I ALMOST BLEW IT..!! - ‬Road to the Classic Ep.4 Toho

Scott Martin

116 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

    HUGE changes in my career and now everything is on the LINE in 2020. New Tour, New Friends and New GOALS! This is the Bassmaster Open BassProShops.com Tour on the Kissimmee Chain Tournament Days 1 & 2 ‬
    ‪- Guys in the house -
    Andrew Upshaw - kgup.info/must/atTebo_S40guxLmb1EbT4g.html
    BillyGottaBass - billygottabass
    Todd Castledine - toddcastledine
    Bradley Hellman - hallmanfishing
    This is episode 4 of the 2020 season, be sure to follow along!
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    1. Austin Bradley

      I grew up watching ya dad Roland and now we all get the privileged to watch the son of the greatest bass fisherman.god is good amen

    2. Preston Mire

      I love y’all’s music bad ass

    3. pontiva

      Why does a random guy fish you in the tournaments?

    4. J V

      Well, FLW has the weigh-in hosts of B.A.S.S whooped! But so good to see Scott on this tour and in the running for the Classic!

    5. Grasshopper

      Already Gone..... Copyright! Copyright!

    6. Brad Jenks

      thats what she said

    7. Ethan Durham

      Billy “I’m going to state”😂

    8. American Hunter

      Billy is the man. I like how they have tell anglers to use two hands on the bigger fish. Standard operating procedure.

    9. Smoke Fumar

      It’s always been my dream to fish Toho, Ever since I got out the military I’ve watched you Scott and have me the passion for this sport!! One day I will get there and fish with Chuck Pippen hopefully!!!!

    10. Smoke Fumar

      Scott, We have the same alarm for Tournament day!!!

    11. mastershake9801

      It's nice to see my hometown getting some love. West Lake is where I learned how to fish and have definitely pulled my fair-share of pigs by Whaley's landing.

    12. Patrick Schaefer

      A man from Texas should never claim to be from Oklahoma. Texas doesn’t want him anymore lol.

    13. Alex C.

      That thumbnail though and im not talking about the cover photo 😂

    14. BassGeek

      Nice save man.

    15. Danny Hardy

      Awesome video 👌

    16. Sam Bedwell

      I am SHOCKED that he boat flipped that tank

    17. ThomasHardenFishing

      "He can do really crappy like you did yesterday." LOL! Way to motivate Billy.

    18. Joseph Williamson

      Hey Scott how do you keep your fish alive in the summer ik it’s not really summer but I just thought of it and good job on the tournament

    19. fishermanmitch1 Salzman

      Tag 187....fitting, You murdered them!

    20. Mike Bledsoe

      *Scott get'er done for Roland G.O.A.T.🎣*

    21. Brandon Wade

      Was your partner day 1 Chaz Carrington?? Went to high school with him, we've caught countless big bass together

    22. Angler101

      Come down to camp Mack right by lake Kissimmee park it would be great to see you

    23. Jerred Wayne

      Let's go!!

    24. Jeff Haire

      Man this is Awesome!!!!!

    25. jedig8tor

      I'm pulling for you Scott. Do what you know!!!

    26. HarvestLandTv

      Awesome content!! I can't wait to watch the next one!!

    27. Todd Andersen


    28. ed brandt

      next one please

    29. The Bass Amateur

      BAM !!!!!!!!

    30. Sam Cabrera

      I’m stoked these episodes are back!!

    31. Stephen Barabash

      This is the only way I can get my bass fishing in this time of year, can't get the boat into the hard water up here in Ottawa, Canada! :(

    32. Brodie Cooper

      Can we bring james back plz

    33. Robert Rodriguez

      What size hook you use for the bug?

    34. Lance M

      Hey Scott, Here's a photography tip you may find helpful. When you opened the video with you talking inside the bedroom it looked like you may have had the white balance set to auto. I find that when shooting indoors typically setting the WB to "incandescent" usually provides a better result. Off course you have to experiment with the settings to get everything dialed. Excellent vid as always.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you

    35. Joel Vines

      Where did your co-angler end up?

    36. James Lopez

      Way to go bud , Awesome Job.

    37. Clint Allard

      Was going to the Richmond expo for Scotty’s seminar but saw you made the cut and wasn’t sure if you were going to make it. Great stuff as usual boys! Love the editing and music. Team SMC headed for the elites!

      1. Scott Martin


    38. Cody Larsen

      Boat 187 bcuz you murdered out there!

    39. Diego Sotelo

      Great stuff Scott good luck to you and ur crew.

    40. Darin Romanello


    41. David Emery

      Way a go Scott I know you find that juices spot out there in the water .

    42. Steven Bernard

      Awsome job Scott. 5th place. That dirt ramp is 2 miles from my house. I'm still trying to beat my PB 10.8. Lbs


      Scott you go dude

    44. Steve P

      Hey Scott I always see you using those Googan Bandito Bugs, so I had to get some... First fish on it was a 4lb 12ounce chunker! ITS ON BABY!!!

      1. Scott Martin


    45. Jared Tuck

      The first 7 seconds were traumatic lol

    46. Jacob kelley Outdoors

      One day I want to see vs James again

    47. zach hargett

      “Bandito big in your face dude!” Love it

    48. zach hargett

      Googan baits tear it up!

    49. A.L. Gilley

      WTG, Steve! steve

    50. Derek Tomko

      I know 95% of the people watching are thinking? Why didn’t you spend all your time punching pads day one?

    51. Jon Carlile

      Hey Scott. Enjoy watching your videos. Quick question for you. How do you become a co angler during your tourneys.

    52. troy3518

      💥💥 booom!!!

    53. Steve Chapman

      Awesome content keep it up!!!

    54. Myles Hubert

      I love u scott

    55. David S

      Good stuff, keep it rolling! Need longer tourney vids.

    56. Donald McLain

      Great job Scott! Way to start off the season!

    57. Michael Leach

      How do u take so much water and narrow it down to a few spots?🤔

    58. Jerry

      "he could do really crappy like you did yesterday" -scott

    59. Mid Valley Mercenaries

      Congrats Scott!

    60. Michael Johnston

      Way to go Scott! Great second day!

    61. David Harris

      I wish you well dude! I sure hope you dominate BASS!!

    62. Sean B

      What a clutch catch!!!!!

    63. Kempner High School Band


    64. Cabbage Head

      I like the energy this season! Cant wait to see you win the classic!

    65. Chef Bruening

      Absolutley love watching tournament season, but it's tuff for me this year. Up in Pennsylvania surrounded by frozen water❄😪 Miss the old A1 something vicious!! Keep it up

    66. Mark Lavern

      We love billy

    67. BamaBassFinder04 4

      Todds got a vicious ass hookset

    68. Joe

      Bandito Bug to the FACE!

    69. mountain state fly tying

      I apperhate u thanking the good lord on your fish..much respect Mr martin..love your channel and have learned so much from u over the years...God bless and good luck in 2020...

    70. Sean Clark

      great stuff.

    71. Josh Hill

      Good work brother!

    72. Glenn G.

      Good Job Scott/Guys!

    73. Bayview Bassin

      Great comeback and congrats on making the top 12 cut I’m fishing the B.A.S.S Nation series here in Alabama this year and our first tournament is on Guntersville so hopefully I’ll make the top 10 myself Team SMC all the way.

    74. The Woodshop

      I like ole Billy

    75. brian hershberger

      Way to go Scott, that was awesome. Wishing you the best of luck this year!!!!!!!!!!!

    76. Luke

      Scott, you are sold out of the Red, Grey, and White SMC hats!!! How can I get one?!?!

    77. Luke

      Scott, you are sold out of the Red, Grey, and White SMC hats!!! How can I get one?!?!

    78. Luke

      Scott, you are sold out of the Red, Grey, and White SMC hats!!! How can I get one?!?!

    79. Luke

      Scott, you are sold out of the Red, Grey, and White SMC hats!!! How can I get one?!?!

    80. Chad Witten

      Born from a Legend, named after a Legend, raising Legends! Scott Martin=Legend!! Good job dude!

    81. David Morrow


    82. Dean Leclair

      Proud of you man. Keep it up Scott!

    83. Andrew Zellar

      Great video man! Really looking forward to the next one.

    84. Gregory Pratt

      Hey Scott good luck! Question: how should someone begin to shoot for doing tournaments? Local then FLW or what? Just curious how someone would go about it.

    85. michele artioli

      amazing video

    86. Nathaniel Schneider

      Been waiting for this all week! Awesome

    87. Chris Turner

      Those hooks set! Is it done this way to stretch the fish?

    88. Jonathan Spyker

      Go get them Scott!! Good luck!

    89. datruth hurts

      You gonna win this big dawg?!go get em,fun watching ya my brother.God Bless

    90. Tania and Brennan Abbott

      Looks good from Bulgaria Scott! good job

    91. Muddy Water Bassin


    92. 1iving2di3

      Waited all offseason for this. Congrats on making the cut and going into day 3.

    93. Ken Mccarthy Fishing

      Awesome job Scott, Goodluck 🤙🤙👍👊

    94. mncalexander1

      Nothing worse than when a 10 pounder feels like grass. JK Billy. Awesome video again. Amazing 8th place first BASS tournament. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Good luck.

    95. Sunny Xiong

      This video is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    96. jeffrey borne'

      Congratulations Scott way to keep your head down haven't seen you this excited in a long time

    97. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      Bad ass Scott! Way to make it happen on day 2!

    98. Samuel Modesto

      You’re the best man💪🏻🎣

    99. Bradley G

      It’s been awhile since I’ve seen scot that excited!!

    100. Jerome Torrez

      I love it great job your my man I’m 48 and I still love your moves butttt I’m better lmao. Your awsome bro.