How AMONG US took over the World (with murder).

Andrei Terbea

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    Among Us has recently gone from little known indie game - to worldwide phenomenon in just a few months. From 50 concurrent players to 3 million. While we're all enjoying the entertainment side of the game, I wanted to also take a look at the lessons we can draw from the journey of the developers - InnerSloth, a small team of just three people who, not too long ago, were barely getting by trying to keep the game alive. It's a fascinating case study that I think is worth taking a look at.
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    1. Andrei Terbea

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      1. aurelia Macioi

        @Tanvir Mahtab Vlad = the Fear of the Turks

      2. jazzer aguilar


      3. Tanvir Mahtab

        @aurelia Macioi what does it mean??

      4. aurelia Macioi

        @Tanvir Mahtab Vlad the impalar mod

      5. Tanvir Mahtab

        @aurelia Macioi I am a Pakistani

    2. Bionic System5

      Among us

    3. toastcake1501 budiman

      But if there is only 4 crewmates that mean 1 imposter

    4. Lprcn!2

      Among us wrecked the growth of fall guys

    5. Mister Sleepyhead

      Me: Reads thumbnail “do you have 90 Minutes?”

    6. ChocoEnrico

      That was a pretty good sponge bob impression

    7. MrUnknownYT

      It’s Mafia but with Weird people

    8. Maaviah animation's

      (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

    9. Specimen 42

      "Corporate wants you to tell the difference between these 2 pictures" *Among us man and Bernie Sanders* "They're the same picture."

    10. Noel Salumbides


    11. iamkulit1 CS

      You also need to account for Henry Stickmin. A full collection of the games and a sequel were released in 2020, and that probably helped people notice what Puffballs was working on

    12. Brayden Nakamura

      Among us, the game that breaks more friendships then uno.

    13. Munkhjargal Amarsanaa

      me: white must vented from electrical to security but if i was an impostor i just literally vent to medbay but i still gonna get suspected *big brain 10k iq moment but i still lose

    14. Marcelino_195

      I began playing among us last year with my friends

    15. Yongjin Nam

      One youtuber in South Korea presented it , and got VERY famous in South Korea. Also Inner Sloth even said thanks to Korea, our game could be famous. Just adding a interesting information

    16. ph b


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    18. Selena Ashdjian

      Wow I like this man

    19. lay lay brown

      What about Henry Stickmin?

    20. Lysander Reign Masangcay

      Saying suspicious:📉 Saying sus cuz you don't know how to spell suspicious:📈

    21. orca_whale123

      No offense, but it's kinda overrated. But I like it.

    22. Cap Oscar Izaguirre

      Nobody believes me but I started playing Among Us about a month before it became popular

    23. daniel dias

      Suspicious 😒👎 Sus 😁👍

    24. Inky Gamer

      Oh no! Impostor is gonna kill us on rl (real life)

    25. Louis Torres

      Lmao o shit who’s the bum @3:23 he looks a greaseball or very moist

    26. NA Boi

      Me: *sees this in my recommend* no shit

    27. cjn truking

      why are there so many dislikes?!?!

    28. Annika 111

      I feel like brawlstars, Tiktok, Musically and now Among us took over the world and disappears after one or two jears

    29. nikuchi nii

      I really kinda want you to shout out toast hahahahahah

    30. Toopienator

      When peoplw still forget that Henry Stickmin partially helped Among Us become so popular due to it being made by the same dev team (or at least 1/3 of it).

    31. FrostyyOnIce

      among us in 2020: STONKS

    32. Im not the only one To remember

      I hate among us for its community

    33. Ali Rabah

      Among us has in its community a shit ton of dipshits

    34. Itz Jared

      forte:(speaks) DAts Charles man thats charles

    35. koen duizer

      My classmates play among is during online class......

    36. AngryEgg Eggy

      imo I think Among Us has its sudden success mostly on Henry Stickmin, mainly the new finale of the series that came out a few months ago. After that game was published, many people of the HS community decided to try out Inner Sloth’s slowly failing game, Among Us, and they were hooked. Afterwards, it was only a matter of time until Among Us spread like wild fire.

    37. CosmicX

      never really liked among us, got boring super fast. people just use it for views now. shame as it's literally all some channels post anymore.

    38. roux man

      *is in a aparment * there is a covid carrier among us

    39. AK Bears

      When someone says your sister and you try to defend yourself:6ggt7c6rx6ftfsxwg6g6yg776y7swx7ygy7ggywe7xyvswwysvxwdgyewgegews7gxys7wyggyswxgyewxygyge7ewygxwsgwehuey8hweyg8ygsed7yv7yvedy8hedwedwuhe2ygdy8v2edy7v2ey7ve2dvy72dwuydeuyvewxweiyvd7yvy7e2dge7yd2gewd7yv2de7yve2d7yge2ygd7weygdy7gdeweywgudwededwhuvhvhuvuhvwexhvwxevye2vewxywexswvxswxuhvvuyexy7vewxwyvexvuyewxyugewdew7ygdey626yxeh86e2d6e6g7ygcygy7gddygwyd7gwdyvuyvvyuwexyg7wegud7ygwyggy7xdwhyewxewbyybewyibewxuhywsyihhyswguyswysw7gydw7gy7gxewyuvdweuygewxyuvyveex2huvhvsxwyuvewxyugewxvyuweduyevyuvewdhewewdvuewewhuvwyuebuyyigwegyixewy7he2xby77yhyhyyubuybexexibuu8u3hdhdhhw3y3yrrggdhd8733hhds829qjew gun build H6XD E2D7yguhed2d2wdd26

    40. NoName Studios

      when tf did earth have a bone?

    41. waffles Ivo

      Ho else has played among us in 2018

    42. Thot Patrol USA

      You can’t spell sus without us

    43. Fishywishy

      The school I go to has a bunch of grades (preschool to 8th grade to be exact) and the 1st,2nd, and 3rd grades all have to learn sewing and embroidery. I know this because when you have extra time the school let’s you go help the little kids or atleast they did before COVID and I’ve helped the kids sew and get the like cloth into the circle thingy idk how to embroider but yeah thought it a little fun fact and it is a bit strange that they make them all learn to sew and stuff.

    44. Maya Samson

      Im new to the channel and i wanna know what is up with that angry purple bird

    45. Aryan Zayaf Ahmed Playz

      I just realized that in Among Us u have to stay away from players and we need to social distense!! it lines up!!


      Never knew Puffballs was part of InnerSloth.

    47. Tanvir Mahtab

      Yt rewind among us :)

    48. Lieutenant BaconWaffles

      Actually playing this game < Watching KGuprs like CallMeKevin troll people in this game.

    49. vito pasco

      Only veterans will remember sus jokes

    50. EvilGamerGirl シ

      I thought it was 1-3 imposter and 3-9 crewmates

    51. TheBabuClip 12345


    52. Henry- Tornado-Chaser

      Andrie Terbia Make a Henry Stickmin Collection video!

    53. Among Us King

      I got a ad from among us while watching this video

    54. Red

      I see my face in the thumbnail, I CLICK! simple...

    55. Sama Luna

      I hate Among Us. If it’s psychological, I am never playing it again!

    56. Aliyna Sophia Rose

      Now I wanna go get my friends to make a game program. 😂

    57. Masitah Bahairudin

      always enjoy the whole video but my favourite part is the ending of the video. soooo cuteee

    58. Gletch

      among us origin in animation?? I AM IN!!!

    59. Anonymous

      Fun fact: i was the 59th player of among us, and i stopped playing it! :D

    60. JEFF景恒

      Among us memes are rising......

    61. Not_Teqxs

      I have seen these type of games ages ago yet this one gets popular overrated game

    62. Delta 05

      Among us : Exist 2020:heres a revival

    63. Sven Lodder

      I player the game before it became populair, I liked the game more when less people played it.

    64. Ananya Pandey roll no-06

      Andrei should play among us with me plzzzz

    65. Diamond-Ros Pungs

      Quiz: what devices can you play on? 1: phone 2: computer 3: both

    66. Ian Mcmillan

      4:44 That sound effect got me copyright striked. I hope Andrei doesn't get copyright striked either.

    67. Vanessa Roman

      Trump:plays among us without knowing how to play it Also Trump:calls emergency meeting Trump: vote Trump Whole server: votes out trump Trump:well that didint go to plan

    68. Vanessa Roman

      Fall guys:joins among us servers Among us:joins same server servers also Among us: calls emergency meeting Among us: vote fall guys Fall guys was the imposter

    69. Bruce Wayne

      One thing I know for sure about this game is that the Crewmates are more Dangerous

    70. Nobody Is Nobody?

      Innersloth is a legend, they created 2 games that blew up

    71. nikoloz mamulashvili

      ou new yiutooz hah nice

    72. Marce Quin

      I actually started playing among us before it got popular man it was so fun when mirror HQ came out

    73. Gunner

      Can someone please explain why the earth has a bone in it?! *PLEASE!?!*

    74. Wesley smith

      3:46 *sad cod black ops cold war noises

    75. Shadow Demon

      among gus hahahaha XD its among us not among gus

    76. Val Espinoza

      I mean I would love a sequel of among us

    77. Ioana Nistor

      Îmi place ca un roman a devenit asa popular :) continua tot astaaa💞

    78. ILOVE Dezmemes

      O u have a utooze

    79. Antonio Huertas

      1:40 I see what you did there! The crewmates have the colors and their order as the Romanian flag!

    80. WhatsGet

      Everyone is gonna be Liars and Smart Later on

    81. Doddy Feryanto

      among us mins diantara kita

    82. Ann Howard

      Toe reveal at 3 mil

    83. Tien Tran

      fun fact: among us is made in united states

    84. Jordan Kursioski

      The word sus

    85. Geek Witch Nails

      What I like about it is the intense bite sized social interaction that you have playing the game with strangers.

    86. chris s

      The game is already dead in 2 months

    87. spyrtse x

      Look i'm not lying I playes among us around the start of 2019. In that year there were no players. If you found a game you were lucky back then.

    88. Ibrahim Nouman

      Ah the end noodle dance

    89. John Zavier

      The game became so popular even i downloaded it.

    90. Denizo

      it's like ttt

    91. toxicocomelonfan • 19 years ago

      Oki no offense but why was half the video of u explaining and the other half is just u reading reddit memes like u kinda trying to hit the 9+minute mark

    92. justakidontheweb

      Make a video about the short lifespan of Fall guys

    93. Liam Hogan


    94. Eri -Chan

      Among us taught me if you have friends they well backstab you in the game :)

    95. Daniel Le

      So no one are going to mention that Kaif and the Salt Raiders played and kept the game alive all the way back in december 2019? Before all the other streamers started playing it.

    96. Cloner Loner


    97. ArkiveLikesMilk

      Meanwhile hamlinz, dae and myth viewers using sus since the ice age

    98. Sakchham Ok

      .  。    •   ゚  。   .   .   •   。   .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • RED WAS NOT AN IMPOSTER

      1. doliio volay

        thank you!

    99. Marcio Herobrine

      I started playing among us on january 2019 and now i feel special

      1. toxicocomelonfan • 19 years ago

        My sis played among us in 2018 or 2019 she quit because it took so long for her to join a full lobby because not many ppl were in among us

      2. doliio volay

        trailers yet but I have high hopes

    100. 9dohhead

      How among us came popular is how Minecraft got popular