Evinrude Motors No More...Now What? 20/20

Scott Martin

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    Where will I go, engine warranties, evinrude parts and what happens to the Iconic Evinrude Brand. This 20/20 is one I didn’t want to do but everyone has been asking. As I state in the video these are not statements or opinions from BRP just what I have heard so far from the public. Thanks to all the Evinrude staff and close friends I have made over the 20yrs. Hopefully our paths will cross again.
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    1. Scott Martin

      I need your input on this situation. What outboard do you use and why? Also, drop a comment saying you would like to win one of the Vice Versa hats! 👊🏼

      1. James Burton

        I still run an old Mercury 85 horse 2 stroke on my fishing boat. Bought it used 20 yrs ago and she still runs 39 mph all day log.

      2. john mckee

        I would like to win a ViceAVerse hat.

      3. ramesh anand

        Scott Martin Yamaha. They are the most reliable, the easiest to service and get parts for where I live (Eastern caribbean). When it comes to outboards you buy what works best for your operating environment 90% of the boats here run Yamahas. I love the new Mercs and they are crazy fast but you can’t get the same amount of lifetime use as a Yamaha of similar horsepower rating.

      4. RANGER2livE

        @Ronald Mathis yeah I know that's just if they get in the bass boat industry

      5. Chase Dickinson

        Mercury is wicked good, lived in key west for two years as a jest guide and have been in all of the marinas. The Verados are awesome and they have those racing 400's that would look AWESOME on the Vice Versa! And if I'm not mistaken they have the Verados in 250 as well for the tournaments! But like you said, they are ALL really great motors. And to be honest in my opinion, the Yami's don't have that great of a color selection for their motors either.

    2. Kalsaume Satungiamata

      G2 is not the problem. BRP is. Some Japanese should buy this and run it properly. G2 definitely has a market it just needs smart marketing for it's loyal customers. Fuck BRP!!

    3. Kenneth Chapman

      I have had Johnson and Mercury on my boats and got good service from both.

    4. D Wetick

      Can't you read the writing on the wall?

    5. Matt Gore

      Does anyone think another brand will start making a two stroke again?

    6. Agent Smith

      An outboard can last for 100 years if it's built well and the owner maintain it well. This means there's very little profit to be made in the outboard industry. While some people re-power every five or ten years like they would a car, there are many who don't change their outboard in over 20 years. The profit margins are so tiny it's not worth it, unless you have a huge market share like Yamaha or Mercury.

    7. Herr.S Romain Sandt

      If you loved using Evinrude... Only the Mercury's V8 will give you some of the pleasure the Ete's G2s gave you. Yamaha, Evinrude, Mercury, Suzuk and, Honda... All make some great outboards and some to avoid. Only Mercury and Yamaha wll have as much choice of accessories and propellers as Evinrude, Only Mercury will give you a really good sounding engine if like me the Evinrudes had a sound that made you happy.

    8. G Howard

      Mercs and yammies have the best dealer network. Both reliable and have excellent resale. Suzuki’s are also excellent motors but have few and sketchy dealerships. Suzuki’s are the quietest.

    9. G Howard

      Probably the most advanced outboard made. Another company will probably buy Evinrude and crank it up again.

    10. Gmtail

      To be honest it's not surprising. BRP makes junk. I say this as I am rebuilding another CanAm ATV and repairing another customers SeaDoo.

    11. H3 Duramax

      They have a new motor coming out. They were calling it the Ghost motor. It’s not an outboard. It is a boat motor that’s hidden in the Vessel. That’s all I know so far.

    12. Tom Hman

      You want to get something off your mind get rid of that stupid hat.

    13. James Harth

      Hey scott. I'm a little late to comment but my dad has been fishing since he was a child and has been a bout owner since he was 27 years old and he is now 68 years old and the only thing that hasn't changed is his out board choice of Yamaha. He loves it, great customer service and jus great all around and very dependable for his tournaments. I think it's a great choice. I actually jus bot him a Yamaha pro fishing goody for his birthday and he loves that too..

      1. James Harth

        Even though I already seen u in a tournament running a Yamaha but I jus wanted to give u my opinion. Good luck going forward scott. As always I will be rooting for u

    14. Jimmy Simmons

      Love the hats, I would wear it! lol

    15. May Kia Thao

      Save all the 2 strokes guys!!!

    16. Vet Doc

      Only Yamaha rules. All others are yust yunk!

    17. Mason Pitrucha

      Have always been a loyal Evinrude fanatic but I’ve always seen Yamaha as the definite runner up in my opinion. But my father just put a pair of new Suzuki 300’s on his dusky 33 and they are very impressive I must say.

    18. Marcelo Zarvos Linhares

      I have a Evinrude. Its a great engine. Now,i’ll go to the Yamaha for sure. Have no more confidence in american engines unfortunatly.

    19. Stephen Arseneau

      I am sad to hear this. Why? because Evinrude's are more powerful, more fuel efficient, they pollute less, and they are EASY to maintain. If i had the coin, I would buy their company, move it to Canada and keep those G2's around. Any rich dudes here want to give it a go?

    20. malcolm nicholls

      I bought a Johnson 60 VRO here in the UK about 27 years ago. It's still in use by someone else now.

    21. Step Above

      I've done lots and lots of research because I'm new to the scene it seems mercury is most versatile over the whole range im going with them but I really like the Suzuki and Yamaha to.

    22. Stephen Arseneau

      Did they just stop production or are they totally finished?

    23. Julian Morera

      I live in Florida and work on boats it hard to find parts for any evinrude they’re becoming almost obsolete I’ve had almost every brand of outboards and for me it’s either mercury or yamaha cant go wrong with them im currently running a 225 Mercury optimax on my 20 foot mako

    24. Bill B

      Yamaha No question!

    25. Moto Gordo

      Dang French Canadians(BRP) ruin everything.😂 First beer, then bacon, now motors.

    26. Kendyke Watkins

      I still have a pair of 2,000 Fitch ram 150hp hope I can still find parts or maybe get a emm restoration if needed..

    27. Jason W.

      I would have to say need to go with Honda super reliable engines.

    28. FRK

      Yamaha outboards... nuff said.

    29. Ray Bly

      That's not what my dealers are saying they are saying to stay away from them. The value of the motors has dropped to nothing dealer wont even take them in on trade .

    30. Hendrickson Runner

      We have good engineers in this country, someone should start a new company and sell USA made outboard motors, not mercury or anything else. With covid I'm going to say, new small companies should be regulation free to encourage new start ups.

    31. Mark Heaton

      Didn’t watch the whole video (sorry Scott you do great stuff) but here’s the guts of it from someone with twin ETEC 300’s on a Jupiter 31. Engine date of manufacture, 2009. 540 +/- engine hours. Love the ETECS. When it comes to 2-stroke engineering, they cannot be beat. Weight to horsepower ratio is unsurpassed. Cleanest running 2-stroke I’ve ever seen; most economical fuel consumption out there, period. If you’re outfitted with an armstrong bracket it’s the best configuration ever. There’s no question that Evinrude had the tiger by the tail when these were released. But, enter the era of emissions (new) standards. Everybody else saw the handwriting on the wall and moved away from 2-stroke tech back to 4-stroke in order to fall inline with the upcoming emissions standards; Evinrude did not. Maybe they bet too heavily on the 2008 election cycle and hoped for continuing conservative thinking when it came to climate stuff; who knows-but the bottom line is they ran out of “transoms” and lost market share, and it was only a matter of time until they arrived at the current situation, i.e., out of business. And now, here we are. My boat has been down all summer. Starboard ETEC needs an ECU. Normally, no big deal. Send in the old one, Evinrude techs plug it in and transfer all engine data from old to new, mail new ECU back and I’m up and running. Except for one, thing: there’s nobody there (at Evinrude) who cares about my boat. And why should they? Some 400+ good people just lost their jobs. I don’t expect to see a new ECU…ever. Forget about calling and bitching about it. They’re not listening, and if I were a former Evin guy I wouldn’t either (and I haven’t even mentioned the COVID factor). What’s the bottom line here? Remember, my engines only have 540 hrs on them. They’re young. They have a long way to go until they lie in rest. None of that matters because they cannot be repaired. It is a forced re-power situation, that’s it, that is all, does no good to cry about it. My boat is white. Yahama 300’s also come in ‘white’. I’m already in line, and the line is growing, from what I hear. The answer to the question, "now what?"......well, ‘nuff said, and I'm sad to say it. I had every intention of seeing 5000+ hours on those ponies. Life goes on.

    32. Mashed

      Vmax Was game Changing when it came out, plus yamaha is more loyal to its customers like Evinrude, Just saying

    33. Robert Otto

      I bought a Honda 130 twenty years ago. The only thing I've ever done to it is change the oil.

    34. Juan Luis Caranti

      Suzuki great technology. Super quite engine. I have one 4stroke 1999 and still like new!

    35. Big Fish

      This news hurts. I just purchased a new motor in February. The resale value just tanked.

    36. Charlie Stuve

      I have been a guide since the early nineties in Jupiter. I have been an evinrude pro staff guide for the past 11 years. Once I heard the news I was heart broken. I think a combination of things hurt the market share. When I worked the boat shows the 2 main questions asked were ‘when you making a bigger motor and why don’t you have a four stroke model? Honestly they just could of put a 350 decal on it and sold more. The 4 stroke question was just stupid because the evinrude g2 was the best engine I ever used and I use them all. I’m going to miss not having to change oil every 100 hrs. Any way they offered me an opportunity to buy the engines on my boat. I felt that the way they shut down production without notice that I could no longer believe in the company. So I’m selling my guide boat and looking for a new one.


      Oh I see OXE is backed by BMW


      Could be the G3 design they were working on, just was not going to compete with their competitor new line and they decided to fold. The design team must have been working on a new model for several years.


      EVINRUDE has had a rough time over the years. I thought they would be strong now. BUY AMERICAN MERCURY. You Freeman will be the only boat with Evinrudes on it. I thought 7's was going to be the cat's meow, but something has happened, boat MFG are turning to other brands to put on their boats.

    40. Riley R

      I really hope an American company will buy Evinrude after this crazy year is over! I love OMC!!

    41. J Mac

      Been an Evinrude guy all my life. Last year, purchased a used boat with a Mercury (2-stroke) on it. That had more to do with the boat brand & model at the right price for me than the motor itself. My older boat with an Evinrude 48 SPL recently, acquired lower unit issues so, old faithful is down. I believe You will do your diligence and research the avenues that apply to your situation and make the best decision possible for you, your business and your family. Respectfully, JM

    42. SLEAZEMAN1

      I hate BRP, Polaris, whatever you choose to call them. They give ZERO SHITS about their customers. I've watched them kill 3 popular brands and support after sucks. As a teen I scraped and saved for a Can Am dirt bike, they killed Can Am and parts availability became a joke. Now they are killing Evinrude, repower now before parts are an issue and, maybe, maybe someone will buy your motor. My friend bought a 2017 Victory motorcycle, Victory's gone and the dealer is being shitty about the warranty, they want him to buy a new Indian. I say screw BRP in general and buy a different brand.

    43. Broc Luno

      Prolly time to contact Tohatsu. They are a good solid company worldwide. Their ability to penetrate the US market has been up and down. They made motors for Evinrude, Merc, Nissan - all of them as subcontractors. I'd look at what they might provide as a lead brand. Meantime, keep running your existing motors with carried spares and see how their promised warranty support goes. I am personally repowering with a Merc, but that's all I can get... Everyone is back-ordered. Plants overseas were shut too. So run what you got until some of this Covid dust settles ... Then look at power and support options :)

    44. Tobin Lake Guide Services

      I have a 250 E-tex on my Ranger. The first motor was strong but burnt down. This new one is plaguing me to death with small problems. I can’t keep it running. I own a guide service and fish about 5-6 walleye tournaments a normal season. It sure sucks when you break down during a tournament or with client repeatedly ? If I could get something for my motor I would go back to Mercury and run the V8’s.

    45. 2 Ol' Vets

      I think it was/is pressure to get rid of 2cycles for eventual banning the no alcohol gas. If we think about this there is also a push to take the %higher than the 10 they have now.

    46. Jordan Lessard

      Go with Suzuki!

    47. Ant Cichlids

      Ya they will take care of u for free

    48. Blake Goetz

      I have followed you Scott forever but just found your channel last week. Thank you for the videos, I stepped away from fishing for 9 years after my parents got a divorce. Well the past week I have had a line in the water for last last 6 days. You’re humble and a great person! Kelly Jordon is a great family friend who is another great pro I love. Thank you again Godbless and stay safe from COVID-19.

    49. Doug Wisdom


    50. Warren louisiana

      70 hp Yamaha......

    51. Raythemanroe


    52. Marcos Molina


    53. Stephen Baker

      I've been running a Mercury for the last 15 years without a problem. However I wanted to repower with a new E Tec. Now this. I like more competition, keeps it fair

    54. David Edwards

      Got a 1982 Evinrude 140 on a Baja 16 SS. Runs 60 mph solid motor 😎👍🏻

      1. Bruce Miller

        I just got a used johnson 4l v8 to tinker with. these exact same engines should have been scaled up with modern DFI and turbo. Like the OMC v8 240 CID scaled up to about 600 CID (10L) with DFI and exhaust trapping valves for an inboard!

    55. Yak Zona

      The hook vice versa logo are so clean 🔥🔥🔥

    56. Peter Southern Boy

      Evinrude ignored the ONE marine market that was growing like crazy since 2008 and that has the fattest margins (350-450 outboards). Suzuki came out with a very nice 350 a couple years ago and Volvo Penta bought Seven Marine - but Mercury and Yamaha have really dominated that space. What kills me is that BRP Rotax has some really great high HP four stroke technology (Rotax 1630 ACE) but they restricted its marine use to the top-of-the-line Sea Doo PWC’s and light aircraft.

    57. Ben Harlow

      Awesome camo vice versa hat!

    58. Dill Wayne

      Hey man I heard vmaxes are pretty nice

    59. Ron Douglas

      Why won’t this site let me comment lol

    60. Mark Hilger

      You’re a dealer and don’t know what they are doing? I can you tell you one thing those electric engines they alluded to in the investors meeting are solving a problem that doesn’t seem to exist.

    61. Henry Theiling

      Get a merc

    62. William Riley

      Suzuki... For the 6 year waranty...

    63. Bassyrians assyrians rippin lips

      Merc scott thst v8 is something else

    64. Bryon Morningstar

      Is there really any other engine than a merc!

    65. fishing 54


    66. Barrett Granger

      Gotta get a Merc

    67. brennan lirette

      Mercury or Yamaha personally lot better motors better quality mercury for freshwater or Yamaha for saltwater and freshwater


      i found a brand new G2 here in Houston, should i buy it or just change out my old Yamahas to new Yamahas?

      1. Scott Martin

        Warranty go for it

    69. Ched Burton

      Scott, I am a huge fan but a new fan. I’ve fished off and on my entire life but never really seriously. Something happened recently and I have become obsessed. Say all that to say I’m a very average angler at best. However, I would love to be a co-angler just for the experience and the learning opportunity. Would I be getting in over my head? Could you speak more about the experience? The Eufaula tournament is the one I’ll be looking at. Thanks for your input.

    70. mohawktr72

      Suzuki or Honda, Great for salt or freshwater and the lowest maintence in the industry.

    71. Alvin C.

      Canada needs to stop giving POS Bombardier bailout money....they've proven their not worth a nickel of taxpayer's money....... best outboard out there and if you can't make money with that your an idiot brand and should go belly up and save taxpayer's money.

    72. Brad Pellerin

      Evinrude didnt decide to do anything. BRP decided to drop the company (evinrude was owned by BRP). I believe Mercury took over Evinrude.

    73. Scott silver

      Lets face it BRP lost a lot of market share because they kept selling G1 Etecs many years after everyone knew a high percentage of the power heads were not lasting over a few hundred hours or Less !! I'M NOT BASHING , I'm just stating what is obvious in the boating world. Most 4 stroke outboards will last at least 2000 hrs and in many cases 3000 - 5000 hrs or more . It is rare for a 2 stroke to last that long and the power to weight ratio of 4 strokes has improved a lot in the past decade. BRP was the only one in the world still making 2 strokes for the U.S. market and there is good reason for that. Mercury , Yamaha , Suzuki , Honda (all good engines).

    74. Josh Harrison

      Go with Yamaha, you won't regret it.

    75. Nolan

      Sad evinrude is no more I like them but I’d recommend Yamaha our marina carries them and they do very well service and warranty record and are going no where soon like mercury

    76. Peter Anthony

      So I was at a Ranger /Merc/Yami dealer on the west side of Guntersville this past April and they said Evinrude is fixing to be halted and revive a Johnson 4stroke- not sure if the Johnson is true but somebody leaked some info!

      1. Scott Martin


    77. Brett Sapp

      I run a 2014 Yamaha 300 but to be honest I like Merc and yam equal have had multiple of both in 2 stroke never have had 4 stroke so I can't say.. but I have heard the sho is amazing

    78. Lyle Bonney

      Just a spit ball idea. It’s a marketing scheme. They say they aren’t making motors anymore and a few years down the road they explode on the market with new stuff and it’s a big stir kinda like what happened with “new Coca Cola” back to “classic coke”

    79. ssphil productions

      I’ve had mercury engines all my life! Great reliability with excellent service.

    80. Scott Wilkins

      Mercury and Suzuki seem to be the top two motors in my mind. Guys here in Missouri beat the hell out of those suzuki on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers going for big catfish.

    81. NotSo Nicely

      Put a cummins in there 😁

    82. Justin Pacilio

      My dad has been running mercury sense 1975 and i have a mercury V8 pro xs on my Nitro Z21 and it’s great i’ll never get over that V8 sound

    83. Caleb Bergeron

      Time to hop on the Mercury train brotha

    84. Jimmy Gulledge

      Scott what omc gonna do are they come back in future

    85. David Jolliffe

      Go with Mercury. Just ask your dad, Jimmy Houston or Hank Parker. How long have they been using Mercurys?

    86. Kellen L

      You should run a Yamaha Scott my dad and his family have been running Yamaha for about 5 years now and we really haven't had any problems with them.

    87. gerard haubert

      I’m switching to Suzuki !!

    88. gerard haubert

      Not happy with the way BRP handled this, will never purchase anything from BRP, you can’t trust them.

    89. Chong Her

      Scott Martin, I don't follow the tournament fishing world so I don't know you yet. By watching your "now what" you tube segment today. I do know you. You are just like one of us hard working folks just trying to provide for his family. Your profession just happen to be something that we all wish we could do. You are a teacher to all that fishes and some will follow in your footsteps. Your situation, look! You have all these great tools (boat, motor clothing whatever divorcements) that had propelled you to where you are. You have grown attached to it. Now that these tools are no longer available. You are bewildered. "It's normal" you are human. You have so many people on here that shows great support for you. Already giving you great tips and they don't want to see "their guy bug down". Get your hand on this book. "Who Moved My Cheese" (It is the light switch that you are looking for.)

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks for that!!👊🏼

    90. Scott Sime

      Saltwater Yamaha is where it's at, seems to be the better fit for your situation and support wise..

    91. anthony dominguez

      Sorry guys had a Mercury Nothing but issues - got rid of it for a Yamaha. No issues 300 hours later.

    92. Peyton Pack

      They both are good it is just what you like best

    93. Stop Kxz

      Mercury is the way to go I have a 250 mercury four stroke pro Xs and it runs 80.3 and it is very Reliable

    94. Nick Agar

      From UK Leicester had a Broom With a 85HP V4 Evenrude great set up in 1987. was a 70s set up fantastic starter boat Cost me no money done well when I sold it in 1991. Moved on from waterskiing too Scuba. And moved back in to Biking from 1993. Started first Moped 1975 FS1E. But got my first Harley 1993. Sportster. had around 14 . Fat Boy and V. Rod now. But as a Harley and Marine fan and historian. I know that Both brands were born in 1903. William Harley used Evenrude Carb Tech on the first Harley. They are both American Iconic Brands with American History. I went out last month on the electric Harley Live Wire Awesome. 7 yrs Electric Tech Development I think the Evenrude Brand could be the New electctric Outboard brand with Harley backing.

    95. InConTruth

      It’s sad how few people even mention Mercury is made in America. Change your way of thinking before it’s too late, unless you want foreign corporations owning the outboard market.

    96. cheeky breeky

      Mercury definitely. My family was in the marine business (chartter fishing, island taxi, etc.) mercury has been the only motor that our family used for the past 20 years. I’m a bit biased since I grew up with the brand (my uncle has a dealership with mercury for 10 years). But rest assured, all the mercury engines that we had are used heavily. Sure there are problems just like the other brand but those things kept running for a long time.

    97. Jerred Wayne

      Ask the googan squad guys how their merc perform. They seem to like them

    98. Jesus is Alive!


    99. BBurnett

      This is obviously a day late, and of course a dollar short, but this boils down to a matter of personal preference. That being said though, I would highly recommend Yamaha. My current motor is a late 2001 model Yamaha Vmax 150 two stroke that came with my 2002 Skeeter ZX190. All I have done is perform the recommended maintenance on the boat and motor since the day they were purchased and both still look and perform beyond my expectations. As far as the hats, well the cap with the dark blue front, white logo, and white mesh is definitely a sharp lid. God Bless and Let's go fishing!