Teen son of parents accused of murdering infant testifies | OH v. Groves | COURT TV


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    01/10/20 - DEFENDANTS' SON TESTIFIES: The teenage son of Daniel and Jessica Groves testified for the prosecution detailing the swelling and bruises he witnessed on his baby brother's head.
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    1. off to wonderland

      This happened in my town, my county, my state. I know the woman who fostered the infant before she was legally required give it back to these imbeciles. Fuck these parents, fuck the system that let them have the child back in the first place.

    2. Molissa Jordan

      How you sitting at the front and can’t hear someone someone talking into the damn mic. She needs to retire

    3. Rachel Berens

      Can someone tell me about the small device they are pressing on the table while someone is talking to them? I’m not familiar. Thanks.

    4. hyena hiena

      Poor kid having to see the baby be injured and not be able to do anything about it. Major tragedy.

    5. Lindsey Owen

      Disgraceful. That teenager was more clear and used a louder voice than anyone in the room. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what the urine was for. 😡 I know addicts that have stayed abstinent because the baby is more damn important! No excuse, poor kids.

    6. Nicholas Krozel

      How did that mother get pregnant? She’s like 60?!

    7. Bhron

      16:06 wtf is this question, she could have straight up said « they only want you to be happy »

    8. Alyssa Leigh

      The lady COULD HEAR! She was just DUMB AND TRIED CONFUSING HIM AND CONFUSED HERSELF! GOOD FOR THIS KID! I pray he lives a good life!

    9. Derek Armstrong

      He is 15 years old he’s not a fucking child, most people drive and have jobs at 15, I know I had a full time job a car and lived on my own by age 15... he’s not a CHILD

    10. Kim B

      This makes my heart and soul ache. I lost a beautiful son... to SIDS... he looked so similar to Dylan. I had to stop watching this. I would give my life to have MY son back. To hurt a baby ... is to mock pure life Shame on these "parents"

    11. Michel Dufenberg

      The lady asking questions is on steroids. She needs to relax.

    12. Ashley

      I'm just mad these parents got the nerve to act. Covering their face with tissue, looking down, looking sad but wiping no real tears. Thats a damn shame.

    13. MaryBerry

      This caption is SO misleading...

    14. Stuart Campbell

      The defence is shocking...asking ridiculous questions.

    15. Allyson Rice

      can’t they turn up the volume on the microphone? instead of interrupting him multiple times to tell him to speak up & making him repeat answers bc nobody could hear him?

    16. Sponge

      The brass balls of this lad.

    17. Christin Joy

      I didn’t care for either of those women speaking to that 15-year-old boy, they seemed very un put together and consistently kept asking the same question as if they needed hearing aids the size of football field...

    18. E B

      What is that button thing in front of the parents?

    19. Current Affairs Africa

      Parents should be arrested for child abuse, how did boy get the bruise?

    20. Mary

      RIP baby 👼😢

    21. Moony816

      This teen sounds so professional and she's talking to him like he's a little kid. The way he said, "Explain that" when he didn't get her, sounded like an adult.

    22. Nate

      Lawyer: “Did you ever see your father hurt baby Dylan?” Daniel Jr: “No” Lawyer (probably): “My clients are innocent your honor” ... lol nice try

    23. Sakshi Yadav

      The title is misleading..

    24. MarieJeanne Perretti

      The annoyed niece paradoxically cause because index postsurgically spoil than a abrasive eyelash. overrated, staking microwave

    25. IRON MAGE

      pricks keep interfering telling him to speak up......

    26. Rachelle

      I'm literally getting a degree to work in news writing and titles like these really piss me off lmao. I'm having a hard time finding work but this writer gets away with that confusing title. I'm bitter

    27. Kyle Little

      I read the title and though I was going to see the kid admit to killing an infant, I'm looking at the parents thinking, "why the fuck do they look so fake, do they hate this kid or are they just really messed up about it" then I read the comments 😂 wow can someone tell me why america has so much fucked up murder shit?????

    28. Ms. Artichoke Cheese pizza w extra cheese

      What did the mom and dad have on the table that they kept pushing and holding ??

    29. Kerry Quinn

      How did these attorneys manage to pass their exams?

    30. Kerry Quinn

      Unless she's deaf she heard him fine in my opinion, just playing games and trying to make him even more uncomfortable.

    31. shardul077

      Someone should slap the person who's telling to speak up a little bit constantly, he's just a kid and he's lost his entire family, the guy has no respect towards his feelings.

    32. Christy English

      What are them little boxes on the tables that the defendants keep putting their hands on


      he souds like a 35 year old mature bearded man

    34. Mr Clean

      The title is wrong... it says the teen did it

    35. John Topham

      The kid testifying is a god

    36. conspiracies are just great stories

      If only these parents looked at their son before they decided to kill their baby boy...

    37. Amanda Graham

      Also, the cross examiner lawyer Mrs. Scott I think it was, is just an awful lawyer.

    38. Amanda Graham

      10:24 mouthing I love you to her son. Disgusting tactics and horrid people.

    39. MmeFlourBomb

      How does Christine Scott sleep at night?

    40. Brandon Harwick

      This Judge and Court room should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. The son is the only one being real or honest and these attorneys are absolutely horrible and show the failure of our system!!! They r treating him as if he is on trial!!!! Fucking bullshit system and these people should all lose their jobs. Enough of this shit!!!!! COURTS AND JUDICIAL SYSTEM IS SHIT AND CORRUPT AS HELL!!!

    41. Mika Hist

      The mother looks controlling. The father is a good actor.

    42. Stephen Kelly

      The mum did it u can tell she looking it the ground shooking

    43. Inscrutable Indian

      It takes guts to stand for ur dead little sibling against ur 'own' parents... Doing the right thing is always difficult but makes u an honest n righteous man!! More strength to u kid!!

    44. Nela Mukbang

      *This kid needs to go on the Steve Wilkins show. Poor thing blamed for such a crime.*

    45. NinaMarie

      I had a stroke trying to comprehend the title

    46. kayle

      the people in the back should get some damn hearing aids

    47. BB ~

      Why is the judge allowing the defendants to cry like that? It's clearly manipulative.

    48. Tony Z

      This kid is smarter and wiser than the lawyers and judge combined. The parents are crying and co wrong their faces bc they’re ashamed Of their actions.

    49. rachel friedman

      These lawyers suck

    50. Lynn V.

      It's incredibly sad that more n more ppl are killing their own kids it's happening now more then it ever has before.... WTF is wrong with ppl???? If they couldn't deal with the baby or didn't want the baby they had so many other options killing him didn't need to be one..... It's amazingly brave that the older son is defending his brother n speaking up for him since he can't. The only reason those pos ppl are crying is because they're in trouble.... They could care less about anything that poor baby went through or how he suffered because of them

    51. mamadekk 3

      The kid is more competent than the lawyer!

    52. icyvibes

      Did the parents go to jail??

    53. Adrián Martín

      What is the thingy they click sometimes?

    54. Leigh Cooper

      I can't finish this. He's only 15 and probably thought the judicial system was full of good guys until this. His parents' lawyer is a bitch.

    55. slamRN

      What is that thing at the defense table where the parents are - that they keep touching until it flashes red? I never saw anything like it.

    56. pikey4life

      I feel like the lawyer that was asking the brave young man questions is the very same person who titled the video

    57. Margie Hall

      She keeps saying "small bruise" ugggh! He said it was all of his head where hair should be! She is trying to make it minimal! 😳

    58. Ra fita

      This program is everything that is wrong with USA legal system. Having women gossiping senseless shit during a legal, delicate process and so shifting public opinion and within potentially the jury's opinion and court pressure around possibly innocent people until proven guilty. Everything in USA is a huge movie while in real life it just crumbles so sadly and dangerously.

    59. Bea Kiddo

      Yuck these adult proffesionals are totally gaslighting this kid.

    60. Bea Kiddo

      This Kid is a HERO!!!

    61. Lilian Carvalho


    62. Elle Hermosura

      The baby is so blessed to have a big brother like him

    63. Samurai Inso

      Better title teen son testifies and argues with his parents

    64. natatawashere 777

      Wtf the title is so confusing! Get it together with these titles smh

    65. Rob

      only reason they're crying is cause their son is about to put them away

    66. Shenaniganss _425

      "You need to speak up!"... "I still can't hear him." The kids almost yelling, how about get some better mics and speakers for the courtroom! Or move the lady who can't hear anything to the front! My god!

    67. Warrior Woman

      From a body language perspective the parents are covering their own mouths hoping the son won’t say anything bad

    68. Dana N

      The defense attorney must either be truly incompetent or is pretending to be in order to deliberately lose the case.

    69. Armstrong Supernatural Earth Being's Tracker.

      Are we allowed to have below 70 IQ people acting as lawyers in actual courts.

    70. Troy Sleeman

      Okay, thank you for the clarification everyone; until now I thought the son was convicted, not the parents.

    71. Mary V

      Some lovely parents lose their little baby of crib death, which is the worst thing that can happen to parents, and those monsters killed their baby. IQ -10.

    72. Peasants Revolt

      These lawyers are absolutely horrible.

    73. The CloudWhisperer

      Some people in the world can't have kids and these people killed their baby as if it's just garbage ffs. I'm glad that kid testified.

    74. Michaela

      this video showed me how stupid and bad people are. unfortunately the comments confirmed.

      1. Hareecio Nelson

        hate to break it to you, but you're in the comments section too. One of us.

    75. Zack Sherry

      That kid better be careful of his own kids... Some behaviors skip a generation

    76. Nicole Garcia

      What am I watching. How incompetent can these people be?! The boy is 15 and 110% smarter than anyone in that room!

    77. Greenery

      I understood the title immediately, I think some of yall failed reading comprehension

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      立法保护脑控受害者能量场和受害者,help my children and families!...

    79. Rachel Martinez

      This title is the most confusing thing

    80. Anne Dolan

      He clearly said ALL of the baby's scalp where you would expect hair to be was bruised not just a little bruise. These people.

    81. mike Lazembie

      She couldn't hear, she couldn't see....get a life!

    82. mike Lazembie

      Tell that deaf prosecutor to stfu and move closer. Everyone else can hear the kid.

    83. Jaylin !!

      I just wanna know why they were allowed to keep this newborn when the 15 year old had shortly after been moved out of the household??? wtf??? what was happening in that house?

    84. Mari G

      When I just want to snatch lawyer #2

    85. JCW

      I don't mean to make light of this but, when people are asked to speak up, and there's no volume change whatsoever....it's so frustrating. One of my only real pet peeves.

    86. 9razzler9

      When the teen stepped up to speak, the parent's faces changed! Like they're focused on him, worried about what he will say

    87. Viktoria Secret


    88. enmenmeo2

      I feel so sad for this kid, he must be going through so much and the adults in the room are treating him like he's an idiot while being completely incompetent themselves. god adults are so difficult

    89. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻

      I'm sorry for what I'm gonna say bc this video is like very serious but like This 15yo has voice deeper than Russians Mafia Boss

    90. l3m0njoe

      Why is it televised

    91. l3m0njoe

      Everyone mad that they’re crying to guilt trip their son, but if they don’t cry they call them heartless.

    92. ChickenNuggets

      Classic media move: Manipulate the title to gain more views. Fucking hate media sometimes. Good on this kid though, fuck those parents.

    93. TOFUonTheBEAT

      why does it seem like the mom says f you at 10:20

      1. Greenery

        WHOA!! :o

    94. Barry


    95. layla carbajal

      Dont cry now shit smh. 👊

    96. Crystal

      Why does 2nd lady keep going back and forth discussing... she seems unprepared... And both of them could've asked more & better questions

    97. Little Byrd

      “His head was tiny? “ Well Yea! most babies have tiny heads lady! What a stupid question!

    98. Barbara murray

      He's better off without these scumbags

    99. Ace C

      Whoever wrote this title...DO BETTER!!!!!!! I had to read it multiple times to understand

    100. Gillian L

      Look at the way they’re crying lmao like they give a damn