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    1. Natasha Reinking

      Cleveland is the best!!!!!

    2. Mark Mendoza Hernandez

      *rip kobe*

    3. Joseph Coup

      Who’s seeing this after Kobe died

    4. SaiaSaia

      Now that I think about it, there is no white guy that’s in the league with his own shoe😭😭😭🤦🏿

    5. beverly francis

      He is good!

    6. Hellbreakout



      Rip Kobe#248

    8. Art of She


    9. jx

      Loll it’s cus Durk is olddd LMAOOO

    10. Leon Cooksey

      I wish Gary owen got more recognition as a comedian. He's definitely underated and he's funny. But sidenote: Gary owen is one of those few white people who is automatically invited to the cookout anytime of the year without asking

    11. Anissa Cisneros

      Bounce bounce lay up, hey dad 😂😂😂

    12. Nick Hinson

      The dodge wind 😂😂😂 he gotta take it back in may im crying

    13. Rohini Guiland

      Hey black people can we keep Gary and just tell people he's light skinned and grew up in Alaska?


      R.i.p Kobe

    15. Bretz Washington


    16. Mike TooTall

      “Ion wanna fuck Precious no more” that joke hit differently when you really tired of fucking Precious😭😭😭😭

    17. Beast Mode

      Yo he keep it 100 tho lmaooo im weak w lebron and then kobe hahaha im dead

    18. Patrick M.

      "He gotta take it back in May" ahhhhh this dude is killing me.

    19. Billie Edwards

      Poor whites (who aren't racist), have great simularities to poor blacks, its just that generational, and programmed evil agenda of the main stream media like to keep us all at one another's throats. Owen's sort of represents that gap between the two groups of people I think. OKay, who else googled Maybach cars? Ya'll need to google that, you can get them custom made too. Sweet!

    20. Le Ba Vu

      Lmao this guy is too real... the car rental... he gets us

    21. Compton Locc

      Gary Owen a muthafckn G!

    22. 2Stoned 2Care

      Son: what a maybach dad? Dad: 'He gotta bring that back in May.. bad investment son.. 😂

    23. Gunkanjima

      Dirk da da

    24. SainnQ

      Damn why'd he have to blast Precious like that.

    25. Ryan C

      Dude said it was a Dodge Win 🤣🤣🤣

    26. Tweedy B

      Gary is way too comfortable with the black and white things, relax bruh!!

    27. mika berry

      We the people of the Black delegation are taking GARY OWENS! ... we’ll throw in Kevin Hart as a trade.

    28. Philthy GamingTV

      Some Dirk DaDa 😂😂😂 everyone in the hood used to rock DaDa back in the day

    29. Angie Jordan

      Him and Kanye need to keep Precious out they mouth. They ain't Shemar Moore or Tyson Beckford. These dudes kill me with that.

    30. Gina Jackson


    31. Ashlynn Cameron වොම්බල්ස් තරම්ම සැබෑයිකිඩෝ

    32. Earnest T Bass

      Subliminal race-baiting

    33. William Freeze


    34. Jp O


    35. Rob Mi

      This guy is like a 2 dimensional comedian. All he waffles on about is race, and 90% black and white jokes.

    36. TT Kallio-m

      gary owen is a funny modda fukka!

    37. Alex Isaacs

      He's a white uncle Tom 😂

    38. Jax hulk


    39. VS9050909

      Dude most of that crowd sucked his entire set.

    40. Cool tha Underdog

      Culture Vulture. And black folks embrace him

    41. Ashlynn Nicole

      Gary Owen is so underrated!!

    42. Randy Anderson

      I don't know Gary! Have you seen Precious lately? Empire got a BIG box of chocolates.

    43. ervin21dub

      You guys do know that most of the white players do have shoe deals right? Dirk, Steve Nash all the way back to the great white hope Keith Van Horne who's shoe commercials were heavily televised. They just don't talk about their deals like black players because it doesn't help them make any money.

    44. k smith

      Wtf does he try to talk hood smh.

    45. Quinn Cameron

      Rest In Peace Kobe 💛💜💛💜

    46. Adam A.

      Big facts about white nba players not having sneakers, as a black person I never thought about that, but it's hella tru.

      1. Adam A.

        @Godzilla Maybe not in basketball, but what about football. How come they don't got like a Payton Manning or Tom brady sneaker or some shit?

    47. Jesse Alexander

      He is right... white people need a shoe lol they are long overdue.

    48. TheGreat Roeski

      When’s a white guy gonna get a shoe😂😂😂😂😂 Took me out.

    49. Andrei Dinu

      I just heard him say his family cut ties with him because he liked black women. That should tell you he's not a culture vulture, he's just been living in it for so long. If his wife's family accepted him, why should anyone have a problem with that?

    50. 40 Cal

      RIP Kobe

    51. Brent James

      He gets a black card

    52. yougotservedyo

      damn Kobe died

    53. Bettyann Walker

      Dat nigga black

    54. Bettyann Walker


    55. David Aranjo

      Gary Owen is Ralphie May’s skinny brother...

    56. Lord Mao

      No more !!!

    57. Bunny


    58. Alec Mcjarison

      First of all, settle down

    59. agthaog1986

      R.I.P to the late great kobe bryant.... but that joke he made was spot on

    60. E. B.

      I'm on the floor😂😂😂

    61. BreezyGames

      R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

    62. red zen

      He stole this from the Dave Chappelle show.

    63. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

      You cant hate this guy he is hilarious man. 😂

    64. Louis Henton


    65. Mahesh Bhenchod

      Top 5 best black comedians of all time.

    66. Justin Everett-EL

      Street nigga


      Rip mamba

    68. Robert Toichi


    69. PAPA DAPA

      I've never experienced a white guy that made me feel out of place for being white. 😂 Feels like I'm walking in the wrong neighborhood or joined Lambda Lambda Lambda 😂. He's one of the best comics out there, and he loves being a mascot 😂

    70. Robert S550stang

      I'll take Kobe...... RIP !!!!!

    71. Rochelle M

      RIP Mamba. ♥️

    72. Sassy Green

      Everytime black people like sombody they dub them black .. naw he a white comic that's stupid funny period. He funny he knows how to tell jokes... enjoy just that

    73. Kevin Fitts

      3:36 did he get his own name wrong?

    74. Michael J

      This comedian is racist. He loves to talk about racism

    75. James Quadrozzi

      I didn’t even remotely smile at this

    76. Drew

      Hahaha and Kawhi got the first new balance deal hahahaha

    77. castine bridges

      I swear to God this Nigga so fukin funny to me by far my favorite comedian

    78. Ashante' S

      Where the fuck is my dad mom shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    79. Keepitreal Ali

      2020 Feb 21, this dude have mentioned everyone who was recently in the past news. Wade, James and. K.Bryant. R.I P. K. B

    80. KT7 Sporty

      anyone watching this after kobe passed?

      1. adam dowdyy


    81. raymond bonds

      R.i.p kobe some of us grow up without if not then most likely its a broken home

    82. L.K.T_

      Rip Kobe

    83. Najerea

      he nailed the Kobe hands on the knees chewing gum lol rest in power Kobe

      1. No One

        How is he gonna rest in power when he is fucking dead lol

      2. Lisette S.

        @Dan Gonzalez rest in power is one of the dumbest phrases of this generation.

      3. Dan Gonzalez

        Rest in power? Really??? Wow..... is it me or this is some racist stuff. U should say rest in peace lady because its respectful to him and his ancestors who prosper or suffered.

      4. Jon Poon

        Except Kobe wouldn’t be waving at his dad... his parents didn’t like Vanessa because of her race

      5. Elisa Farrell

        This joke would've hit different had ppl know 2020 was gone be this fucked up

    84. Yakison & SheAPantha

      😂😂 this guy is Hilarious Yo! 💯🔥

    85. Evan Martin

      Chuck Taylor is the white basketball player shoe

    86. Jamin Mitchell

      Rip kobe

    87. shannon osullivan

      Shit was funny. Don’t care about your race, spoke some real shit.

    88. Brandon Smith

      It's still funny but it's hard to hear that Kobe joke now. Rest in peace Black Mamba!

    89. Robert Brown

      Just listening to Gary Owens he sounds just like Kevin Hart.....Don’t know who copying who still but you definitely tell a similar speech pattern.

      1. Justin Duerr

        Gary's been doing stand up since the 80s, so if one of them is copying it'd be Kevin

    90. MZSLEVI

      ❤️ love this man he really need his own comedy show fr fr that’s 💯💯💯

    91. Miguel Duran

      Rip Kobe

    92. Dick Blunoff

      R.i.p Kobe and Gigi ... I’m not mad at Gary Owens

    93. Jacob Procter

      RIP Kobe...

    94. Dema M

      January 2020. R.I.P KOBE & GIANNA BRYANT. Such a tragic loss

    95. Mervyn Ramokgopa

      Gary Owen's please come do a tour of Africa I'm sure you will make a decent buck. South Africa Approves👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿🔥🔥🔥

    96. Daniel Sun

      Gary: It’s a dodge wind son. Yeah it’s that new shit😭😭 Son: But it has Maybach on the back of it Gary: yeah he gotta take it bach in may. Must’ve leased it in June.

    97. Mustang Sally

      He gets invited to the cookout!

      1. ds17x

        He been invited every since he married his wife 😂

    98. Get down Or Lay Down

      How have I been sleeping on this dude?! He’s funny af

      1. No Malice


    99. Xxxx Big Rich

      Truth and funny. Gotta love him😂✊🏾👏👏👏👏👏👏

    100. Chief So

      That dodge joke killed me😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣