Jeezy Aint Taking No Chances Got Shooters On Both Sides After Seeing Gucci Mane Strapped Up


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      Girl Starts Her Own Label “2PF” After Lil Baby Refuses To Sign Her 😂

      1. laughsmash

        good move, in this day and age you dont need a "deal". That just turns you into a slave and you can never repay the label, they own you, your words and your likeness.

    2. William Reed

      Damn sho did win jeezy 4💯💪🏾

    3. Ro Digga

      "The one's that hate me the most look just like me" -Jack Harlow

    4. Julio Jones

      Iamhealed #thankyouAllah

    5. Boomer Brazed

      Stay strapped stay strapped

    6. rodboi Jones

      Thas how BOSSES move!!, people aint trynna go out like what happend to tupac.

    7. NetWork Production

      Both had security with guns how ever you wanna put it.

    8. 90061GOD


    9. Gotti Kush

      All fake all show if ya only knew 😂

    10. Axel Najera

      These 2 clowns make me laugh Jeezy n Gucci r 🗑

    11. Charles Anthony Clark

      Bunch of groupies what I see.

    12. Vaughn Bennett

      Chappa time chap chap ....who did that song....why you need choppers if are friends now...?...asking for a friend.

    13. Travis Graham

      Wait a minute.......jeezy had police escorts? Damn. Guess gucci was right. He is "the truth."

    14. Trauma Fan page

      “Attention family listening up “ just drop some new 🔥 ima need at least 1 person to hit this link

    15. Eu Bell

      They nervous and afraid but that pride 😂😂😂😂😂

    16. Cobydking


    17. teamjohnson100

      Lol JEEZER

    18. lanies world

      Have to move smart

    19. Nemesis THE TAURUS

      What song is that playing at 1 min?

    20. Franklin Evans

      Who is we? Nigga u wasn't on stage. U didn't make those hits. Jeezy did

    21. Daniel Chaidez

      Yo was that Daz from doggpound at the ending.

      1. The Freaky Robber

        Wasn't no damn Daz nigga 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    22. Tayvon Ray

      Gucci got this nigga that scared 😂😂😂You Tried to kill him

    23. Mateen Quwi

      both them dudes was nervous had a 100 guns with a hunnit clips ready

    24. Purch Mansell

      What’s the name of the song at 0:58, please?

    25. Drew matteo

      "go dig ya partna up homie bet he cant say shit" -BiG GuWoP

    26. Joe Adams

      Can y'all please stop this??!!. Wop and Snow already ended the beef. They buried it!! Stop trying to dig it back up!!!!

    27. Stan Marsh

      This industry beef sooooooo fake

    28. Jr Perez

      No matter how many niggaz you put inbetween you and your mission....a real killer will get you.

    29. Throne Talk Tv

      They try to act like Jeezy got bitched cus he took the high rode for a bigger cause but I see he ain’t come to play & he caught a body musically he was ready the f** s**

    30. Deundravious Dunlap

      Ik jeezy comin wit the 05’ shi

    31. Brandon Brown

      Did he play any of shorty red shit on the verses?!? 😂

    32. I’m Him

      I TELL YOU WHAT !!! Even tho they said it was all love after the performance of “So Icy” if they were to ever get together and go on tour or anything, you will see top armed security looking like the SWAT team guarding both of them like the president. They both got more HATERS then they ever had before all bc they put their differences to the side like grown men bc all their so called fans know is them beefing and not getting money together. BTW to all the young rappers stop trying to be the tuff guy y’all making so much money it wouldn’t hurt to pay for security to protect yourself at all cost so you can go home to your family, this how yall need to be protected y’all have a platform now and not just a random person in people eyes now, and not guarded by your so call friends, people of your own color don’t wanna see you win. Pay attention.

    33. Keeping it Real

      No matter what anyone does if it's your time god will take you no matter what and who you got around u

    34. Roshawn Harrington

      If we’re being honest Jeezy won that Verzuz off Bottom Of The Map, All There and Get Ya Mind Right.

    35. JayPCola24

      This channel tells the biggest lies and manipulate situations! Y’all cut a scene out of a spot Jeezy went to when he was dressed up and caught him saying “he was a lil paranoid on the way over here.” (That shit was from something else) y’all mix it in with his verse battle after party smh.... yall post the fakest shit bruh on god!

    36. Chris Finley

      Sounds like willie lynch letter being played out on the masses bro vs bro=white man new beach mansions

    37. ScoopBaby Motivation

      If your a music artist like me always have protection because you never know who's out to get you essentially when your in the public EYE it can be 1,000,000 good people in the club but it only takes one to End the Whole Night so for all the Music artist out there and movie star's Protect yourself at all times for the good only and Jeezy and Gucci I know they go way back but I would like to see them do music again iist like G-Unit we need more Unity not it's to much segregation out here time for everybody to come together I mean I though we was in The United states of America you know and lookong forward to doing music with you both all business baby.God bless❤

    38. Tyrah Moody

      Jeezy put the original hit out... So, why would Gucci come lite weight... and Jeezy know the burden he carry so he was kinda spooked... Let’s be real...

      1. Roshawn Harrington

        Jeezy is the one who invited Gucci to do the Verzuz so how was he spooked? Make it make sense lmao

    39. Edwrx 413

      Snaw man won..

    40. PJ/ Sonic/Bangaz

    41. Jeffery Stewart

      That was Gucci that had security not BIG SNOW....

    42. Gee Jones

      Who want to live like this???? No peace of mind, millions ain't shit w out it

    43. Respect Love

      No Jeezy got police on both sides

    44. Gordon Jones

      I miss 80’s hip hop so saddd 3 d = dumb, detrimental, just plain dumb again 💔🖤

    45. Chris Williams

      Hey, I know it don't really matter much from me but Jeezy, Your my f----in hero! Kobe was my everything, and you somehow willed your way to the top!! Brother, you are the absolute truth!!!! That's it!! From everybody! I know that Gucci is a grown mature man now and Is good as well. Thank you for all of your works. Sincerely, Joe Barnes. Don't listen to the others on this one, You guys are fine. That's what Gucci originally said, you know he just standing for himself, he has to do something, You made him a happy man today! But most importantly a guy from Cincinnati that you made life worth living and gave me another role model again when even Barack Obama let me down with inconsistencies. You and Gucci are on something way bigger then that! You are literally saving men's lively hood! God Bless YOU brother. Love Joe. I wish someday you will get a heroes recognition. Even Gucci said that one-day to me. He has to say and do something, and you have to be patient and listen! One time back then you said God may need me to take P. Duffy's shoes, he could get sick or even worse. You were always Presidential. Thank you for being a hero! Love that Ferrari!!! 3 million!!! You make my bro's over at DDE jealous!! Lol. And thank you All Urban Central! Great as always! My favorite as well! But your making real good men out if us! Don't ever give up, don't ever give up! Your what's next!

    46. Casino 88

      Keep voting blue in Atlanta after while they’ll be taking all your guns away and defund the police.... so like jeezy would say “and then what??”

    47. Go To


    48. Go To

      Shooters are security

    49. Marcus Tyner

      Nice Covid 19 party!!!🤔

    50. Young Among

      Smoking on pookie Loc all night

    51. Dj Air Alert

      That’s how we need to protect our people against these racist kkk supporters.

    52. juan preciado

      It’s all for the cameras , real niggas get shit done in silence ..

    53. The Gooch

      The funny shit to me is when Jeezy played all there Gucci almost sung the shit Gucci be listening to jeezy

    54. Master Hurd

      I kno thats right shid

    55. Sam Driver

      “I got a bag full off white 8 balls and I ain’t going golfing” jeezy takes the piss !!

    56. Robin Taylor

      1:12 #DazDillinger

    57. Wafe God

      Larry Johnson got the security not Gucci or Jeezy.

    58. Del Coburn

      Gucci won that battle hands down

    59. eddie martin


    60. Moneyshawn Slatt

      Big snow ⛄️

    61. John Doe

      Jezzy homeboy need to Stand Down... That's the PROBLEM now, a member out these Rappers Crew Always speaking outta PLACE... Keep your opinion off the Media Let jezzy and Gucci speak on they on shit without the homeboy gassing up sum FUCK SHIT.... Let them have ✌️

    62. Josie V

      Clout chasers will shoot you just for their mugshot to go viral. These new dudes are weird 😑

    63. Theo White

      That's why they got security Wish It didn't have to be that way

    64. Isaiah Millican

      Jeezy use to pop up in other rappers cities that deep walking they block 💯

    65. Jay El Drippa

      If y’all think Jezzy and Gucci cool now, y’all smoking dope...if someone wanted you dead at 1 point, would you be stupid enuff to be “cool”....Jeezy walking around paranoid for a reason

    66. M Dude

      That shit wasnt rhat serious. These niggas just did old ass songs

    67. Cannabis World

      So much fake xanax out there. Get FDA approved xanax from


      Feel Like Nas When These 2 Are Mentioned Cause Itz Like"I Borrowed From Both Them Nggaz" #LastRealNggaAliveTwlk Get Hip'd 👓🤔🤔😶😶💯💪🏾💪🏾

    69. Troll Mode

      Both always had shooters so nothing new...SMH

    70. lele g

      Grown azz men needs to grow up🤣😂

    71. Misterbfam412

      I think we actually figured out who won

    72. T.I.M. TimeIsMoney

    73. Christian Lambert

      Jeezy washed Gucci

    74. Chi Fhaaji

      Christ is the first MOB BOSS. And our Lord is still mobbin. The rest countafeitin!!!

    75. J Wave

      This shit is WRESTLING 🤣🤣🤣 industry so damn fake lol

    76. Rejus Flippant

      I see more cameras and designer shit 🧐

    77. Jonathan Elam

      Jeezy had those real gangstas on his side. Gucci had niggas that was 4yrs old when he and jeezy had beef 20yrs ago. That’s what was funny to me. You literally had lil boys with you. Smh but yes jeezy won that last night hands down. I don’t care what nobody says.

    78. Malcolm Roberts

      C19 everywhere

    79. The Observer

      Is this where a Rappers got shot in the back of the head in broad daylight after being chased on the Interstate by a guy in sagging pants?

    80. Jay Clemons

      That’s why Gucci ain’t get his lick back after 20 years. Jeezy is that dude.

    81. Michael CT grows

      Jeezy should be in prison felons are not allowed to be around guns how these convicted rapper felons have armed people around them and they don’t get charged is crazy # nosecurityforgangsterrappers. Live like u rap put ur own work in jeezy don’t hide behind security remember ur gangster!

    82. Shawn Webb

      We have the power to change you have to want it let them envy us instead of envying other people and then you will see who is your true enemy..btw that thug Life tough guy act is old now move on didn't work then not working now

    83. Random Goodies by W.E.S

      Jeezy got dem mac town niggas on his side. And I stayed there for 7 months. Let me tell you...... Them boys don't fuck around down there.

    84. Israel Grace

      Moving forward

    85. light canales

      Winn by HELping.. Someone othee then yourself........ Stop the bull shitt please

    86. Donta Whittiker

      The difference between having "shooters" vs "police escort/security" is a murder case. Just ask Snoop

    87. Cheki Hill

      KGup. Cheki Hill

    88. Cheki Hill

    89. Negus6

      Both of them are high profile rappers not tryna slip no way

    90. YungHeze

      Jeezy keeps a gun on him at all times

    91. WhY NoT


    92. Visual Mastermind Jc Vevo

      Gucci was Ready for All them niggas He had 5+ cars 2 gaurds each dracos associated all urban must got paid by jeezy but aint buy his album 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    93. Kevin in Sales

      Jeezy did not win that .. now if he would’ve played 24/23 song then yeah .

      1. Rocky Williams

        Jeezy definitely won that..fair

    94. Lamar Coupe

      When have they gone anywhere without security. And nothing tragic happen so it turn out to be a great night.

    95. Vonnie HOD


    96. Gee Bee

      Everybody was deep think about it how many rappers was shot or killed in the last month

    97. Chanel_Sikz

      That man roll like that damn near everywhere....quit painting these lame ass narratives

    98. Ray Esc

      Jeezy A Boss Bangin That Shit Since 05 Ina 05 Austin Texes Don Souf Shit

    99. Thomas Jefferson

      It's lonely at the TOP can't trust nobody

    100. Lynne R

      Corona ses pool