Grubhub Ad but with Otamatones


6 млн көрүүлөр808

    Now featuring 100% less cringe!

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    1. TheRealSullyG

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      1. askkeyona


      2. mangle`s world


      3. Chirag Rathor

        Do kroger

      4. Overlord 81

        @Gavin_Rockz Its pinned?

      5. Hevi Salman


    2. Xx_Lavendxr_xX

      Okay, But the music ✨ *Bops* ✨

    3. Agent Virus


    4. Ruby Garcia

      P w

    5. Jaedon Robinson

      Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah

    6. Sofia D

      It’s very cool, but it said “Otamahub” and at the end it said “Otamatome”


      This is actually better then the original

    8. Crazie Mad


    9. Atharva Playz

      Better than the original

    10. Charlotte Dove

      Consume grub

    11. Kentucky Fried Children

      The funny thing is these actions look waaaay more accurate on an otamatone than those shitty humanoid things

    12. Pingu Duh Duck


    13. Azhder Mihar

      Otamatone? More like obamatone!

    14. Edit_ Boi

      Jesus christ

    15. Dinoboy Animations


    16. Michael Whitaker

      William Afton is sitting in the background like nobody cares

    17. B10LumiNescent

      They're all otomatones, right? And one is ordering a black otomatone, right???? err....

    18. Chicken Nuggets125

      anyone gonna talk about how the app is called otamahub

    19. Snow Monster

      Still better then the real thing

    20. Johannes Viljoen

      This should have been the ad

    21. Miko


    22. Praneel CHATLANI [08U06]

      0:24 Get the food you love with perks from OTAMATONE waah waah waah waah

    23. Negasonic

      better than original

    24. Tyler WADE

      the music doesnt really change that much

    25. Vlad TV

      Can u make kroger ad?

    26. spider playz

      Just askin, what's an ottomatone?

    27. Dankified

      *less cringy.*

    28. melinda felizarte

      delivery dance

    29. TheBlackGatMer 97

      Guys what ur talking about? i don't see any difference between this video and the ad one

    30. S Weholt

      I feel like this ad would be way more effective for business.

    31. Jayla Holder

      Lyrics we wa wooo we wa woo x16

    32. Cool Super Dog

      Imagine GRUBHUB commented on this video..

    33. Bing


    34. Hank Anderson

      I’ve never seen the original. But I love this one.

    35. Mizeal

      Otamahub could also be something VERY different

    36. Gojiking Gaming

      When you apply the cringe remover :

    37. Fadzilah Daman

      0:28 way wash way waah

    38. ImDLT iamdragonlucha tutoriales

      not cringe

    39. Randooe

      Wah, wah wah wah B)

    40. MrStickGuy

      everything is better with otomatones

    41. stressboyz

      Thx -35% cringe

    42. Maria Carpio

      I love the sound lel

    43. sleepyboi

      POV: *wahh waaah wah wahhhh waaaaah wah waah waaaaah wah wah wah waaaaah wah wah waah waah waah waaaaah wah wah waaaaah wah wah waah waaah waaah wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaah waaaaaah.* Translation: *Buy your Otamatone burger at Otamatone, Otamatone what you Otamatone. Also this is the best advertisement for a food company lol*

    44. John III


    45. Eddie Pyrdum

      That actually sounds good.

    46. Neo Brown

      It’s so cursed I just love this

    47. - imapirate368

      Grub hub perks give you deals on the food you love the kinda deals that make you BEEP

    48. Zinzy and Fish

      id watch this ad

    49. It's a spooky month!


    50. Quentrell Thomas

      GrubHub ad but cringier

    51. JMilo

      This is unironically better

    52. Lemonade Go!

      Otamatone wah waah wah waah

    53. Theresa Chiappazzi

      Wah wah wah wah

    54. Random User

      It is..... acceptable

    55. Mcmb And Friends

      Do Behind The Scenes pls

    56. Apple Cake Fan Adventures

      I’m gonna tell my future kids this was humor

    57. Marco Geno

      Otamatone grub hub dad isn’t real he can’t hurt you. Otamatone grubhub dad: 0:05

    58. ᴛᴀɪʟꜱ ᴍɪʟᴇꜱ ᴘʀᴏᴡᴇʀ [ᴛʜᴇ ᴜʟᴛɪᴍᴀᴛᴇ ᴛᴀɪʟꜱ]

      I bet you he has 2,000 Otamatones in his room.

    59. Khuban Ayam

      Rip-off grubhub no cringe

    60. Khuban Ayam

      Way waah wah waah

      1. Khuban Ayam

        Wah waah wah waah

    61. Peashooter gaming


    62. Storm Clouds

      Me: oki

    63. KK - 04TR 864947 Morton Way PS

      even more cringe????!?!?!

    64. Diamond TheSuperLuigiFan3K21

      This is better!

    65. Gaming with Astrea 10

      *Grubhub should add this as their music*

    66. Golden Atm 28


    67. AydenGamerTv AGTV

      Get Your Food With Optamone Wahh wah wahh wah

    68. TheLeo2555


    69. Cac To

      Q fofo aaaa

    70. Pico The Furry

      The fucking

    71. Matthew Flagler


    72. shadow man


    73. TealStar -3-

      I'm glad to be alive in 2021 No I'm not-

    74. Aiden Kurzynowski

      Congradulations. You just deleted the cringe. You have saved all of humanity. You have been awarded the "anti-cring squad" medal.

    75. ThePotBoy

      uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh 0:09

    76. Henry Stickmin

      this is less cringe

    77. Russel Justin Jomei

      Cringe Level ............. 0%

    78. Imtheimposter 2021

      The sound good

    79. Sega & Sonic

      Sound voice like a fart

    80. Proj3cted Penguin roblox

      grub hub should hire you to design their ads

    81. Mikul

      If this was the actual ad nobody would've been mad

    82. Claudia Rodriguez

      I won’t be on KGup anymore because my sister keeps getting scared I will be on roblox for all day sorry because this is bad to my sister too bad I will never be on KGup never again😡

    83. Dreamer

      *The otamatone ending*

    84. RedSchnee

      If this was the real ad... I could watch every minute.

    85. Michael Adams

      Tilden apliommy Defflies Breach Vartion Inflation, Screams, Bread


      Dislikes are the people who loves grubhub cringe

    87. general chaos

      This video actually makes me want to consider using GrubHub

    88. Icefox


    89. Sean SeanGDplayz

      At the end you Can see the man Behind the Otamatone Cause purple guy is really Purple....

    90. Melissa Davidson

      I honestly thought this was cute...anyone else?-😶

    91. Coltongamer64

      Mind: Do I need to say anything?

    92. Icefox


    93. Melissa Guillory

      Is Guy 100%

    94. Gachamations0103

      This is better than the original ad

    95. PICOZINHO11


    96. dehumanised being

      Ive watched this do many times 😩💅 (also its my birthday :D)

    97. Rafael Sousa

      Cringetamatone (this version isn't cringey)

    98. ً ً

      Yeah now its 168854378537908478898975556889% cringe

    99. Some Guy

      In a parallel universe of Otamatones, this is what cringe is.

    100. Diogo Fun62

      wah wah wahh wahh?