Young M.A "Dripset" (Official Music Video)

Young MA

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    Track produced by Mike Zombie.
    Video ShotByCisco.
    #YoungMA #Dripset #RedFlu

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    1. true cash

      🔥 🔥 🔥

    2. Sunny PunsTV

      0:50 it’s red Lyfe but my heart blue”

    3. Ms New Beauty


    4. Tim Knisley

      It's smoother than baby oil #thissonglitty

    5. Mello RD

      Soy tu mejor fan

    6. Melvin Thompson Jr.

      Young ma is one of the hottest females in the game right now 🔥

    7. Jennifer Coelho

      Oh my GAWRD!!!❤️

    8. Ashley Singleton

      She's beautiful.

    9. Mike Shelton

      She just ate that

    10. Cam. Vu._

      I Cant Even Lie That Was My Baby But F**** Love Love Is Just A B**** That Neva Payed Me🔥

    11. Idrus Komeng

      ,salom my prend Is MoNey THR idul pitri 👍👍✌✌✌

    12. mahanta sha

      ستون گنگ پرچمت بالاست 💯👊💪

    13. mangoe5

      MA please call me back bae I’m pregnant and it’s yours

    14. buggati

      When you see the memes facts facts 🤣

    15. Niko Enciso

      This one nasty slapper

    16. Coc0Ghe


    17. Moses Carter

      🗣Yooooo Young M.A!!!

    18. secret santa

      Underrated AF

    19. ASAFA Mekonen

      l will never forget that she said she is not a blood 😂

    20. TAJAH A$UAN

      this shit fyyyyeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    21. Luis Espinosa


    22. Kenneth Williams

      trae flocka you right, young m.a needs some love, im wavy because i had to leave before she breaks my heart

    23. Shawn S

      New flag movement new neighbors board

    24. Shawn S

      New neighbors ca lake elsinore they smoke and drank

    25. Bizzy Hoe


    26. BossMan Frost

      This where lil Durk track hawks & hellcats came from in my humble opinion

    27. Baby Meechie

      This shit colder den Alaska. Factzzz🅱️💯

    28. ZeroChill 215

      SHIT IS EFFORTLESS TO HER🤦🏾‍♂️🔥🔥😖🔥🔥🔥

    29. jesse orozco-abarca


    30. James Williams


    31. Brittany Kelly


    32. Dila Dila


    33. Jamilly Lagares

      Yoo she one of the best no 🧢

    34. Louie BHAM

      Bruh this one of my favorite songs by M.A.

    35. Soraya Najadirana

      Young ma❤❤❤❤

    36. OROBLANCO Astorga Cao


    37. Melveli

      This song a whole vibe 😎 Drip Check

    38. Maria Berrios

      I need young M.A and C.J to do a collab........fuegoooooo

    39. Greatest Ever

      "Fuck love, Love is just a b!tch that never paid me ."

    40. Barboza Family

      My idol

    41. Zemi


    42. Shadowofgods

      One of the hardest rappers out Period rn. No CAP

    43. jesse orozco-abarca


    44. jesse orozco-abarca


    45. Jdugly Willams

      If you in Miami let me give u a bott of hen for your bless day young hit me

    46. K- Baye

      I'm a straight guy but I think Young Ma is kinda bad idgaf.

    47. Ruth Boatman

      I’m so late! I’ve only just learned about this bad ass , omg I’m listening to all her stuff omg she’s a straight G .

    48. Nia Brown

      Very talented love her music❤️

    49. Siki G

      This song is hotter than wearing clothes straight out the dryer 🔥🔥

    50. kargacı halil


    51. Osman Lopez

      my love forever ever the best intrumental ahaha girl rapper fantastic ..... lifestyle💖💖💖💖💖

    52. Un Santo Grifo

      That nigga with the strap ready in the back

    53. Melody Polanco

      No one like her always got me listening 💙🙏

    54. babycakesred vee

      never disappoints ...

    55. Titus Conteh


    56. yungchinochigga !


    57. Wayne Lizzette

      One of realest lyricists mad respect to song paying homages to dipset

    58. Coc0Ghe


    59. YoungHappyM

      Its a cold world

    60. Trippi Rey Bambino

      Crack 🔥🔥

    61. I’m apart of Black History!!

      I felt her vibe for sure...🎶🕺🏽🎶



    63. Sarah Slade

      Literally the best rapper out there in my opinion!!!!! I'm binging m.a. today.😍😍😍

    64. Kattryn Helix

      Keep dripping Goddess

    65. Hernan Rosales

      Young ma me gusta mucho como rapea es de las mejores saludos

    66. Sharky Licea

      Young M.A #1

    67. Self Love

      Why is she not talked about she is a star rap game weird

    68. Dëtox Nixon

      This is horrible.

    69. Ricardo Lavender


    70. Andrey Infinium

      Тут Бладс , я пошёл в другую ГТА играть ))) а то завалят

    71. Andrey Infinium

      Тут Бладс , я пошёл в другую ГТА играть )))

    72. Stephanie Landisch

      That shit was disgusting she murdered that 🔥❤💪

    73. Dj Parker

      Mannnnn they low key was flashing the scrap but kept acting like they was tucking it😏ikdr young M.A. Gotta keep one in the kut dripset

    74. jesse orozco-abarca

      👍💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    75. Shit Talker

      She killed this shit

    76. Johan alva

      Dripset = the flow the got that block hot shit got super hot.

    77. Datzke Datz1

      JJ what's uPp!

    78. Frederic Reid


    79. Frederic Reid

      ...(* ̄0 ̄)ノ₀⁰³🥩³⁰₀⅛🧇⅙🐲

    80. Ethan McMullan

      Her beat selection hard asf

      1. Darryl Walker

        So so true! Most these artists don’t know how. She great at it

    81. Tiffany Withers

      damn this shit hard like it slaps

    82. Drako Velasquez

      yo this shit wack asf im not even hating im just stating facts, shut

    83. Shaquille Ziegler


    84. Y N H

      She made the beat sound extra 🔥

    85. China McCrory(ST)

      "fuck love, love is just a bitch that never pay me!!!" I felt that

    86. Alyssa Rage

      My favorite yellow bone G. 😍🥶

    87. Porsha Armstrong

      Say boss. I ove you girl

    88. Skarrz Bones

      "Faucet Failure in HerStiiry"

    89. Top 5ive


    90. XG Official

      You know Young M.A is an amazing artist when Red Flu is one of Eminem's favorite albums released in 2020

    91. A G

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥....shit been on replay all-day....... meanwhile if only half of you viewed FF Tez on all platforms it would definitely change his life...thanks in advance

    92. 1K Joogg

      This one of them songs you jus tryna hear errythang they sayin n same time tryna see the video shit coldddd👌🏽🥶🥶

    93. Adventure Freddy


    94. Daquan Mckenzie

      I dont listen to female but she different

    95. Daquan Mckenzie

      I my Ny rappers

    96. Andrew Blunt

      "last of the mohicans" type Beat. It's fire 🔥

    97. Ean Orellana

      im not ganna lie ooouuu still my fav

    98. john williams

      "Young MA" The Queen of Brooklyn.

    99. Swiift Mischief

      anybody notice boys behind were in hand with it most of the vid. not a game.

    100. take profit