Monster Mike and Scott Martin - Secret Lake

Scott Martin

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    Before Monster Mike was famous he took me out to catch some peacock bass in Miami! Enjoy this little throwback Thursday!
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    1. Scott Martin

      What do you think of this throwback Thursday? Pretty cool seeing monster mike slaying before he was big!

      1. 305Miami fishing

        Come.back to Miami after all this covid-19 BS

      2. bo doh

        I love you guys. I almost chuckled hearing before mike was big... his channel has grown and its awesome... but mike is the same size. Lol

      3. Jackson Thomas

        What did you think about Hillary and the truck?

      4. Russell Williams

        You should start doing more giveaways I remember those good days lol

      5. Conner Speronis

        I remember this video. Still just as awesome to watch

    2. Carolina shooter 1982

      Monster mike always full of energy!! This was an awesome video. So are your other ones together

    3. Jay Fournier

      Broooooo. This video is nuts. Your best video to date. You and Monster Mike are hilarious together Scott.

    4. Tavo Fishing

      Hey scott Martin and youtuber from florida i like to fishing whit you bass

    5. Robin Katzenstein

      Where was that I need some new spots

    6. Rad Reeling Fishing

      What a super fun video. Monster Mike was cranking up the excitement. That was like being in a big school of feeding Jack Crevalle. Awesome adventure.

    7. Brometheus

      I wish I liked anything as much as Monster Mike likes fishing these

    8. gary30229

      Was ur truck and trailer at the ramp when you got back? Lol

    9. BoxMan Fishing

      Need to collab with the folks that aren’t viral yet. Help them out?!

    10. Revel Jomar

      Scott I want to go bass fishing with you I never Went bass fishing be for and I never had a bait caster be for I hope you read this

      1. Revel Jomar

        Is it yes or no

    11. BassGeek

      I remember this.

    12. Derrick House

      I can remember as a young kid I would wake up on Saturday mornings to watch all the fishing shows, and every now and then you would get a peacock bass episode. It was so exciting to watch! I still haven't managed to go fishing for them, but it is certainly on the bucket list.

    13. Daniel Dejarnette

      Good lil banger video

    14. David Parrish

      Bro, I just saw Hill dump a truck in the lake!! 🤣🤣🤣 If I had $5 for every dumb move like that that I've made trying to get a boat in the water, I'd be a very rich man!!! Everything from sinking a boat we were towing to getting stranded and being held hostage by the Red River because we didnt check the motor before we launched. Didnt even have a paddle...other than our hands!!! 🤣🤣🤣 She's gonna live and learn just like you and I have!! Lol. Love the channel. Love your dad's channel. Will probably love Hillary's too. Keep em coming. Good luck in future tourneys!!! Rip em!!

    15. jamesburkhart34

      I was trying to get my cast in a couple times lol

    16. jamesburkhart34

      Fish blowing up everywhere nice

    17. Sprint Fishing

      I don’t think I ever realized how short mike is😂

    18. TexasAirGunner

      The days before the corona. Those are gonna be the days to look back at. Lol Shaking hands, no mask, and living life....

    19. 305Miami fishing

      You are welcome back anytime Sir.

    20. FreshLettuce

      Real ones watched on his tv show🔥🔥🐠🐠

    21. Andrew Browning

      Hard to stop fishing when your pulling them out like that! Great content as always!!!

    22. John Richardson

      Looks like the blue lagoon

    23. Steve Greer

      hey scott if u ever come back down to miami for peacocks use flukes. The jr flukes are the best

    24. Roy Hudson

      The largemouth have some serious competition!!

    25. Josiah W

      I loved it as usual Scott, I'm keep hoping to see you whenever I go to the secret spot I'm hoping one day I'll see you or Hillary out there so I can get a selfie with yall. Yall are my favorite fishing KGuprs God Bless yall stay safe

    26. Check Mate

      ❤ IT... Def time for Round 2... And I think Energizer is the Perfect name for All that charisma.🌪🌊 No One does it better than you and just look how far.🤜🤛💥 Stay SUPER Safe. RideOrDie🔥Miss

      1. Scott Martin


    27. Dominik Vasilj

      Those costa sunglasses sound realllllllllyyyyyy nice

    28. lroyson

      Stop saying "dude".. ha ha ha . Monster Mike is a bundle of energy. Nice Peacock bass and great video.

    29. bo doh

      Mike was wearing mask before it was cool... or mandatory

      1. Scott Martin

        Yep lol

    30. Josh Keith

      Hey Scott I see you with the OU helmet!!! Shout out from here in Norman, Ok!!! Great fisherman/dad/role model!

    31. Nelly's fishing Adventures

      This video was great, I'm glad you shared it

    32. Abe_Sinclair

      Man, Scott is TALL!

    33. Emily Bennett

      His excitement is priceless!! We love watching your videos

    34. phattystack

      Monster Mike one of my favorite humans beans right there, you also Scott ;)

    35. QaibJuiceyJ 1

      Too much action....keep them coming..

    36. Sebastian R.

      lmao i live on that lake

    37. Piya Chetty

      Great memories 🎣👍🇿🇦

    38. Aiken Patriot

      Seen it! Dang I been here longer that I thought

    39. Andrew Scott

      Gonna pass on Monster Mike

    40. NumberOneNole

      Awesome video Scott!

    41. Cam Hester

      looks like bass fighting like a bream if you know what I mean

    42. Larry Warfield

      I started watching bass fishing on you a few years ago and the Scott Martin challenge was on of my favorite to watch. Watching some of the throwback is really cool. Keep it rolling Scott!!!!!!

    43. Larry Warfield

      Like I said once before I don't have a bucket list but the peacock bass is such a beautiful fish and it definitely would be on the list along with the tarpon to catch one day.

    44. Billy Jack’s fishing show

      I remember that video I watch every video you and your paps make should be seeing y’all next year I’m going to start fishing the opens my oldest boy starts fishing high school tournaments next year

    45. Countdown City Fishing

      Og subscribers remember when scott got out there and hopped that fence after fishin for some peacock bass. Scotts pretty nimble huh? Hey Scott i live down in San Antonio and work for Livingston Medical and just started come to find out the owner is Robert Castaneda inventor of the Livingston baits his office is full of his crank baits he invented and tons of bassmaster magazines i was in heaven and i told him wow im a huge scott martin fan and he lit up smiled and was like im good friends with him i damn near cried when i found out the coincidence is amazing im huge fan of scott and now im working for a legend who is friends with a legend someone pinch me i must be dreaming lol

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s very cool tell Robert hello for me

    46. Chris Z

      This video kept a smile on my face the entire time! Monster Mike had ALL the hype in this video!

    47. Caden Hendricks

      Some aggressive fish!

    48. Adam Smith

      When ya get to go fishin with Scott Martin you definitely don't want to hook him in the head. This throwback was really fun. You guys crushed em. Monster Mike speechless. Never happen !

    49. William Albrecht

      , sight fishing is the greatest . monster mike your a cool dude i need a trip like that ,oh yeah no BAM at the end we all need that

    50. gary zaiontz

      Scott-How do the Peacock bass taste?

    51. Melissa Davidson

      Scott I caught a 12 pounder today my pB

    52. snooketcher

      Glad you hit rewind on this one Scott! My favorite episode!

    53. Mr. Mike

      Wassup Scott first of all I want to say I'm a big fan. I watch all your shows and thr beginning of this episode you said that if some of your followers might not seen the episode I'm one of your followers and I've this episode and thought it was great.

    54. Cage C

      Love the vids Scott you do some amazing stuff and I’m so thankful that you show us your awesome your life god bless you and you family!

    55. James Mims

      Beautiful fish guys. Wish I had them in south Louisiana

    56. derekspace

      Mike has so much enthusiasm you can't help but smile and laugh. Love that guy!

    57. Michael Craig

      That was great entertainment! wish we had those beauties down here in So. Cal!!!!

    58. wildlife explorers

      I remember this episode. Really loving the old web series intro. Great episode


      You need to hook up monster mike again

    60. Joel Wall

      Please bring this back!! I keep going back to these videos.

    61. Michael Cobb

      Want you do out of the valt every Thursday ?

    62. turner t.

      Scott I love the vids keep them up man

    63. Pickleville

      I miss that old intro. Also grow the beard back before the next open. Fear the beard.

    64. Jeff J

      That school blowing up was crazy!!!

    65. Aaron Granger

      I'm sorry Scott but those classics are and have been my favorite videos.

    66. Captain Young

      Scott did or do u have a buyer for your boat if not I will

    67. Danny Cal

      miss these old vids. need to hook up with Mike soon.

    68. MuahMan

      Peacock bass are the bomb.


      Where did you get the Bass hanging from your mirror in your truck?


        Scott Martin Thanks for taking time to respond. I will do some digging. I want a mondo hanging from my mirror also, so it always reminds me I should be fishing lol

      2. Scott Martin

        Not sure.. i think it was a gift

    70. Leroy sosa

      Great videos. Bring back some memories watching all the way from Spain thank you so much it's always a pleasure watching your channel get so much enjoyment God bless you and your family as well as your friends peace out all the way from Spain

    71. Darrell Traylor

      Back when your videos were actually good!

      1. Darrell Traylor

        Scott Martin just saying. Your Dads videos are better than yours now. Used to learn from yours. Not so much now!

      2. Scott Martin


    72. James Stiers

      That was fun to watch. Those are beautiful fish.

    73. Danny D-Rock Mahaffey

      Nothing cringy bout that!!!! I think its an amazing video Scott!!

    74. Monster Mike Fishing

      THAT DAY WAS EPIC SCOTTY 🔥 🎣 we slayed the Peacock bass!! Good memories 🙏 We got to Make a New video this year 📺

      1. TB bassing

        Scott Martin yes u should bring Hilary it would be even more fun

      2. Monster Mike Fishing

        Can't wait to make another sick video homie let me know whenever! Watching this video brings back good memories from the beginning of my career 🙏 it was an honor putting the man on some good ones 🎣

      3. derekspace

        Definitely bring Hilary! Problem is she always steals the show!

      4. Scott Martin

        So crazy back then we both didn’t even know what the heck we where

      5. Scott Martin

        That would make a epic video!

    75. 256BassFishing

      Lol.. it's not cringy, it actually pretty epic. Monster Mike's energy is super high.

    76. Dale Cain

      Miami fire drill. Lol

    77. Carol Voetberg

      Love vedio cool

    78. Carol Voetberg

      That fun you guy catch fast

    79. Harper Heathcott

      Awesome video, y’all should do that again

    80. Carol Voetberg

      Hello scott great fish's

    81. Gary Walton

      That looked like a ton of fun !

    82. FL bear bassing


    83. makanaken

      im from argentina, can i win cool stuff too? :)

    84. Jayson Arman

      I helped film this 💪😎💪

      1. Scott Martin

        Yes you did..🤙🏻

    85. Brian davis

      I know you had an absolute great time

    86. James Lee

      I remember the old Monster Mike video. You & Mike were like little kids jumping fences to find spots catch peacock bass!

    87. Jeff Poston

      Scott stay away from monster mike he's guff ball!!

    88. Logan Whitley

      If this is the one where Mike falls on fence I remember it

      1. Scott Martin

        That one everyone saw..this isn’t iy

    89. Glenn Funderburk

      Nothing like spending the last 20 minutes of the work day watching your videos, before a four day weekend of fishing. Setting the pace for the weekend.

    90. Jake Martin

      Always loving the videos, keep up the hard work!!

    91. King of Dinks Fishing

      At what point do you stop fishing because ur arms are tired from landing so many😂 awesome throw back

    92. JD

      Who else like before even watching?

      1. Eren Kandogan

        i have a habit of doing that lol

    93. Brian davis

      How did you get home to help Hilary

    94. HM Outdoors5557

      Hey man love your video keep it up and good luck in the tournament

    95. Will Barnette

      The whole truck in the water was crazy and You took it way better than I would have

    96. Ethan the yes

      You are probaly one of the best tournament anglers of all time.

    97. jeremy smith

      Love your content Scott may God bless you and your family 🙏

    98. H B


    99. Jacob Smith

      The vid you never knew you needed

    100. Christooo Fishingwithchristo

      Oh yeah, it’s a classic!