Breaking down Week 1 of the 2021 SEC schedule | College Football on ESPN

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3,5 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Peter Burns, Chris Doering and Gene Chizik reveal week 1 of the SEC schedule and break down the most anticipated matchups including the Georgia Bulldogs vs. the Clemson Tigers, the Alabama Crimson Tide vs. the Miami Hurricanes and the LSU Tigers vs. the UCLA Bruins.
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    1. Larry Hatcher

      We use to play Clemson every year....I wish we could dump Tech and pick up Clemson every year

      1. Larry Hatcher

        @Hanzo The Razor Never heard anything like that. The only thing I know is that Tech wanted back into the SEC in the 70s and Georgia voted to keep them out

      2. Wayne Bennett

        @Hanzo The Razor I remember people talking about the VA requirements for VT. Never knew if true or elaborated.

      3. Hanzo The Razor

        The Georgia state government would never let that happen. State governments want their colleges to play each other and be in the same conference if possible. When the ACC was expanding one time, they wanted Syracuse, Boston College and Pittsburgh. Well the state of Virginia told them that if they did not add Virginia Tech to the ACC they would shut down all sports financial support to the University of Virginia. Syracuse had to wait a extra year then joined when I think Maryland left for the Big 10. Oklahoma was in talks to join the SEC and the PAC 12 at one time but the state lawmakers said where ever the Sooners went the Oklahoma State Cowboys had to go as well.

      4. Wayne Bennett

        I miss playing Clemson, but love smashing the GnaTs!

    2. Massimiliano Giacometti

      Miami beating Alabama

      1. Ty Scott

        @Hanzo The Razor but I do believe that ole miss will beat Alabama this time and our defense will be better prepared improved

      2. Hanzo The Razor

        @Ty Scott There is a Chinese proverb that goes something like this. When you climb your way to the top of the mountain, you become the mountain! Everyone else is left try to knock you off the mountain. Alabama is the Mountain, and right now that mountain is Everest. From the game Between Ohio State and Clemson, neither of them are ready to climb to the summit. If Georgia can keep their QB healthy and Kirby Smart does not try a fake punt from his own 20 yard line Georgia has a chance. Oklahoma might look good on paper, but I am not impressed with QB Rattler or the Sooner’s defense. This is the year someone needs to win it besides Alabama, because they will be a Juggernaut in two years and could win it back to back.

      3. Ty Scott

        @Hanzo The Razor but I am getting tired of Alabama always winning every year I hope someone else wins the championship next year

      4. Hanzo The Razor

        I have heard a lot of people are worried about Alabama’s QB Bryce Young not being ready. Well Nick Saban will get at least 1 maybe 2 grad transfer QBs just in case there are problems. QB Paul Tyson has been hitting the weight room and was turning heads in bowl game practices. And true freshman Jalen Milroe is a big time prospect from Texas, who has a cannon for a arm and runs like a Jack Rabbit. The Rest of the Tide is loaded with 4 and 5 star players with experience under their belts and have been highly developed. Ole Miss will be a good team next season, in fact they could challenge for 2nd or 3rd in the SEC West. Miami might put up a little fight in the 1st quarter but they are no where near being back to their glory days. Texas A&M will be lucky to finish 3rd or 4th in the West, I just do not like the way Jimbo develops talent or the way he coaches in big games.

      5. Ty Scott

        @Bat Chimp Vr but Texas a and m is the luckiest team because they have Alabama after the ole miss game that is if they beat use which I don’t see happening this Time they will be vulnerable and possibly beat by use so the Aggies could beat Alabama too at college station I heard their new quarterback is a Johnny manziel quarterback so I see Alabama record for next year being 10-2

    3. John Jordan

      Predictions Bama 48- Miami 21 Arkansas 45- Rice 13 Fau 10- Florida 41 Georgia 31- Clemson 35 Ul Monroe 7- Kentucky 31 Lsu 34- Ucla 24 La Tech 23- Miss St 35 Ucm 9- Mizzou 38 Eastern Illinois 0- Sc 28 BG 21- Tennessee 52 Kent St 0- Texas Am 35 ET St 7- Vanderbilt 24 Louisville 35- Ole Miss 45

      1. John Jordan

        @Hanzo The Razor ya but its Akron

      2. Hanzo The Razor

        @John Jordan I would hold off till all the players who want to transfer out are finished. I am not an Auburn fan, but I am really worried that their program has taken a major step back and it will be 2 or 3 years before it can recover. Bo Nix looks worse now than his freshman year. All the offensive linemen that they had last year will need to improve a great deal. They lost their top 3 WRs. The defense lost Big Kat Williams as he transferred out and he might not be the last. After the spring game we will no a little more. You must have watched a different Clemson vs Ohio State game?! Clemson’s Offensive and Defensive lines look very small compared to Ohio State, especially the offensive line. The Buckeyes defensive line had its way most of the game, T-Law was under constant pressure. And you know that almost every SEC team has linemen just as big and more athletic than Ohio State. Clemson’s secondary was exposed too, they are not terrible but QB Fields had a lot of time to throw.

      3. John Jordan

        @Hanzo The Razor oh yeah Auburn 55- Akron 24

      4. Hanzo The Razor

        Looks like you forgot a team?! Auburn vs Akron. My early score prediction Auburn 27 Akron 21

      5. John Jordan

        @cody west what would u say it was

    4. Kimberly Old School

      Why on earth did SC schedule Eastern Illinois? And will these midwesterners be ready for Columbia humidity in early September? They’re going to feel like a lizard under a heat lamp in a steam room.

      1. Hanzo The Razor

        When a team changes Head Coaches a smart athletic director will change the teams non conference schedule to easier opponents. ( if possible) So the Gamecocks play Eastern Illinois, East Carolina and Troy ( the giant killers) for their 3 non conference games. They cannot get out of the Clemson game though.

      2. Christian England


    5. Julian Smith

      Having Alabama Miami on opening night plus Texas Arkansas old southwest conference bad blood in their rivalry

    6. Waindim Tufoin

      The SEC non conference games man. Every year most of them are bad. Happy that Kirby called Clemson, those are the games we should be getting

      1. Wayne Bennett

        @Hanzo The Razor Sounds fair to me!

      2. Hanzo The Razor

        @Wayne Bennett Notre Dame and the 6 other independent teams would have to join a conference in order to be able to make the playoffs.

      3. Wayne Bennett

        @Hanzo The Razor I would FORCE ND to join a conference!

      4. Hanzo The Razor

        @Wayne Bennett I think every team should get a chance to be in the playoffs but using the Power 5 teams, and the AAC and Notre Dame and BYU that equals 77 teams. That leaves 46 teams in conferences and 5 independent teams, which equals 51. 51 +77 equals 128 teams that have to be put into 10 team conferences, we can add North Dakota State and Jacksonville State to make it a even 130 teams. So that is 13 conferences total and 3 at large teams making the 16 teams playoff system. That would be the fair thing to do. But college football is not fair. What would really happen is the power 5 and Notre Dame ( 65 teams, they would add 5 teams to make a even 70 teams ) so that is 7 conferences of 10 teams. They would use at most a 12 team playoff system, so 5 at large teams . Maybe 1 Group of 5 team might make the playoffs every few years as a at large team.

      5. Wayne Bennett

        @Hanzo The Razor You lost me. You say the B12 has it right, but then say "no more 9/10 team conferences". I've always been against the current PO structure. HOW do you have 5 conferences but a system with 4 slots guaranteeing AT LEAST 1 conference out each year.....& no auto berths for conf. champs. I got lost on your post, but I personally HATE byes in playoffs (as much as the 1 game "play-in" game slot).