Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon



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    Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show

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    1. Dragos Ungureanu

      1:57:15 Alex Jones Sweden does not have the lowest death rate in Europe. 24 more countries are doing better. Moreover, among the Scandinavian countries, Swedeen has the highest death rate.

    2. Juan R

      free speech

    3. Ahmad Zakwan

      guys. im convinced. Alex Jones ... is the batman

    4. joshua c

      Joe aight to know about what makes the kush big

    5. crysis 9000

      Joe "tree stuff" Rogan

    6. George Kent

      Alex takes a little piece of truth and wraps a bunch of lies and conspiracies around it.

    7. Motivated Mentality

      If Alex Jonas doesn’t get the chance to interrupt he just started yelling nonsense 😂 he needs to interrupt

    8. bigtizzy

      Just missing Eddie bravo 👏

    9. Julian potatoe

      Joe is not doing advertorials for white washing conspiracy loons?

    10. FAT Dad Skates

      Two shills in a BOX. Ahhhhahahaha

    11. Vinni Hernandez

      I can’t believe that Joe Rogan actually has Alex Jones on his show like where have you been bro

    12. Vinni Hernandez


    13. GHrnndz

      35:05 😂🤣 Thank me later

    14. SunnyRosario

      This is the most disrespectful interview. Shame on Joe

    15. johnremi

      Did everyone just forget Alex Jones is responsible for parents of Sandy Hook victims being repeatedly harassed to this day by conspiracy nuts for the lies he spread about the mass shooting? Some parents were even driven to commit suicide because of the level of harassment. Alex Jones is a dead meme. Defamation, which he most certainly did in Sandy Hook, is not freedom of speech.

    16. Zlatan Ibrahimovic


    17. Jp Jacobs

      Rogan: Calm down AJ: kills bottle of whiskey alone Rogan: hey stop making this all about you AJ: I'm coming on the election show, be nice.

    18. Ufos Ahead

    19. Ruby Sanders

      I admire that guy. He knows so much and not going completely insane.

    20. Alexander Scott

      In Victoria, Australia we locked down and wore masks. It was a tough time for a lot of folks. We now have 28 days of no new cases. Our freedoms are returned... I dunno guys, numbers speak for themselves. Joe get some medical experts from Australia on and talk to them...

    21. Rodolfo Otero

      Wow Joe chill out dude

    22. Foggy Dew

      Was deep when Alex called out joe for being angry without weed.

    23. Mitchell Johnston

      Like I can't get over how dumb Alex is

    24. _____Tweety____

      Gizz-lane Maxwell's dad was thrown off a Yacht -- A.J. less than 3 minutes into it.

    25. Cielo Marks

      7.2m views in 24hrs... And yet it is not trending... 😂KGup didn't even pretend to be unbiased

    26. Mark Nash

      I hope that guy is being sarcastic with the shirt

    27. Lee D2287

      Joe is far too charitable towards TYT.

    28. Syed Enam

      Where is the time stamp of Alex calling Bill Gates sexy?!

    29. Gerrick Steve

      Joe I love you and I love this podcast, but could you please, PRETTY PLEASE WITH BACKSTRAP ONTOP put some more mellow audio at the start of your VODs? I listen to your show all the time so the youtube algorithim is constantly playing me re-runs while i'm doing other tasks. this wouldn't be an issue but i listen to music during other tasks at night on the speakers (headphones are too short, cant afford wireless ones that are worth a damn), additionally my wife and i have very different work schedules so if i'm not quick-draw McGraw on the mute button im not getting any in the morning before she leaves for work. I don't expect you to change things up for one guy but i hope you atleast get a chuckle out of this and give it some consideration. **edit** this is one such night

    30. Jay Amati

      Whats with the FREE GHISLAINE shirt? I don't see how its funny? Since a comedian is wearing it. IDK. I guess I'm missing something.

    31. Alex Girda

      bro at least with Eddie you get he's all in, Tim is kinda meh, feels like he's just there as an agitator

    32. Derek Couch

      Joe asked why admit ufo now? The question is if they lied then,odds are they are still lieing,decjeving us. I have looked up alot of topics online for the last three years.why now? Is answered in the Bible. The book that science ,governments have tried to discredit .I believe space,ai,cern's are examples of babylon towers of today. Trump is band aid.4 or 8 year . Biden will help USA give up everything so the antichrist can cure pandemic,remove debt and wars ,be world fake hero for a minute .USA has to join one world government and suffer for deception to have best most people fooled. Reserection before mark of the beast . I read in the Bible clearly what signs to look for and what not to do.before the Second coming of Christ. Answer to narrow gate. No man shall enter without a personal relationship with both the Father and the Son. reading the Bible and praying daily builds and strengthen s your relationship with the Father and the Son. May God bless all who except his gift.

    33. Omega Lamda

      Alexi is the person that wont leave after chilling til 4 am. He’s a needy child with abandonment issues. He’s like begging to make friends w anybody especially someone who’s sane. Try’s so hard trying to be cool he becomes a boor!!

    34. Mitchell Johnston

      Alex is pretty dumb

    35. Sully

      Cases Total Worldwide Cases 60.4M Recovered 38.7M Deaths 1.42M

    36. SniperMaske

      It should be obvious by now to anyone having done research and able to think by himself that Alex Jones is controlled opposition of the COINTELPRO sort. Covering up for Jewish supremacism, including about 9/11.

    37. Spencer Peppers

      If I look sideways at my screen I can still see you

    38. Universal Human

      What alot of ppl don’t know is that “red pill” was the illusion of truth. Joe is still caged to a system. A nice one that pays him well. He still has to follow protocol and matrix that he needs to worship for his checks to clear. (Nothing wrong with this choice of illusion if you choose this) The red pill in the matrix was the illusion of freedom to further confuse NEO. So ultimate freedom comes rejecting both blue and red pills. True freedom comes from within. That’s the reason why I always side eye Joe Rogan. NEO picked the red pill but NEO didn’t know that red pill was also a matrix to further confuse him.

    39. Spencer Peppers

      What’s wrong with joes hands

    40. Tony Rosales

      Jeff Spicoli to Alex Jones "Dude your wasted"

    41. Anandhu Shaji

      Joe....let the man talk. Because so far a lot of things he has said is lining up pretty well.

    42. Safe Surfing

      54:40 You came here for a reason 🤣

    43. JOHN KELLY

      Really Joe? Taking Alex Jones seriously? What are you smoking?

    44. sou saelee

      Wow. He litterally said it. Trumps gonna win. And then have 79 days of hell

    45. Nightangel39

      Joes hard to listen to in this episode, he really does need that weed.

    46. Linda Bond

      I love Alex always have.

    47. Dan Republic

      Joe; there were no humans back then" Graham Hancock; "hold my beer

    48. xxXAcid- DropXxx

      I like how alex changes his values on who he is speaking about.... is very convenient.

    49. Daybee

      They froze this at 14mn views on orders of the lizard people

    50. xxXAcid- DropXxx

      Trump has Russian money fuck up hahaha!! He owes them a ton hahah

    51. ATX 53

      It’s always where’s Alex Jones and never how’s Alex Jones

    52. DeathDGful

      "the ritual is i'm in charge, bend over"

    53. Randall Bruh

      Alex Jones isn't so bad when he has someone actually listening to him. He even listens to Joe Rogan on his opinions too

      1. Randall Bruh

        I don't watch Alex Jones or follow him but this was actually entertaining.

    54. Fallen Archon

      The great reset

    55. Indiana Stones

      Bill Gates said on ARD Livestream he will Vaccinate 7 billion people on earth.

    56. stealthyterd

      After watching this you’d think Tim was Alex’s long lost son

    57. divan osoba

      This session was so on fire, my laptop burned down

    58. Shadow

      Gender is in the chromosomes. DNA doesn't lie. Gender deniers are ignorant and deluded.

    59. zeranzeran

      Wow, it's refreshing to see Joe isn't such a blatant leftist shill now.

    60. Chris Ray

      Your a sell out joe let Alex talk without worrying about getting banned lol what happened to free speech it’s like walking on egg shells

    61. Joseph Alexander

      It's not the sun or carbon , but a lack of oxygen that is causing hotter summers All because the ozone hole can't stop cosmic Ray's from penetrating into the earth.

    62. Deangelo stowe

      Alex “ it’s not alcohol” Jones

    63. Blodia Punch

      Jesus, Joe is naive.

    64. Mason Motown

      Yo he’s gotta be coked out

    65. Tho Meecho

      This is the best planet to be on, multiple planet mayhem.... but Jones,Dillon n Rogan .. Separate entities _is all_ be all

    66. Putuinurgrave Gravers

      Joe shut the fuck up and let Alex talk

    67. Super Nova


    68. Tony Louis

      It sounds like Jones has lost some of his voice over the years from all the yelling. Depressing

    69. Makkaru112

      Dr Vandana Shiva exposed bill gates and Monsanto may times and kicked it out of India multiple times. Watch her kick the ass of the French Brian Stelter. Happy searching! Remember, archive and share!

    70. Jon P

      Imagine if this show took place November 4th.

    71. Makkaru112

      No, Charlie Freak explained this in full detail from military etc. The greys were the kidnapped children that were ritually tortured and experimented on etc. Being rehabilitated now as we speak. Could take months, years, decades. Its working with then frequency healing bed technologies. Screw neurolink, screw Bill Gates.

    72. Vankmen

      My whole family tested positive and nobody even had the slitest snivel ..... it’s fake

    73. Makkaru112

      Frequency healing beats a chip any day. Tech is already used on children rescued from the cabal that never seen the light of day before!

    74. Makkaru112

      Charlie Freak will amaze you. Well of knowledge and experience and Wisdom! Have him on!!!

    75. larry wallace

      Zinc can protect your body from anything

    76. larry wallace

      I've been studying health & fitness since 1976 its zinc trust me

    77. Sick Beats

      The episode we always needed but never deserved.

    78. JD Mac

      Hole 💩! A month later and we have covid check points and lock downs 😂 amazing how he’s always right.

    79. Red Hot

      My cousin was friends with Alex Jones ex wife and wed hang out once in awhile. The guy is smart as a whip of course he is a persona and I dot agree with what he said about sandy hook. But I dont feel he is responsible for ppl behavior. Its censorship at its finest. Welcome to China.

      1. Emily An

        ❤️ Tim DILLON +ALEX Jones =DiLLEX ~And i freakin SHIP IT~ 🤗 ❤️❤️

    80. TruthSeeker Ai

      i so love alex jones i been following him for 20 something years i wish him all that is good

      1. Emily An

        Alex Jones needs Joe Roagn because Joe Roagan keeps Alex Jones grounded.

    81. The Wolf

      I love this... Shut up Joe.

    82. Isaac Hand

      event 201

    83. Nanna wesselhoff pabst

      Anyone ever heard this song with winnie paz? Its about the things they talk about and the polio thing??

    84. ashlyn climer

      Yeah I definitely don't want to become a machine that sounds like insanity why would you want to be anything else than human that is unnatural and complete wicked and evil if y'all want to be controlled by AI go right ahead but let me live my life natural

    85. Don Schlabberoni

      WTF? 14 million views? this better be some epic shiat

      1. Don Schlabberoni

        35 minutes in and alex jones is just too much.... th way he speaks and what comes out of his mouth.... bunch of bs

    86. mart Sol

      Ted Gunderson had so much dirt on both Republicans and Democrats. RIP Ted.

    87. MrGoodDay-_-

      Damn joe let the man speak.

    88. 64ohiostate

      I could listen to this podcast everyday

    89. Flashyfinancier

      Joe lookin like Phil Collins here

    90. peculiar star

      Alex Jones = corrupter. ruiner.

    91. Rich Francis

      Hey Joe could u guys use duck duck go as well as google. For all we know Google's got your IP address and is controlling what you see.

    92. NateTheGreat

      Anyone know what whiskey Alex is drinking?

    93. Camelia Martin

      Alex Jones needs Joe Roagn because Joe Roagan keeps Alex Jones grounded.

    94. THis GEM_in_eye

      ❤️ Tim DILLON +ALEX Jones =DiLLEX ~And i freakin SHIP IT~ 🤗 ❤️❤️

    95. Major Kong

      I like Alex Jones just for the entertainment value

    96. mplslawnguy

      As crazy as this guy seems, we need people like him to question everything. We have no media anymore. Every major internet platform is compromised. The fix is in folks. Always look at the "news", no matter where it comes from, tv or the internet, with an eye of suspicion.

      1. mplslawnguy

        @War Against Myself I agree, he is. You can't fake the passion he has for this stuff. He doesn't get everything right all the time, but he's definitely leading us in the right direction.

      2. War Against Myself

        He embellishes some but AJ is definently legit.

    97. fly.w4vy

      Wow Spotify really got Joe fact checking Alex now. Can tell they had a huge meeting with Joe before green lighting this

    98. david marshall

      Stop googling shit google is biased as hell use duckduckgo you'll find the information way quicker.

    99. Bronco freak

      I LOVE JOE and ALEX but WHERE IS EDDIE!!!!!?????????

    100. christian solerti

      How out ii