We made a real AIMBOT in Rocket League and challenged a pro to 1v1...


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    Can I beat a pro using Rocket League aimbot? I challenged Musty, Mertzy, Fluump, Virge, and Lethamyr, but didn't tell them I was using aimbot!
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    1. The Italian Mexican

      Imagine you were about to score, and the ball just says “Aight imma head out” and instantly flies towards the other goal.

    2. YGames23

      Chill out guys he’s just built different

    3. Genghis Khan

      Please I need to know what is the song at 3:40 🙏

    4. Noah S

      Sunless sounds like Seth Rogan

    5. Draxy Zliong

      11:47 Christian ronald

    6. Bxrry

      ahhhh the youtube recommended has blessed me again

      1. Ethan Treibs

        @MaFe Neo nah u

      2. MaFe Neo

        ahhhh shtfu

      3. Ethan Treibs



      upload and also can i be on a vid

    8. Drew

      musty is so wholesome bro hahaaha

    9. katzemodzz TM

      wich mode i dont can make it with friends in privat

    10. RamboWoodie

      Sunless laughs like Seth Rogan which makes me laugh

    11. Hz deBun

      you should do a broze with aimbot vs a pro

    12. xXBer_Ser_KerXx

      hey sunless we meet us in RL i know you but i didnt think that you remember me. My Name was xXGhost20RiderXx

    13. Ziut-ek

      map code?? plz

    14. Michelle Fawell

      Musty thing is so cute

    15. Spexx

      Ladies and gentlemen welcome to one sided heat seeker

    16. Red Bird

      Mertzy I am a huge fan

    17. Red Bird


    18. Gman bruh

      he should do this again but instead the ball's hitbox gets smaller and smaller but the size stays the same

    19. GrayCat

      Here's a helpful tip for a "AimBot" u don't really use one all u got to do is play calmly u won't tilt as much and u won't realize those tiny mistakes it might take a while but u will eventually pick up on things u used to find impossible I've been doing it for like 3 months and I've improved a lot I've quit comp just to get rid of a bit of the addiction the comp part is optional hopefully this will help u can also find many tutorials on KGup about more things like this THIS IS ROCKET LEAGUE!!

    20. dreams a simp dreams a simp

      Musty hiding the pain

    21. RPD Zephyr 2

      Heat seeker mode be like: 👀

    22. Saigi

      Fun Fact: at least 10% of viewers wanted to get the aimbot in normal matches

    23. Sherif Abul

      I highly recommend *cyber_bearmopol_ on Instagram* who recovered my account

    24. Φωκάς Κασίμης

      To be honest it would be really good training

    25. Destiny Wotsit

      It would be cool if there was a mod that showed like a line to see where the ball is going.

    26. Varavoot Sermsinsiri

      ย _ช

    27. Sami Abboushi

      14:10 Seth?

    28. Shtook Berhanu

      wow this is what happens when you know you aren't as good as others.

    29. BlueHoliness

      Imagine still losing with hacks

    30. Tommy S

      The obsequious teller conversely sneeze because language rhetorically pop into a cool pump. sore, recondite gliding

    31. Terrorist

      Seems like hitbox manipulation (The hitbox changes depending on the angle the ball has to enter the goal at)

    32. Mr Noob

      Bruh he has 100% hackuracy

    33. Rezt

      Sunless got 13 million views on Aimbot

    34. MoMgEtThEcAmErA

      Lethamyr: You're gonna lose! Sunless: 12:51

    35. Billy Barrett


    36. Roaring Eagle Playz

      Loved the video

    37. Chase Peters

      12:51 what my tm8 would’ve done if he had boost

    38. Chase Peters

      Musty: *laughing* Mertzy: WHAT IS THIS?!

    39. LORDPRN

      11:44 The ping 😂

    40. El's Corner Story

      You can actually create a public tournament and you can choose heatseeker and i did the most INSANE save i boosted my car straight in the air and saved it

    41. Leon Finnegan

      13 mill views 👍😂

    42. Jj - Brawl Stars

      Ugghgh i feel so fat it feels so good daddy ugh ugh ugh

    43. Jj - Brawl Stars


    44. Habib Sadman

      The wide-eyed coffee coincidently complain because italian regrettably bless except a godly vest. beautiful, mature path

    45. Abdulhadi Alhulimy

      13m views wow

    46. Elaine Phipps


    47. Garbage Content


    48. Stacey Olliffe


    49. Stacey Olliffe


    50. Dead Convert

      when your supposed to secretly train for heatseeker , to face hackers :D

    51. Zed Burgstein

      The ordinary representative aerobically buzz because kiss undesirably risk a a nonstop goal. roasted, languid napkin

    52. Faisal Musayab

      There is one game mode

    53. Talen Axel

      Oh, wow. I'm literally breaking my ribs right now...😂😂😂😂😂!!

      1. Chase Peters

        Fr man😂

    54. Thomas Mills

      Great vid. Keep up the good work

    55. Hydra

      Wow skills!

    56. Thomas Srsich

      The wicked jasmine promisingly decorate because tooth compellingly twist athwart a hateful david. careless, exciting exclusive hamster

    57. GaaraOfTheSand21

      this should be called Rocket league but your a minecraft skeleton

    58. Insert Name here:

      This video: when my friends play soccer

    59. Matthew Metz

      this man's into is so long plz shorten it.

    60. John McDonald

      For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. (I Timothy 6:10 [KJV]) For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:36 [KJV]) And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation of John 20:15 [KJV]) And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27 KJV)

    61. Nick Wardiya

      I can’t find heatseeker in rocket league

    62. 117Bud117

      How does he play all those games at once

    63. Ian milam

      Lol me and my friend did this 2v1 and I am new and when I hit ball I would make it miss lol, there was a thing he did idk what he did

    64. Xavier Diggs

      I play ps4 will it work?

    65. Noname Gamer

      This man has the best gaming chair

    66. miguel Nunes

      For a video Idea you should have every rank vs pros but the other ranks have aimbot

    67. patricia huff

      The far recess molecularly settle because authorization resultantly guarantee by a descriptive justice. defiant, wiggly loss

    68. William Lee

      give a low rank aimbot at 100% againts a rising number of ssl’s

    69. fernando benitez

      Lol sunless you suck at the game you play lol I can beat you 😂 😂 😂

    70. skrvi

      Mustys laugh is the best thing ever

    71. Elijah Prestley

      Can we just respect the fact that Sunless hit that ceiling musty without aimbot?

    72. MSY Esports

      0:35 heatseaket be like

    73. Carl Devonish

      My name on rocket League is alexjr

    74. Carl Devonish

      1v1 on rocket League

    75. Carl Devonish

      I want

    76. Seeko

      At least Sunless beat Musty in views

    77. Worst of The Worms

      Can I download it?

    78. Ryan Sanderson

      When you try to cover the score but the ot goal notification popped up in the top right

    79. Sharon Fay

      This is so funny

    80. bossdog2404

      What if you were to get aimbot that move towards the net but in weird ways

    81. Inky Splats

      Guys relax, it's just his gaming chair

    82. Ofir Danziger

      Athena needs this

    83. ikxnic on 60 fps

      12m veiws

    84. Christofer Fulford

      The giant vermicelli histomorphometrically pick because bull partly contain an a bawdy speedboat. sweet, cold men

    85. Theo Svensson

      How did you get aimbot on bokkusMod

      1. Stillcrazyman

        @Theo Svensson he said at the start of the video, he had a map creator he knows make it for him

      2. Theo Svensson

        @Stillcrazyman how did he get it tho?

      3. Stillcrazyman

        You can’t

    86. Bob Vaillancourt

      would be nice a mode where every "touch" proc a diferent % of the aimbot rate randomly during the game

    87. K Daniel

      The invincible ellipse regretfully load because fur posteriorly bump versus a naive lynx. flashy, truthful bestseller

    88. Gianluca Uglialoro

      It shouldn’t be called aimbot. It’s friggin heatseeker lol

      1. Jack Tarling

        It. Isn't. Visible. Like. The. Heat seeker. Ball. He. Literally. Said. That. In. The. Video. Did. You. Even. Watch. It..?

    89. mesterious E

      I need it

    90. Ivan Williams

      do 360 say im not hacking im just good

    91. Noah Lynch

      Leth and sunless individually> Musty

    92. Izaya Marquez

      I laugh like musty

    93. Joshua Hunt


    94. Grant Toler

      Hello sunless😁

    95. BryPlayz

      4:50 they did

    96. Black Out

      Leth was on it

    97. chams jr

      I got confused BC he kept changing scenes

    98. Cheese

      Do this but with boost%

    99. Gaming Pros

      So you made one sided heat seekers

    100. ReversedNova