Apple's New M1 iPad Pro 2021...


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    Clip from Lew Later (Apple Event - April 20 Breakdown) -

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    1. Charlotte Klaassen

      I just bought it :)

    2. Skp Exploit

      We need iPad mini 6

    3. Sound Chapel Recording Studio

      Please advise regarding my question of connecting an external video monitor to the New M1 IPad Pro and using it as the second video monitor with the new M1 Mac....would it support?

    4. bcvbb hyui

      And I was wondering what chip they'd use in the new iPad pro when they announced the air 4....

    5. 4B Faryzuan Ahmad

      Im here only because apex legends mobile

    6. vbddfy euuyt

      Been holding off on getting an iPad Pro due to the rumours of the upgrades coming. Very happy I waited now!

    7. Vi An MUSIC

      They want you to cough out 3000 dollars and not include the pencil nor the keyboard. So how is it capable as macbook ? 🤣😝

    8. oiuet souiu

      All I need is a full version of FINAL CUT PRO ON IPAD

      1. bcvbb hyui

        0:44 Did Lew fart?

    9. Janessa Lynnae

      I’ll definitely be picking up a maxed out yellow M1 iMac and the new 12.9 maxed out iPad Pro on FRIDAY!! So damn excited.

    10. Slim Essid

      Lap tops are pretty much dead now

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        I'm screaming right now even though I don't have money to buy one lol

    11. underflo43tky

      thats nuts. would be killer for travel photography.

    12. Anup Kumar Daam

      M1 chip is gainer.

      1. oiuet souiu

        more than the product i like their ads and website design tbh

    13. Raja gopal

      So you can buy 3 ipad pros for the price of 1 ipad pro.......!!!

    14. SJ

      Now, my excel files will load buttery smooth !😌

    15. Gordon McNeillie

      Just called apple uk and they confirm that the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 WILL NOT be comparable with the 2020 magic keyboard. So a new iPad would also mean replacing the £350 keyboard that is less than a year old.

    16. Paulius Paulo

      So will it be capable of having computer programs and mobile apps at the same time? Im not the rich here, i dont wanna buy this and not be able to use it as a regular laptop

    17. John Gray

      Never mind M1. Let's focus on the basics. In 2021 where most of us are filming in 5k - 8k it's astonishing to find Apple incapable of providing users with ever basic 4k resolution. Those of us shooting in 4k don't want to view footage on a 2.7k monitor! Your reference to this ipad bring geared to professional photographers is quite misleading and completely untrue so please don't spin products as being something they're not.

    18. soiung toiue

      I'm screaming right now even though I don't have money to buy one lol

    19. Praneet Tulshyan

      india price for that top model is well over $2800!!

    20. Becky Roberson

      So can you connect an external hard drive or optical drive with the thunderbolt?

    21. Otto Ernst

      Looks neat I haven't touched apple in a while but this might be a product I get from them.

    22. Simon P

      0:44 Did Lew fart?

      1. soiung toiue


    23. Soothing Relaxation

      Superrr likeeeee 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 ❤️ ❤️

    24. Shauka Hodan

      I'm screaming right now even though I don't have money to buy one lol

    25. Six Litre

      Till there is not the same IOS like on macs, it will never be laptop replacement (2020 pro user) you can put M20 inside, without macOS is still just an ipad...

    26. Nevin

      more than the product i like their ads and website design tbh

    27. Paul N

      What is the headphone are you wearing in this video?

    28. mikea hiooi

      I was very busy and just making video for KGup Now I have got time to watch you.

      1. Shauka Hodan

        yes i can edit on it and study and will just get 1tb hardrive

    29. Mitchell Powell

      Did he say this is 120hz refresh rate?!

    30. Erangel

      its fastest,..... . . . . then what?

    31. Rodrigo Ruedas

      Will definitely get this one, the display won me over

    32. ThatDudeJCrash

      Their Mac's may be shit but I fancy their tablets. Perfect to have next to my PC.

      1. mikea hiooi

        if i am right send a phone to me 9779851086984

    33. Hybrid InfoDesk

      For $1, 200 you can get a 2 and 1 with a lot more versatility and utilitarian usage. And not have to buy a keyboard, mouse, pencil, case and extra storage. Plus, have a laptop and a tablet. And, pay yourself the $800s you would spend on the add-on crap trying to make this into a laptop. I'm SMH. No wonder most of Americans have no money making really stupid financial decisions.

    34. Hybrid InfoDesk

      Look at that setup it's just sad. On my ARM latop today doing some PS work. Taking a brief break from easy high productivity. Dont have to worry about storage. Came with a 256GB SSD, but I have a 1TB microsd card in the sim card slot for over flow. My 2 usb c ports on both sides of the laptop are empty. I only use them too charge or to use another OS like DEX or Linux. It's a beautiful tech experience when you have the right tools. Effortless working $1, 000s got me a workhorse. Even has cell connectivity so I can bank on it.

    35. Kewl Alex

      This ipad looks incredible but they charge so much for memory! Everyone does but but 2,400 for 2T?! They got like 20Gig software updates 😖😖

    36. yO ITs Me cALl Of rUBy


    37. oosk

      I just got my iPad pro 2020 :l rip

    38. TikyCZ

      I have one problem and that’s usb-c.

    39. TikyCZ

      But it still bend in ur backpack or ur living room by itself. And Apple told u that this is “not possible” and blame u for that

    40. andrew duchene

      When apple allows 3rd party repair I will never buy apple again Samsung galaxy s7 plus all the way

    41. sami gaber

      yes i can edit on it and study and will just get 1tb hardrive

    42. Richard Servello

      Cheaper to get a thunderbolt external drive.

    43. Richard Servello

      Once they announce full FCP on iPad it's on.

    44. Akshay Upadhyaya

      This update is going make Mac book air obsolete

    45. Deepak Dulal

      if i am right send a phone to me 9779851086984

    46. Deepak Dulal

      next iphone is coming with m1 chip

    47. TBS Gaming

      Everyone gangsta until someone puts intel core i9 into a tablet. (Just kidding,I don’t know if it works or not)

    48. A9L RACER

      What would be the antutu of this beast and the performance on pubg

    49. GameSquad_YT

      Can someone please please please just explain whats the different and what is the M1 thingy please respond

    50. Max Shen

      None of the upgrade matters unless the new model can boot MacOS

    51. Andrew Nguyen

      As video creators, we tend to get attached to a specific editing software. In my case, it was Adobe Premiere. When I left my career as a videographer and started KGup, my equipment requirements have drastically changed. I started using the iPad Pro to edit videos using LumaFusion. It is so much faster than Premiere. I cannot wait to see the potential of iPad Pro in the future. I believe it's the future of video editing.

    52. smileinurhand

      Just ok with little Upgrade . But More price for those color cording . It Look like Toys.

    53. Oh Well

      Apple is so far ahead of the competition in software, hardware, ecosystem, quality, everything

    54. The Engineer Guy

      No product made in china, no matter how magical it is. For me

    55. Jack Darlington

      Straight up wtf are people doing on iPads to require this?

    56. STTA

    57. Atul Kumar

      Can anyone tell me how'd the integration of M1 chip would affect my gaming? (as an ipad pro PUBG gamer) coz even earlier ipad pro models use to maintain an avg of 90.00 FPS !!🤭🤷🏼‍♂️

    58. Capt. Heinrich

      it woukd be awesome if they could make it dual boot between iPadOS and MacOS like how samsung has Dex. Only then I will switch back to IOS

    59. gani curious#125

      Apple with 2018 ipad pro Overpowered hardware and underpowered OS Then boom Ipad OS I assume they are going the same way with M1 powered ipads.

    60. Keist44

      One problem with 5G is that the carriers limit the data speeds. AT&T for example, you can’t stream on a tablet in HD with the current plans.

    61. Jerry Chen

      Skipped the ram upgrade ... 16gb of ram available now

    62. T U R T L E R A B B I T

      Finally, I can be a professional youtube video watcher with the M1 iPad

    63. LAN 5510

      Who else is crying when they just brought a new iPad Pro a month ago and it was a 4th gen 😭

    64. M J

      I read about you somewhere before

    65. Send Addy


    66. AaronCollins

      They need to make it pinch accessible on a trackpad so you dont have to touch the screen

    67. Michael Turner

      3:37 - LOL!! Awesome!

    68. M Zul TV

      I smell another historical giveaway.....

    69. Victor


    70. Sony Djuana

      Those who bought last year ipad pro will have a tough time to sell in the second hand market without dropping the price a lot

    71. DENAK

      its nice and all but im not an editor or a graphics designer. should i make this my professional so the ipad is worth buying 😂

    72. D C

      Love to know the stats on what most people use their iPads for. Surely majority only use it for web browsing, video call, email, gaming, videos, streaming, music, basic productivity and finance apps... there is only so much you can do with iPadOS apps right now, maybe finalcut and pro logic is coming to the iPadOS to warrant this much power, or the m1 chip will give iPad extra battery life. Shame the 11 inch doesn’t get the new display but thumbs up for thunderbolt support and full screen display output! Finally, we can output in 16:9 to a display, no need to carry Apple TV box on holidays. I’m still using my 2018 iPad Pro with A12Z and to be honest, it’s still feel super fast even for basic video editing and music creation, all the apps i use are responsive. I think the difference now is that the pro model are truly designed for pro users who wants to use this form factor for work. I have the magic keyboard case but hope they fix up that ugly big circle they use as a mouse cursor with the next iPadOS update so it feels like a laptop. I won’t be able to help myself and upgrade so I can get the full screen 16:9 output, thunderbolt support and most importantly, im hoping the new front facing camera can be used for MS Teams / Zoom call, my 2018 iPad pro had a terrible angle for video calls. Why don’t they put the front facing camera on the top in landscape mode?

    73. Karthik Meti

      I'm your 230,000th viewer

    74. Alpha plus

      This's the problem with you guys. A great product is not just about a chip. IPhones have had the best chip for a while now but the s and note series have been a more complete phone. You guys don't know what marketing is. The iPad has a great m1 chip, great but what's all the horsepower for... running macOS? It's all marketing and to tell you the truth it's great. We the consumers win at the end of the competition. Just buy your Apple products and let the other guy buy his preferred product.

    75. ram64man

      If it has the guts of a main Mac why can’t they use an emulator into iOS so apps can duel run?

    76. PixelStacker

      Not gonna lie, first time actually considering buying an Apple product in my life. agreed!

    77. Aaron Jiang

      We need optimized softwares to take advantage of all those horsepowers.

    78. GetoverYourself

      And yet hindered by crappy IOS. A pretender of a computer. Still, to this day, I cannot take an email attachment and save to my Onedrive on my 12.9” Pro. Embarrassing.

    79. Jimmy, Making it work

      I do my editing on my iPad Pro and it struggles with large files in iMovie and I need more memory. This is no coincidence! 🤯

    80. iSharkJawz

      Lol I'm coping the 12.9 I get a new one eveytime the pro comes out lol

    81. Rajveer Dua

      ipad pro 2022 price- kidney

    82. Doni22A

      WillyDu and Uncle Lew in the kitchen would be a fun episode 👨‍🍳🙏.

    83. vIBED oUT • Channel

      Can it run MacOS too? Anyway nothing makes sense to me now except #FOSS #Linux

    84. Jesus loves you, but hates your sin.

      "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

    85. Kanishka Sarkar

      Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this question. So, I'm going off to college this year and will be majoring in Computer Science I'm wondering if the Ipad Pro M1 would be a good device to do coding ( Python, Java, C++ etc.). I need a device by June of this year so idk if I should just buy last year's Macbook Pro M1 or should I buy the new IPad Pro cuz I don't think I would be able to wait till November or December for the new Macbook Pro, if they even release a new one. Please advise me guys, what do y'all suggest?

    86. Aaron

      *Hey, to you reading* .. you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    87. Shubham Jaiswal

      If they don't allow desktop apps to run, its a waste of a great hardware.

    88. Jee Nga

      A12z is fast, but this one 50% faster cpu, this is insane😱

    89. Blank _

      This is literally the best tablet in the world right now! TAKE MY MONEY NOW

    90. Parveen

      apple will soon implement ths chip in iphones too then apple will introduce macOS to their every product since new mac books can already run ios apps directly i can see the future macOS everything mark my words on that.

      1. lolo mo

        They should actually do this on future ipads. They will literally own the laptop and tablet market if ipads run on macOS.

    91. Eddie Go

      Let's take a moment for the amazing design of what Apple did with their website ✨✨ and other companies as well :DD

      1. Eddie Go

        You should check the website, it's less laggy then the one if this vid :D

    92. Lilibean

      I’m still over here using my ipad mini 4

    93. Only Jesus Can Save Us

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    95. Rosie Balasi

      The M1 Processor of ipad pro is 3-5 years ahead of competition against android tablets.

    96. Waleed Al-Rabbani

      Why didn't they just use OLED instead of mini LED? Is OLED still that much more expensive?

    97. Jwardhooper22

      The cameras on the iPads are usually trash. But this iPad looks dope.

    98. Ashish Patel

      Unbox the blue or yellow imac please

    99. Herd Ware

      Is it resistant to fingerprint smudges?

    100. jalin stone

      Where the MacBook 16 m1 at apple nothing I’m interested in this spring event