I AM MOVING ON - Road to the Classic Ep. 28 Lake Lewisville 20-20

Scott Martin

64 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

    Sometimes going all in has a price, and this is one of those times...
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      That is my home lake and it sucks 95% of the time. It is also a terrible off shore lake. A lot of us locals fish shallow year round.

    2. Brock Johnson

      Dude such good advice man, we really appreciate you taking the time to show us your skills Scott! You the man!

    3. slab busterRTR

      One bass in the whole tourney at Lewisville well that lake sucks hey Scott shouldve picked up your crappie pole heard it's a pretty good crappie lake 😆

    4. formatr6

      fishing tougher than lake mead in august

    5. Ryan Jones

      You got this Scott. Been watching you for around 5 years now. I love the videos. Sometimes you just gotta take a deep breath and calm your self down. I've notice you always fish better when you aren't over stressing it. So just fish because you love fishing.

    6. Barry Edmunds

      Here’s the way I see it for Scott Martin Scott I’ve gained more respect for you as a man a day I watched you I’m not sure which tournament it was but the day you were fishing in a narrow creek and Another angler jumped in your hole on the third day I think it was and you confronted him about it and he choked up a bit and he tried to make you feel like he had been there the whole time and you called him out on it I feel like you were right he should respect that more than he did but I want you to know I’ve gained more respect for you as a man that day as far as the classic goes Scott Martin you don’t have to worry about brother you’re that good of a person and you will be a threat to win it. Good luck brother

    7. BassGeek

      Love to see how you guys adjust to tough conditions we need more of it.

    8. Bass Fishing Texas

      That point you pulled up on... watermelon red weightless senko thrown far... and into all that grass

    9. Jeff Parker

      6 inch zoom motor oil chartreuse trick tail on a qtr oz shaky head will catch the bag you need on all of the coosa river lakes!!!

    10. Jojohor Mancing

      beautiful place for fishing

    11. Alex McKinnon Fishing

      You got it man!!! Come practice here in west Texas, you’ll get a good work out from how is always windy over here 😆

    12. Heather

      Will you be doing a meet and greet while at Lay Lake?? We would love to meet you! I’m 5 minutes from Beezwax

    13. Drew Staehling

      There probably wasn't that many fish caught is because there were 2 high school tourneys the weekends before you were there.

    14. bent rodguy

      i miss the deadline to sign up , i thought the deadline was for dead line to pay late registration fee,,very disappointed i missed getting in the tournament , but the previous week was really bad, its improved drastically, but it will fish just like lewisville when the cold front hits, , it will take a min of 47lbs to win, and 12 lbs a day to make the cut, i see your fishing down river, but the best fishing will be mid lake, i learned to pay attention to deadlines, so i will do the toyota big5 on guntersville in the spring, its going to be very, very tough i can assure you, and you better be on your spotted bass game, because they will come into play this time of year, and after cold fronts, smaller baits for them, and sometimes crazy smallmouth type colors as well, and current breaks, i will be out fishing though , best of luck!, i hate to see you struggle, and really enjoy your vids, and wheelers videos as well!

    15. Layten Kent

      I saw you good luck I will be at Way in

    16. Ken Titus

      Hey Scott Can you tell me what rain suit you wear and what size I’m about your same size thank you

    17. Bret Bass

      Who else hopes Scott wins

    18. Parrot Head

      I’ll take a sticker. If you want to mail me one.🤙

    19. Jamie Hartzell

      Refuse to lose Scott !!

    20. Turtle King

      The way in is at beeswax

    21. Turtle King

      That’s my home lake

    22. Josh Jones

      Supportive comment to boost those sweet analytics 👍

    23. Anthony Reaves

      Dude you didn’t fish the right spots I promise we were out there the same day y’all were we caught about 40-50 fish for almost a 30 pound bag

    24. Ryan Heatherly

      I really like this style 20/20! Make more like this in your boat!

    25. Stephen Lukovich

      Should have fished the warm water discharge on Lewisville im a kayak tournament fisherman here in dallas and I always fish the discharge..I hate Lewisville but its always good for atleast 2 or 3 fish. Good luck on lay

    26. Ab Gr

      Scott’s career has really plummeted since mlf black balled him .. I wish him luck to regain mediocrity !!

    27. Kevin Karmel

      Good Luck Scott!

    28. Tom Redington

      Just needed a 10 second video...Lewisville sucks. Like and subscribe, peace out. lol. Onward and upward hammer

    29. Steven R

      Dang you were right beside me.

    30. Gary West

      Scott, blame the panoptix livescope. I'm positive that it's convincing everyone that they need to fish offshore, when sometimes, the simplest answer is the best one.


      Good thoughts, good deeds!!

    32. the iron fisherman

      Awsome video you inspire me every day to keep fishin and you help me learn about fihing and you are Awsome

    33. Chad Dorma

      Hey Scott, I think I know the prob. All the cloths you have to wear. And no flip flops. 🤣 Good luck in the tourney. Can’t wait for the Vids.

    34. 334 Bassin

      When/where is weigh in. I live close to Lay and I’d love to come meet you and get some merch. I grew up watching Tom Mann and your dad. My grandma used to date Ray Scott back in the day. I love Ray!!

    35. Bassin time

      There's definitely a difference in trying to make a check and trying to win. Don't be so hard on yourself. You made a good decision, just didn't work out. Could have easily went the other way for you.

    36. Taylor Warren

      That’s a striped bass that you caught

    37. J Haywood

      Talk to your Dad he may help. Talk to local people

    38. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      Wish I could have come down to see you at Lewisville but being how terrible that event was I’m glad I didn’t. I know you probably weren’t having a good day after that event each day. Of all the lakes around DFW area they had to pick Lewisville 🤦‍♂️.

    39. Mitchell Traxler

      Great luck coming up on this next one scotty! You got this.

    40. big dad ace

      I for one am pulling for you, sir. I know you got the skills, I want to believe you will one day hoist that Bassmaster classic trophy, as you have the Forest Wood Cup.

      1. Lawrence Ivey

        Scott is one of kind he fishes like his dad he dont give up

      2. Lawrence Ivey

        Me too hope scott wins hes a great fisherman

    41. Bassfisher78 !!

      Good luck Scott 👍👊 Maybe I will get lucky and draw one of you guys out!!! You will make it to the Elites!!! Will you have one of them hats like your wearing? Tell Billy to hurry up Maaannnn!!!

    42. Stuntman D29

      Man you would think with $12,000 worth of electronics on your boat you would bust a 5 every time you put in at the lake?

    43. J Tee

      Thought you weren't allowed to fish for 2 weeks before official practice starts on a tournament lake, or is that FLW?

    44. The Fishing Expat

      Probably the best talker out of all the fishing KGuprs, I mean that as a compliment

      1. Scott Martin


    45. Buddy BEAVERS

      TRUMP 2020!!!!!!

    46. Jordan Harper

      Go get em Scott! Love watching your 2020s.

    47. Fishing with Harrison

      Simple is the best, spinner baits and spooks are the way to go or Texas rig remember this I believe in you

    48. Jordan Behlen

      Hey Scott. Im curious what you think of a vid with pops and discuss the evolution of the bass boats and the electronics on them. Maybe the cost of reels and stuff as well. I just did a total cost of combos in my rig for insurance reasons and it was depressing. It aint hard to end up with the a nice used truck worth of combos in the locker. My pops was there and cant believe the cost of combos now and the finders on my rig but the technology is insane to him. He had a humminbird ID60 flasher years ago and he was high tech. I just find the evolution amazing.

    49. jdogg661420

      i finally caught a fish yesterday from the banks.. but it was only a 10 inch way out near my casting limits and took forever to even get it to bite. lol.. the grind of fishing sometimes.. but when you get that big one that feels like a big weed snag this time of year.. it can be payday. gl out there man. i never did tournament and prob never will but i think my strat would be to spot jump till i have 5 fish then concentrate on where i think the best would be. and to make that spot jumping easier.. set a maximum number of casts in your head beforehand so that strat is drilled in and stick to it.. also if i had two in boat.. i would have one guy do search baits in the front and other do more drop shot finesse style maybe even a weightless as a follow through. and dont be shy to even try the super small this time of year like float and fly suspending style... when they are picky.. sometimes the little bait is payday.. see ya.

    50. Fishing DohaR

      very good video like this

    51. Adam Lemonds

      there were a bunch of high school tournaments right before y’alls too btw

    52. Tony Ostrin

      Your the best

    53. Mid Alabama Bassin TV

      Hey man, going to be beside you every step of the way. Going to be hauling Macoy around in my boat on Thursday and Friday to film you.🔥👍🏻

      1. Scott Martin

        Very cool..thanks for the help

    54. Scott Frost

      Class act Scotty! Wreck Em!


      I have a strange feeling that you are going to place top 5 in this tournament. I hope this feeling is correct. You deserve it. Don't be scared to swing Big just because you don't have to place top 10 to qualify. Best of luck

    56. RKF Rolando's Kayak Fishing

      So Im no pro but i fish a lot and I hate beating the bank, but cloudy days iv done enough research that run and gunning the banks usually produces better than slow fishing just because of bass roaming on cloudy days. I think you called that out on this video and I think that's the take away from last event. I hate to say it but your last event kinda proved covering shallow water. Really enjoy your channel and really hope you can get to the elites. I definitely think you can. I fish fall a lot and fall is usually raining and cloudy. I find bigger fish in the nooks and cracks of shallow water when sunny or of course deep but cloudy I've observed it's all about reaction covering the shallow water. I naturally fish slow due to me fishing out of hobie pro angler but i get on it on cloudy days. Anyway I plan on winning the bassmaster kayak championship on lake lewisville next year. Hope to meet you some day

    57. N-GO MIKE

      I thought you had a good plan to bad it didn’t work out. But how you handle it helps me deal with those days I don’t catch anything so thanks.

    58. RD Fishing

      Hope it’s a great tournament for you! Stay safe out there!

    59. P Frost

      Good luck

    60. jackatmtn

      Leave TX behind.... Dominate this Week..... Focus ScottSan.... Wax ON Wax Off.... You can do this.. Road to Bassmaster ELITE's is in your hands..... Look forward to seeing you COMPETE in 2021!!!!

    61. Landon Moses

      Hard break bud, every where here around Dallas that I fished has been hard. Fight the good fight my brother iam cheering and praying for you. Remember favor ain’t fair 😂.

    62. Andrew Phoa

      Good luck on the upcoming tournament!!!

    63. Derek Nail

      You got this bro...you got the skills...just gotta be resilient & the Elite invitation is yours! Anticipate, Integrate, DOMINATE!

    64. Matthew Hairell

      6th Sense Hyper Jerk is catching them for me right now size and numbers! The Rayburn purple color!

    65. David Vang

      Good Luck Scott keep up the hard work and never stop always striving to be better hope you are have a bless day stay safe and healthy.

    66. Smashers Bait Co

      I will be watching on the lake

    67. Yorger Mujica

      Hey Scott have a question every when you really change your bait when you don’t have any bite or is not really good day I saw that on your last video but it show to fast


      Oh and by the way i fished this weekend and caught 80 bass in 3 days fishing those rock piles and structure and grass. I fished the BASS MASTER tournment at Hartwell as well spots were out deep large mouth were shallow.

    69. Perry Flowers

      You got this Scott. Keep your head down. The Elites are calling!


      Hey Scott, spots are on the rock piles, large mouth are in the grass and some rock piles. stay on the main lake and secondary points and find some structure and you will catch them.

    71. Nathan Traylor

      Good Luck!

    72. Foggy Bottom BBQ

      Good luck Scott and the rest of the house. Get it done and move on to the Elites!!

    73. Fishing the LoneStar

      Lewisville is tough all the time!!

    74. Tanner Cobb

      Love the content and study your videos to make me a better fisherman. My school is starting our first fishing team here in south GA in January at Seminole. We’re trying to do fundraisers and things to raise money and help with gas and hotel expenses. It’s $100 to get a logo on our jersey and I would love to have SMC on it. If you’re interested please contact me. Good luck at your next tournament. I’m pulling for you 👊🏻

    75. Cole Lakely

      Lay will definitely fish a lot better than Lewisville! Enjoy the coosa spots and healthy largemouth we have here. And don’t forget current current current !!!

    76. Kip Wright

      Good luck and finish strong

    77. Ryan Rich

      you should hit up the railroad

    78. Warren Farmer

      I think your doing fine just keep on trucking everyone has bad luck this time of year.

    79. Jessie Mayes

      Keep your head up boss! Enjoy your videos and honesty. Can’t wait to see you in the Elites next year!

    80. john bennett

      Good luck Scott!!!

    81. silly guy

      If anyone in the world should be in the elites its you Scott. No matter what happens in the opens.

    82. Lumpiest of Coles

      Awesome video Scott!!! Keep up the great work in the tournament you’re doing great 👍👍👍

    83. silly guy

      I fished a regional on lake lanear in October. I qualified thru the gator division. I weighed in one fish in two days. It really hurts.

    84. Cameron Cardwell

      Scott I live here in DFW area and that is the last lake on my list to ever even waste gas money on lol

    85. katiedid713926

      Good luck!!

    86. Kenny Witek

      Good luck at lay! Finish it out!

    87. jacob berryhill

      Was it worse than Cherokee

    88. printertom80

      I cant believe how much Im invested in seeing you bring a Classic 🏆 home to the Martin family! Get dialed in Scott an Good luck.

    89. Rick Frazier

      With all the great bass lakes in Texas how did Lake Louisville get that event ?


      You need to watch old videos of what other pros do for this time of the year. Lure selection,retrieve speed. Etc. Shaw Grigsby to hank Parker,bill dance etc if you have em on speed dial I’d be calling someone. It’s not where you were fishing but how. Fish 🎣 may have been their it’s what you were doing. Skrrrr put the breaks on. Fish 🎣 here in Arkansas won’t even bite might dead slow fishing rake it across their nose. Need scent spray by gulp that stuff works if they smell your hands see the line go by a tackle store get gulp shad,to crawfish 🦞 you want a winter feeding pattern spray away from the boat mist is fine if not windy stream if it is. Or dip in a zip lock or spray. So about every twelve casts spritz

    91. Michael Cobb

      Would have loved to been able to finally meet my favorite pro fisherman at Lewisville. Couldn't make it, my son had his highschool tournament.

    92. Michael Cobb

      Scott Lewisville has some big bass ! Fall season can sometimes be tough in Texas

    93. GreenPig Hunter

      Goodluck. Just got fish slower faster and pick spots apart while standing on the TM.

    94. Tc

      Gooseberry ha ha

    95. Ron & Becky Beasley

      Scott you and your father are my idols. And can’t forget Jimmy Houston. I love your videos. A DT 6 in Fire Tiger color is perfect. I’ve been killing them on it. Good luck.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man👊🏻

    96. m s

      Next time just call jimmy houston Say help me what can i do. Ha.

    97. Dave carothers

      The 20/20 on the lake was great love that don't be so hard on yourself it was a tough Fishery.

    98. Marvin Pippig

      Hi Scott, don’t let it get you down. Just keep doing the best as you can. We all have faith in you. Good luck on your tournament and God Bless you.

    99. Carolina Lunker Seekers

      Good Luck on Lay Lake Scott. Shake off Lewisville & ROCK the Bama Waters!

    100. jhon doe

      How you like that Yamaha sho