Miley Cyrus at Primavera Sound Festival 2019


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    Miley Cyrus Primavera Sound Festival 2019 concert setlist:
    01 Intro 00:00
    02 Nothing Breaks Like a Heart 00:50
    03 Mother's Daughter 04:27
    04 Unholy 08:04
    05 Cattitude 11:14
    06 D.R.E.AM. 13:50
    07 We Can't Stop 16:41
    08 Party Up The Street 22:09
    09 Malibu 25:26
    10 Jolene 29:29
    11 Party In The U.S.A. 32:59
    12 Can't Be Tamed 38:32
    13 Wrecking Ball 42:00

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    1. Bernadette Turkenburg

      Dear Miley,contemplate on the fans you have,they are not blind!

    2. Callum Drage

      Miley killed me with that Malibu - she was going through so much and we all didn't know.

    3. KingTravis Searles

      I'm unholy as fuck! Life would suck otherwise! Drugs saved my life!lol

    4. KingTravis Searles

      Miley is one bad ass bitch!

    5. seevil87

      She likes her leather trousers!

    6. KingTravis Searles

      A gift undeservedly given to everyone on planet earth! Thank you so much Miley for sharing your exceptional talents with all of us!❤❤❤

    7. NZia Naushin

      Every move of her is giving me thunderstorm 😰 Her voice is spreading fire across my ears 🔥

    8. Mayo Whotton

      I like how long they are

    9. Marilenny M. Guzmán Jiménez

      Dios!!!, cuánto la amo, ojalá un día también pueda estar así de cerca de ella

    10. Marcelo Pozzo

      Miley Cirus? 😂

      1. Marcelo Pozzo

        @Hugo Benjamin Oviedo Cirus with an I instead of a Y

      2. Hugo Benjamin Oviedo

        Hannah Montana

    11. Maria de jesus Velazquez olivares

      Sigo en pie!

    12. Ralph Keeldar

      Very nice, thx 👍🎶💐

    13. Erikka Juvonen

      Miley was born to perform. I didn’t like that bangers phase she went through but she still came through with some good songs off that album..

    14. nessydal

      que concierto tan perfecto!

    15. Mr666Evilone

      This song is futile

    16. Hailey Parker

      Please the name of the rap part

    17. Miguel Arévalo

      Hola 😋😋😭😭🌺😔😔💐💐🤗🤗🤗😢😢💖💖💖👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽😢🤗

    18. Live Bootlegs


    19. Ron502008

      At 15:38 Massive boob grab. You're welcome.

    20. Leha Leha

      опшлепаная дичь

    21. Jennie Boffro

      She is beyond talented I love her and her singing so much! Presence is incredible

    22. Jasmin

      0.59 i never fucking noticed that her name weren’t spelled right lmaooo

    23. Marco Vitali

      "ancora tu ma non dovevamo vederci più" (l. battisti) cara dolce BAD GIRL magnifica OSSESSIONE.. covid. 54 (f. g. c.)

    24. Ayoo junior Arrap parra


    25. 埃德溫

      I miss THIS ERA

    26. Natasha Sonier

      killer koOl beat u- amaing.i wOve you

    27. Patrick Waldron

      If an and has no history of flooding then it is good to build things under the earth. Many things can be built under the earth. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!!!! King Patrick

    28. Camila Roth

      Nunca vi a alguien con tan pocas ganas de dar un show

    29. Thairone Carvalho

      16:40 We Can't Stop.

    30. Robert Booth

      Bribie island Qld Australia buz983

      1. Robert Booth

        Aussie Aussie Aussie

      2. Robert Booth

        Party Aussie Australia island Qld

    31. Robert Booth

      Buz983 party hard or go home hehehe

    32. Robert Booth

      Ow the atmustfear looks amazing and love lights two sweetie 😃😛😁

    33. Robert Booth

      Ow baby I will show you all the back streets one day ♥️🏩😛🎄🌅⭐😄😆😃😄

    34. Robert Booth

      Love this song party party Party 🌹♥️🏩😛🎄🌅⭐😄😆😃

    35. Robert Booth

      Tell me how many lights you have2 put on two put lights on hehehe joking

    36. Luzviminda Dela Cruz


    37. Jesse Sumers

      I was born in 1966 not my son so you tell my me right

    38. Jesse Sumers

      When were you born Miley Cyrus what year would you born in

    39. Jesse Sumers


    40. Jesse Sumers

      My wife don't believe that you in love with my son I am serious

      1. Cassia Mônaco


    41. Jesse Sumers

      Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    42. Jesse Sumers

      I'm ready

    43. Jesse Sumers

      It's go time

    44. Jesse Sumers

      Well Molly what's up now

    45. Jesse Sumers

      P no no no no no no no no no hell no

    46. Jesse Sumers


    47. motleydude73

      Absolutely dripping with talent and unending energy.. Now she's dropped Plastic Hearts an album she was born to make!! Insanely addictive...

    48. brakocid


    49. Burdette Kent-Wilson

      I love the determined way this amazing lady shows her tit to the crowd! Here in shit-for-brains Chester Basin, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada, when a sexy lady wears a modest bikini top with jeans while cleaning her front window in hot weather, some moronic career-offending woman-hating creep utilizes the imbecilic 'services' of the chowderheadish Chester RCMP to arrive and bully, harass, intimidate, and subjugate her while delivering the brainless and illegal threat that she 'could be charged with indecent exposure due to the way (she) is dressed'... -B.

    50. John Ekhaml

      once a pon a time i seen a comit flying buy up in the sky, and i thought to my self (**) hum i wounder if our orbits could intersect sum ware

    51. Bárbara Moreno Rocha

      Her Voice, Her Behaviour, Her Clothes, Her everything!

    52. Bárbara Moreno Rocha

      ok, I need those sun glasses.

    53. MCiencia


    54. Roselle S.

      F’n LEGENDARY!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Miley, please never stop rockin’! You’re a gift in this world. I’m grateful for your existence. Rock on! 😍🤘🏼🔥💯🙌🏼🖤🤍

    55. brattysandy


    56. Carla Mininel

      girl, just go 100% rock n roll once and for all, you were born for it, quit the pop shit you don't belong there! be all yourself for real, we can handle all of your truly talent - hopefully - don't hold it on: shine rock star!

    57. WILD UNIT


    58. Susie Vela

      Dam u good girl bless u

    59. არჩილ ხოფერია

      Despite the fact that I am 66 years old, this girl will drive me crazy!

    60. Liquid S

      Hey Cyrus 👋 how 🤔 did you nail the vibrato in bad 🐕 dog ⚫ black sweet chops in need of that female vibrato wit light punk rock country chops your bad ass fan Russ never Sleeps 😴 💤 #keep me in mind Check me out #facebook #tick tickets #linkedin thank you my friend😎🥸💜🤎

    61. Stephane Bernatchez

      I wish she'd be respectful.

    62. Cornelia Pienaar

      CHEF FACEBOOK, Legadema

    63. Cornelia Pienaar

      Lliving in the middle of South Africa!! Fans are driven me Crazzzzzzzzy?!!!!!

    64. Cornelia Pienaar


    65. Cornelia Pienaar

      Am not a fucken craxy fucken follower!!!

    66. Cornelia Pienaar

      Hey Girl, been mixing up some of your SONGS with Songs. Gotta askex. For copyrights or somehow get it t'he Songs to you..

    67. Marscholone

      great job...good done...her voice is a little bit smoked...but wonderful...what a her doing...great

    68. alberto bassi

      She is amazing

    69. Isidora

      this takes me back in time, she is coming era is fully emotional and a bomb. i would die to see her on stage like this

    70. dobliny

      So Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    71. Peitto Burrito

      Why is nobody talking about the fact that her name is misspelled several time on the video?

    72. Райчо Кашукеев

      Удивителна и секси само за нея е ко...това което разбрах аз ,,те обичам,от другият бряг и те обичам

    73. Райчо Кашукеев


    74. Soleil Traverso

      Great performance but WHAT EYELINER IS SHE WEARING!!!!! OMG!

    75. Standa Novák

      > I'm not a mistake and I'm not a fake cause it's set in my Dee eN Ay! I am a fan beginner, so I don't know many of Miley's songs, but this line hit me hard!

    76. Allen joseph Evia


    77. babyface Mick


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      3¼mips...eggnchips®€cu™ zxcvbn

    79. Miranda Andersson


    80. Eugene Salov


    81. Desmond Ntui Arrey

      You can read my letter and say it to me what a life I have living without you.

    82. Rage Cage

      Good god, she’s wonderful

    83. Anais Gaspar

      What a difference a year can make ... a year ago I would have never pictured life the way it is now.

    84. Trish C

      Dying to hear her cover Dream On!

      1. Утопленный котенок

        She already sing part of this with another voice couch at 2016. Check it on KGup, it's call « Miley Cyrus dream on live the voice»

    85. Hugo Benjamin Oviedo

      it sounds like: "I came in like a rainbow" lol

    86. Tim Clark

      Please Get to Know me To be You!!!!??

    87. Michael Eckert

      Miley your the legend now of all legends.

    88. Chaloon Dolaro

      I feel bad for her , that the love of her life actually tried to change her ... 💔💔

    89. Chaloon Dolaro

      We can tell he was all along on her mind ...

    90. Chaloon Dolaro

      She’s a great live performer.

    91. Oscar Gutierrez

      Just iconix

    92. TransformerthelastnightRodney QueenTelsaMiley


    93. V bernardo s Bernardo s

      Aleluia 🥛🥛🥛

    94. KingTravis Searles

      She's already a legend and on her way to being Mythical!❤❤❤

    95. Мария Карапетян


    96. The Movie Addict

      anyone wishing these records be officially released??? 🔥🔥🔥🙋🏻‍♀️

      1. Dinah Ray Hansen

        They all are lmao

    97. The Movie Addict

      Damn! this performance and those songs!!! an exemptional artist! legend be like!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    98. Juli Villotta

      how many people were there?

    99. tornado sound


    100. Jesús Ochoa

      Uhhh omg I’m nasty, I’m fucking evil bitches