How to Catch a BIG Bass on TOPWATER Prop Baits - Scott Martin

Scott Martin

21 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Big Bass Prop Baits! Scott Martin shows you the basics of HOW TO Catch a BASS on a Prop Bait
    This How To Series is a easy to understand instructional video that will help choose the right lure, color, line and rod for your next fishing trip.
    Please share this video as we want to educate as many new fisherman as we can.
    Drop a comment and let us know what “How To’s” we should do next.
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    1. Jace Akers

      Those things are the bomb dude! I also believe they imitate needle fish well, and we have lots of them in the st johns. Kinda late to the video, but I guess I missed it😂

    2. feellnfroggy

      I grew up on okechovee and my grandma swore by her black and yellow devil's horse. I still have her lure! I've never caught on it, maybe this vid will help me.

    3. Tyler Goes Fishing

      another great video scott keep them coming

    4. TeamReactionStrike

      Ya know I've never won a thing in my life. So I've seen you like favorite rods. I just started using bait casters and I love them. Any ideas where I can purchase them cheap and the reels

    5. Philip Thomas

      Thx for the awesome tips Scott

    6. Christopher Marks

      Scott we are going to be staying in Destin in 10 days, do you have any advice on guides I could get with to catch some fish? Thanks man, wish you all the best.

    7. Ra Lo

      Good stuff Scott! 💯

    8. Kirk Bourgeois

      Y you changed the Evinrude to Yamaha

    9. John Black

      Scott, I've seen you fishing with Favorite rods a lot. Do you like micro guides? Do all Favorite casting rods come with them?

    10. AJ Phillips

      Love you dude , keep it up 👍!!

    11. Mason Matsumoto

      I have a Japanese prop bait that is fat and it has a prop in the front I haven’t catched one on it yet but got a 3 pounder yesterday at my local pond on a senior stay safe scot.

    12. Redneck 4life

      Bring back trash talking James

    13. Valorie Carpenter

      Make videos with James pls 🙏

    14. Cody Bieker

      Thanks for the tip video. I've been using a water plopper a lot here in Oklahoma. I'll have to give these a shot.

    15. jdogg661420

      i still never got a topwater! though fishing here is a lot different then there.. it can work.. just in the right times and the right areas.. which sadly i cant really get to. but ya ive had a few swipes a couple times early am but ya none yet.. though when i get out later in day i usually avoid it. its funny last night i saw you and your daughter on the sportsman tv channel.. owning. gl on some hogs man.

    16. bcamcam2

      Last year I fished on Toho with Chuck and caught a bunch of my first Florida bass on a prop bait. Thanks for recommending him BTW, it was a great trip.

    17. Phoneix Stewart

      Hey Scott!!! How you doing?!?

    18. A Scarpitti11

      Thanks Scott for all the tips man they do come in handy even though I’m fishing up in New Jersey definitely different from Florida fission I’ll be down there soon lake Okeechobee here I come 🤙🏻. 🎣 🐠 🐟

    19. Jesse Hillis

      Scott you need to try and find some old balsa wood prop baits. I have a couple that were my grandfathers and man do they still work great!! I got one thata a modern version of it and it's super dope man

      1. Jesse Hillis

        @Scott Martin if I find another one I'm going to send it your way I want to see you catch a mondo on it

      2. Scott Martin

        I bet!

    20. Landon Sweat

      Come on Scott I got your Okuma rods with you signature and you moved brands can I get some new rods

    21. Anthony Lawson

      Hey Scott just curious would taking off the o rings and using braid loops really make a big difference in hookup ratio?Good luck on Rayburn Scott.

    22. Jay Fishez

      To the 7 people who disliked this video, this is why your mom hates you

    23. Jim Stewart

      Hillary to of a chicken not go with grandpa to Jimmy Houston ranch. To challenge Jimmy to a bass contest. How she like to brag alot.

    24. Jim Stewart

      Cool video catching bass.

    25. Chris H

      Thanks again Scott, SMC, Googan baits and FAVORITE rods. Keep the awesome informative material coming. 👊

    26. Hillbilly Tarzan

      Gonna have to get some prop baits. Been looking at that megabass I-loud and watching your dad fish that rogue makes me want one.

    27. Bill Brimm

      Mr. Scott, would useing a swivel help to keep your line out of the prop? or would it be too much weight? Thank you and good luck

    28. Roland Mcclendon

      Scott can you do a review on the soulus xcs reel for me please

    29. drew shrimpinator

      Scott is the best bass fishermen to ever walk the earth. Salt water tho idk haha love your videos

      1. Scott Martin

        Lol thanks!

    30. Josh 79

      Hi Scott I live in lake travis and having trouble catching bass and I need help

    31. Andrew Phoa

      Oh yea! Top water action is the best! Thanks Scott!

    32. Trenton Richard

      When’s the first tournament?

      1. Scott Martin

        We have a tournament starting tomorrow!

    33. Steve Fowler

      Devils Horse Tiger Roan is always a go to for summer pond action! Feels like hitting a brick with your lawnmower when they eat it!

    34. Marvin Pippig

      Great tips... take care and God bless...

    35. Ethan Eveler

      Thanks for the how to use a prop bait I will half to buy a prop bait sometime and use the tips so I can catch big bass.

      1. Scott Martin

        They work great, good luck!!!

    36. Paul Neighbors

      Hello and love the tips Mr. Martin

    37. APOFishing

      spy bait vs prop which is better around the ozark's highland reservoir like table rock; here is my thought, the spy bait a guy was throuhing ofshore on a sespended group of bass offshore but the prop bait would probably produce a lot better fish around boat docks when the fish are fikle with poppers. also you and Hilary are making some of the best content

    38. Bass Raider


    39. Paul Reed

      I do enjoy your videos but I can't help but ask why you are making that face in every thumbnail? It's very strange

    40. ChrisC407fishing

      A couple bobber stops in front of the prop bait keeps line from tangling in prop

    41. Tanner George

      Love the devil's horse the exact color has been my favorite long time running you and your dad is still the best

    42. The Real Hanz

      Gotta love the ol devil horse big top water bait here in central Florida

    43. Robert Harrell

      Love top water action. My favorite way to catch Bass here in Florida. I mostly stick with the original devils horse. They catch more if you use the ones that float right. Must test & customize.

    44. Nikki Sorrells

      I love your content! Also love watching Hilary! I love yalls energy! Thank you for the inspiration and all the great tips! 🎣

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    45. Conner Speronis

      The heddon torpedo is one of my favorites to use on okeechobee, but the devil horse is great too

      1. Conner Speronis

        Also I was wondering if you could make a video on the speed craw. I use them a lot and would love to see how you fish them

    46. Benjamin Hsu

      Love the how to videos Scott. Wondering if you could do a video on how and where to bass fish if you don’t have a boat? Not everyone has a boat or can access one. Tips on shore bass fishing would help a lot. Thank you and stay safe!

      1. Scott Martin

        I have a bank fishing video out now. Check that out, I hope it helps! I’ll do some more bank fishing vids soon.

    47. Brian Patrick

      Excellent tip! I’m up north and it sounds like I might want to consider a shorter rod? What exact Favorite rod were you using? I’ve been looking to add one to my arsenal and you made my decision easy.

    48. James Blanton

      I started fishing a devil's horse back in the 70's in creeks in Flagler County caught a lot of bass

    49. ayyhow

      ive been struggling to catch anything on my ploppers this helped a lot

    50. wesleybigham1

      Ok so like I’ve mentioned before I’m new to bass fishing and I’m absolutely ate up with it. I mean I just can’t get enough of it. But I got to say, I’ve gotten a little discouraged, because it’s been tough the last couple of times out. I question if it’s me and what I’m doing or this Alabama heat. I don’t have a lot of tackle either, I have a spinning rod and just got a Lew’s mach 2 bait caster combo. One of the biggest things I’m having trouble with is which baits and lures and what line to throw them on. Never realized just how complex bass fishing can be. You did a great job explaining everything with the what line to use and how to retrieve. Thank you for taking the time to make this video, It really helps me! Thanks dude🙏

      1. wesleybigham1

        Unicorn Steaks thanks dude, yeah I’m really looking forward to fishing in the fall. I have loved fishing so much I’ll probably be fishing through the winter and spring lol I also watch a lot of Roland Martin videos, Mr. Martin has some great videos too!

      2. Unicorn Steaks

        It's not just you. It's tough all over the south. Google some finesse tactics for the dog days of summer. Hang in there. Fall's coming.

      3. Scott Martin

        Ya just keep it up man, it gets tough sometimes but just keep “studying” and trying new things and you can figure it out. I hope my videos will help!

      4. Marinus Reister

        It can be tough going especially during the summer heat but if you want a person to go watch for tips, I would watch Brian Latimer. He has a huge array of videos on different kinds of techniques.

    51. Mike over cash

      Tapwater is no doubt my favorite way to fish

    52. OutdoorsTv WithEvan

      Thanks for the tips been watching you and Hilary for a year and a half now and love both of y’all channels!!! 🎣🎣🇺🇸

      1. Scott Martin

        Sweet!! Thanks for the support man!

    53. Thatboyrick25

      love the fishing content scott

    54. GOON

      Thanks for another great video Scott! They all come in handy when I’m out on the water. Much respect

      1. Scott Martin

        I’m glad they help, thanks!!

    55. Jake Martin

      Another awesome quality video👌🤙👊🎣🐟

    56. Hein Kirstein

      Awesome tip Scott, the Rapala yellow perch prop bait is an absolute legend!! Found that when I'm casting it with straight braid and a quick snap tied on, I get no more tangles and less wear on my knots.... Thanks for the video! God bless, stay safe !

    57. Danklord

      What size treble hooks should we use on em? #6 or #4?

    58. Stephanie R

      I currently loving the berkley choppo 90.

    59. Cooper

      Awesome video 🔥 you should do a video on how to catch bass Flippin thick grass and vegetation

      1. Cooper

        Scott Martin can’t wait

      2. Scott Martin

        That video is coming soon!

    60. Ricky Lusk

      Thanks for tips man that really helped me and would like a Scotty box😁

    61. Logan Ward

      I am a huge fan

    62. Cole Simon

      I like this series you go Scott I have a lot of top water baites keep what you are you are doing good luck stay safe

      1. Scott Martin



      Me and my brother don't have much money so we bass fish with 2 Snoopy poles and use rooster tails. We almost caught a basst last month...

    64. Jerry James

      I have seen some guys put a bobber stopper on front of the bait to keep braid out of the props!

    65. August Mann

      democrat or repuilcian

    66. James Barron

      Scott what bait would you consider the best use for the Favorite Emperor 7'4" Heavy Moderate? I use it for frogs, flipping and big weedless swimbaits but which one technique would you consider the best for that rod. It's really stiff all the way thru with no softness in the tip whatsoever. It's like a very heavy parabolic action. I have frog, flipping and swimbait rods but trying to figure where this rod best fits in.

    67. Jeremy Eskew

      Put 2 weight pegs in front of the lure if you don't have any mono. I swear yiu told us that I maybe wrong but on one of your fishing hacks you didn't want to show us lol . Thanks brother for all the great stuff you do 🇺🇲👊👍🎣

    68. James Allen

      I've never been a big prop bait fan. I may have to get a few I guess

    69. John Black

      Scott, I'm really loving your videos. You're one of my favorites. A little off topic here, but in some of your videos, I've noticed those tubular things on top of your truck. Are those rod carriers? Did you make those or are they commercially available?

      1. John Black

        @Scott Martin What company?

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks! Yes they are rod carriers and they are commercially available.

    70. Youngsters. Tv B

      You got to fish at Grand Lake

    71. Booster C

      Scott you demonstrated popping a prop bait. I submit that a intermittent slow steady retrieve about 2 ft at a time is as effective or more effective. That slow turn of the prop. Granted you are a Pro and I am an average angler, but when was the last time you used one, much less won, in a tourney popping a topwater prop bait?

    72. Gaming with Levi and Sadie

      Hi please read

    73. Phil Williams

      Great video great tips thanks for sharing

    74. Howard Stout

      Love all your shows good luck this week im pulling for you

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!

    75. baseballwithmichael

      you forgot about the free bait thing

    76. Twigg Sherman

      Caught my biggest smallmouth of the year up here in Canada on a 2-3/4" skitter prop. Rip, rip, pause, rip, rip, omghangon.

    77. Kevin flabouyfishing

      I can catch bonita on that I bet.... lol Hillary is going to be whooping bass after that video loving the content!!! Thanks guys

      1. Scott Martin

        Those Bonita are crazy!

    78. Cayden McQueen

      I got first like

    79. Misty Pummell

      When is Sam Rayburn travel vlog video getting uploaded

    80. Zacuum_the_goat Goat

      Hey scott these tips help man!👊🏼

      1. Scott Martin

        Glad you’re liking them!

    81. Brock Johnson

      It’s usually what I try first to see action!

    82. Alex Diaz

      First hey man I was wondering if u can maybe make a video of buying me tackle or something along those lines.

      1. Wade Goswick

        The pond hopper I agree with you

      2. Dawson may

        ur selfish

    83. David Bourdelais

      Anyone else in class?

    84. Kevin Mckinney

      Dag gone right, slay em’

    85. G Exotic

      I’m not first, I’m not last, but when I see Scott Martin I click fast

      1. Peja Andrews

        Scott Martin I dare you to respond

      2. Peja Andrews

        Scott Martin I love you

      3. Scott Martin


      4. Peja Andrews

        G Exotic 😹

      5. G Exotic


    86. Wendy Franty

      love your channel!!

    87. Zi'don Smith Fishing

      I am the only one who like the vids before I see it

    88. Brock Johnson

      Dude I’m so glad your doing this one! I use a prop bait often man, def could use your expertise!!! You da man!!!!

      1. Scott Martin


    89. Dylan Mclemore

      You are my favorite bass fisherman i want to strive to be a professional angler bc of you any tips for deep water fishing

      1. Dylan Mclemore

        Scott Martin awesome man i liter just passed sam rayburn on the way home and the first think i though of is the you being there

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks you! I’ll try to do a vid on it some time

    90. Peja Andrews

      What is your favorite lure of all time Scott won’t like this ps Hillary’s hot 😂

    91. Giby _

      Thanks for tips

    92. Jacob Ofalt

      Love the videos man. Learned so much from ya. Much love

      1. Scott Martin

        Awesome! Thank you👊🏼👊🏼

    93. Noah Michaelis

      I bet you Scott won’t like this comment

      1. Scott Martin

        Bet. 😂

    94. FNL Lucid


    95. Tyler Mims

      love the vids you shld go to the coosa river for a vid

    96. DREW CREED

      Any baits been working lately

      1. Red Wings Fan


    97. Tharanx

      Hi Scott how you doing

    98. Zi'don Smith Fishing

      Love the vids keep up the good work

      1. Scott Martin


    99. CocoaRH