There Are Only 36 Hours Left in Trump’s Presidency | The Tonight Show

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    Jimmy addresses the final days of Donald Trump’s presidency, the upcoming impeachment trial and Biden’s plans for a slew of executive orders.
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    There Are Only 36 Hours Left in Trump’s Presidency | The Tonight Show

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    1. DeeOnline

      Gee Jimmy you’re such a smart little boy, what do you think about your buddies Emmy award. Think he’ll have to give it back now?

    2. Pure Precision

      Awe. What ever will you do. When ya can’t make a bad Trump joke. Best part about Trump is he got everyone in their feelings. Lmao.

    3. Aroma Munawar


    4. Herowebcomics

      That "Just once" duet was amazing!

    5. solisium

      Jimmy looks like shit and had the balls to blame trump 🤣 More like too much of 🍺 🍷

    6. 9

      Then the country has to take it up the ass! Biden has already fucked up

    7. J.T. Buttar

      you can tell how unfunny these late night dudes are without the crowd

      1. J.T. Buttar

        @Draco’s Universe to each his own I guess!

      2. Draco’s Universe

        It’s quite hilarious actually

    8. Jon Buckley

      Sorry. This guy is not funny

      1. Draco’s Universe

        Just cause he’s making fun of trump? But wait if they did this to Biden it would be so funny right? Y’all dumber than Jim Carey

    9. Wonder Bread

      And the pro communist rats laugh and make fun. Reality is coming

    10. Dominick Shoff

      Damn now they gotta look for some new material

    11. john ventura

      leftist clowns

      1. Draco’s Universe

        You’re outnumbered bud stay in your lane and shut it 🤣🤣

    12. Tip Top Kentucky


    13. Lark Lark

      It will be so nice to see you paying more tax under your lover boy Biden’s new tax

    14. Ron Campbell

      The tonight show sucks, it isn't like Johnny Carson.

      1. Draco’s Universe

        Tromp leaves and now it sucks 😂 wow dude!

    15. Matthew Laing

      Progress will occur when DESPOTISM is capable of being identified from a distance-before it can have a chance to enslave us! Education belongs to the people-not the privileged!

    16. Matthew Laing

      Our despotically influenced country started a rapid decline the minute “comedians” began politicizing their fecklessly puerile propaganda! If you don’t know what despotism is-you shouldn’t be allowed to spread your brainwashed “political” opinions! Progress will occur when DESPOTISM is capable of being identified from a distance-before it can have a chance to enslave us! Education belongs to the people-not the privileged!

    17. Angie Albania

      Happy monday january 18,2021

    18. ChArLiE BeAtZ

      Jimmy needs to fire his lame producers...

    19. ChArLiE BeAtZ

      Jimmy, the Slapdick!😂😂😂

    20. Roderick Wright

      I hope a few of those executive orders that Biden plans to implement include removing every single person that the previous administration put into place in that last month in places like the Pentagon and elsewhere and putting qualified personnel in their places.

    21. Rishi Dutt

      In India we are waiting for the same but throwing Modi out is a bit difficult as we have millions of bigots here.

    22. Harvey V

      Falon - you will be dammed - 🥵🔥enjoy your moment of fame - your time is running out - you🦇 will be on fire for Eternity 🔝

    23. John Fronek

      Well folks the Matt hatter is gone. On to 💤 Joe .

    24. Sarai Burch

      I laughed way too loud at “Cat Corner”. The singing had me weak!!

    25. S B

      Remember when he rubbed Trumps hair like he was cute. Jimmy Fallon deuchiest of all the late night hosts.

    26. Elite Gamer

      TRUMP 2020

    27. Tou Mosh

      Fake news, fake ELECTION? 84 percent of Americans voted for Trump for a REASON!

    28. Peaceful Poetry

      I'm 17 and getting white hair, those 4 years aged me by 50 years

    29. bluebull2006

      Whats with his monologues singing songs

    30. Force Inducted

      Kneeling during the national anthem...CHECK!! no national anthem played in pro sports.... CHECK!!! Statues taken down.... CHECK!!!!! When can we take the US FLAG DOWN?????

    31. APOPHIS 2029


    32. Merlin Dsouza

      Patriotism is not frenzied outbursts but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime ... congratulations and Godbless Mr President Biden and VP Kamala Harris 🇺🇸

    33. krepnata kadara

      I thought he's long gone since Twitter take his ass off permanently

    34. George Carlin

      Democrats blow ass

    35. Iside Zanzibar

      Done! Gone! Now Florida will be a sad place to live in ...! It already smells badly !🤣🤣🤣🤣

    36. Ryan Culvey

      So what will you talk show guys talk about now? Talk shows are a joke and a waste of time!

    37. Kerry Jacobson

      Yeah, Trump is gone. And so are Jimmy's joke material.

    38. Elmae 45

      Let him have his 🐱 corner!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    39. sincir Cooper

      Lowkey kept repeating the song is that a real song?

    40. Justin Akers

      If I had a flag in my yard, it would’ve been at half mast for the past four years, but tomorrow I would be raising it, but alas, I don’t own no flag

    41. Coastfog

      Damn, Tariq just killed! 😂

    42. Megan O'Connell


    43. Dennis the menace

      I remember when the tonight show was funny. Many years ago

    44. Emma

      If someone makes fun of Trump it's just another good laugh, but if anyone else of higher power is made fun of, it's World War 3...

    45. Robert Salas

      i have a few words of advice for the new president BIDEN, sir make sure you burn the bed and sheets toilet and anything trumps ass touched , and make sure to spray yhe whitehouse with some sort anti stupidity spray , stupidness may still be lingering in there. or sage that summbitch rid of othose evil stupid spirits

    46. Casey Simon

      Currently- Joe Biden is America’s 46th President. 👍🏼👍🏼 the old greasy dorito is in Florida until court calls him back 😂😂

    47. Luke Steinbicker

      His writers are freaking out tho. They have to actually be creative now

      1. Sophia Jarrett Bridge

        @Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein I see..

      2. Sophia Jarrett Bridge

        @Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein in other words..all who oppose Trump..

    48. Alagathevictor

      Well, Trump banned the travellers from Middle East because they blew the World Trade Center.. 2001/9/11

    49. Reginald Anderson-Exum

      🎶 🎶 😩🤣🤣

    50. Joe Grassie

      One of the best things about Jimmy Kimmel is you.

    51. I am Tyler Harger

      And to think I liked you Jimmy

    52. Joe Matrix

      Wow! Good to see all of you liberals here in the comments section.

    53. Blastmdead

      lol, what a liberal

    54. Azag The ENCHANTER

      Check my Biden Here

    55. Rick K

      He's such a pompous ass your opinion is like a ass hole always stinks 😷

    56. Claudia Monje

      Finally the cloud is leaving....thank God

    57. Dee Dd

      matlock fighting for trump funny ? nerdom is crushed :D wrong on so many leves, as Matlock would definitely defend even a thug, but given the fact that the thug woud be innocent of the things charged ... .... ... so dunno even where to start

    58. Michael Barrett

      When you tousled his hair, that was the last time I watched you. I switched to Colbert and never looked back. I am here now just to see what you have to say.

    59. Michael Chamberlain

      Jim your need to go away

    60. SayU SayMee

      6:42 🎶Just Once🎶 😹

    61. Steven Crawtr

      In my opinion Trump doesn't deserve to live another day

    62. Ian Michalski

      5:00 "For a Hot Pocket?! Hell yeah!"

    63. Carlos G

      Wow! Another asshole who thinks they know everything, because they have a TV show!!! Soon, they will all disappear,

    64. Johnny Blast

      MR BIDEN says he will go against 2nd amendment and take away guns to save americans lives a noble goal surely? MR BIDEN maybe you should stop all weapon sales to other countries and save untold numbers of lives in the world this will show your not another tyrant government official bent on making americans defencelless for communist style policies. Who agrees?

    65. Farhan

      If Trump run out of lawyers, he better call Saul.

    66. Phillip Krayterman

      Or maybe a public figure as big as jimmy fallon shouldn’t express his political opinions on his show?

    67. Jerry Dickeson

      I need to see Cat's Corner on the show by next week at latest!

    68. Oscar Diaz

      Tariq's corner? Really? Oh I miss Higgings

    69. Justin Nosan

      Fuck you and biden

    70. C Mae

      The hot pocket monologue... totally relatable. lol

    71. A Garcia

      Jimmy the narcissist sociopath speaks out of his as...... again

    72. Heidi S

      You people are so fickle. You would have been down on your knees begging for Donald Trump to darken your doorstep for an interview, now all you can do is berate this man who has led this country VERY WELL and exposed the lies, deceit and corruption of Washington. But with no brains, you see what you want to see. Wake up! It’s people like you who deserve Biden and Harris as leaders. Well, enjoy...

    73. larry crabtree

      Tonight Show what piece of CRAP

    74. MrKimJoJo

      Bye bye to the biggest ahole of all time..!!!

    75. Mark Eaton

      Thank God, now lets get back to those nightly reports of terrorist attacks, and Americans being killed in foreign wars. Lets get those jobs back to china and mexico and raise the taxes of anyone who still fortunate enough to have a job. Lets reopen those deals where American money is the only solution, like climate change, keeping terrorist nations from building nukes, and rebuilding other countries infrastructures. This America first nonsense has got to go. Those US veterans thinking they should get immediate health care, for generations they've waiting for months for to be seen, I mean what have they done for us? I hope is doesnt take to long to get all those regulations back in place, I mean how are the bureaucrats and special interest supposed to make a living? Im just glad we got ole bone spurs out I know that was a deal breaker for some of you, now a man with incredible military honors, or he would have if America had gotten involved in any conflict in his life time Im sure he would be on the front lines. I sure hope no one is concerned about foreign interference from say china, ukraine and russia with this new guy, there seems to be actual evidence unlike with the other guy. As most of you really dont care about the country over say, your party Im sure this will never see the light of day.

    76. D Ph

      And you lost 75 millions future viewers. no one respects you or remember who you are then. sick talk!

    77. Amy Suen

      Jimmy Fallon sounds like an ignorant duck

    78. Soap Eater

      He’s so fake I hate this guy

    79. Soap Eater

      Damn jimmy fallon is not funny, none of his jokes are landing all he does is kinda try and look cute.

      1. Jason Howell

        He used to be funny back in the day. Pepperidge Farm remembers. He’s so washed up now and his brain is pickled from alcoholism.

    80. Kenau Reeves

      More Tariq please 😅

    81. DeliaBesgorl

      fuwa fuwa yasai jusuu WE WON

    82. steve congrove

      Fuck you Fallon. Worthless piece of shit!

    83. You mad bruh?

      Now jimmy has to go back to not being funny again...

    84. Carlos Castillo

      Jim Fallon you coward you'll probably have trump on your show praising and laughing with him. Just another entertainment slave sheep.

    85. J Brown

      Gas prices are already on the rise :(

    86. The Utubers

      RIP Trump



    88. Kieben111

      I am from the UK and all of us are saying yessssssssssssss

    89. alecia175

      I know it was just a bit, but I kinda wanna see cat corner now.

    90. Duane Moran

      Good maybe now something can be done about this bipartisan power-base established by two factions. These are not independent representatives voting for themselves. We need to take the prefix (Bi) off of partisan. If we want these two parties to function. This is not a fraternity.. It’s democracy, think for themselves, and act independently. Free from lobbyist, and money influence, or party influence. United means we agree on an idea independently, using secret ballots. Get off the freeway let people go about their business. Filer busters, are roadblocks that waste time and money.

    91. Mike Hutchison

      “Free at last.Free at last.Thank God Almighty,free at last .” Martin Luther King

    92. Christine Pierce

      👩‍🎤 5 hours and counting (pacific time zone)

    93. Sam Iam

      So we are going from a loud mouth President to a President that has the brain of a goldfish. Awesome! I'll sleep better at night now....LOL!

    94. Scott Roland

      This guy is not funny at all!!!!

    95. Ben N

      F...this Moron.

    96. Cory Goodman

      Cmon Democrats, please tell us how Bidens first marriage ended when his wife shouted "hold my beer kids while I play chicken with this semi "!😂😂😂😂 Enjoy your shit sandwich! You should have ordered the prime rib!😂😂😂😂

    97. Rose Flores Mayer

      Trump left a big mess. He didn't care his fellow men except himself. Now he can tell himself " I'm fired".!!

    98. Carlos Encarnacion

      One thing though, at the beginning of the tally, Trump was winning the election. That means, about half of USA is trumpist, and making fun of him is risky. Normally, people do not change overnight. I guess what follows is to try to bury Trump's presidency out of view of history, or try to hang it high and leave its corpse to rot on the gallows of history in everyone's view. This year promises to be very interesting...

    99. Will White

      I used you like you jimmy until you fucking make fun of the president.

    100. Gregory Charles

      Trolling trump😂😂