10 WWE Wrestlers Who Went Super Saiyan Destroying Opponents


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    These WWE Wrestlers unleashed a huge amount of power and squashed big WWE Wrestlers
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    Topics Discussed In this Video:
    1. Biggest WWE Squashes Ever
    2. WWE Wrestlers Destroying Opponents
    3. WWE Wrestlers Destroyed In Seconds
    4. Fastest WWE Matches Ever
    5. Wrestlelamia

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    1. Gaurav Sachar

      when he said finn balor vs bobby lashley... I didn't expect the outcome

    2. Jaime Iyer

      undrtaker is scary

    3. Jaime Iyer

      the rock be like; plz help me im under the water

    4. Jaime Iyer

      the rovk need to go on the hospital

    5. Jaime Iyer

      i am better then them hulk hofgpgs,k

    6. Manbir Judge

      I hate Brock Lesnar.

    7. Yena

      Seems like a lot of racism on WWE’s part

    8. Joseph Bedwell

      Your next list: Superstars dumb enough to whip Goldberg into the ropes.

    9. i-thal hawkins

      That is the fastest I've ever seen diesel move !?

    10. Lightning n4r4njit4

      Undertaker vs John Cena has to be the worst match ever


      1:35 start

    12. Featuring the chuys

      Who else was hoping they would have an. Aura around them

    13. Oscar G123

      Goldberg be like “he missed 28 of my other squash matches” 😂

    14. Winning Lane

      Did you actually imagine "they" would let KINGSTON beat BROCK LESNER....🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️....HELL TO THE NO!!!😆😆😆

    15. I’m dead

      I would love to see Goldberg haters would say oldberg but I would love to see Goldberg vs Bryan or show

    16. jason gideon

      11:37 the dude green shirt is everywhere

    17. Abhinav Varshney

      undertaker vs cena literally ruined the entire WWE for me, my interest towards wrestling started reducing after seeing that match and also Undertaker vs Goldberg

    18. Jake Anderson

      I will never accept JBL, that's Bradshaw.

    19. King Draper

      The 619 is one of the most creative finishers ever

    20. Radin Ayoubi

      Can someone say what's the name of the background song?

    21. Gaylord Robinson

      Not only did Benoit go super saiyan on Orlando Jordan, he also went super saiyan on his family

    22. ANAL ANAL


    23. bhupesh yadav

      not gonna lie but that Cena vs Lesnar match was the first match that ever made me cry ! I was big fan of Cena then and what happened in the match was kinda sad thing for me !

    24. Elijah Costello


    25. kaala paani

      Khali squashing Undertaker was even more shocking.

    26. The Monopoly Guy

      Vince: Kofi is the champion Brock: yeah but how can there be two champions? Vince: okie dokie

    27. Mr Nobody

      Undertaker vs AJ Styles Super Showdown 2020. 1 chokeslam job done.

    28. Shemar Cheddesingh

      I'm surprise not to see Roman reigns

    29. Cleaven Young

      GOLDBERG 💪💯

    30. Lord _Eccentrixx

      Goldberg in his younger days was an absolute icon, man...how the times have passed

    31. blue collar solid

      1:34 RACIST MCMAHON 2:27 let's all pretend that Kofi Kingston never jumped

    32. Kev

      Goldbergs spears are so great to watch

    33. kissfan003

      Ultimate Warrior vs. HHH. Not short, but a HUGE squash.

    34. Frank Sánchez

      Taker is a real company man, he will put over any new dude if he has to.

    35. L ZeroYT

      Love the title😂😂😂

    36. mattronimus

      Goldberg is dangerous....I have been hit by a spear it's not fun

    37. Bryan Tann

      I haven't watched a single WWE match since Brock's squash of Kofi.

    38. PrimusVsUnicron

      Watch for Toei’s copyright strikes

    39. Mirza Abdurrehman Shakeel

      Lesnor vs Cena was hard to watch

    40. Jeremy Ly

      4:43 Orlando Jordan looks like a thin viscera

    41. OneBigBugga

      Demon Vs Fiend needs to happen....

    42. floydefisher

      Crazy as this may sound, but this episode is one of my favorites.....that DBZ sound effect makes it so funny.

    43. KiratjotSingh

      Imagine A wreslter who dresses as Goku and does the Kamehameha as a finisher

    44. Mr. Gamer

      Why did Brock have to squash Cena because Brock sucks he is overrated in my opinion

    45. Dominic Matich

      You constantly say the most shocking match "In history" throoughout the video and yet you show only matches from the worst WWE era / the CURRENT ERA 2010 -2020

    46. Burn The Trolls

      Kofi Kingston vs Brock Lesnar aka FOX saying to Kofi "learn your place boy"

    47. Joshua Phillips

      I liked the Fiend's debut squash of Finn Balon. Just getting brutalized by a monster.

    48. INDIAN Bodybuilders

      Isn't Sheamus too white even for a white person

    49. ThaDevil MCOC

      16 minutes aint a squash match dude, was decent video til that. Keep it legit

    50. Elvis Presley

      I knew you were a big cartoon freak can you grow up man and make more adult oriented content

    51. Layton Carroll

      0:51 Why did WWE ruin Vladimir he could’ve been a top talent.

    52. Anthony Ruffin

      Lol 😆 🤣 😂 Oldberg!!!!! Oldberg!!!!!!!!

    53. Anthony Ruffin

      The Kofi match was mess up


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    55. midnight masala

      Thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    56. samantha sims

      Cena vs lesnar easy answer vince told cena let lesnar destroy u

    57. Taslimur Rahman

      How you made the Goldberg's effect in thumbnail?

    58. Nicholas Phipps

      That Goldberg vs brock fight looked pretty sick. I haven't been into wrestling since the 90s. Looks like I've missed a couple good matches.

    59. Klaus Goldfisch

      What does "super saiyan" mean?!

    60. Lenie Espiritu




    62. beanman67

      Wooow wrestle lamia really ain't gonna talk about Brock lesner vs Randy Orton in I believe summer slam 2016 it barely can be called a match cause the second the bell rang Brock tackled Randy and elbowed him in the forehead till it was ruled that Randy couldn't compete. It was like 30 seconds

    63. YuNgPiSc3z V 1

      U forgot mvp and mr Kennedy vs brothers of destruction

    64. lucifer 666

      I found myself watching every video you post... keep up the amazing work

    65. sufferintoilet

      Kane look like the type of guy who would ask you what is your power level

    66. Unknown G

      I love the thumbnail

    67. Chuey 72

      DEFINITELY could have done without the Dragon Ball reference... and I am a Dragon Ball fan.

    68. Christian Powell

      you forgot goldberg vs braun strowman at wm 36

    69. Black-Phoenix020

      Yeah dude just basically goldberg

    70. C Really 2020

      So we not gonna talk about the Fiend and Oldberg....I mean Goldberg? 🤔

    71. Jon Joe

      The jealous waitress surgically whistle because rake pharmacodynamically bathe about a abnormal children. seemly, jagged gasoline

    72. Leenidas

      Loved how Zig over sold Goldberg cause he knew he shouldn't be stream rolled by this old man lol

    73. Hmm L

      Hmmm idk if u watch db but wouldn’t u named it ultra instinct not super saiyan because UI is very powerful way more powerful then ssj so ye

      1. JimTheKid

        Just a meme bro don't look so deep into it

    74. Autistic genius 2001

      I love your videos

    75. abdirahman ali

      so funny kkkkkk

    76. Jay jay

      More like Brock went UI on Kofi

    77. 19MT031 Prince Thakur

      Goku - cena Vegeta - Orton Broly - Brock Jiren - Bobby Lashley

    78. Tracie Philippone

      Goldberg used ultra instinct against Brock lesnar

    79. Wimo Tapia

      I might come back to WWE community just to watch Goldberg squash people.

    80. Segun Ogunbi

      u forgot sami zayn vs rey msterio gauntlet match for the universal championship

    81. Omegus prime

      Ultimate Warrior would be like Broly. He Staying angry and hyped

    82. Creepy Midnight Productions

      at 12:10 when you said, "Cena had never been squashed in a match before." That`s where you are wrong I mean just look at the dark matches of cena vs Lesnar and tell me that just isn`t total destruction.

    83. Anthony Phung

      The fancy lock microbiologically concern because indonesia acly print during a silent jewel. extra-large extra-small exuberant, animated porcupine

    84. Pema T Wangchuk

      The thumbnail 😂🔥

    85. fatom queen

      what is name of music in this video

    86. Sanjay Yadav

      You Forget Daniel Bryan vs Shemaus (WM 28) 8 Sec

    87. Tyler Haddox

      Brock Lesnar is krillin and Goldberg is Goku.

    88. MujjuMax G

      Everybody:- Look How Devastating The Spear Was BUT NOBODY GONNA TALK ABOUT HOW ZIGGLER SELL IT 😔

    89. Mr_Jumbles

      Goldberg is only allowed squash matches because he has the same cardio as a guy the same size and weight but fat instead of muscle. Which to be honest... is pretty fucking pathetic.

    90. PilloTheStar

      Brock lesnar vs kofi kingston wasn't super saiyan. It was one punch man.

    91. Greg D

      The WM 28 Clip, you can see Daniel Bryan be like “I can’t believe this just happened...” “I hope this ends well...”

    92. Clash x


    93. PortableChad

      My boy Sheamus is literally in Super Saiyan God with his hair.

    94. braeden martin

      WWE is white people anime change my mind

    95. abdou ben hsan

      I really got depressed then felt sick when WWE turned the match between John Cena and The Undertaker to a complete joke. That's the rudest move against every single wrestling fan in sports entertainment history.

    96. Robert

      The best squash match is brock lesnar vs john cena

    97. Hoshang Koul

      John Cena vs Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2014 was the greatest squash match of all time.

    98. Kenny Omega

      WWE sucks

    99. Gregory Fort

      I remember Sami Zayne vs Kevin Owens in NXT. The first match. It was completely 1 sided. If i remember right they didn't even count Sami out. Just flat out stopped it because he was unconscious. Probably the most physically violent match i have ever seen in WWE history.

    100. Vincent Plays

      I still can't keep myself together when I watch goldberg just shove Lesnar like he's nothing its so funny to me