WHAT is ACARS? HOW does it work? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Captain Joe

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    In today's video we'll be focusing on the famous ACARS system, which allows pilots to send requests to a service provider (SITA or ARINC) via VHF or SATCOM. The datalink service provider will process their request and send and uplink back to the plane.
    But see more in the video!
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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    1. Jim Mork

      One of the flaws in the airplane design was allowing it to be shut off. That fact was pointed out almost immediately. Some said "Oh, there are times when the crew should be able to shut it off." But the fact it was not running has cost millions and millions spent to not find the plane.

    2. mklik4

      I got acronym fatigue

    3. Oliver Sly Tiglao

      Summary? pls

    4. Janne- mans

      In MH370 it turned itself or was turned on again - suggesting its power supply may have been attempted to be used to bypass electronics for instance regulating oxygen and cabin pressure, that ran into being short circuited, as well as all communication. When this did not terminate issues, it was re-engaged. Pilots may probably have used spare oxygen bottles. As they could not rescue communications though they felt it better to sacrifice their own lives than potentially do harm to another crowded airplane taking off as well, whilst it was too dark, considering lack of available instruments to navigate properly. They simple had ran out of all other options.

    5. mohamed sidky

      8:40 , no push back was required

    6. Mr Castor

      adf navigation

    7. Manouk Missakian

      Pushback between D/Close (0546) and EGN 4/3 startup(0608)

    8. wild cat

      Please explain ETOPS and RVSM

    9. Siya Aviation

      You can always go around to get more pay 🤣🤑

    10. Nathan Deane

      The reason ACARS responds quicker than my girl is because ACARS actually exists

    11. Roland K

      08:43 There was no pushback, else the Engines would not be running before releasing the breaks afaik

    12. Jens Francksen

      No pushback, as engine start up was made before brakes were released

    13. PLATINUM 08

      So now I know where hijackers learn how to fly a plane. NOT BAD , NOT BAD

    14. Drew Oliphant

      no push back

    15. andrecaldeira330

      Captain Joe i sujest you to talk about Madeira Airport. You have been there when you flew the A320.

    16. fhhsvnggbh

      I often download ACARS, thanks to covid, theres not much else to do. Ive set up my own adsb tracker and mlat etc. I recommend more people get involved in radio stuff using SDR's (Software defined radios.) theres a lot you can do out there.

    17. Adam Edge

      When will be commenting on airline liveries and history? 😂

    18. Abuwlid Yuosef

      can you talk about ADS-B

    19. Indranil Chakrabarty

      The plane was pushed back and out of the gate. Engines on !!!

      1. Thomas Mortimore

        But the brakes weren’t released until after engine start. If it was pushed back then brakes would have been released first

    20. Rudolf Huijs

      At least ACARS doesn't share data with facebook.

    21. ammm zeee

      For MH370 case, the transponder was at off state. RIP the plane. I hoped human can find remains one day.

    22. Antoine ANDRE

      No pushback, only 3min from stand to T/OFF ?? Jezz you were close to the RWY ! :D

    23. ItsPandaMario

      Not pushback : )

    24. Alphonsa Liji

      Brake off time vs Engine 1 start time. ✌️

    25. Sean White

      Good to hear from you again, Joe!

    26. Grzegorz Lippe

      Isn't anybody wiping the dust in the cockpit?

    27. Ismail hasan

      Joe, can you please give us classes of PPL and CPL???? Trust me I and many will be very grateful to you as always forever. Love you

    28. yo tu

      8:37 Why are flat screws used instead of Phillips screws?

    29. Adam Advocaat

      I'm gonna guess no pushback was required. My understanding of pushback is that at the start of pushback, the engines are off and the parking brake needs to be released, thus if pushback was required, the CDU would be displaying a brake release time before engine startup. In this case, the parking brake release time (06:13) is _after_ the engines were started. (06:08-06:10) The only factor that I wouldn't understand as someone who's not a pilot, as whether or not setting the parking brake after pushback resets the brake release time to when the parking brake is released for taxi, but according to Joe's description, the off-block time is basically from the start of pushback. The door close time can probably be ignored because, well, cargo jet. That 3 minute time from taxi to takeoff, though.

    30. Hydra

      I think it was a pushback from gate because ı see something off on minute '7' and engine 3 and 4 starts minute '8'

      1. Hydra

        @Thomas Mortimore yep that's the weird thing 777 has 2 engines maybe 747/8

      2. Thomas Mortimore

        Firstly if it was a 777 why does it say ENG 3 and ENG 4. Secondly if it was pushed back from the gate the brakes would have to be released BEFORE engine start

      3. Hydra

        And ı think this airplane was a 777 as far as ı can understand from cdu

    31. Amr Alassi


    32. オカオトコIan

      I'm guessing that the plane reversed under its own power. (You wouldn't start the engines until after pushback? Just guessing)

    33. Thevar Jay Ganesh

      Which flight sim is best and free for windows PC. ?

    34. CZC //

      Hi Captain Joe, can you explain about the printer in the cockpit?😂

    35. Matt

      08:32 I’m guessing pushback is not required here. The engines were started first and the brakes were released a few minutes later, which indicates a start on stand procedure rather than a pushback procedure.

    36. Dave Vance

      Love the Piedmont Airlines thumbnail... My Father was with Piedmont from literally the beginning all the way to the USAir merger (that eventually turned into US Airways and merged into modern day American Airlines.)

    37. Faraz Alam

      7:20 so it works like the ~ button on FSX

      1. Miku

        Well, you’re not wrong 😂

    38. gunnern1

      8.40 engine start at stand, no push.

    39. Preston Lovelace

      I know you probably won’t see this but does anyone know how many days you work a week when training and how much you get paid whilst training? I really need to know

    40. Yeabsera Berhanu

      Nice video. Can you explain the "black box" of an airplane in your next video? what it's made from and how it survives a crash...?

    41. Semler

      8:40 I think that you needed pushback because it took you 22 minutes from closing door to engine start. That's all I noticed :)

      1. Semler

        My answer is wrong right ? I just noticed that you released your brakes after engine 1 and 2 startup.

    42. Addi_Editz

      Hey Joe I want to become a pilot and I don’t want to stay in a regional airplane for a long time for do you know what base in your opinion has the fastest upgrade time?

    43. Stephen Britton

      What INMARSAT service does it use? INMARSAT-C or some Aviation specific system.

    44. Chloe Bull

      I have a question I haven't really been answered that. If you have eyesight or bad eyesight can you still fly a plane? Or what is the best eyesight you need to fly

    45. smithdf90 googlemail

      Too many advert breaks in the video.


      There’s so much to learn..... very informative

    47. Table

      Can I have a KGup plaque??

    48. Table

      Can I have a 747??

    49. Table

      Can I have a Tesla??

    50. Table

      Can I have a shout out??

    51. Junaid Sharif

      Is it just me or he posted in like 200years

    52. Digital Knowledge

      After your videos, I open 5 to 20 google search tabs to learn more. Thanks captain. I'm curious what books are good for aviation enthusiast?

    53. Matthew Smith

      All planes should have this system, it’s very helpful when a plane crashes

    54. Shanmugam Shanmugam

      Hi bro and captian hands off this is shanmugam from CHENNAI INDIA one doubt brother how much RPM in take off example AIR BUS A380 tell me captain iam waiting for usefull message

    55. Dio Ernanda Johandika

      Collaboration with Captain Vincent Raditya from Indonesia 🔥

    56. Aahan

      Why does plane need more than 2 wings (The tail wing , the upper wing)

    57. Patrick O'SHEA

      Captain joe I have a question what does acu mean on a plane

    58. captain arhan shetty

      What effect will flying cars cause to aviation industry in future

    59. Puppyloves Games

      Hi my brother has been watching ur channle for years now and he really wants to become a pilot. Do u have any tips for him?

    60. Rick Cahoon

      No pushback. Engine start before brakes released.

      1. Rick Cahoon

        PS - I commented that before scrolling down to see the other answers. ;)

    61. Mark Weiser

      No push back

    62. fgrion

      he flies a cargo plane, usually those planes don't go to gates so no pushback should be required. what is the message for pushback? i guess there is a sensor monitoring the plane moving back too.

    63. Simge Sezer

      I guess airplane is in the position which is not required to pushback

    64. fixzy115

      Wait?.. 10:09 Do airlines actually allow you to request score updates and things like that? or is that MASSIVELY frowned upon????

    65. TheTrompeLOeil

      Captain Joe, have you ever seen 🛸 👽?

    66. Domi Grin

      To your question in the video. I think you started on a parking position without a pushback, because you have first started the engines, and then went off block releasing the brakes. If you would have had a pushback, you would have first released the brakes, and then you would have started the engines.

    67. Sufian _

      No pushback because engines started before parking brake. I’m late but I knew it

    68. Alana Dobson

      i wana be a flight attendent when im older but dont know which airline to work for

      1. Alana Dobson

        do you know which one to pick when im older

    69. Suyash Deshpande

      What processes take place in changing the fight

    70. Jim Mork

      ACARS talks to my brain? Whew. I thought I was losing my MIND!!

    71. Zhe Xuan Pok

      Hey captain joe, where did you live? i wanted you to teach me how to fly and boeing 747-800. I am very intrested in it.

    72. A350 Boss

      It is a parking position where push back is not required because brake release time is 6:13 while engine start time is 6:08 and 6:10 which is before the brake release time.

    73. Cormac O'Keeffe

      If I were to get a pilots license in the usa, and then move to another country, would my license and flight time still be valid?

      1. Cormac O'Keeffe

        @ZK-APA Thank god. I do not want to live in america when the civil war starts.

      2. ZK-APA

        You would have to convert your licence. You will get a new licence based on your old licence(Plus some formalities) and your previous hours will be carried over.


      In the past I had radio and software to decode ACARS. It was a big passion at that time :-)

    75. RUSLexplorer

      Interesting ! Learnt many things !

    76. Vikas Nimmagadda

      So, the pilots fill in their timesheets too. Amazing to know.

    77. LEndy

      loww, lhbp, seems somebody was in central europe

    78. Simone Susana


    79. Captain EDS

      doors were closed at 0546z engine number 4 started at 0608z breakes released at 0613z than you guys took off at 0616z

    80. Mehran Givehchi

      Can you please talk about visual approaches in IFR flights? I am surprised that when learning IFR, this was never covered in the curriculum, yet, I use it every time to land at any airport

    81. Komal Mahimkar

      5:07 Which Aircraft’s MCDU is that?

      1. Thomas Mortimore


    82. Anonymax

      Would be intersting to see if you can get to visit ARINC and see what their operations look like, including their backup plans :D

    83. Yuen Lemon

      the panel is so dusty....

    84. Mohammad Yasin E

      Sir, pls play Minecraft on at any time you wanted and enjoy the freedom and supremacy on your own World 😘

    85. Muhammad Akil

      the missing mh 370

    86. beaverisl

      I never heard of ACARS until I saw a documentary on the ATC in Canada that were forced to land over 200 airplanes in Gander, Newfoundland on 9/11. Almost all the planes had messages sent to them telling of the terrorist attacks, but in some cases the message did not mention that the US airspace was closed, so the Canadian ATC had inform each flight separately. It's a great documentary, called 9/11 CLEARED FOR CHAOS! A little know story out of that tragic day.

    87. thomas peters

      Do pilots also suffer from pressure on their ears like hearing less, during takeoff and landing? Or do you get used to it? Could you make a video about this topic?

    88. Bernhard Fürstenau

      Bei deinem Englisch hätte ich niemals gedacht dass du aus Deutschland kommst geschweige denn auch aus München

    89. Nikolson

      Thank You for this Video! ANY chance to make a video about NADP 1,2 and Procedure A,B? Bcz in ICAO doc. 8168 there no more A and B , but some countries still use them... and also why on airbus Thrust reduction is by default 1500ft”, there are many opinions about that, hope to see video about that! Thank you and Safe flights!

    90. Tim S

      8:35 No pushback was required because the engines were all running before the brakes were released.

    91. Tod Davis

      Apparently with QF32, the engineers on the ground knew more of what was going on than the actual crew did

    92. bobsta

      Just imagine building Alexa into ACARS. 'Alexa, tell me how far it is to our destination?' 'I'm sorry but I'm having trouble connecting to the internet. Please check the network settings on your device.' 'But we have a subscription to Amazon Prime!' 'Did you say you wanted to buy wine? A bottle of wine has been added to your shopping list'. Pilot thuds head against bulkhead....

    93. Petra Eva

      No push-back, as engines were started before brakes were released. Usually engines are turned on during push-back (with exceptions, airport restrictions etc.). At least this is a common practice in the US...

    94. RooKoo Rarr

      Don't know if it's my old eyes playing tricks, but why is Captain Joe wearing an FO's stripes? 🤔 Thanks for the amazing content ✌️👍👏

    95. norbert1636

      ACARS almost ruined Sully's career, FDR and recovered engine examination from Hudson was much more accurate and saved his reputation as pilot and as aircraft safety expert.

    96. Florian Dorn

      Hi Joe, could you make a Video about how much energy in form of kerosine is being used to heat the aircraft on cruising Altitude? I personally think it is a lot because it‘s very cold on 33.000 feet.

    97. Alberto Battistin

      Interesting how so much information can be transmitted, and yet the data from both the FDR and CVR can't.

    98. Panji Nanda

      🇮🇩 : crush SJ 182.. Capt, Would u please give us ur analysis?? At least with data from flightradar application.. Thank you. 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🙏

    99. Joseph Cameron

      Great video Captain.

    100. David Cherrie

      Theme from Hook! Love that score!