Hilary and Scott Martin ATTACK Okeechobee - SMC TV 20-11

Scott Martin

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    I take Hilary out on Lake Okeechobee in search of some giant bass!
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    1. Tim Prall

      So awesome to see your daughters passion and competitiveness! You are going to have a hard time keeping that soul of hers contained! So awesome to see and I must say Congrats to bringing up a awesome family!

    2. Ken /

      This is the American equivalent to Gordon and Tilly Ramsay

    3. Dennis Hayden SR.

      Scott I think it is so great that you and your daughter get to fish together but whats better is sometimes she wins ha ha ha I remember when i took my sons to the marina back in 1988 i got a bass 11;3 and my son at that time was alittle older than hillary but we had a great time like you 2 always do .thanks for the great videos you and your dad give us. Stay safe during this crazy time and keep your family safe and one day soon i will see you on the lake God bless you and your family

    4. Joe Gafford

      Shes definitely got the bug!!!

    5. BennyBryantMusic

      Hilary is a fish catching machine! Watching her work the bail on a spinning reel when saltwater fishing is pure artistry.

    6. Ed Grabowski

      I love the relationship that you have as father and daughter. Blessings to you and your family.

    7. Jack Paul

      what time does your show air on discover?

    8. A and W Outdoors

      I fish on lake guntersville. I wish I could to go down to lake Okeechobee one time.

    9. Jon S

      Hey I'm in Okeechobee now, a little chilly, but far cry from Indiana. Any advice for Okeechobee area fishing? We are staying in rental at Taylor Creek. Thanks for any advice!

    10. sc1212able

      What would be a very cool fishing challenge, would be Hilary Martin vs up and coming Nascar superstar Hailie Deegan. Would probably be the most watched fishing video on KGup, both girls have out going personalities and huge fan bases. Let's make this happen.......

      1. sc1212able

        @Scott Martin Scott, I sent an Email to Hailie Deegan's PR people. If this idea does come to life you guys should make this a charity tournament and all proceeds raised would go to VICTORY JUNCTION....

      2. Scott Martin

        I think that would be great! If everyone will hype it up we could maybe pull that off. Everyone needs to hit up Hailie.

    11. Johnny Ayers

      Scott, have a question. what is the best bait caster for a beginner to start off learning with/ And how to keep from getting a birds nest in it?

      1. Scott Martin

        Probably a shimano SLX

    12. Ed Pelkey

      Awesome Scott, great spending time with your daughter 🍺

    13. jaxwild11

      Amazing day out!!!

    14. Grady Hines

      Cherise these times,some of the best times in my life were fishing with my kids.Great video

    15. Jim Stewart

      That good show the little rookie. How to fish for big bass.

    16. Jim Stewart

      Cool video together. Hope you'll have a fishing challenge against Jimmy Houston outdoors soon.

    17. Baht

      Man this looks fun I wish I had a boat and my dad would fish with me☹

    18. JD Guckenberger

      Love watching these videos of you and Hillary with my daughter! Happy New Year!

    19. Elray Banderas

      I'll always love the father daughter challenges I can't wait until my daughter can pick up a rod and learn how to slang big bass like you guys!!

    20. Elray Banderas

      Man I say she's just like you @Scott Martin 🤘y'all are awesome I aim to meet y'all maybe catch a fish or two with you and the Hill would be badass!!

    21. Aaron English

      Absolutely enjoy watching shows of you and your kids! Thanks for sharing your family time with us! God bless yall!

    22. Larry Warfield

      It's nice to see the younger generation do lots of stuff outside instead of setting around in the house playing video games. I have never met my real dad in fact I grew up without one. You are a cool dad. 😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏

    23. Rod Cashman

      Very impressive fishing with Hillary!! Enjoyed this video my daughter Janaya enjoys fishing with me as well. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to fish O when in Punta Gorda in a couple of weeks.

    24. Pamela Klemp

      Hil is so awesome. Her natural talent combined with your coaching her over the years has made her "her own" kind of angler. Love watching her, she's gonna go PRO soon -- hands down for sure 👍‼️ 💯🎯 With that hook set.

    25. Chris Brown

      glad to see her have so much passion for a sport thats short of none

    26. Austin Hubatch

      Discovery needs some wide angle lenses. Lol

    27. Jerry Girdner

      Any time you get to spend a day on the water with one of your children is the best days ever! And you have created a fish catching monster!!! Semper Fi! Great job, the both of you!

    28. PYWI Outdoors

      Scott, is Hilary going to pursue professional tournament league? I'm starting to see more woman get into it, a lot great diversity in the fishing industry now. She sets the hook like a pro!

    29. David Alley

      Maybe, Hilary could fish the Bassmaster Classic one day..

    30. russell bevans

      I was wondering if you could do a video on why it is important to wash boat before going into another fishery

    31. Tom Trockenbrod

      The bond you have with your daughter is awesome..I'm from NJ, my buddies got me into freshwater fishing.We go to Virginia upstate NY and Maine..happy new year

    32. dunkind

      not sure bout goin from a metanium to a favorite reel, like goin from a ferarri to a volkswagon 🤷‍♂️

    33. Mark Schneider

      Nice job Hillary

    34. Mark Schneider

      Awesome stuff ! Apple doesn’t fall from the tree

    35. adam pierce

      Here in Winter Haven, FL and Bull Creek in St. Cloud they love the junebug Bandito Bug. Hillary's hookset is identical yours.

    36. Henry Harrington

      Scott what do you recommend for dead of winter fishing in a sandpit with a ton of brush but a over populations of smaller bass and crappie?

    37. Kaylee Gibbs

      When she catches one of those trebles in toes like I did she will never wear open toed shoes again

    38. Johnny Thompson

      Love the faith you have for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ . I also love the way your family not only tells each other but shows eachother the love yall have for eachother

    39. skol

      I don't fish

    40. Robert W. Coleman Jr.

      She's going pro!!!!!!!!!! Definitely a great fishing gal....... Hopefully everyone in the Martin family had a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year to the family.

    41. Devin Burk

      Love when you guys fish together amazing content and awesome to see how close you guys are.

    42. Dan Fadden

      Awesome video Scott. I just booked a charter with your parents' place this week. It's always been my dream to fish Lake O and now it'll happen in February!

    43. jaivette

      Nice kid and proud daddy

    44. Cody Rorrer

      Hey Scott I would love to come meet you and your family

    45. TexasAirGunner

      Awesome video as usual. Lol Can't wait to make it back down there to the marina and motel. Was a super fun time....

    46. Memphis Taylor

      Awesome video I love seeing Hilary back on KGup, and Happy New Year

    47. Aday Outdoors

      Awesome that your daughter loves to fish! I get to take my daughter out once in a while. We enjoy both of your channels. Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck in the Elites 2021!

    48. Stephen Chaffin

      She is a awesome angler! Her hookset is better than mine, a lot better lol.

    49. Joshua D.

      I think it’s awesome to see Hilary out there enjoying bass fishing as much as here father, keep up the good work Scott, HAPPY NEW YEAR to the Martin Family !!!

    50. Rusty Wells

      This is my favorite video you've done this year Scott!

    51. Rusty Wells

      I knew that last fish was big because when Hillary set the hook the rod stopped like it hit a brick wall and I've never seen that happen when she set the hook they usually get pulled two foot but this time it just came to a dead stop rewind it and watch it's wild!

    52. Rusty Wells

      Hillary can't stand too see Scott catching those bass and I really mean it's just eating her up inside watching that and that my friends is what you have to have if you're going to be a tournament angler that fire in your stomach some have it and some don't Hillary has it!

    53. Jaay Priest

      Parenting done right Scott

    54. big dad ace

      Your family should Lease/Buy and Operate Jack Wingates Lunker Lodge on Lake Seminole GA. " Just thought I'd throw the Idea out there."

    55. Mike Potter

      Lol@hills english accent.......good job lol

    56. DG Mills

      What a super awesome Daughter Daddy fishing date! 🎣🎣

    57. Roger Moore

      If there’s anything better than watching your kids smile I don’t know what it is. Great day on the water

    58. Hank Xiong

      Happy new year’s Scott!

    59. Keith Smart

      Happy New Year to the Martin family coming to Okeechobee in March if nothing happens and Im ready for some warm weather its cold here in Ohio. Maybe Ill get to meet you we buy shiners at the marina. Hillary is gonna be a winner like her daddy .

    60. Warren louisiana

      Good catches

    61. Marshon Johnson

      Ok I’m done! My next stop for sure... I’m so close

    62. Christopher Lilly

      If I ever have kids I hope they enjoy fishing as much as I do I love the relationship you guys have

    63. AlexTheLipper

      Scott should do a Walmart challenge where he picks out a baitcaster reel and rod and baits

    64. Scott Ezzell

      Hillary BassMaster Classic champion 2029... The real question is what in the world is Billy gonna do now your on the Elites? Who's gonna adopt and take care of him LOL.... good luck this year pulling for you to make a run at the Classic

    65. wayne osmon

      its awesome to watch your daughter grow you have done a great job teaching her she is lucky to have you and her grandfather to support her awesome to watch enjoy your vidios

    66. Justin Shearer

      Id been thinking about coming and staying at your dads marina soon

    67. Ernie Fisher

      Precious moments rite there. Thts awesome!!

    68. Kenneth Chapman

      Awesome fishing action!!

    69. Warren Farmer

      My family fishes with me too,that’s the best memories you can make.

    70. wesleybigham1

      Happy New Years man!! Hope you and your family has a great year!

    71. Simply Midwest Fishing

      Glad to see the Big O lookin good and fishin even better. Haven't been there since I fished the flw Costa event when Billy fished his 1st tournament as a pro

    72. Machines R Us

      so awesome! looks fun, im jelly


      Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like

    74. paul taylor

      invasive species fish take over fish move carpfish take over il chicgo take over fish eat good eat

    75. 256BassFishing

      Happy New Year Martin Family! You're absolutely right about those hook sets. Hil is a monster with them. Can't wait to compete against the Speed Worm Queen for the 2021 Bass Opens. See y'all there and praying for a great year for you in the Elites! Get em, Scott!

    76. Kevin flabouyfishing

      7 minutes in you forgot to mention Hillary's channel!!!!! Yall go and sub to the future first lady to win a bassmaster classic!!!

    77. Craig Stevens

      Thanks for video I need to book a trip I was gonna bring my boat but after I heard you say books trip it's on may be I get lucky and see mr. Roland.

    78. Jim Snyder

      Roland, Scott, and Hilary Sue. Could you have ever imagined.......

      1. Rusty Wells

        I knew it the first time I seen her set the hook.

    79. Jim Snyder

      Happy New Years! Looking forward to you Elite success! Thank you for helping all of us get through 2020.

    80. Erik Larrison

      I dunno if Hilary's was bigger than yours lol but it was still a nice fish! I wish my kids were half excited and listened as well as Hilary when they go Fishing!

    81. Malcolm Greene

      Awesome times right there man

    82. Stupid Stuff

      Not catching a bass for a month be like 🥴

    83. Doc Phillips

      Great show. To all the Martin family.. Happy, Healthy, and Safe 2021.

    84. Kevin Wells

      Your a great fisherman, but more important an awesome Dad, and family man. Happy New Year.

    85. Tommy Bedford

      I think it is wonderful for you to take your Daughter out with you like that. She really seems to have a great personality to, I know you are very proud of her Scott. I am going to have to try to catch you up at Pickwick sometime, Keep up the great work Scott


      She is basically a grown Woman now! Crazy how time flies! She did so well with the awkwardness of making TV. It's not easy for Father and Daughter to turn into Host/Co-host.

    87. Richie _k_68

      Wow Hillary can fish she’s going to be a pro very soon she learned everything from you I wanna wish you and your family a Happy New Year !! 🙏🏼🎣

    88. robert patterson

      What else do you expect from Rolands grandgirl ?

    89. Bob Davis

      Hilary Sue is 🔥 rock on girl. Happy New Year to your family. Tight Lines ! 🎣

    90. 1000yrd308 GBA

      You heard what she said, I learned from the best! A few more years and she's going to be dangerous. Keep the line wet guys! Have a Blessed New Year 🙏❤🎣

    91. EliteGB

      Hillary has such a head start on where I was at 14. Growing up around a elite angler like yourself she's gonna be a force to be reckoned with in the near future! I credit hill for turning my daughter on fishing! We all watch y'alls videos. Lit a fire in my daughter. Being proud never felt so good Scott. So proud. Love y'all. God bless.

    92. James Mims

      Love watching y’all catch big bass. Just want Hillary to whip you. Lol. Love her vids too. Don’t miss any of them.

    93. Seth Lind

      It is an amazing to see a girl my age to love fishing just as much as me love the content keep it up your pal from South Dakota

    94. Shake-N-Bake Bassin

      She says "thank ya" "thank ya" like ol Edwin Evers..lol great vid

    95. Lucas Jensen

      We need a highlight of hills hook sets

      1. Lucas Jensen

        @Rusty Wells ya

      2. Rusty Wells

        That would be killer tell her to do one on her channel.

    96. Lucas Jensen

      Love yours and hills vids nice job

    97. Jackie Reeves

      The speed worm in Junebug red made by Zoom is my go to bait here Georgia.

    98. Sammy Clark

      Dear Mr Martin I cannot wait to see Hillary standing up there at the bass classic taking on the new trophy cuz one of these days she is going to be better than you guys so if I was you I will start crying because she is going to be up there while all of you guys down there watching her accept the trophy

      1. Rusty Wells


    99. Lucas Jensen

      Ain't she 15

    100. Kevin flabouyfishing

      You better let Hillary catch the big bass from the canal this year sure a video is coming soon...