JIMMY HOUSTON Can’t Believe What I Just Taught Him! (My Little Secret)

Scott Martin

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    Teaching Jimmy Houston the NEW technology that BLOWS HIS MIND!
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    1. T.J. Quirk

      It's great to see all these guys i watched as a kid.

    2. lariler2

      I bet the drone hunt would have been fun to watch too.

    3. TJ DAVIS

      Melvern is the real star

    4. Eugene Schreiner

      It’s one step away from snagging them with a treble hook.

    5. The not so jolly rancher !

      Reminds me of my wife trying to teach students that are A.D.D. They just keep on doing what they’re doing and not listening. He was not going to quit fishing and lay the rod down for nothing!😂🤣 I bet secretly Scott wanted to backhand the snot out of him🤣

    6. Parker In Wonderland

      The man has a pet deer, what more do you need to know. These guys are legends.

    7. Lt

      Awesome video!! Love you guys.

    8. Logan H

      Scott I think that deer’s name was Milburn instead of Melvern LOL

    9. G- Money

      That man does not care about your graphs

    10. MIGES Fishing

      Man how awesome ... !!! The Godfather’s of Bass ... your daddy ,bill,jimmy ... love it !!!

    11. spunkmeyer k

      Hey Scott I’m sorry but I don’t think jimmy gives one single shit about your video game.

    12. Mark Anthony

      Did you ever find the drone ?

    13. allen jogerst

      I have followed you for a long time and this is my favorite. I remember watching Jimmy Houston with my dad when I was a little boy. He was my dads favorite and you are mine. This video really brought me back. Thank you and God bless. Great video.

    14. Bassing jig Carter

      I love jimmy in your father I grew up watching them guys Taught me a lot

    15. David Jansson

      WOW!!! Thats Illegal...lol

    16. Bassin Class

      this should definitely not be allowed in tournaments.......

    17. JT's Life

      Aside from youtube what do all the old timers do once they're done fishing to keep money coming in? Do they invest in property or.......?

    18. Trevor Alexander

      But did you find the drone?

    19. K.C.

      Panoptix is not fair... to the fish!!!

    20. Rafael

      Jimmy is such a cool guy and always smiling and laughing

    21. Anthony Blackwell

      another good video Scott thanks

    22. BassGeek

      That's a pretty amazing technology.

    23. Jazspur Ingram

      Best thing to come out of clewiston👍🏼

    24. rich warren

      Mr Martin this was 1 of the best videos you've ever done and such a treat to watch you teach Mr Houston some new technology. Listening and watching him take in the info was amazing as you had his attention the more you explained it. Watch him in his next videos paying more attention to Video game fishing because of this. Thanks for sharing this treat. Happy Holidays to come to you and your family this year!!

    25. Chris Hampton

      Jimmy is a something lol!

    26. GCAST Fishing

      Jimmy doesn’t care about the pans. Instinct just like Martin Sr

    27. Table Rock Kid

      Please tell me Houston did not swallow that worm! 😊

    28. Joel Garcia

      That's awesome!! Thank for the vid

    29. That Fishing Guy

      Take a shot everytime Scott gets paid to say panoptics

    30. Don Fousek

      Look out . Humminbird is coming out with mega live imaging in March. I saw it today. WOW.

      1. Don Fousek

        It is going to have a wider range. Supposed to have better clarity. Can be used with mega 360. A game changer. RMP marine products has been leaking the information for a week that it is coming. They also have a page on how it will work

      2. DIY Chad 726

        How is it different than the live view stuff?

    31. John Wright

      My man Scott got alittle pissed there for a second 🤣 "really dude" I'm sure he was thinking WTF you got to be kidding me. Also what about bigon eating that damm worm comeon PRICELESS. Great video I've been shopping around for live scope already. I have helix units on my boat but they can't do what that live scope can do.

    32. Stan Kaminski

      Scott, thanks for the most entertaining fishing video I ever seen on youtube. Nice to see Jimmy kissing the fish again and you kissing a male bass.

    33. J Tee

      Jimmy really should pay attention, I'd never heard anyone mention looking for a pulsing return in the clutter

    34. Fishing DohaR

      this place you fish is wonderful, it has many beautiful fish, your fishing was good, congratulations you are a great fisherman!👍🎣😉

    35. Rusty Wells

      Boy if Jimmy uses this he will be fishing on the 3rd day he should have been doing this all along and I bet he would have been up in the top of the standings and won a tournament the last couple years!

    36. Ramon me

      Sorry, Scott. It was hilarious watching Jimmy just fishing in la la land while you’re trying to tell him about your panoptix. Hahaha

    37. Y'all Way

      If you want

    38. Y'all Way

      All good. Keep fishing 🎣

    39. Kason McMullin

      Scott, I’m wanting to get myself a new rod for Christmas and i’m wanting to try a favorite rod. I’m thinking about the white bird, the defender or the absolute. Which one would you go with on a budget for an all around rod?

    40. Artificially Made

      Lmao Scott is like a little kid with a lego creation and Roland is the dad that keeps being told to look while he’s reading the paper. Good video 👍🏻

    41. Tyler Fish

      It’s becoming to much with the technology

      1. DIY Chad 726

        What? Becoming to much to be able to keep up with those using it?? Yeah I agree

    42. Mark Marshall

      Did you enjoy kissing that fish Scott. 🦈

    43. Austin Hubatch

      Jimmy don't care about technology no more. He just wants to fish! Haha

    44. Lumpiest of Coles

      Did this badass of an old man really just eat that rubber worm like nobody’s business??? Lmao holy shit

      1. The not so jolly rancher !

        I kept waiting for him to spit it out but I don’t think he did because at first he couldn’t talk clear then all of a sudden he was talking like he swallowed it!🤣

      2. That Fishing Guy

        No he didn’t he spits it out but pretends he does for his grandkids and brings the fun every where

    45. angela sheppard

      Nice fish Jimmy!!

    46. Jonathan Harris

      Jimmys catch of the day goes to a newspaper

    47. Pastor Billy Edgar

      what fun Guys!!! Jesus is Lord!!!! very good work on the getting clear image of the the Garmin . Keep the faith see you here there or in the air.

    48. Kyle Malone

      2 legends make for a great video!

    49. Scott Welcome

      How does panoptix work in the salt water? Specifically the flats and near shore. I fish both fresh and salt in the Sebastian area and though about adding it to my flats boat.

      1. DIY Chad 726

        Transducer should work same whether salt brackish or fresh water

    50. Living the Dream

      The fact jimmy really could careless about pan optics is the best thing in this video

      1. The not so jolly rancher !

        Hahahahaha! Exactly what I was thinking about jimmy. We are at that point, just like we arrived at point of needing catch and release because of 20 linkers hanging on people’s boats at tournaments.

      2. Logan H

        Jimmy just likes to fish lol

      3. MIGES Fishing

        At what point do fish finders get so advanced that it kills the point ? I think we are walking that line now 🤔🤙🏼

    51. Zack789

      Wait did he actually eat a piece of that worm?😂

    52. John m

      How cant you love jimmy houston ?? Its so cool that jimmy and roland have been friends for 50 years and jimmy fish n with Scott Roland's kid is priceless !! I guess it's time to get rid of my lowrance units and switch to garmin ! See this way to much anymore it's the way to go ! Wow unreal Scott the salesman Martin! God bless

    53. Bentley Pauli

      Im starting to think Jimmy dosent give a damn, he's just fishing 😂😂

    54. Waves Currents and Ice

      I love the 'Somebody's about to get fired!' face that Scott makes at 20:38.

    55. John Smith

      You have to let us know did you find your drone I know there not cheap I have one.

    56. Mark Fulwood

      Love this video!

    57. Robert Barnes

      Awesome video you guys

    58. Robert Barnes

      I want to go fishing with Scott Martin, Jimmy Houston ,bill dance and Roland Martin

    59. lh_prga 04

      I know he did not just eat that worm

    60. Jake Schisler

      Maybe Jimmy could buy one and start fishing tournaments again and get up farther on leader board. I can see where that would definitely help in finding fish quicker

    61. Joseph Sharpe

      Scott is gonna kick spinner worm 2.0 ass 😂

    62. BamaBassFinder04 4

      That's one of my childhood dreams.. fishing with a legend!!! He still so cool 😎

    63. Fishing the LoneStar

      Great stuff Scott! Doesn’t look like y’all had much fun though! Lol. Love Jimmy’s passion for fishing and for sharing God’s love!!

    64. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      Jimmy is using my baby huey big worm in tequila sunrise ! I love that bait

      1. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

        @DIY Chad 726 owe dang dude I think you might be right. I had to watch it again . Now I'm not sure I thought I saw some red in there lol. Either way baby Huey's rock. My favorite big worm by far!

      2. DIY Chad 726

        I was thinking that looked like a June bug

    65. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      I love ya Jimmy

    66. Robert Jacobs

      Link to "Jimmy's Catch of the Day Channel" points to the wrong webpage

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll check that out

    67. Brian Cunningham

      I am not kissing your fish Jimmy.

    68. Derrick House

      All I want to know is roughly how many fish has Jimmy kissed, and in how many states?

    69. RhinoFishing TV

      I'm not sure Jimmy likes video game fishing. I am sure I can't afford it lol!

    70. Roger Moore

      Scott that was the best info I have seen on panoptics. Simply amazed

    71. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      Awesome to see that panoptix in use and hear some tips on how you have it setup. Love Jimmy Houston he is always funny.

    72. Rogbass

      I’m gonna need the name of that worm bait Jimmy ate? I mean that’s a 2 fir 1. Snack and Catch. Hahahaha. Great video. 👍 now I need a Garmin Panoptic.

      1. Logan H

        Luck-E-Strike Baby Huey

    73. J Tee

      Jimmy, You're not a good listener sometimes 😁

    74. Bassman Tv

      He crashed the drone 😂😂

    75. Jeremy Newhouse

      Mr Jimmy and your father Mr Roland dont have to wait 50 years , as far as i am concerned they are living legends.

    76. Mike Bailey

      Scott, really loved this video. I already saw the video where you found the drone . That is just awesome watching you see the fish and than catching it. I'm getting ready to take my boat in the shop. If I can get the money I would love to get a Garman live scope. After watching this video who would not want a Garman live scope. Gentry AR. 🎣🐟

    77. Tdubya48

      I love Jimmy Houston. I remember reading about him in my Dad's Bassmaster magazines. They called him the Bionic Angler.

    78. zachary cooke

      Scott you need to buy the cornfield crappie garmin live swip for your trolling motor dude

    79. jasontheryan

      Jimmy is the best, love him.

    80. Steven Johnson

      Who would be on your Mount Rushmore of bass fishing, Jimmy Houston , Roland Martin , Bill Dance and who would be the other?

      1. Michael Pruis

        Rick Clunn

    81. T Dawg

      That’s good tastin worm!!! Lmao oh Jimmy’.

    82. Beth

      Love the respect Scott! Awesome.

    83. Jason Mausteller

      I always thought the deer was milburn

    84. Mark Whitten

      have faith on finding that drone.That fool carpenter that set his phone on the hood of his truck and drove off thru the country. ME! Was driving to work this morning. baby whats that? Wife hops out . Your phone 2 miles down the road. lol TRUE

    85. Brent Colby

      i am a subscriber to catch of the day, love the channel

    86. Tim Newby

      Great instructional vid! Thanks

    87. Danny Shelton

      How could you not love these two guys! Amazing what that Garmin Panoptix can show you that is down there! Great how you can read that Scott and teach a legend like Jimmy a little more about it. What a great video!

    88. Levi Hagerdon

      Feel bad for the camera man 😂

    89. Rangernation46

      Scott please tell me what unit I need up front on my deck with the panoptix to use on my ultrex trolling motor ?

    90. Kenneth Langford

      The next video is titled McCoy learning how to climb a tree. Lol



    91. Curtis Chavez

      Best video yet. Unfortunately it was cut short but a challenge on that lake would be pop corn worthy!

    92. Slipshank D

      Do you ever feel sometimes he's not listening. lol We love Jimmy.

    93. Emaculate

      That thing is borderline cheating lol. Amazing

    94. Ethan Eveler

      Nice bass some of them are huge that is a nice big lake and Jimmy Houston's house is really nice I like his pet deer and his animal trophies I want to go on some hunting trips and have my own trophy room awesome video can't wait for more. I want you to go fishing there again that was cool.

    95. Rangernation46

      No other then jimmy Houston this is awesome man

    96. Barney Edens

      @ScottMartin - I think you guys should have a competition of Cameramen, as in, who can train their Cameraman to catch fish best, maybe 4-5 anglers against each other, but, the Pros can do nothing more than talk, film, and drive the boat

    97. braden lewis

      Scott please let us know if you have found your drone. I'm sure there is a good story to go along with it also!!!

      1. Jerred Wayne

        They find it on a different episode

    98. Ivan Sanchez

      Rocking the Met b

    99. Matt Platt

      Jimmy is a great person to let you and your crew invade them ,good folks y'all are

    100. Jakob Hearn

      Just started the video, but I remember watching him fish when I was a kid.... I feel old saying that. But both you and him are my 2 favorite icon fisherman yall both will go down in fishing history.