Demi Lovato - Anyone (Lyric Video)


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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing Anyone (Lyric Video). © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Jenny Alcantara

      Who went here because the grammy snubbed this MASTERPIECE.

    2. zibleth

      I think this song is beautiful and her message is so heart wrenching. BUT doesn’t anyone else hear the real similarities in melody to The Joke by Brandi Carlisle?

    3. S Rdj

      Extremely disappointed to see that she didn't get a grammy nomination for this song while having a standing ovation when she performed it, the level of emotions and powerful vocals #boycottgrammys

    4. Ana Souza

      Alguém aq depois das indicações do grammy?

    5. Silvina Sequeira

      Esta canción merece un grammy.

    6. Noelia Calderon


    7. monick soares


    8. monick soares


    9. José Miguel López Leonardo

      I just came here to remember this masterpiece, and I’m expecting this song at least get a Grammy nomination (tomorrow) 🙏🏼❤️

    10. Gabizain


    11. Gabizain


    12. Amaru P.


    13. Júlia Souza

      perfeita, eu amo essa música❤

    14. Dulce Amaya

      Thank you Demi. You know why I say Thank you.

    15. Jesus Filipe


    16. Teresa Ying

      She really needed help, but no one care about it. She even asked for help and same, no one did anything.

    17. Ana Elizabeth Ulrich


    18. Krista Jack

      Everyone needs to be heard.....the world is so dark someones light at the end of a dark tunnel.....💜my heart holds her tight

    19. Purple Aquarius

      Please don't ever hate this song Demi, take this song as a accomplishment. You aren't stupid, maybe not all can understand and hear. But there are those who love you and do. Don't give up. I'll try not to either

    20. mᄉ나

      And then when you are in this situation you can only think "maybe if I die ANYONE will finally listening to me

    21. The Paulinho

      hello, you have heard the story of my life!

    22. mᄉ나

      Where in my life was this song!! this song represents me totally, feeling lonely and empity is the worst thing know


      Love her she almost the first singer I listened to😊

    24. Denitre Dorsey-Walls

      i’m listening demi i’m liiiiiiiistening

    25. Vitória BP


    26. Sky Jeanne

      I wish i could be there for her

    27. Suh R

      I cant listen this song without tears in my eyes... Even if i am happy... This song is soooo damn strong! This girl... No words to discribe her❣️

    28. Devanilso Simoes

      No words!!!

    29. Alahna W

      This song and story are just beautiful.

    30. Jatniel Pinto Machado

      i still don't understand how can people dislike this song? are you good?

    31. Luana Lauer

      Quem está ouvindo essa música em Outubro de 2020 ? Deixa um like 😍

    32. Delylah Saucedo


    33. Lorena Aquino De Deus

      I love you! I’m don’t want say nothing wrong, but I love you ok ! And you in my heart!

    34. Double A's

    35. TheMrsDolittle

      Wow! Beautiful. What a powerful song. Truly touched my heart and soul. I just wanted to reach out and give her a big hug. Thank you!

    36. Nathalia Manfrinatti


    37. Pop eyes

      I found here out from the "that's why you use autotune" meme

    38. French Fries

      She reached some very much lonely souls with this one

    39. Nani

      There are so many times as a teen when i wanted people to listen or just ask if I was okay. I felt so depressed and so anxious but my mom would never listened to me, i had counselors but I never wanted to really talk about what was really wrong with me or how I felt I feel stupid when I pray Why the fuck am I'm a praying anyway Nobody's listening to me

    40. Writer's_Wish yee

      My goodness, this is absolutely beautiful. I hope someone, anyone heard her cry for help through this majestical song and supported, talked to her, just did anything to make her feel special.

    41. vanessa.

      Its so obvious that her vocals are not quite on point in this song compared to other like sober... her voice here is so crispy

    42. João Paulo Barros

      Brazil 🇧🇷

    43. Gabi

      essa música me quebra toda vez que escuto 😭😭

    44. Presley Hanzlik

      Could never live without her! I need her and her music like I need air.

    45. Tina Reed

      This is me in 2020!! I feel everything she is saying! Been married 15yrs get told shut up get over! My daughters are gone out of my life now!! It killing me slowly don't know what to say or do! I cry out to God please help me but the demons keep coming over and over!! Thanks for hearing me!

    46. Andrea Woods

      I love this song but disagree. God is always listening 💜 you just have to open your heart to hear 💕

    47. Zero 2 Nill

      I Don't care about demi in the slightest but I do relate way to much to this to not give her recognition for speaking for us

    48. Laura Sosa

      Thank you Demi. I hear you. I feel you. I’m with you . . . It fucking kills me . . . I’m with you.

    49. Lucie Apostolidès Fournier



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    51. Mr. E

      I'm ANYONE - Beautifully Damaged And Cracked Refusing To BE Completely Broken ... just like you

    52. md al kadir

      so much wonderful your songs themes & so much imagined to your hearts about for me best of all over in my mysterious minds

    53. Emily Sanchez

      I love this song I sing it all the time I need some one

    54. Reyna Pejana

      Nice song Dem 😍

    55. Tatiana Joyner

      I've been a fan of Demi Lovato since the very very beginning with her days on Disney channel she is honestly my idol everything she's been through she came out stronger than ever before. Don't worry Jimmy just remember like how you told yourself years ago with one of your songs everything will be fine with you yourself and time

    56. Pablo


    57. Alissom Salvatore

      I am listening.

    58. Danielle Cordes

      yessssss thank youuuuuuu

    59. Sheila L

      What a lyric...

    60. cheshire cat

      I found a so better version of this song look

      1. Gavin


    61. Embun Pagi

      I dont know..but im crying

    62. Marco

      I just need some more injections.

      1. Marco

        Gavin How do u want to know?

      2. Gavin

        Marco it’s called no ones laughing

      3. Marco

        Ik, it’s called dark humor.

      4. Gavin

        @Marco legit says affection. doesn't sound like injection

      5. Marco

        Gavin 02:13

    63. Ashlen Kangas

      I am listening to you Demi

    64. Guilherme e Camilly Sousa

      Algum brasileiro perdido por ai ?

    65. John Ware

      Talked me into it. Gonna have a drink or two or 20

    66. nathaniel hewett

      Looks like the answer is still a big nope for me

      1. nathaniel hewett

        @Gavin long story. Was going through a really rough time the past few weeks. Put a huge help me before I kill myself out there and got flat out ignored and left alone. I dealt with it though. I have no choice more often than not.

      2. Gavin


    67. MissAshleySpade

      " I asked for help and I didn't receive the help I needed." "I sent a message out and I reached out to the people that were on my team and they responded that you're being very selfish." "My core issues are abandonment from my birth father and they totally played on that fear so I felt abandoned." - Demi on Ellen 2020

    68. Alex Bk

      Sad song but oddly comforting because it makes me feel like I'm not alone

    69. Babek Memmedzade

      Please change your lifestyle. You are a very talented person.

      1. Gavin

        She has

    70. Carlie Grice

      This is one of the most raw songs I’ve ever heard

    71. Chris Reed

      Jesus hears you

    72. Nicolas Ruvalcaba


    73. Chris Reed

      Beautiful when you sing

    74. Chris Reed


    75. T Vann

      I do not know much about Demi Lovato, but when I heard this I knew one thing - that girl knows pain.

    76. marie_

      Someone chose this song for his blind audition at The Voice of Germany this season. It was amazing.

    77. Anna Sherman

      This is one of my favorite songs because I sing the lyrics as if it were coming from inside me with a bit different meanings since I've been living a rough life. Demi is a strong woman. I love allllll her songs but this one hits home!

    78. maryca laloo

      Jesus is all ears to everyone who cries out for His help. Just keep praying and praying and praying. God has His own good timing. Trust me. I have been there.

    79. Catessa Wilfong

      Chills right now! Beautiful song!! 🙏❤🙏❤

    80. Ed de Carvalho

      annoying screaming

      1. Gavin

        God bless!

      2. Gavin


    81. Ziani AH

      because u pray to the wrong god .

    82. Matea Keškić

      Emotion felt thru every word. You got me queen 💕 I'm anyone.❤️ Sending you love thou I know you are well now, keep shining.

    83. Gacha_Guru_Girl _

      I tried to OD and was in the hospital with 3 IVs. This hit a soft spot

    84. Bon Bon

      You are so gorgeous Demi I hope you know that. Both inside and out you are a beautiful soul and don’t ever question that crap.

    85. ꧁TheJokerInPink꧂

      “Demi writes about the same things, isn’t this her 100th song about her drug issues?” Ok and? It’s her music and her outlet! At least she isn’t talking about bitches and money in every line.

      1. Teresa Tomasik

        I appreciate that. Im staying positive as best i can. Hope you have a wonderful night.

      2. ꧁TheJokerInPink꧂

        @Teresa Tomasik Oh my god. I am so incredibly sorry that this has all happened to you. I hope things get better for you, I truly do. Keep your head up ok?! 💜

      3. Teresa Tomasik

        @꧁TheJokerInPink꧂ i apologize. Im not even gonna lie i wasnt sober when i first read that. Im glad youre team demi. I hate when people act like celebrities arent human. Like their money makes them invincible to shit. Its my birthday. I broke up with my drug addicted boyfriend last night and my mom is dying of cancer. Heavy shit so i love demi for being so vulnerable. Makes me feel like im not alone in my pain. Hope you are well. Take care.

      4. ꧁TheJokerInPink꧂

        @Teresa Tomasik No you misunderstood! Everything you said is what I am saying. The first sentence are what I’ve seen haters say.

      5. ꧁TheJokerInPink꧂

        @Teresa Tomasik No you misunderstood! Everything you said is what I am saying. The first sentence are what I’ve seen haters say.

    86. Iyabo Alimat-Sadiat Lawal

      It's beautiful. They're listening.....

    87. Dewin Hernandez

      Thank you demi for this song... this is the song of my life... I sing this at the top of lungs... thank you for making my hearts song 🙏🙏

    88. Perla Jimenez

      Cant believe people still have the nerve to joke about her addiction

    89. shiney show

      This is sad, this is the last song she wrote before her OD and she was literally crying out for help and no one was really listening

    90. Hippie Chic

      I’m listening girl.... I feel ya! 😘✨🛸👽♥️💜

    91. Jamie Learned

      I love you Demi!!!!! I am in recovery for both alcoholism and drug addiction and I know that every day sometimes is a struggle especially when trying to come back from a relapse or an OD!!! Especially coming back from those because you're fighting because you didn't want to live when you find out you're still alive and then you have this chance to try and make it back to where I/ we once were it's always tough trying to climb that ladder one rung At A Time coming back is so hard to do. I applaud you and love you for your openness and your honesty and it gives me hope to keep fighting and going on day by day because there are people out there and you are sharing your story to all those of people including me that this is very real and addiction does not reach just the poor and lonely but this addiction and alcoholism hits every single person in every category that there is from economics to race to gender and this devil of a disease does not choose based on any one level it hits everyone and some of us are lucky enough to get a second or third or fourth or fifth sometimes even a tenth chance to come back after a relapse. You give me hope please continue doing what you're doing Fight Hard so the rest of us can see you fighting and it helps us to keep fighting day-by-day also. Take care of yourself put your addiction first and everything else second and I applied and love you for being very open about your alcohol and drug addiction disease because this is hitting every single one of us across the entire universe!

    92. Apocalyps Surviver

      So bad as my ex her 🐱

    93. rasta arjmand

      I kinda like her grammy performance even more than this recorded version

    94. jp68plus1

      This song saved my life. Demi is such a beautiful person, even without the beauty treatment. I so relate to This song that I owe you my life. Not so much a fan of this music but what glued me to it was not “listening”.... everytime I tried to add not “caring” and that was so amazing for my mental health. You never said that because obviously they care, they just can’t listen and be a somebody for you that understands. You’re my somebody!

    95. It’s ya girl Honesty

      I need someone 🥺

    96. Dean Tucker

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    97. gd-rm


    98. Misilla Howell-Paul

      Listening to this sitting in my closest snd crying my eyes out because i feel stupid and unimportant ....lord is there anyone ????

    99. Misilla Howell-Paul

      I have loved he since she was on disney ........this song is so raw ...i feel this in my soul ...this could be me singing ......i need someone anyone

    100. Cicixx

      You didn't hear me when I cried out to you but I finally realized you were not the one I needed afterall... I never want to feel that way again.