Jaiden found a Blaziken


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    Jaiden last name Animations set out to find a Blaziken as Ross, Altrive, and I just suffered from a reasonable distance behind her
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    1. Michellepire Hansen


    2. dan gramonte

      i have mewtwo

    3. William Stout

      Jaden got her teriyaki

    4. Overcharged gaming

      1:57 does shmooves are holy

    5. neon fish gamer

      I found a shiny ludacolo and u was almost gonna kill it

    6. glitch out 2

      me sees jaiden found a blazakin me TERIYAKI

    7. MrCrow Man

      My first time playing Pokémon was Pokémon ruby and my Trejo was a shiny

    8. Caeden Hayling


    9. Shammin

      6:46 I wasn't scared. "HALLOWEEN EDITION" OH GOD OH F

    10. Mike Tibbits

      for this thumbnail alpha had nova make jaiden and pokemon fanart

    11. Anthony Lima

      They don’t need MewThree, just make shadow MewTwo cannon

    12. Sam Henne

      And the same game

    13. Sam Henne

      I have Jaden‘s Pokémon

    14. Aryan Chitransh

      Felt more like I was watching, 'WeedleTwineedle found an Incineroar'

    15. Lil_D4wNy


    16. wishywashydonut 123


    17. Ray Pokemon review

      The return of teriyaki yay!! :)

    18. Carson

      Another option would be breed blaziken with a ditto or other pokemon and give jaiden the blaziken (or the torchic)

    19. s SrAlpha97

      Why did you not go abamasnow is 4 times effective. Its ice grass

    20. 『Honoka`s local sakura shop』

      What kind of Pokémon raid is this again and how to you get to it.?

    21. Quinn Nosbod

      Yo, Alpharad likes yugioh?

    22. Oscar Acevedo

      My dad bot mi cal of deauty for Xbox360 and I have a Xbox one

    23. Vitor Games da terra final

      _Gucci legs_ 5:50 _Gucci legs_

    24. mariyam maria

      The immense clef taxonomically grab because difference contrastingly wave near a rainy rod. victorious, first harbor

    25. Alana Okiishi

      is this in dlc

    26. Kartal Betimen


    27. Javi Anso

      Please ask jaden to film a pokemon sword and shield raid

    28. Noah Lyons

      # teriyaki🐓🍗

    29. Crazy Caleb


    30. Nicholas Borland


    31. Puggo jones

      pikmin 4 cult

    32. The Biggest, Thickest Bean

      For some reason i thought that honedge was a weird porygon

    33. Samwhich_011

      I am now in the cult

    34. sandwiche:›

      Aah I remember when I got blaziken,I eloped a -------miles to kiss my boifrnd... :›

    35. Norah Jones

      Who said they wanna join a cult? I have the Eyea cult in ACNH

    36. JRP Memes, Movies, and game review.

      please do more

    37. Dismissor

      And I found a shiny one

    38. Ashni Yuni

      Pokemon ligit got jaidena hairstyle

    39. Joh Brown

      I found quite a few blazeikens

    40. Adele O

      Blazikin in the thumbnail be like: *Who the frigg r you-*

    41. Dr.Epistaxis

      Your mama so dumb she bought the game disc for Fortnite.

    42. Toxic

      14:06 i dont wanna hurt ross's fealings... i wanna destroy them

    43. Le On

      Poor Jaiden

    44. Corry Sneed

      I wanna be in the cult

    45. Henry Moore


    46. Yamir Derivois

      Anyone down to give me the season pass 😳

    47. Shadcat_

      wait was that Danger Tsuchinoko??

    48. Animeboy5102

      I was playing Pokémon and I dynamaxed and it was perfect timing with Altrive

      1. Animeboy5102

        When he was dynamaxing the blazikin

    49. LIN

      When Jaiden remembers blaziken: *TERIYAKI OMG TERIYAKI ITS SO LONG TERIYAKI!*

    50. • Alcosmic •


    51. sebastian Bourdett

      I think the steel was aegislash

    52. ᔑ


    53. BlueMoonEclipse

      casual "oh hey it's lugia" like there's not a giant water dinosaur in front of you

    54. Revenant Main

      I’m glad someone else loves Araquanid

    55. J Stevenson

      How did u get this menu

      1. Revenant Main

        Crown Tundra DLC

    56. J Stevenson

      How did u get this menu

    57. Castnite 0383

      How do do these kinds of raids

      1. Revenant Main

        Crown tundra DLC

    58. The Night Ranger

      All I can say is that even if Altrive was trolling, Dynamaxing Blaziken is stupid because it's main moves are Psychic (Strong against Fighting), Flying (Strong against Fighting), and Water (Strong against Fire).

    59. A.G .Q

      What game is this?

      1. A.G .Q


    60. David Petre

      Teriyaki has came back to be with jaiden

    61. LucarioKnight B

      I was already subbed, can I still be in the cult?

    62. Charry Lyn Bantog

      I officially joined the cult ... 😇😂😆

    63. Artemis

      Hey! Mana-chan was there!

    64. Tannis Manha

      You know Mewfour is okay but if you were a real gamer you'd be able to get Mewsixteen.

    65. Chloe French

      Found it

    66. Chloe French

      I can’t find the subscribe button

    67. PE Player 33

      Know this fact: blaziken is the most frickin underrated and op starter ever.

      1. Rubi the Kitsune

        I wouldn’t say underrated since back in x and y you could get a mega blaziken and just blaze kick everything and anything

    68. Hbro4 Gaming

      He said mother fuckers

      1. Revenant Main

        @Hbro4 Gaming And?

      2. Hbro4 Gaming

        I can say want I want kid

      3. Revenant Main


    69. the blue shield

      I know jaiden blaziken is my favorit pokemon to

    70. Jonah Wright

      When I got mewtwo my first was shiny

    71. Aimee Hulme

      I have leafon,jolteon and sylveon

    72. Julian4 Arellano

      What is this gameode?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

      1. Revenant Main

        Dynamax adventure

    73. SloshyLamp 8872


    74. Julian Rivera

      one minute you think you know everything about Pokemon next minute there a weezing with a top hat in front of you and your fucked because now you have no idea what Pokemon is anymore

    75. Infinite Games

      When is the cult meeting

    76. Derrick dteam

      How do you get there!? U can just fight raids!?

      1. Revenant Main

        Crown tundra DLC, it’s right outside of spawn

    77. cheesy core

      "an ok blaziken to an ou" oh how the turntables

    78. ASD ADD

      ngl the size of the dynamax lugia is the size lugia should normally be

    79. Michael Matter

      Is it just me or im feeling that Jaiden needs to be a Vtuber? (Give me all your hate. I can accept it.) (Its all my fault anyways.)

      1. Revenant Main

        She kinda is, but I doubt she would like being in a solo spotlight.

    80. Timothy Roux

      Jaidens character looks like uchaco ururaka

      1. Timothy Roux

        Her pokemon character

      2. Revenant Main

        What, how, on what planet

    81. Devil Fruit

      Tapu slander 😭

    82. The Foolish Jester

      How do you do this kind of raid? I’m trying to find it but I cant

      1. Revenant Main

        Crown tundra DLC it’s in a cave with glowing pillars

    83. Bold Suitcase

      I too shared the curiosity of joining a cult. It's not that hard to climb the ranks. All I had to say was that access to the 6th realm would allow me to control time and obtain special gifts. That was apparently very correct. I left that Discord server the next day

    84. Emilio salinas

      How do you do these raids?

      1. Revenant Main

        Crown tundra DLC

    85. epicsupreme2

      Then I got 3 legedary

    86. epicsupreme2

      When I saw this video: dad can I have dlc after😀😃😁😆

    87. Bowen Cunningham

      what are you guys doing, like if I go to a den I don't get that weird map?

      1. Revenant Main

        It’s a dynamax adventure not a dynamax den. It’s in the crown tundra DLC

    88. Izuku midoriya Deku

      the bois: Youre mom so stupid she bout sword and shield. me:but how is it stupid the bois: -tom shrug-

    89. Nathaniel Chen 1

      Leftovers into speed boost. Let's go!!! The power play. It also sounds really quotable like something out of Initial D and it makes me chuckle when I hear it. Also Dr. Bustdown best Pokemon.

    90. The RKG

      D-Maxing Blaziken against a Lugia. The Superior Tactic.

    91. Mike

      What is this game mode ?

      1. Revenant Main

        Dynamax adventures

    92. Reverse Ninja

      That thumbnail looks like the cover art of an r34 Pokémon fanfic.

    93. Mr. oofAY

      IT'S MEW 3

    94. Little13

      Anybody else unsubbed and then subbed again just to join the cult?

    95. KihanaKat364 Art ‘n Stuff


      1. Revenant Main

        She selected it

    96. Ucky Spindrill

      2:33 I somehow paused the video when the sandaconda had 69 health

    97. buzzy819

      Lugia is trash I have it

    98. Ramona Barry

      So I got a zygarde before watching the last vid and before I watched this one I got a blaiziken

    99. AK_mini

      12:21 random meow?

    100. EpiK 0li

      I found mewtwo while watching this lol 15:19