Preston Hired a Real Lie Detector for Me...


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    Preston Hired a Real Lie Detector for Me... with Brianna 👊
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    1. Brianna

      Subscribe and tell me who asked the toughest question! 😨

      1. Autumn Keys

        @Dab boy Hi

      2. Tonima Hamid

        Preston or your parents.

      3. Sonam Palzor


      4. Amanda Green

        I love you bre

      5. Amanda Green

        I love your video

    2. Galaxy Girl ultima1608

      This the first time bri’s parents are on camera

    3. Sophia Li


    4. Sophia Li

      What’s a massive clout?

    5. Eli Austin

      bri sus

    6. Gliitchy Pug


    7. Amanda Palu

      You met his family on my birthday

    8. david slinger

      I THAUGHT uh bris sister whss prestons sister but... that would mean bris dating her brother so ok

    9. Khaldoun ANASTAS

      Parents:have u ever snuck out Bri:no Preston:what?shes being a demon Me:what a demon for not sneaking out. What ?

    10. Vanessa Caballero

      I think...2 kids is enought for them:)

    11. spukly

      0:03 haha 😂

    12. Evelyn Suh

      When will you guys get get kids

    13. Besty Vlogs

      Congratulations for 5 million subscribers

    14. Keira Lancto

      Preston are you sure you want 6 kids there are 4 adults in my family and they are struggling to take care of me and my sister yeah they’re are two children in my family

    15. Uswah Khurram

      I love you brianna

    16. Owen Padonou

      wait gaming with satvik are right your mom lookj exactly the same but your mom dont have the same voice like you

    17. Owen Padonou

      bri why are you lie but you can do a imposter video i love so much please brianna and a lot

    18. jesse dela cruz

      Preston has the toughest question and bri is lying to preston

    19. Ulises Martinez

      Bri looks Lalique her mom

    20. mele taufa

      Adopt someone😑

    21. Jenny Rawlinson

      You hit 5 mil !!!

    22. Cooperj Spence

      I love this video!

    23. RAWR SEIDL

      Is it just me or is it a habit for you to like the video before you watch it?

    24. gacha _wolf

      I see where bri gets her Beauty from

    25. Lindsey Putt

      Oh i know where Bri gets her blond hair from

    26. popokey77

      If u ever get a child name it with a name that starts with the letter J bc P B AND J!!

    27. Najat Asbaa


    28. LCMG_Untouchable MoneyLovers

      What’s your go to song to my channel

    29. Sonam Palzor

    30. jhomer playz

      Your parents

    31. thrupodi

      Actually I might make it later todayand my mom will edit it probably a few days after I will try to edit it but it probably wouldn’t be the best

    32. Lizzy H

      can we take a moment to reilize HOW MUCH BRI AND HER MOM LOOK ALIKE edit but she also looks like maddie lol

    33. Leonishaney Martina

      Bri keely boy friend

      1. Leonishaney Martina

        Bri keely biyfriend say you ogly

    34. TheMinnerGaming

      Bri and her mom look almost the same! Like if you agree! 😂

    35. Sarin Rana

      awkward moments DO NOT WATCH!!!!

    36. Lily NM

      Me:How many kids does preston wants *FLASHBACKS* He wanted 4 kids

    37. Sylwester Jurak

      I sub to your canil

    38. Isaiah boy 360

      Can I buy your cat ?

    39. Rohail Zaki

      I was the 5 Millionth subscriber

    40. Micheala Sayers

      Who’s watching this in 2021

    41. Joshua Escudero

      Lies lies lies yeah!

    42. Mikah Sun

      Brianna almost has 5 million subscribers

    43. Akys Popa

      Preston ask Brianna if cheated on you prestin

    44. Gennadii Shcherbak

      No words😈🌪

    45. Fall Dark

      Preston end Brianna should have a girl and boy

    46. Aeden Sautter

      Eloise I would be allergic to short hair cats I’m fine with but she is basically a ball of fluff

    47. Riley Roberts

      I have never snuck out preston have you ever

    48. Omar Khan Omari

      Preston you're so mean

    49. William Cooper

      Technically they're not your siblings but they ar your siblings in law

    50. Hudson Chandler

      Poor Bri

    51. Nixie Amora


    52. felicia so

      I like Brianna’s parents

    53. Yunita Ramly

      Thing is lie detectors have 11 percent chance of it being real

    54. James Walker

      These are weird questions girl

    55. Rory Baird


    56. Sloan Brigandi

      I want to see a little baby of Preston and bri

    57. Sloan Brigandi

      Please do more lie detector vids

    58. Brynleigh Hopkins

      Wow 🤩

    59. Miguel Dumancas

      Preston imma fan but a nice body what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    60. Rahima Begum

      Bri's family is so cute🥰😇

    61. Madhur Bharadwaj

      Brianna looks same as her mother

    62. Wolf World

      Ask preston for a ps5

    63. Cassandra Kennedy

      Get kidsssssssss🐈🐈🐈🐈

    64. BananaBun

      Is keeley prestons and bris sister? If yes are Preston and bri sibblings and are Marride?

    65. Ophelia Barron

      Keeley: Do you like my boyfriend, Scott? Bri: Yes. Scott: Heck yeah! Eloise: I don't.

    66. Aisha-leigh Visser

      Please do a parkour

    67. Salma Muhidin

      Careful for what you wish for!

    68. James Simon

      Maybe Brianna didn’t lie to her parents, but she lied about not lying to her parents, so that counts as lying to her parents.


      I’m gona see this one two

    70. The cool kid five Nights at freddys

      No why

    71. Krissy Grizer


    72. bobby


    73. Lynn Mitchell

      Bad uncle Preston and you where married may 12 2018 briana

    74. Liliana Morales


    75. r1val rapter

      Ok bet

    76. Alexa Salmimen

      When she said she wanted 1 kid and preston and I'm like hahhahah

    77. pervysage

      For prestons fone dec

    78. pervysage

      Lol i left a like

    79. Well That’s juicy

      Brianna Dad looks like Joe Biden 😂😂😂

    80. Vaishali Zemse

      Can I adopt elovies Please please please I like her I will promise you I will take care of her .

    81. Jasmin Moncada

      Y’all are the cutest married cupple

    82. Andre Flores

      Thanks giving?

    83. Gigi Playz UwU

      Brianas Mom is so pretty she got her looks from her

    84. Allie and Tia

      dose your cat Actually talk ir no

    85. axel cornell

      i have at least 1 of all your merch

    86. axel cornell

      you should make random people do it

    87. MollyGulla11

      Wait... You have siblings? Or you don't? that is confooooosing...

    88. Portia Freeman

      Yeah you should really try it on Joshua! I get the feeling it would be great

    89. Hind Tawfeeg

      its cringe !!!!!!!!!!

    90. Dahen Raman G 3A

      hey bri is Maddei your sister

    91. Laila Haytham

      I can't understand bri's cat.

    92. Blackdiamond 610

      I love your videos

    93. Kendyl Grayce Stuckey

      i had a feeling bri was gonna say yes on the one that said: did you have second thoughts when preston proposed because she didnt really know him and his personality

    94. Zemlak Gertrude

      The thundering increase unpredictably decay because body embryologically telephone minus a whimsical blouse. male, woozy jeep

    95. Laser Puppy

      I think they are cute Couple

    96. Bambam Playz

      1:41 I chicken on my ramen

    97. Isabelle Storer

      bri how about among us?!?! LOLLLL

    98. Music Lover


    99. Christine Forisha

      Bri i know how it feelsto be a only child

    100. Flash

      oh bri just said what her secret to all fan 🥺🥺🥺