What's New In Boat Electronics In 2021


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    We're at HITEC Outdoors with Matt Quinn, and we're learning about all of the newest technology in the world of boating and fishing. Find out what's new in 2021 right here!

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    1. credit2020

      Excellent video. Very helpful.

    2. Mark Catz Catman

      I agree, this well done. Congratulations

    3. turd ferguson

      If you're over 55 you'll hate this new crap. I have the Helixes w/ 360, wish I had a flasher. Most of the time I never take the covers off. Stevie Wonder and I can see about as much.

    4. ShaunIsOnFire

      Seems my Gen1 HDS5 could use an update.... So many choices :(

    5. Seattle Ring Hunter

      Great video presentation. Cheers, #SeattleRingHunter

    6. Christopher Brown

      Best video on KGup

    7. Gus inabus

      There are people using flip phones. In 2021. Lol


        Yeah ahahahhahah

    8. Ron T

      I would like to see rear look where , I can see my lures see my depth see fish

    9. Fishin N Stuff

      That was a well edited video buddy . I enjoyed watching it . And that's rare on KGup

    10. D S

      28 foot hardtop boat.....salmon fishing off the west coast.....smart phone. What should I get ?......need radar too.

    11. DeltaProMaster Lauj


    12. Team Jesus Outdoors

      Great discussion of modern electronics!

    13. Paul Aragon

      Why did you switch from the Motorguide to the Ultrex? Did you have the Tour Pro before?

    14. Chris Abrell

      My favorite place to visit when I head down to KY Lake. Thanks for your top notch service.

    15. William Baxter

      I'm wanting new electronics on my 2011 Skeeter ZX225. The console does not have in dash electronics. What are my mounting options if I want a 12 inch Solix? My gauges RPM and Water Pressure are along the top of my dash.

    16. Chad Jackson

      too bad they all got rid of video out / hdmi out ports. I want to put a 50 inch big screen in my boat

    17. Rob Lank

      We need a high tec in Iowa!!! Franchise this!!!!

    18. rob ganon

      No mention of motorguide. My tour pro is fully integrated with my lowrance finders.

    19. Crappie Fisherman

      The live imaging is compatible with ALL solix units not just the G3 solix units

    20. Scott S

      I need to move to the states I haven't found a knowledgeable supplier or installer like this company.

    21. Daniel Alderman

      We need a Hitec Outdoors in Montana!!

      1. Rob Lank

        We need a hi tec in every state!!!!

    22. Reid Simonson

      Key note here. He referred to Hummingbirds mega live as panoptix which is a step down from the Live Scope. Not a huge deal, but just a tell that the Hummingbirds are not there yet.

      1. feeshyfeeshy

        But in reality it is live scope not panoptix.....you definitely thought too much into that

    23. Josey Wales

      Fishing has turned into a joke with all the live crap. Would much rather see tournament fisherman use knowledge and skills rather than rely on electronics.

      1. Jiggy Quinn

        Heck yeah ...the grocery store sells fish for less per pound than ever before. Who needs this crap! 😂😂😂

      2. Walter Tx.

        Josey Those days are gone! And it's really a shame, people don't know where to start without these gizmos. Come-on entering the weather, and other conditions, then the machine tells you where to fish! One might be more productive that way, but I prefer to use my knowledge to pick my spots.

    24. Trevor Alexander

      Cmon man I would love to have that HDS 12 on my new to me boat. I've been looking at them used online but they're more expensive than most new 9 inch models

    25. Bill Burson

      I have a Lowrance Hook 4, if I want to upgrade will I need to change out the transducer and cable also?

    26. J D

      This is a great video guys. Excellent info

    27. Corey Mcdaniel

      All this scare me

    28. Stephen Green

      Marshall County... Do you really think the majority of us has ANY IDEA WHAT STATE THIS IS IN?... It is in the USA right? WHAT STATE? Near what city? So irritating!

      1. Aaron Vail

        @KYAfield that’s the perfect response. All he had to do was ask, “hey where is Marshall county?”

      2. KYAfield


    29. Hocking

      Great video! Very informative! I just pulled a 2000 Ranger 520DVX Bass Boat out of the Barn that has been stored, unused, since 2002. The boat has the original Hummingbird electronics and Motor Guide trolling motor from 2000 still on it. Things have come so far since then.

    30. Chris Brewton

      Flip phones?

    31. david sanders

      Have these two guys ever heard of off shore fishing, piloting and seamanship? not just fishing, how about scuba diving, etc.?

      1. Walter Tx.

        David obviously these are lake people. Don't care about us Bay and Ocean fishing folks. But I guess these gizmos work on the ocean too.

    32. David Watts

      What a great video, any chance there's a video that compares the mid range systems out there. Now if your store was in Raleigh NC.

      1. deck monkey

        Fish the moment has some good videos on electronics if you haven't seen his stuff. There might be something on there. Doug Vahrenburg has some older ones as well. Most of the stuff I've seen they are all pretty equal between brands and I think it's personal preference or if you wanted Livescope. I have a old stock model Helix10 Mega I bought last year for a lot less than the Gen4 at my console and an old 898 I moved to the bow. When I get the ethernet cable I'll be able to use the GPS, maps and waypoints from the Mega instead of having to buy 2 new expensive units and I'm going to sell the old GPS puck and SI transducer to help cover the cost. You could probably do the same with Lowrance.

    33. Kane Hollis

      Him going with the HB over Garmin makes me think they know something we don’t about the Mega Live and makes me feel better about rolling the dice when I ordered the HB G4N 10” last week over the garmin

      1. Aaron Vail

        Kane, don’t listen to JD. I have the livescope and love it, but humminbird will be putting a product out just like lowrance did. It’ll be similar and hopefully the competition drives the price down a bit. If you have the patience, and already had humminbird\minnkota products, you made the right choice.

      2. J D

        You should have got the live scope if you want to catch more fish 😂

    34. capnrob97

      If fishing to you is reeling in as many fish as you can, this is for you. If you enjoy the 'process' of fishing, analyzing the current conditions, and figuring out in your head where the fish should be and what bait / color, etc to throw, skip all this. Heck, the guy said the Hummingbird lakemaster stuff will do some of that for you too (put waypoints on the screen where fish should be based on conditions).

      1. L A

        The way lakes are pressurer now with weekly tournaments, it helps to have something help you find new places to cast.

    35. cold spring

      I have used electronics for decades and I don't fish bass. Just sayin



    37. Steve Pederson

      I repowerd and put a new Garmin screen on my boat a couple years ago, sure wish I could of found some one half as knowable and professional as HighTek ! The dealers I found had Phone # disconnected, no call backs, didn’t know their product, would not/could not answer questions, on and on Really.........What an industry

    38. Rick Purcell

      Chad, you went to the best. Matt and his team are great, very knowledgeable and provide the highest quality of workmanship. Only a phone call away if you have any problem.

    39. David Walker

      Wow, that guy has more parts on his wall than the manufacturers have available. They're out of everything.

    40. Jim Grady

      Some good and very knowledgeable people at HITEC!

    41. Lawrence CATES

      If you need high Tech equipment to catch a simple bass you need find another hobby.

      1. turntimetable

        I install custom electronic systems in homes and we guys just love our gadgets. It's almost separate from the activity

    42. NFiltr8Red

      I wish the Boat dealership I purchased my Ranger from was this knowledgeable and engaging. Talk about some ass clowns who do nothing but get your money and push you away!

    43. Just Tinkering

      ".....in the 1900's..." I feel like a dinosaur.

      1. Rexford Kenney

        Is that 8

    44. Tn bass

      I love my Hummingbirds with lakemaster but I do believe I'll keep my cable driven trolling motor.

      1. Marshall Law

        Minn kota ultrex will change your life

    45. Neil Wust

      What are you going to do with your old equipment?

    46. Kevin's Silent Fishing

      Good choice. I'm installing a Helix 5 on my kayak tomorrow.

    47. JTH Outdoors

      Man I really want that live scope so bad!!

      1. JTH Outdoors

        @Smallmouth Jedi lol! 😂 I feel your pain about being in the back of the boat! It does look awesome but to me it seems that it kinda takes the excitement out of fishing just because you kinda know what your going to catch depending on what the mark looks like.

      2. JTH Outdoors

        @slab busterRTR me neither, my hole kayak setup with a nice lowrance and rod holders was 2000 dollars!

      3. Smallmouth Jedi

        I’ll tell you it is really awesome. But since my buddy has it and I fish back deck on his boat, it ain’t that cool from my point of veiw. He follows it around in circles like a video game and can’t hear a word I say as he’s so locked in on it! 😂 It does work well though.

      4. slab busterRTR

        Me to! damn I can't drop 2+ grand though

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