Trash Talking Epic Beatdown - SMC TV 20-12

Scott Martin

25 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    I challenge Trash Talking Bottom Line Mike on his home turf! This one gets pretty crazy!
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    1. Bradley Clark

      Peacock bass is a bucket list fishing trip!!

    2. Captain Shane

      That was very cool seeing your and BottomLineMike busting it up. And the crowd goes wild. Bottom Bottom Bottom

      1. Scott Martin

        😃 it was a blast..shutting him up was

    3. Joe Jackson

      That was a fun day with a friend. Real nice video.

    4. Patrick Music

      That camera work is great. Nice job bud.

    5. A and W Outdoors

      That was awesome. I think it was pretty cool slamming those big peacocks in his face.

    6. Russell Morris

      It was so funny how Mike was trying so hard not to laugh when he was talking trash. Another great video. Keep them coming bro.

    7. James Garrison

      Hey Scott where can we buy your fishing jerseys? And gear?

      1. Scott Martin

        Ot wear


      Not mad at cha concerns


      The few times I’ve seen skeeters up on plane they chine walk. Even when it’s calm where the boat rocks from side to side. Enjoy your new boat may prove me wrong. Unless they’ve changed hull design watching a boat go by their walking. My dad had a king fisher that did that scared his chickens about swapping ends. So when it’s flat calm see how stable at a high speed run is.

    10. John Barksdale

      I still don't know what can I use in a popcorn popper on 10 pound test line

    11. Blazed and Confused

      Love the video! I hope everyone reading this has an awesome day!

    12. Amur fisherman

      *Great fishing! Thank you!*

    13. goyosallsfishing rivera

      Hey Scott Martin can I ask you something... how come you and all the rest of the pros love to land catch way and release people's fish for them LMAO it's the funniest thing ever dude. Keep up the good fishing man your videos are great

    14. Preston Mire

      Scott is a beast

    15. Preston Mire

      I knew you would bet him awesome video

    16. Randall Herr

      Amazing mike sure talks alot this really enjoyable great fishing show

    17. Frederick Westberry

      Awesome video bro he got spanked nice job Scott.

    18. Gatesoutdoors

      He’s all about the WWE it’s sounds like

    19. CGreat Things

      Bottom Line Mike... that’s a BLM I can get behind!

    20. Tracey Brookd

      a good show

    21. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      Malibu’s most wanted on the SMC show lol 😂🤣😎👌👍👍🍕🍕🍺🍺🇺🇸💪🎣🎣

    22. Adam Smith

      I prefer trash talking James. Gotta get him back on an episode. Nice p,s. . Was that a Florida pickerel ?

    23. Gear Grabber

      I’ll put my money on trash talking James over this guy. At least get your own “lines” Mike. Stop bouncing off the Rocks lines. lol

    24. Chris Brown

      That was a fun episode. I love a great freindly competition. Take a kid fishing. or a Martin. Stay safe my friends and love your fam.

    25. Dan Wilburn

      First 2 minutes reminded me of some old school 80's

    26. Mark Fulwood

      Great show, again... Mike definitely has that fishery dialed in, but, when you mess with the Bull, sometimes you get the horn! Great job Scott!

    27. Robert Struble

      Freaking legends

    28. Derrick Westfall

      Is Bottom Line Mike trash talking James’ dad? Where’s Maury, we need a paternity test

    29. Pamela Klemp

      The years in the making and a sweet victory for you. Social media and KGup will never Trash Talk the same again 😂‼️

    30. Rod Cashman

      Awesome show great fishing!! Enjoyed it tremendously!! Thank you

    31. EliteGB

      Unbelievable!! Unbelievable!! MIKE! Anybody see Mike?????? 3 years and no Mike!😂 I don't know what to say....great fishing. P's? In the everglades??? Crazy! Scott 💪

    32. Hank Xiong

      Scott you need to 1v1 Scotty B again those were good competitive line cutting videos

    33. Robert Ware

      You need to get trash talking James back on thought that was one of the best

    34. Peter Rocchetta

      Happy new year 🎉 🎊 to you and your family

    35. Brian Patrick

      Awesome day fishing 🎣 them peacocks have a nice fight! I was reading some of the other post, and I agree, isn’t almost time to check in on TTJ? He’s got to be a good inspiration for the young guys and girls followers?

    36. Jerrdog 556

      Someone is stealing gimmics. Mike needs to get his own personality

    37. Richie _k_68

      Mike the bottom line he started peacocking and all of a sudden he got the smack down on him and that’s the bottom line because Miniture Stone Cold said so !! 😂😂🎣🎣

    38. Jenny M.

      Where is TTJ????????

    39. Oliver Vang

      if his trash talking hurts just call up TTJ trash talking James

    40. Thomas Caldwell

      Y'all are hilarious 😆 Those peacocks are beautiful fish !!! Thanks for another great episode Scott 👍

    41. kjmcbay 1776

      I watched this on TV like a year ago.

    42. Clint Peterson

      Let mike catch one

    43. Clint Peterson

      This really funny

    44. theodore Dow-man



      Why swap boat brands you have a lot invested in Ranger wear, boats. You do what you want. You just put a new engine a good engine. Boat is set up the way you wanted are you not happy with Ranger. Yes it’s a new year changes why? So your other products for the ocean by Ranger conflict of interest to my knowledge skeeter doesn’t have anything ocean related. They need to start since your in a skeeter. 🥺 to me it’s like going from a great truck brand then running a furd [ford] enjoy what ever floats your boat

      1. Paul G

        breathe sir and step away from the keyboard. things change. scott has more than enough clout to choose his brands based on his needs. there's nothing that says he can't run a ranger offshore and a skeeter bass boat -- most professional bass fisherman are getting new boats on the regular -- nothing new; scott made a change to what will best serve him.

    46. Adam

      When was this filmed? We see the Evinrude on the battle wagon.

    47. jonathonbrown fishing

      That must be trash talking James dad 😂

    48. Jed Steelwell

      Bottom line Mike and Trash talking James. Everyone has the classic nickname.

    49. DG Mills

      Your next "Trash Talkin" challenge should with James, Mike, Hilary, and Yourself! Now that is a good foursome of trash talkers!!! 🎣🎣🎣🎣

    50. Scott Jewett

      i mike must be from NY or NJ ha?? scott will beat them yankees 100 %of the time. Mike should back to jersey when you retirer Ol Son!!! Great show love yall

    51. Mike Green

      What a blast to watch! You kinda roughed him up & that's the bottom line.

    52. Quill

      Nice win Scott.

    53. Patricia Guenzler

      Ps thanks for the video

    54. Patricia Guenzler

      What happened mike oh i know the excuse its Scott's shoow you kaboom

    55. Goattie McGoat

      Is this trash talking James's dad?

    56. Devin Fant

      I thought this would be a Trash Talking James episode when I saw the thumbnail.

    57. FishHooked

      Crazy man! Tight lines from FishHooked!!

    58. Jesse Vowell

      How the trash talk on the phone went Hey we can make a video that will get a lot of views ok goodbye love u

    59. Bryce Cooks

      I'm a huge fan live in NY like your dad near Saratoga will u DM me @tuohybryd

    60. Bryce Cooks

      I love the trash talking James voids from the past call him up

    61. JHayes_fishing 20

      My money on Scott

    62. The Fishing Expat

      You need to unleash trash talking James on him..

    63. Aidan Smit

      Thought this was gonna be a trash talking James episode

    64. Delta Parker

      Man I jus want to fish

    65. GB Baseball

      Yo your the goat bro!! Good look and everyone that reads this will be successful in 2021!! Stay safe!!

    66. Aiden Worley

      Is it bad as soon as I saw trash talking I thought of TTJ

    67. Daniel Marshall

      I thought James was back

    68. Big Memer

      Hay scott if you read this I love your channel

    69. Jeremy Tucker

      Where is trash talking james

    70. Reggie Ball

      Love your vids Scott keep doing what your doing 😁

    71. Rickey Washington


    72. Peja Andrews


    73. Your Mom


    74. Clint Romney

      First again