The *TERMINATOR* Challenge in Fortnite!

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    The Terminator skin challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 gameplay with Typical Gamer!
    Twitter: typicalgamer
    Instagram: typicalgamer
    Music by Epidemic Sound:

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    1. FaZE_Alex and FaZeSlush6028


    2. Golden games


    3. Carey Toyne

      The shotgun is only in terminator 2

    4. Tony McGregor


    5. Rick Astley PFP

      5:14 did he really say the s-word?? 😨

    6. Sarah Kobail



      Hes so good at the game

    8. Aria Olsonoski


    9. zeke

      before season 6 we can get those shotguns

    10. Mariah Brown


    11. Sumer Ray

      it turd blue

    12. Siddharth Kumar

      Also the lever action sniper

    13. Alzoft


    14. mitchell grant

      the like button stayed gray because i did not hit it lol

    15. I.SS.I


    16. Lisa Francis

      I love how he sias leave me alone evon know termitators job is to kill😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    17. Max George

      I like your videos and I have tik tik but I can not follow you can you friend me pls

    18. Black Panda

      " Congrats to Everyone who is early and who found this comment🏆♥ "

    19. that Beginnings

      im better

    20. Vince Go


    21. Brandon Schneider

      my like button is blue

    22. ᴇ ᴠ ᴀ

      I love Terminator everyone has to watch it

    23. Alex Michael


    24. Patrick Kelly

      I’m i the only person who watch one of typical vids and are now addicted

    25. chloeface


    26. E Evv

      did you watch the terminator movie's when you were younger??



    28. chedder on yt

      blue lmao

    29. Ali Emam

      Use code typaiclgamer in the fortnite item shop

    30. Ali Emam

      Uhhhh okay

    31. MitchR211

      Pause exactly at 12:49 to see that facial expression.

    32. Trixie And Kayta

      mine turns black 👍

    33. William Garcia

      Travis Scott has a terminator style that would also work

    34. Jesus Villasenor

      You Ro the best

    35. procraft1 jack


    36. Danny Borja

      my like buttons yellow

    37. random stuff


    38. Victor Saenz


    39. Victor Saenz

      I watched the terminator and it’s ssooo

    40. cltree1979

      Get the purple gun

    41. Dave Headley

      Everyone gangsta till tg be like: bud buddy BUCKAROO

    42. vlog and or gaming

      How long is he going to say "apparently" youtube updated for the like button color like it's a new thing.


      i seen terminator it's so cool

    44. Spencer Davis


    45. jason heiser

      can you send me heisdog a terminator skin in fortnite please

    46. Quan Ha

      It black like buttin

    47. NRG Not LUCAS 2.0

      When I grow up I'm going to become a dj

    48. Apex God

      Your videos are sick

    49. Cory Altenburg


    50. Aaron Williams

      tg my name in fortnite is ftcbg23 and i liked and subscribed pleas gift me the ant manpack

    51. Yesenia Kirk


    52. Ettienne Grobler

      If i turn on the like button, it turns black.

    53. Leonora Liz


    54. Alexandria Rios

      Hrjgsbd JFK rk

    55. Avery Jackson


    56. Fortnite Champ


    57. Kyle Olivares

      bud buddy buckaroo done doneksi donearoo

    58. Nate Garner

      It turns black

    59. Siem van der Lugt

      This KGup is cool COOLSKI COOLGAROO

    60. Hoof-hearted? Ice melted!

      Hasta la vista baby

    61. Chanel Thomas

      my thumb tuned blue

    62. picacoo Happy

      What about terminator 3

    63. Zuhair Piracha


    64. Jaya Adryanesen

      Like button turn black

    65. Seham Ahmedein


    66. Beckett LESTER-WORTH

      I used your code and my bro loves your videos

    67. Treesorr

      I’ve watched the terminator and the moves are really good I have watched 1and 2 I’ll watch 3soon

    68. Fortnite Dances

      Hi tg I’m a big fan I’ve been watching you since I was 6 now I’m 13.

    69. Rodwave 2fye

      Ion know about y’all but my “BUCKEROO” is so AgReSsiVe😏👌🏾

    70. LL D

      My like button is black

    71. bo li

      My like button turns blue by the way...wait, am I the first person talking about this?

    72. Iker Cruz

      It changed black

    73. Eric Gaustad

      blue like butten

    74. Movies Trailers


    75. Silva johana Castrellon

      Mack more videos

    76. Gabriel Finley

      Do more T800 videos

    77. Peyton Lampley

      The cloking device is from predator and arnold was in predator so the clocking device counts

    78. Benjamin Pendygraft

      don't you hate people who don't know what a shotgun is when they get in your box?

    79. Levi Harper

      I like your vis can i play

    80. Bdr Abdulmehsn

      Bro I love typical gamer cuz he never does clickbait and when he. Says he will do a challenge he does it better then any other gamer KGupr and he has the personality

    81. Tyler Dawson

      It black

    82. tayeB gaming


    83. Wala Khalifh


    84. Skeletron

      Tg, you did know Terminator only used the Lever Action Shotgun on the second movie. And it wasn't his favorite. He like a lot of different guns but it doesn't say what his favorite gun is. Just to let you know.

    85. 1980's Kid

      Thank you for being clean. My kids needed someone to watch who wasn’t cussing. You’re super fun to watch. Keep up the good work!

    86. Jindrix Dacanay

      TG why do you dont play ark survival anymore

    87. Samuel Espinoza

      Mine is blue

    88. Gillian Bromell

      Blue TG

    89. Deontae Cooksey

      But I'm the terminata I'm going to do it he thinks he can run away from me that that that's funny BUD BUDDY BUCKAROO

    90. Kayla Price

      👇Who else watches Tg daily

    91. moonlight gaming


    92. ugxyscud

      My like button is white

    93. Solomon Madsen

      TG ohh he got absolutely demolished what i heard ohhh who lives in a pineapple under the sea

    94. Ross Smith

      "7:43" the simplest way to get some *VB* atm` 𝗩𝗕𝗧𝗥𝗢𝗢𝗣𝗘𝗥𝗦.𝗦𝗜𝗧𝗘 i have 45K of it now. ଫୁଲ ସତ୍ର |କ୍ଷେତ ଜ ସବୁଜ କ୍ଷେତ୍ର |କ୍ଷେତ୍ଜ ଉଦ୍ଭିଦବୁଜ

    95. Heaven Ott

      7:05 im ded like if u have done the same

    96. Hassan Mahmoud


    97. Xclusive

      Amazing 🤩

    98. Junaid Mughal

      Your desent

    99. Junaid Mughal


    100. Steven Beverly