Google Assistant features on Android


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    Want to order pizza? Google Assistant can help with that. Want to set the mood and dim the lights for your pizza party? Google Assistant can also help with that too. See how else you can use your voice to get things with Google Assistant on your Android phone.
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    1. Dastan Ibraheem Alhasani

      Yea apple is bad

    2. Bindass Tricks

      Why they are accessing my personal data?

    3. Phyllis Thisius


    4. yasio bolo

      Vreau să mă concentrez asupra unui lucru care este frumos și benefic pentru mine

    5. bcvbb hyui


    6. asioe kiou

      Ok Google! do my homework 😉

    7. Wd Berry

      Google is a government snitch. beware of what you say at all times

    8. Be Blessed True

      💖💝💝💝If you are reading this comment: BE BLESSED!!! x1,000,000!!! 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

      1. yasio bolo

        No entiendo, no hablo inglés

    9. Kevin Yates

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Ok Google! do my homework 😉

    10. cdb

      And it never actually works.

    11. Poorya Kalhor

      Awwwww What a great assist

      1. Poorya Kalhor

        Google its time

    12. Ransford

      Me: hey google how long does frozen chicken last in the freezer Google assistant: From frozen chicken last in the freezer for about 6 months Siri: i found this on the web

      1. Glow Cat

        @Ransford YES! I'm like, I wish I bought google Pixel right about now. It's honestly hilarious to me even as an Iphone user that loves Apple's products.

      2. Ransford

        @Glow Cat Siri is basically like "Find that shit ya self" 😂

      3. Glow Cat

        i did this on my iphone and Chromebook, didn't change anything but this was so accurate lol, iPhone does suck at times

    13. Kennita Pombar-Munet

    14. STILL

      Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🎈Non-Duality

    15. Phoebe Fishy

      android we STAN

    16. Sherry Clopp

      Do you have to have google home to use this feature??

    17. lesly francois

      thank you Google.

    18. Yolanda Walton

      Nice Google is getting better love it

    19. Lola Hunni

      My Android Phone does more then an iphone .went on rode trip had 2people in the car like WOW my iphone doesn't do that..I laughed

      1. New World Disorder

        @Μαλακας Κουραδακιας that's actually pretty useful. At least Samsung has extended theirs. Though I did just charge my dad's iPhone with my s20 FE's reverse wireless charging when he couldn't find his charger. Having the latest features sooner is definitely a plus on Androids :P

      2. BOB WHITE

        @Joel Song 🎵

      3. Positive Reinforcement

        I hope you’re still getting software updates

      4. Joel Song

        yeaaa iphone sucks also what feature was it

    20. Carole McGee

      Yes I think it's great

      1. Constance Taagen

        No no no hi well send something to Sam can you do that for me I just watched something on Sonoma county and I would like to see more of that especially that Safari type place what do you think but where how do I get Sam's address up here I wouldn't mind be no by 8r in

    21. noemi olga noemi

      No entiendo, no hablo inglés

    22. Satyam S

      Ok Google! do my homework 😉

    23. Vasile Rozovlean

      Vreau să mă concentrez asupra unui lucru care este frumos și benefic pentru mine

    24. Abdel Hamiid Abid

      some older devices are still able to run new android versions but companies are not pushing it i wonder why google doesn't force them to !

    25. Alex Ignacio

      Apple vs android!

    26. Brent Michael Gannetta

      It's sad that I say "Hey Google, that wasn't for you!" more often than anything else to my myriad of Google Assistant-powered devices. Please figure out how to keep your commercials from triggering your tech.

    27. Vitor Daniel

      My Google Assistant turns the Voice Match option automatically off... Basically I can't even use it these days on Samsung S10 -.- Also confirmed with 3 other friends that own this phone and S10E and it doesn't work either...

    28. Vishwanath Sharma

      0:11 click this to activate Google assistant 😂😂😂

    29. Ricardo Reyes

      I'm so confused. What's new? My assistant has been able to do these things already for about a year

    30. Eric Standlee

      Google voice is a Google product that I use all day everyday. Why is nike run club more important than google voice users? How hard can it be to allow us to use google voice to text by default and then let it handle the text google assistant commands? Seriously guys!?!!

    31. Anthon Went

      When can we play the same youtube video on multiple Google Hub Max

    32. Jon C

      Hey Google, when will you let us choose our own custom hotword so we don't always have to sound dumb saying "Hey/OK Google"?

      1. James Wilson

        @connor flynn I understand what you mean, but products like Alexa still work for Amazon. just because the hotword is changed doesn't mean that the companies recognition would be changed. I actually think it would be the other way around. If you with ease could call your phone to do a task for you, it would impress way more than having to look like a dumbass saying "OK Google" everytime. I'm my opinion

      2. Lodi Kalvin

        i really want to use hey shawty

      3. connor flynn

        @capeman10 branding I would guess, let's say you are around your friends and say hey google do this cool thing and then if it is cool your friends will be like dang that's cool I wish my iphone did that.. is that a pixel ect..... though siri can probs do it for the most part but just making us say google more is good enough for an impression

      4. capeman10

        @Nadeem Shaikh well share the info

      5. Nadeem Shaikh

        This will almost never happen and there's a very, very solid reasoning behind it.

    33. Andreas Elf

      Just a couple more decades and it might work well in Swedish. I know it takes time, but when you're waiting for something..... Ugh..... Are we there yet....

      1. Grand Dude

        Just think of how many yrs. It's taken MS? I used a GUI on top of DOS in 1992. Before Windows. It was a Lynix On top if DOS! 🤑😊

    34. ultradeadd

      I'd like to see packages in the google snapshot. I used to be able to but now I can't

    35. White YouTube

      Hey You can't Just Type in and Google will Talk with your iPhone

    36. Даниел Кузманов

      Google Assistant definitely needs more languages ... 😒.

      1. Carolina Huamanciza Gironda

      2. Joshua


    37. Calvin Karis

      Thanks Google. I love Shortcuts on Assistant. Keep Innovating Google. Love ya

    38. Carson K

      Google assistant is not very bright, even with the British accent.

    39. גדי וידרמן

      But what about HEBREW?

    40. Google user

      Stuck on Android 5 lilopop😭😭

      1. Om Pant

        use custom rom and upgrade to a11

      2. Over the Horizon

        You can still use Google Assistant via "Google Go" app.

    41. Assorted Shitpost™

      I hate it when ads trigger my speaker

    42. Shabaab Kamal

      FINALLY I've been dying for this stuff for years, and now that IFTTT is charging for use it's perfect timing

      1. Gloria Lewis

        Give assist. a name , PLEASE !

      2. David

        Could you be more specific?

    43. 十王药含

      To Google: please build "google assistant band" with BT, microphone, and speaker.

      1. 十王药含

        @Erik Tomlinson actually I am just hoping for very simple / light band, no "OS" needed. just like BT earphone but in "band" form.

      2. Erik Tomlinson

        I think they have this case covered with the Wear OS watches.

    44. CoolPants Mcgee

      When I try to turn on the torch its unreliable.

    45. Joey B

      Hey Google cut this video short by half a second 🥈

    46. E S

      0:20 OK Google without internet?

      1. محمّد نوشیر

        @E S Well offline voice package for Spanish is also available in settings. Download and use bro.

      2. E S

        @محمّد نوشیر spanish

      3. محمّد نوشیر

        @E S Which language do you use?

      4. E S

        I have the offline voice packages but it does not work for me, I suppose it only works with the English language

      5. محمّد نوشیر

        @E S It does bro, check out non internet features of Google Assistant.

    47. Suraj Suryawanshi

      Ok Google! When are you going to start making omlet?

    48. Juan Carlos

      it's a shame that it consumes too much battery

    49. Erik Tomlinson

      This video triggered my Home Mini to start searching for pizza places, good thing it can't actually order anything yet. 🤦‍♂️

      1. *CARLOS ADAN*

        Hola xd

    50. Alex Vine

      I'd love it if the screen didn't still stay on after using assistant on my Pixel 4 - makes the whole handsfree idea a bit pointless

    51. That one dude who posted stuff

      So… when will call screen come to other Android phones?

      1. Well Silver

        They only do it for new phones because of disc space and ram, all of wich is precious and hard to come by on something you tried to make small enough to fit in your pocket

    52. Techmaster1409

      Will Assistant 2.0 also come to non Pixel Devices?

      1. Balu Andhavarapu

        @Maninder Singh Sorry, I didn't see your message. I use Mi A2

      2. Balu Andhavarapu

        @Maninder Singh Oh wait, actually Next Generation Assistant is actually Pixel exclusive. But the UI was being tested for others also

      3. Calvin Karis

        @Techmaster1409 I'm using A51 tho. You can say 'Hey Google, open Shortcuts'. I hope it works

      4. Techmaster1409

        @Calvin Karis S20` or Note 20?

      5. Calvin Karis

        I just got Assistant shortcuts on my Samsung. It's really lit tho.

    53. brr.

      why does this only have 500 views lol

      1. Cyant

        Cuz it was posted 30 minutes ago

    54. Suneet Jaiswal


    55. EMREOYUN

      My Android Device can't do half of this thing currently. Very well Android, you did a great job. Edit: After some research, fixed the issue by installing an unoffical version of it. Now i can do anything(expect Pixel things) on Assistant.

      1. EMREOYUN

        @Aryan Arora Let me clerify, i live in Turkey. Some features disbled there(like some components of assistant, Google Music fully disabled). Google Asistant actually added in near time.

      2. Aryan Arora

        @EMREOYUN Check shortcuts in your assistance settings

      3. EMREOYUN

        @Eduardo Chavez Ferman Door Cam and Screen Call both not available, ordering things also unavailable because we are out of US. Now you also get out.

      4. Neïl Rahmouni

        Like what is something you can't do, apart from the exclusive pixel features ?

      5. Eduardo Chavez Ferman

        EMREOYUN the only thing your phone would not be able to do is check who’s calling (only on pixels). Everything else can in fact be done from the google assistant app. I could even do it on my iPhone. So before you get on here and act stupid, actually check if your phone can do these things.

    56. Shubham Kumar

      And.. me who using custom rom vanilla version

    57. Pickaxe


    58. Miguel Pérez

      When is this coming to android?

      1. EMREOYUN

        It's still a mystery.

    59. Abdulprokhadar

      Op op

    60. Samtechno


    61. Andrew Hector


    62. Staś Kwiatek

      0:11 you just turned on my google home

      1. natsu_ pro

        @Marvin Kantor hello

      2. Marvin Kantor

        @natsu_ pro hi

      3. dallas


      4. natsu_ pro


      5. Joel Song

        lol same it said hmm something went wrong