7 Types Of Halloween Trick Or Treater Stereotypes!


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    1. TESLA Raptor

      did anyone elts notice that they used toothless'es tail instead of the ender dragon tail

    2. Jenny Westwood

      " I love this video"-(my 9 year old son Preston)

    3. Jayla Hamby

      yow sud dow a fonit viteo

    4. Noelle Morabito Borgia

      ho ho ho merry Christmas but wait there is a spiderweb so that can only mean one thing

    5. Jessica Slayton

      I love the part when unspeakable pretends to be a bee

    6. Jason Magdaleno

      It’s fuuny

    7. bezzie Marie

      Why did you

    8. Raven Hogan

      Where is my crew that is watching this right before Thanksgiving

    9. Neil Valiao

      5:37 cute baby

    10. Calco Cat

      I feel sorry for Gabe at the beginning =(

    11. Unstoppable Luigi

      It’s nice of you to play trick or treating instead of actually doing it.

    12. Jessica Grimes


    13. icy_wolfie Geisler

      Why do you have a toga wig?

    14. Jared Arcadio

      Ooh no

    15. Ava Rowe

      Who likes the enderdragon Halloween costume

    16. Russell Ozmon

      Lol the doctor 😂

      1. Russell Ozmon


    17. John Williams


    18. Remote Playz

      4:21 Instantly dies.

    19. DS - 03GA 865702 Ray Lawson PS

      4:17 6:43 11:06

    20. DS - 03GA 865702 Ray Lawson PS

      4:16 James: trick or treat I mean happy Halloween it you forever I forgot my line want some candy? Gramma looking at it suspicious (falls) James (laughing)

      1. r Ortega

        4:16 is so funny

    21. Madalynn Shortall

      I was the bumble bee costume and my horse was a flower

    22. Jackson Moehlenbrock


    23. AJ n

      gabe should of got candy with his first costume

    24. Melanie O'Hara


    25. Georgina Learmont

      Elsa U made me LOL so bad I farted

    26. Ava Russo

      Gabe in his costume is so funny! I am a huge fan of flamingos and your channel!

    27. AI system

      I just commended becuz i wanted to DEAL WITH IT

    28. Sebastian Oliveras

      Do gaming stereotypes

    29. Birgitta Ramstedt


    30. Opening and Closing Logos

      We didn’t do anything for Halloween. We just left bags out for trick or treaters to grab


      In America you give candy to a trick or treater in Slovenia we gave them money Legit I got 1000€ just from trick or treating

    32. Caiden Hubbard

      We are in lockdown so we can’t have trick or treaters

    33. Lula Dacaj

      Hi I am a kid

    34. Sarah Brault


    35. Wendy Ploof

      11:47 to 11:50 the little kid became a big man. Me: o_o

      1. Wendy Ploof

        ehem, sir it ism 6:28.

    36. Rodolfo Sualez

      Unspeakeble: hi im Emily and i wang candy. Me laffing till i die.



    38. Lizzy Estrada

      I loved the proud parent gabe just looked inbarist.

    39. Sandra Bouchard

      OMG they are sooooo funny!!!

    40. Sharron Burrows

      When I sor unspeakable fell over i laughed my head off

    41. Carlos Hernandez

      I love the part where James is going from the window and then tripping everywhere

    42. The Black Pearl

      4:20 l Die 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. The Black Pearl


    43. E Smant

      james omg so cute unspeakable WANT CANDY

    44. Sarah Brault


    45. Gamer Meme

      Nathen: I’m am kid Me: WHAT Gabe: E

    46. Tristan Adams

      My man just ate the tootsie roll and put it back in the bowl lol

    47. Alex Munoz


    48. The doodling dragon

      4:21 is the best part of the whole video I die laughing at it every time! 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😄😁😁😂🤣

    49. Ibrahim Al Bazzaz

      A shark 🦈 throu the wall

    50. Jason Mirador

      Go for it unspeakable

    51. rapha adhika

      Gabe you have a stage three cavity unspeakable and james ahhhhhhh me what the flip

    52. Paola Lopez

      When unspeakable fell in the candy bowl I was laughing so hard and laughed for a solid 10 minutes

      1. Geovany Javier

        @mimi Princess 2233 www€

      2. Sandra Bouchard


      3. Sandra Bouchard

        HGTV by faced get try ninth used terracing njnfhgdbdf

      4. mimi Princess


    53. Beverly Koenemann


      1. Megabearhugs

        Xd same LOL

    54. Beverly Koenemann

      I absolutely love your vids and I'm only an 8 year old that is very cool your just so awesome nathan

    55. A21 Pereira


    56. Adam Kohalmi

      I likes the gingerbread man he was my favourite costume

    57. Opressor Op

      Happy hollowen

    58. Savannah Mccutchen

      I loved the proud parents one but I also love when Gabe said OH no

    59. Adriane Green


    60. Michael Pace

      gabe carful carful carful enily

    61. Michael Pace

      kid: DID YoU JUST GIVE ME AN Apple Gabe: yes bye DID YOU JUST GIVE ME AN APPLE Gabe:ohno!!!!!!

    62. Michael Pace

      kid: DID YoU JUST GIVE ME AN Apple Gabe: yes bye

    63. conorkilduff

      So true

    64. Dominik G

      I love your merch

    65. ok Jaber


    66. Thinknood Les


    67. Adriane Green

      nathen: hello my name is emily and i want candy gabe: ok here you go james : omg he gets the whole bowl wow nathen : ( looks in bag pulls out apple) nathen : is this an apple gabe : uhhhhhhhh james : did you just give my son an apple nathen : BRO THIS MAN GAVE ME AN APPLE nathen: bRO Im COmEN IN HeRE gabe: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      1. Adriane Green

        james: ( takes picture)

    68. Griffen kid


    69. Adriane Green

      GABE: oh yeah GABE: OH YEAH GABE: OH nooooo

    70. Adriane Green

      i laughed so hard at the end right after gabe said its me Mario nd then went yyeazom i was like hhhahahahhahahhahhhahahahahhahahh

    71. Jay Kim

      Funny unspeakable graghmpa

    72. Jacob GG

      What is James and Gabe what is James and Gabe doing whatever that guy did with the draw I don’t know his name but what

      1. Rob Larson

        You do not know unspeakable?

    73. Deku UnU mejia

      I liked how unspeakable was a baby then went to a teen ;-; james proud mother U-U

      1. Katie Allegretti

        Same. I liked that too!

    74. Icy Penguin

      I like the part where gabe ran at the door😂

    75. Lindsay Jones

      Halloween is Over

    76. Zayn Badree


    77. Dorene Reigle

      I laughed soon hard on the too old one . when he fell over so hahahaha

    78. Riyash Gurung

      Funny?( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

    79. Tabitha None ya


    80. Hope Jimenez

      Ssssooooo funny

    81. CatMeowKid Barber


    82. The Squid

      James looks like a Karen in the wig 🤣🤣

    83. adelyn marcantonio

      I laghed so hard on the proud parents one that was so funny!lol

      1. PeachCobbler

        Meh too

      2. COF PD

        You got that right

      3. boomx2sjk

        I’m dying!

      4. Laura Townsend

        I agree

      5. Alberto Balderrama


    84. Sythgames

      4:21 poor man

    85. Mackenzie sows Smith


    86. Ruben Rodriguez


    87. Ruben Rodriguez

      My fave was unspeakable in the bee costume

    88. Addison McDonald

      The old man ``falls``

    89. Gianna Savignano

      Halloween song do a Halloween song

    90. Isla Y

      "Hi i'm emily and i want candy" I laughed my head off

      1. Phil Lenton


      2. Nicholas Ellis-jones

        Same Isla Y

    91. Hi Hi

      Can you tell us why you wear a hat all the videos

    92. James Johnson


    93. Nicole Wright

      stop being mean

    94. Nicole Wright


    95. Zoey Herrick

      We just love how he use a heart beat thing like it a mirror for your mouth lol

    96. Dibraniuuj Zeynep

      I was dying of that laugh about the kid bruh

    97. Sari Ishaqat

      321 (: sus red 100% :D JELLY

      1. Jay Kim

        Jelly is the worsts

    98. Sari Ishaqat

      Minecraft :( Awus

    99. Sari Ishaqat


    100. frank lauffer

      jam: o go a had my bady the bady uns: