HyperGlide Winter Smallmouth Bass (Manitoba Northern Region)

Uncut Angling

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    Frozen Northern Manitoba is known for huge Pike and Trout throughout the ice fishing season, but I start my tour by searching for a scrappy alternative on Rocky Lake... check out EvergreenLodgeAndResort.com for many year-round trophy angling options.
    Lake Fork Guy Stradic Ci4+ Review: bit.ly/2loGNf5
    ...For more information on Manitoba fishing opportunities:
    ...Equipment used:
    AcmeTackle.com/ Acme Hyper-Glide Lure
    PowerPro.com/ 10# test Power Pro Ice Tec Braided Line
    HaatRods.com/#ice-fishing-rods/ 36" Medium Rod
    Fish.Shimano.com/ Stradic Ci4+ 1000 Reel
    Yamaha-Motor.ca/products/?group=SM/ Yamaha VK540 Sled
    OtterOutdoors.com/ Otter Pro Lodge Ice Shelter
    Strikemaster.com/ Strikemaster Honda Ice Auger 2hp 8"
    AquaVu.com/ HD700i Underwater Camera
    MUSIC PROVIDED BY: Soundcloud.com/Lakeyinspired
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    1. Andrew Meyers

      Love the videos A. Weeb.....because of covie.....kids are gonna learn about fly and spin fishing in Phys. Ed. class this spring from you! Keep the posts coming!!

    2. Paula D


    3. Alan Carruthers

      Grew up in The Pas and spent many a winter day ice fishing at Rocky Lake catching a wide variety of species. Do a lot of large mouth fishing now in Missouri where I live, but really miss Clearwater (lakers), Comorant Lake (walleye) and Grassy River Provincial Park (big pike and massive amounts of walleye). truly some of the greatest angling in the world. Wiebe, love your channel and all the teaching you do. How about a fly in or winter sled trek into Grassy River Provincial area and some of the amazing lakes back in that area near Flin Flon (Bluenose, Webb, etc)? Cheers from St. Louis!

    4. Darcy gagnon

      I just bought a hyper glued used it and I couldn't figer out why the walleye would go up to 7 feet bump or and go back down then I I cought one they where 5 inches long

    5. Thomas Lawrence

      I've learned more about fishing watching your show than I have from seasons of competitor shows. Keep up the good work. I only started watching because of ice fishing. I just started watching the other videos. I can't wait to binge watch.

    6. highjack5555

      What haat rod did you use?

    7. racc oon

      Not cold that's 0°f

      1. Uncut Angling

        what if I told you it's -9.4ºf

    8. hoody hoo

      10:13 lmao

    9. mjhound

      Thanks for the tip on hooking the line in the band for a fast drop was wondering what that was for LOL

    10. Andrew Yt

      Omg your a beast at fishing

    11. Corbyn Bates

      Quit watching the fish and just catch them

    12. Ian Wold

      Try fishing for burbot

    13. Gage Bauer

      3:11 dope transition

    14. jarzadon05

      The private glove invariably agree because israel counterintuitively borrow within a steep thomas. longing, humorous bracket

    15. jarzadon05

      The clumsy statistic surprisingly watch because bottom energetically remain toward a comfortable lettuce. measly, arrogant catamaran

    16. Dark30 Outdoors

      Fantastic! Also, your singing.........🙄

    17. Jonah Switzer

      this is amazing

    18. Steve Bogan

      I got so happy when you found all those smallies!

    19. Timber Ridge Outdoors


    20. Northern Mike’s HÜT

      Heading out to try this weekend!! I've watched this video literally +20 times!! Love watching Aaron "reruns" and get so pumped everytime lol YEAAAAH!!!!! WOOOOO FISHING!!!!!🤘🏾🎣

    21. Meyer Rosen

      "Let's pretend this is a real life situation... because it is a real life situation"- Aaron Wiebe, 2017

    22. Clifford Farley

      20:13 made me happy to know you know about the flight

    23. Barney Beckett


    24. Joey Tornado

      "Such a sexy silhouette" haha 😄

    25. Dillon L. Fishing

      Video game fishing! Epic man!!!

    26. Louis Walker

      Incredible! Watching you drill all those holes and then immediately take off with no disappointment in your voice right to the killer spot filled me with mad admiration. "Ohmygoodnass!"

    27. Jay p

      Flying c for sale 😎👉🏻 amzn.to/3klsPob

    28. Sista Fista

      what size is that ci4

    29. Zoz Wings

      Who else comes back to this video a lot

    30. P.J. Corbett

      Buddy, these are amazing videos.

    31. Dr.greedy YT

      Whos still watching these in 2020

    32. Nikki Crockett

      When he barehanded the smallmouth some water got into the heater and it flamed 14:34

    33. Illinois Angling

      18:38 faaaarrrttt

    34. Team Dirt

      Man just caught a smallmouth with his hands through a little hole

    35. Fredrik Bergström

      Aaron what is the brand of that Rod case you got? Looks awesome!!! Sorry for posting on several videos

    36. Outdoors Beast

      My friends birthday is March first

    37. The Shaver’s

      They get thick ice 🧊

    38. George-019

      How thick is that ice? Jesus

    39. Tait Hanrahan

      If that heater cut the line tho

    40. Ruben B

      What know do you like to tie on your jigs?? LOVE your vids btw

    41. henry garrison

      Omgeezy... your vids are awesome... I'm going back to watch old ones!

    42. Quacker Stacker

      If I was a make small mouth, and those were lady fish, I would be ALL over them bro. Dem puppies THICCCCC!

    43. Reel Average Fishing

      Another awesome video!!

    44. Brody Fortin

      Fished rocky earlier today caught 13 small mouth thank you Aaron

    45. shaun lanpher

      Crunch crunch crunch burot! Crunch burbot! Crunch crunch

    46. Rebekah Challans

      I watched so many videos of yours

    47. John Alden

      Those are some footballs

    48. Jack Huminski

      Literally hammering them... this would be so fun

    49. TractorMan Z


    50. Michael Engren

      "Why even us gas augers" 😂

      1. Stephen Kulawinski

        Because that gas auger will run years after the electric auger quits working

    51. Lyric Ma

      2019 dec 20 Friday tomorrow I’m going to go ice fishing and right now I’m getting all my ice fishing gear set up🤗🤗🤗🤗🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

    52. Jay Estremera

      amazing video

    53. Wally Rohr

      Amazing how someone this good has so few subs

    54. Psalm Gaskill

      4:12 notice the two small brown spots moving on the right side of the screen

      1. MarkV

        Good eye..upper right side.

    55. Star Gazer

      Wow them fish have some amazing colour...like just wow!!!❤️❤️❤️

    56. Chasing Bites Minnesota

      Amazing video man. Gosh wiuld winter smallmouth be a blast. Im absolutely going to try it this winter.

    57. Cole Arney

      Uncut angling should join the googan squad

    58. Sean Richmond

      I know this video is old but I am just now going through some videos for ice fishing this coming winter. What weight hyper-rattle are you using or do you recommend?

    59. Jack Vitick

      Can those artificial baits catch largemouth also

    60. Fishing with Chet

      Unreal vid

    61. Mike Murray

      Hi Arron, just bought a 36” medium light hatt rod, just wondering what reel you would suggest to get? Any tips would help, love watching the videos thanks!!

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      He farted

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      Is it just me or does this guy remind you of Jack Black

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      7:45 when you laugh in fount of your crush

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    67. Amazing Herping

      1:23 uncut angling: *hears a crunch*,... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY CAMRA

    68. Amazing Herping

      Congrats on 200k!

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      Oh my goodness. This whole underwater camera thing is so crazy cool.

    70. Rory Hinson

      If 1rod1reel fishing could see how fat those fish are hr would say something funny

    71. Spongebob Squarepants

      In our grandmas lake in Ontario the smallmouth were footballs

    72. M.S Angling

      Oh my gooooodnes

    73. Brian Larson

      Tbh out of all tje fishing vida in my recomendations u are the best honestly u have the best quality content my guy ❤👊🙌

    74. Jeremie D

      For me personally, the use of an underwater camera lessens the thrill of fishing

    75. suzanne winters

      What state are you in

    76. Blood mark

      I thought he was joking of getting the fish up from the hole, and then he really did it! Wow

    77. xKFHx Export

      Try a jogging rap for bass too. When u jig it swims in a circle

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      You have the best underwater footage

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    81. Brian Evans

      Interesting! Informative! Any many enlightening to new as well as the pro's! This guy is the real deal let's not forget this guy fishes in fridget temperatures and still catches fish!I am a big fan! Good job guy!👍👍

    82. Joe Monko

      Man and i complain about fishing in any temp below 65 degrees.

    83. Michael Edward Baird

      And remember! Go fishing when you can because it's good for ya! #RicharhGeneTheFishingMachine

    84. fineauto2

      Aaron do you still fish with ryan who used to own figure 8 baits?

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      Oh my Goodness!! 🤣. Always enjoy your videos!! Do a walleye video using that HyperGlide if you can. Kinda looks like a jiggin rap on steroids!!

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      Cracks me up watching someone else get excited as I do when I fish....lol

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      Everyone comparing this young man to that group of ass grabbers is crazy. There is no comparison. This man is not a fisherman he is an true angler. I cant imagine how much time he spends fishing to have so much knowledge at a young age. Hats off.


      Without the underwater video you’re back to poke and hope?

    90. Shayne Hurd

      Ice fishing with this guy would be Mint. he slays em.

    91. Ranger Ryley

      14:24 was that fish whispering?????

    92. United Pretzel Twists

      How do you not use gloves in -30 weather

    93. Out Fished Angling

      Beautiful work brother! I wish I could have episode on my channel ice fishing Small mouth bass. I was able to do a ice fishing video for wiper which I never dreamed of doing. I need to find a lake with small mouth in them before the ice season is over or I will have to go to a Canada resort to find some.

    94. scot hallen

      I adore how non shaulaunt you real up fish, while talking about how to catch fish, and then displaying your fish

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      You look like the guy from super man

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      I love these vids I'm definitely getting a couple of the hyper-glide lures. Keep up the good work.

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