that awkward moment when...


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    wait, let me explain...

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    1. dale bida

      I'm just amazed Sykkuno can do a murder spree while doing a monologue. Just put him in the tier list.

    2. Karin

      I love your luck

    3. Aydan Sargent

      Can you heart my comment?

    4. Wholesome Potato

      Hmmm how to act sus by copying a comment while not being sus

    5. Vian Francisco

      I ain't going to visit Myth's body emporium. It looks deadly

    6. Minty Royale


    7. Satori?!. .?!Ciel

      Sykunno how do you feel about being shipped with corpse?

    8. fahima hamida

      Toast: you think I'm gonna snitch I ain't no snitch Me: mad respect

    9. Anzhela Grechikhina

      The term "Mavericks" is now banned in my twitch chat, thanks.

    10. Crystal

      People in the comments like "sykunno should've done this" and "sykunno should've done that" y'all are so sweaty for this game let them have fun

    11. Sebastian Švec

      i died laughing when toast came back down and then sykkuno killed him

    12. Carrots CodM

      Anyone else see that he put rewind instead of fast forward at 11:28

    13. It's Evan Mason

      Does anyone have the link to Toast's POV of the first round?

    14. Obsidian M'yre

      Why didn't u vent outta of the room after u killed toast bruh n let the crew report the murders. Giving u time 2 create n alibi...!?

    15. Arianna J

      15:31 LMFAOOO

    16. Ahmed Elshafie

      I ain't no snitch

    17. Cooper Dowdidle

      The only time I have ever heard him talk louder than a whisper is when he says IT’S SYKUNO HERE

    18. Vɪᴠɪᴀɴ_Cʜᴀɴ _Pʟᴀʏᴢ

      Sykkuno: “what is up guys, it’s Sykkuno here!” KGup subtitles: “what is up guys, it’s Spykuno here!” *; - ;*

    19. asmi arar

      “It was a triple kill in electrical” Everyone: “WHAT??!?” Edit: Oh damn i havent got this much likes before thanks guys🙌

    20. Tyler Robblee

      Literally any time anyone says the word why rae wants blood

    21. Fortnite Shazam

      What is up guys it SyKkUnO

    22. Heaven Gate

      In Arabic you read the book from the right📖

    23. 「RxsieMxchu」

      "Sydney reported a double kill" "no she reported a *quadruple* kill including himeself*

    24. Rory B

      idk how people play this consistently, 😓i legit think i just gave myself stomach ulcers from binging the first time I played aaaahh never again

    25. Эшли _ Кэмпбелл

      I like hysteria at the beginning sykkuno loooool

    26. Morganica Melis

      “Sydney reported a double kill” nah, she reported a triple kill. Technically a quadruple kill if you count herself.

      1. not me

        not you stealing another person's comment word for word

      2. Bazooka Gaming Girl

        make your own comment next time

    27. Jaron Carlson

      They don’t call electric the mourge for nothing

    28. LiLian Baker

      Me about to go FUCKING spam hate comments about ray when she said Fuck you to syykuno:😇👉

    29. אושר דקל


    30. Karylle Culala

      how did 5up dye but he was imposter ??

    31. Richard Martinez

      This was uploaded the day after my birthday :o

    32. Baha Guler

      Welp that was akward

    33. Serra Bloodsong

      Am I the only one who thinks Toast sounds like Pewds?

    34. Hiryu the Dragonite

      Has Toast recorded his PoV of 0:35? I kinda want to see his thought process there, up to when Sykkuno killed him. My guess was he was thinking "Sykkuno...You did a double-kill, and didn't invite me to be part of it?"

    35. Asia Arizmendez

      Okay but can we just appreciate how 5up literally DOES always have a ready answer? Like if I was playing I wouldn't even be sus, he's so quick on his feet(or rehearsing) and he really do be covering his tracks

    36. Molly Ham

      Everyone is appreciating sykkuno and yes he is brilliant but can we take a moment to appreciate toast, a true pal.

    37. nino sifkovits

      is there a special resaon why he ALWAYS covers his mouth when he laughs?

    38. s k

      That little “hi” when toast stares at sykkuno after the kills and not venting was so cutee!!!

    39. Flacktastic

      Sykkuno is the most innocent Imposter... even if he is murdering everyone.

    40. Jane Collado

      Sykunno: *closed the door* Toast: *saw the meats, judge sykunno* Sykunno: lemme explain Toast: You, you killed them? Sykunno: Yes I did this mess Toast: Okay kill me too brother

    41. Henry Ashbridge

      bro if toast voted sykkuno they would tie call reactor then kill someone 1iq play

    42. Conundrum

      He gave up way to easy after that triple kill.

    43. Benjamin Sommer

      I do things left to right like reading a book lol

    44. Fighter YT

      I bet sykuno uses PicsArt to edit thumbnails

    45. RidgeonThePigeon

      5up is like the Dream of among us

    46. Jericho M. Cruz

      Sykkuno stutter when he's lying. Good luck having a girlfriend 😁

      1. Biel Hinate

        Oh are u challenging the man with a whole bunch of harem?


      Why do he put his hand on his face wt


        @Milky idk just Trina find out why I think it’s abnormal dint mean to be ofensive

      2. Milky

        Why do you comment this?

    48. TheSaiyanBatsy

      Sykunno confessing to the kills triggered me so badly

      1. TheSaiyanBatsy

        But i support him 100%

    49. Oikawa Tōru

      Love how it’s edited like a reality tv show

    50. Liam Demory

      12:34 Everyone: talking about Abe Abe: not even in the game

      1. hyhyukjae

        No, Abe is literally in the game. He was one of the dead bodies by that time.

    51. TheSlitherMaster YT

      wait, let me explain... Follow Sykkuno! you explained that well Sykunno

    52. Hasan Muhammad

      8:28 8:28 8:28 8:28 8:28

    53. KryptoLmao

      i love when sykkuno goes "k..."

    54. K3gan F1nn

      The videos are really good but the intro is just awful

    55. VC シ MEGMA


    56. TigerFNM


    57. sovit bajracharya

      You are getting bad at killing.

    58. Marten völker

      Best of sykkuno is he can‘t lie

    59. cherry pudding

      That synchronization thooo 3:57

    60. thăng long nguyễn vũ

      It's scary how smart he was with his kills but not so good at defending himself with this one

      1. ON THE SCENE

        Righttt? If 5up's storytelling ability is in Sykkuno's, then he's unstoppable

    61. Janice Laine Oñola

      how come hes so calm... cause when im imposter my heart would jump out of my chest

    62. Smudgling77

      I wanna see that first multi-kill situation in electrical from Toast's POV when he walks in. Not seeing it anywhere on YT. I guess he wasn't recording at the time...?

    63. bagasapra


    64. Megan Ortiz

      14:40👈🏻click if you wanna hear skyuno say poop nuggets🥺🥰

    65. X B

      The fuck you was so perfect 😂😂😂

    66. Polo Be4r

      Hes the best player in the game

    67. Reaper

      Laughs like gay.

    68. PureWasDead

      Toast: mate, i thought i was gonna finish this.

    69. sasha8585096

      O my gosh that first round was just perfectXD and the second killing spree why did you trow:o? You could have won that oneXD. But i realy like how you play it anyway:). I have watched alot of jacksepticeye's playtrough's but you always seem so innocentXD.

    70. Lois Loves Cheese


    71. Jaiylah Harrell

      i can't when Sykkuno started to do body emporium 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    72. Purple The crewmate


    73. Rian Elvine

      rae kinda annoying sometimes

    74. • Meep •

      I wanna see Corpses corpse emporium

    75. The Life Of MO

      Why do u cover your mouth when u laugh

    76. Crafty fuller


    77. •Kat•

      Toast was just like: “Dude, I thought I taught you better”

      1. • Cruͥήcͣhͫα •


      2. Run nN


    78. t a n j i r o K A M A D O

      Why do you sound like a anime boy

    79. Nu Nu

      😂😂😂😂quadrupole kill

    80. Lol Ouma

      Somebody give sykkuno an ahoge

    81. Killua Todoroki

      i never saw anyone do 4 kills in one room

    82. Claire :]

      back when the characters had square snapped glass on their suits 🥺❤️

    83. Azeeu Meru

      he's laugh is so cringy man

    84. CLOVER

      It's interesting seeing 5up get voted out cause he never does in his own videos

    85. Super And Cheetah Gaming


    86. Nitro Gaming

      Blaza is toast right?

    87. Michael Breaux

      elec is cursed

    88. Desiree Lynch


    89. Trone Gamer

      Stop putting your damn hand in front of your face when you lagh

    90. Roger Zenith

      toast was like........ what did i just witness... :)

    91. Hyacinth Corrales

      1st round Toast be like: you frkin' cold-blooded murderer HAHAHAHA Sykkuno going on a KILLING SPREE

    92. amber Hollenbeck

      I would love to play among us with y’all it would be soooo fun I love watching y’all everyday

    93. мaylee

      “oh poop nuggets” BAHAHAHHWHW 💀💀

    94. Maggie Li

      "It was a double kill" Toast: "Two0o0?" Sykkuno be like: No duh sherlock, it happened last round.

    95. Taxable_ Trophy


    96. Corpse Stan

      He sounds like dubbed versions of anime... I like it

    97. Lauren Line


    98. Japes JoPuSa

      What’s the song at the end @sykkuno ?

    99. Wendy Sosa

      That was lame! He just gave up on two good rounds :(

    100. [Call of Duty Leaks]

      Sykkuno was 1000000iq 2 round it was very funny