This Early 2000's Dating Show Is Pure Insanity

Kurtis Conner

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    I recently stumbled upon an old dating show from the early 2000's called "Chains of Love" and I knew I had to make a video about it. Enjoy!
    thanks for watching!
    comment "quit being such a steph" if ur reading this!


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    1. Olivia Webster

      anyone else peep that Sims music? 👀

    2. HippieBohoBS

      All of these men look like a walking, talking, meme

    3. jess

      okay so nobody else is wondering how they’re able to strip if they’re chained together

    4. Emily G

      Imagine starting a relationship likes this where you see your partner treat other guys like that right in front of you. Lmfao. Asking for a divorce.

    5. RoySapien


    6. Katie M

      Can’t believe we have to cancel Kurtis for looking at people’s shoes during heads up seven up

    7. Nancy Rivera

      Finally, I watch a video with Christmas merch when Christmas is actually coming and not in the middle of July 3 years later

    8. Carrot Kiddo

      I swear to god that hermitcraft background music kept distracting me

    9. Jouta Kujo

      7:01 looks like a scene from a B rated horror film

    10. Latifah Yahya

      I remember the old TVs we had one in our living room and I thought it was cool and it really was

    11. Kaydence Gambrel

      Except for that one time

    12. rivera rose

      Merry Kurtsmas

    13. Steve Cheney

      This show explains a lot about how PUAs got so much traction.

    14. M.

      the sims music lol

    15. ChermahSeephran

      I forget you're Canadian, then you say, "On the piss"

    16. Angela Benitez

      shout out to the '94 babies! :)

    17. Erwin Rolls

      Straight people are why

    18. Salem Xander

      But have you seen the dating show “Naked Attraction” ? 😂

    19. Kellie Heitman

      Calling me out for how I played seven up was stone cold man

    20. Melanie Lennon

      17:24 is that- the Oshawa mall sjfjskakla

      1. Melanie Lennon

        Omg it is the Oshawa Centre stop that’s so funny

    21. Eric Coffey

      Holy shit, that reveal at the end! I had no idea it was Kurtis, I really thought it was the locksmith until he took off the glasses

    22. MyLyfeThruTheLens

      Alan is the WORST dude and Stephanie is an idiot and super shallow 😬

    23. Isabella Genova

      20:40 does kurtis watch goodtimeswithscar?

    24. MyLyfeThruTheLens

      Parental control was the funniest show omg 😂

    25. Arrington

      I was hoping she would pick the locksmith- he's kinda a cutie \

    26. Ramon Batista

      If my ears do not deceive me, I believe I heard Mall Rat from the Sims Original Video Game Soundtrack at 3:21. All I have to say to that is... nice 😎

    27. Aurora Ness

      Christmas? More like kurtmas!!!!! Dad jokes are the best!!!

    28. 2theMax86

      Another review would be cool, but I'd love to see Kurtis talk with The Locksmith or Jason! Like JonTron's video where he talked to someone from Kid Nation years after it ended.

    29. aslindehecate

      No but srsly, why would he give her the six pack?? 😔

    30. Callmepoptart

      M U S T A C H E

    31. hayden kyla

      “Louis is my dad I am his tomlinSON” “ I want Zayn to MaLICK my butt”

    32. Something Else

      Rip Kurtis's search history "Guys making out"

    33. Emilija Juškevičiūtė


    34. Charlie G

      Khristmas? Or is it Kristmas? I dunno, but it sounds fun so I'm in!


      0:20 kurtis eye acting up

    36. Dragonball What If Bro

      guess im a steph then, cos i be like :| at every fart joke, but thats one aspect of jokes, and its a good thing you are way funnier than just fart jokes.

    37. Technicolorpachyderms420

      How do they go pee pee

    38. Valentina Magnan

      the joke about dating shows not being real doesn't make Kurtis' friend less of an asshole

    39. Regan Parenton


    40. Grace Futhey


    41. - emii -


    42. Dragonfly B!tch Bauer

      Who knows when Alan made that statement bc things are edited to create the narrative they want

    43. Dragonfly B!tch Bauer

      When I heard Chainz of Love, I was expecting Rock of Love or Flavor of Love type show

    44. JLynnEchelon

      I know it was 2001 and fashion was different, but why does Jason look like he's straight out of 1992?

    45. Oh no It’s madeline


    46. Danica B

      that tv thiccc

    47. Veronica Klos


    48. Jonas Guffey

      Rest in Jason

    49. Angela Bazan

      His hands were tied with invisible ropes 😂😂

    50. A J


    51. Joann Raj

      I watched Room Raiders religiously it was so unhealthy

    52. special kittie

      Holy crap first time u said rate i heard something else nd got startled

    53. Bianca Wright

      Thank god a KGupr has creative merch, not just some MS Word Art on a Hanes sweatshirt for 50 dollars lmao

    54. Mara Blond


    55. tilly h

      17:20-17:42 felt like a john mulaney bit

    56. Angela

      Can you PLEASE cover the pick up artist? I just rewatched it and yelled at the tv. Trash or treasure?

    57. Jazmine Makes Art

      I straight up forgot about the new backround and was so confused for like 5 mins

    58. 7Mushrooms7

      lol in the early 2000s there was a reality of several people chained to each other, I remember that. But that one wasn't a dating show. This is even more ridiculous lol

    59. Ali Alnakkash

      Are the straights ok? Like really are they ok?

    60. Meliha Balta


    61. KingPharo

      Now I want an airbrush beyblade shirt

    62. Alexandra S

      There was a really short lived MTV show where someone would become a celebrity impersonator to try and win a date with someone? Like some guy had a crush on Shakira and a girl he didn't know would then get a make over to look like her and then lip sing to a song. I'm not sure if it's a really a show or a fever dream I had? It would have been on around the time the show, "I want a famous face" was on MTV too.

      1. Alexandra S

        I just found it, the show was called, "My Own" and they didn't lip sync they just straight up butchered songs.

    63. Alexandra S

      There was a really short lived MTV show where someone would become a celebrity impersonator to try and win a date with someone? Like some guy had a crush on Shakira and a girl he didn't know would then get a make over to look like her and then lip sing to a song. I'm not sure if it's a really a show or a fever dream I had? It would have been on around the time the show, "I want a famous face" was on MTV too.

    64. Sarah C

      no ones gonna comment on 20:32

    65. Sonic Belmont

      I'm glad Kurtis popped off about Steph picking Allen. Literally the worst choice of the 4. Should've just kicked em all and kept the money.

    66. Ethanagor S-D

      I kept hoping one would accidentally roll off the bed and drag the other 4 people with him

    67. Haley McNamara

      What about 'Flavor of Looove" the MTV show about flavor flav who loool instead of calling women by their names just calls them by where theyre from. XD

    68. Zoe

      i always was peeved by my granddad making the chain and ball jokes about my grandma until i found the massive collection of short story length love letters he writes her every year. turns out hes buffing and after 55 years hes still completely whipped

    69. Dollarama

      This is horrible. Where can I watch it? 😅

    70. Dan Ramirez

      Pete is a simp

    71. Luluxid

      I think the locksmith should get a spinoff show where he just ruins relationships, by stealing the girl after forcing the dude to leave.

    72. Alena Stevenson

      quit being such a steph

    73. Alena Stevenson

      I saw the flash of “bestie picks bae” 😳😂

    74. 3 piggie boyz

      Dammit Kurtis, you're filling my future each sponsor deal you do because they're great. 😭 I'm gonna be eating hello fresh while listening to my audible protected by Expressvpn 😎

    75. Livvy

      I was thinking about how terrible I would find it to be chained to four guys, until I remembered I´m a lesbian 12 minutes into the video

    76. Brianne Smith

      I would literally never split $10,000 with anyone I've known for 4 days

    77. Dr. WHO

      Kurits - *Is weirded out at the notion of rating people's looks* Cut and Jubilee - *sweats nervously*

    78. Whitney Jameson

      You should do a video over Friday Night Tykes on Netflix. It's only a little different from your country people videos (the jokes are more "Texas" than "country") but I think your commentary would be hilarious

    79. melodiius

      me, gay: *you have no power here.*

    80. ItsnotDeliveryitsGiorno

      Simple plan was the first CD I ever bought. I thought I was the coolest smh😂

    81. Tessa Davis

      Jack deserved better

    82. Patricia Montaño Parreño

      Imagine if, when they made fun of her for farting, instead of getting super defensive she had just let out the biggest and grossest fart and they would've just had to stay handcuffed to her for another 3 days even if they didn't like her at all. Best prank.

    83. Gracelynwantsmusic

      quit being such a steph

    84. Enrique Tinoco

      Quit being such a Steph

    85. anthony

      Kurtis almost scared me with that late "FOLKS"

    86. petroleum jelly

      11:37 I’m so proud to say I laughed at that

    87. atuahelpme

      i’m disappointed you didn’t call it Kurtismas

    88. A Person

      I just forgot how to breathe

    89. James Bratz

      editing at the end 100%

    90. La'Niyah Barrett

      When you were talking about the tv, I related to that. In our living room, we had a tv just like that. We don't have it now though.

    91. Avery DeSalvo


    92. Sofi Mora

      Jason was fine fine tho

    93. Abby Smith

      plz make a part 2 omg

    94. Yolo1050

      The virgin 4 guys vs the chad Locksmith

    95. Lilah Shoemaker

      wait wait wait you mean to tell me... “Bestie Picks Bae” wasnt real?

    96. qopoy dnon

      public libraries, without ever leaving your home. AND your local library isn't just another source of income for Jeff Bezos.

    97. Tabitha Cakes

      Steph: :/ How dare you judge me for my looks when asked Also Steph: Ugh why aren't you muscular enough or have that athletic body compared to the others?

    98. anna needs help

      20:33 THE SHADE

    99. Andre 0stberg

      20:33 AHHHHHHH. HAHAH

      1. qopoy dnon

        God ur fucking funny

    100. SoulGazer Shayn

      As a French Canadian, some of these weren't translated, but those that were took a bit of time to translate. So some 2000's TV shows are still airing in French on Canadian TV.