Civilian #72583119

      Your content is better than TV can ever do it

    71. Joshua Blaha

      Stop saying biggin every time they’re not biggins 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂

      1. Joshua Blaha

        😂your still the man honestly love the channel And your passion for the sport helped it become what it is today keep up the good work and good luck in any upcoming tournaments you may be in👍🍀🍀🍀🍀

      2. Scott Martin


    72. Darin Kauffman

      You the best Scott ! love when people give the honor and glory to Jesus Christ cuz after all without him we have nothing ! Keep up the good work

    73. james Mccardie

      I'm ready for this again Scott love your channel even though I use Johnny Morrison's Equipment your always my favorite

    74. Jello's Random Channel 4182

      How bout them Cookies LoL 😂😂😂😂

    75. Brandyn Mitchell gamer 1999

      I was happy with the first video

    76. Dale Yoak

      Great job brother 👍.your my hero🍎

    77. Joseph Thames

      It would be a dream come true to go out and fish with you

    78. ian morrison

      Wow Great result Scott! Good to see you giving thanks to the good Lord for blessing your life. Congratulations from Dundee, Scotland :-)

    79. Sasquatch Fishing

      This is one of my favorites between the kid telling the truth and immediately followed by Brandon's commentary of Scott sleeping in the boat, I'm dying laughing 😂

    80. David Baker

      Love your video

    81. Tom B

      Love your channel Scott. The work that you and Brandon do is awesome--and it's a joy to watch your videos. Especially love the ones where you involve your family. Seeing you put your kids on fish is awesome! Your dad is a trip too, lol. "Son, son...SON!"

    82. Brent McCreary

      Cant beat a Carolina Rig on KY Lake!!!

    83. imcalling bs

      What a great man!!!! Never fails to give God all the glory!!! What a great example of some one to look up to. Thank you very much for all you do!!

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      Anybody know what the app he was using to see when they were dumping water on the river

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      1. Billy Mays

        Thank you!!

    95. Robert M

      Scott, your enthusiasm is just wonderful.

    96. Parrot Bill

      Luv you buddy, but that sun is going to ruin your nose if you don't cover it. Speaking from experience, my nose is twice it's original size and discolored by sun damage. I commercial fished, dove tropical fish, lobsters and spearfished for a living for 17 yrs. God Bless my friend.

    97. Chad Singleton

      damn good shot so close i was on the edge of my seat the whole tournament, over all out standing job scott and brandon editing the videos stupid sick skill. wicked wicked cool sport.

    98. David Leblanc

      where was lambert fishing???? 100pds is that a record of some kind??

    99. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama Scott Martin fishing 🎣 Treyhicksiii happy

    100. Tammy Pahel

      Dear Scott martin I am a big fan of yours I like the reel that you use for fishing I wish I could have something like that can you please send me one my address is Tammy pahel 3457 Templeton Rd NW Warren Ohio 44481