Burial of Gen. P.X. Kelley at Arlington National Cemetery

Bridget Bosch

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    Credit: Courtesy | Date Taken: 02/13/2020
    Funeral service of General Paul X. Kelley, U.S. Marine Corps, retired, 28th Commandant of the Marine Corps. General Kelley is laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on 13 February following a service at the Memorial Chapel on Fort Myer. He passed away on 29 December 2019.

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    6. Weston Eichner

      My grandfather, formally known as General JK Davis and ACMC worked along side General PX Kelly as his Assistant Commandant. He passed about 6 months before General Kelly. Attending this type of funeral on May 5th 2021. Shall they meet again! Rest In Peace General Kelly. General Davis hopes to see you soon!

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    12. Anthony Zuk

      Was that Billy Graham sitting in the last row behind the family? RIP MARINE

    13. Waga, Leonard P.

      What march is being played at the beginning?

    14. Goldwing Pilot

      Proud to be an American. God bless your soul Marine and thank you for serving my beloved country.

    15. Brandon Grenier

      Rip sir , a grandson of a marine give them a run

    16. Jon Boxleitner

      My Commandant in the 1980s. Had great respect for him. RIP, sir.

    17. TheBatugan77

      I remember saluting him (his car) at Naval Base Norfolk. Couldn't miss the red flag with ⭐⭐⭐⭐.

    18. a1081042

      He was in charge when I was a boot.

    19. Edward Reed

      I knew him when he was attached to 40 Commando Royal Marines he was a major then we had something in common because I was the only one who had ever been to the USA

      1. Edward Reed

        His full Name was Paul Xavier Kelly and if I remember correctly he was attached to Support troop while at 40 Commando RM St.Andrews Barracks, Malta

    20. Paulina Dos Santos

      Despedir de ante querido de um amigo é muito difícil que Deus conforta a família🇧🇷

    21. Ismael Cancel Dones

      The best Branch from day one to the end.

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    23. Oloan Sitanggang

      RIP Gen FX Kelly, ....

    24. Jaysun Sutton

      Look at amerika today wow really

    25. Mark

      This Air Force NCO salutes you, sir. RIP.

    26. PETRA


    27. Jerry Crawford

      Interesting comment Alfredo. I recall him as my CO at 2d AnphibRecon company at Geiger same time frame. I met him again (1973+/-) in the airport lounge at Howard AFB as he was headed to DomRep as CO there. He actually remembered my name!

    28. Logica Redux

      Rest In Peace Marine!

    29. JT

      RIP General and Thank you for your service.

    30. Syed Nazim

      Armed Forces personnel of any country deserve full respect during their service, after retirement and when they leave this world for eternal peace as they safeguard their homeland from internal and external threats. May General’s soul rest in peace.

    31. Yi Lin


    32. R TJ

      Ironic some would say that its the 0311 on the ground producing the effectiveness of the Marine Corps but their funerals last minutes where officers who sent them to their death are honored as forever lasting heroes when they never stood a night of guard, a IED patrol with nothing but your body armor.

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    36. Dan K

      God bless America 🇺🇸

    37. Lao Tzu

      General P.X. Kelley was my commandant when I was in the Corps. Rest In Peace, Marine.

      1. David K

        H&S 3/5

      2. David K

        Yep, and I was in the Corps when he was commandant and he came to Pohang, Korea during Operation Team Spirit 84 and gave us a pep talk

    38. Frogman

      R.I.P. Marine

    39. Celedina Maldondo


    40. William Sabin

      Guess I need to keep better tabs on current affairs as I didn't know the General had passed. RIP General Semper Fi.

    41. Devil Dog Crewchief

      Gen. Kelly was the first Marine Corps Commandant I served under....rest in peace sir.

    42. Froim Katz

      He signed my orders to report to OCS in 1984. Don't know anything else about him. Recognized the name. R.I.P. General Kelley.

    43. 김태진

      감동적인 장면이다 우리나라와는 차원이 다르네

      1. park j

        차원이 다르....? 미개한 한국과는 비교대상이 아니죠. 나라를 지키다 희생한 군인들을 대하는 현 정부 대통놈을 비롯한 웃놈 아랫놈들 하는짓을 보면 국가에 대한 환멸감과 함께 인간에 대한 증오심마저 듭니다.

    44. Tree&Twig

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    45. Txiv ee

      Alot of sorry a general

    46. Понтий Пилат

      Wooden coffins with US warriors are empty. Cheat! Let pover and army refute this ! Meet all of the fallen soldiers ! Well ?

    47. Matthew Roderick

      That’s a very big car, I ever seen 5:01

      1. Понтий Пилат

        Wooden coffins with US warriors are empty! Cheat! Let pover and army refute this? Meet all of the fallen soldiers ! Well ???

    48. Devin Lopez

      Whats the name of the song in the beginning of the video

      1. Devin Lopez

        @Fred Fullerton thanks

      2. Fred Fullerton

        “Onward, Christian Soldiers”

    49. jorge bravo

      Q.E.P.D mis Respetos

    50. njswimdad

      For his family, the thanks of a grateful nation.

    51. Chuck's poke

      President Eisenhower was reinstated to Army upon his death. Actually given Military Officer funeral, laid in serviceman casket, wearing his Army uniform and was buried as General.

      1. Chuck's poke

        @C Eng Difference in this situation was that after leaving Office, President Kennedy reactivated his commission and he was given 5th Star and military status was made active at that time post WH. Only he and George Washington have ever made rank of 5 Star.

      2. C Eng

        He was buried as a veteran as all were entitled.

    52. aryanscience

      Was this man a racist? I only counted 8 Africans in the troops.

      1. aryanscience

        @Ruth Brower Your Whiteness is showing! Move to Georgia.

      2. 大叔

        The General is not but you are. Only those that are racist like you will count how many Africans in the troops. The rest of us only see (American) US troops .

      3. Judith Johnson


      4. C Eng

        You are the one who see the world in your narrow racist mind! We have too many like you in our country and that is the problem.

      5. Devil Dog Crewchief

        Not only does your comment make you the racist but stupid as well....

    53. roger mcshane

      General when you get to heaven you will meet a Marine guarding the gates he is my brother my Marine as I was also 67 to 72, Semperfi sir you have a special place in our hearts all Marines and former Marines salute you.

    54. Leslie Hall

      The marching is a lot better than usual

    55. Thom Roddy

      I had met the General a number of times when I worked for Admiral James D. Watkins, CNO at the time, but it was a number of years later I saw him for the last time at Washington National Airport (Reagan). The General was waiting in line to check-in for his flight, and it was the first time I saw him as a civilian citizen. We talked for a few members and he assured me he remembered me, but he met thousands of folks during his career. When I think of a Marine or meet a Marine, he's the yardstick I measure them against.

    56. John Leonard

      RIP General ! Your country will miss you.

    57. Kim O Connor

      Wow im English and I'm crying .you know how to respect your servicemen .What a moving and beautiful thing to see.God bless the USA and all your servicemen and women

      1. Christians Adventures

        Thank you so much for the kind words our US fallen soldiers get top tier honors and their families are always in contact with the military

      2. R TJ

        He was a General.. You think privates get the same shit?

      3. nosaltadded

        Thank you for such kind words. God bless you and God bless all patriotic people in England.

    58. rossrachelbrady

      Amazing. This is a true hero.

    59. NYRM1974

      Bless him for his service to the people of the United States

    60. Tony Danza

      It's so sad when you think about it that so many people in the military have died in war like the soldiers who died on D-Day in 1944 in Omaha beach in France as they came ashore they got gunned down by Nazi machinegun fire while others made it back to the United States alive and had a family and lived out the rest of their lives while the dead are buried in foreign soil not knowing that those who went to war that they would never see their love ones again

      1. Ruth Brower


    61. scott abelli

      Nice==God Bless the good general from an old Air force VN Vet

      1. John Martin

        Onward Christian Soldiers

    62. Ms. Mary Ellen Casey

      I have 2 relatives buried in Arlington. Lt.

      1. Ms. Mary Ellen Casey

        J, his wife Betty is buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery here in Bristol, Ct. The other is buried with her husband at Arlington. Betty is my Mom's sister. There is a space left and when mybtime comes I will be buried there. My parents and grandparents are buried there. Its like a triangle 🔺️.

      2. Ms. Mary Ellen Casey

        That should read "POW".

      3. Ms. Mary Ellen Casey

        @J One is a uncle by marriage. He served in WWll and was a PIW. He served in thecArmy National Guard as a pilot. The other is married to a cousin on my Mothers side of the family. He served in the Navy and was the Commander at Annapolis. He then had a tugboat company in Guam.

      4. J

        Do you? Why are they buried there and not with those who loved them best?

      5. Ms. Mary Ellen Casey

        Let. name is Harvey Lagasse and he served as a pilot in the Army National Guard. The other relative was a cousin on my Mothers side and he served in the Navy.

    63. Semper Fi

      General PX Kelly was my Commandant when I was in Grenada 83 and then Beirut, Lebanon from 83-84.I was a tough time for him et all after we had such a mass casualty (241 and 220 were US Marines) due to a terrorist blowing himself at the Marine temp barracks on Oct 23rd, 1983. My CG at Lejeune was General Grey who I saw on the 30th memorial at Jville, NC.

      1. Devil Dog Crewchief

        @adam morales Looking forward to it sir and again thank you for being the trail blazers that all of you were...

      2. adam morales

        @Devil Dog Crewchief , I will definitely call you this weekend coming, I just to busy with buddy of my that just passed away.

      3. Devil Dog Crewchief

        @adam morales Thank You to all of you for paving the way and for your service....Semper Fi.

      4. adam morales

        I just emailed you 🇱🇧🇺🇸👍🏼🤝

      5. adam morales

        @Semper Fi , please give me a couple days to get back to you.

    64. TheDustysix

      A well fed crew.

      1. reyol

        The pallbearers are power lifters. They are selected for strength and then they are made stronger so they can carry any coffin shoulder high.

    65. Denise Eulert

      "Onward Christian Soldiers" is a good tune for a military man. Arthuir Sullivan( as in Gilbert and Sullivan) really knew how to make music.

      1. Denise Eulert

        @piedmontatl I assume the dude was Christian, if they chose that music, so the choice was appropriate. They weren't spotlighting. You are either anti-religious or anti-Christian for a post like that.

      2. piedmontatl

        Nope. There are all kinds of religions, should not spotlight just one.

    66. Truth Power


    67. Truth Power


    68. Carl Taylor

      A great send off for a great warrior gone but not forgotten.

    69. DM McHugh

      Why do the soldiers touch their shoulders when folding the flag (see starting at 39: 30) ? The folding of the flag is sad - and magnificent: it moves me to tears whenever I see it. The soldiers fold the flag with precision, dedication and patriotism. These are standards we should all look up to. General Kelley, rest in peace.

      1. adam morales

        To absolutely to make sure that it is folded correctly and tight. The Marines use the shoulder point method to alert the rest of honor guards on team that the flag is the process of being folded and that everyone on team needs be to holding tightly on flag to smooth out the creases and sure theirs no bulges, and is tightly flat on all 3 points to presented to their Love ones.

      2. Bonnie Hackett

        I d be interested in knowing that also.

    70. Jan Mosher


    71. Herbie Hopkins

      General Kelly was my commandant when I was went to Boot Camp Paris Island in August of 1983.Semper fi. SGT Herbert Hopkins III

    72. Orawan Roman

      I m very sorry vor you

    73. Wendy Morgan

      I have to say there are a lot of cars at this funeral. And why does the camera man keep going o the unknown soldiers grave? R.I.P General Kelly.

    74. Tanto Goldstien

      They had to use artillery to blast a hole in heavens gates to make way for a hard charging Marine.

      1. Tony Danza

        LoL Semper Fidelis

      2. Mark Flores


    75. Patrick Brent

      General John Archer Lejeune / luh jern (CMC XIII ) would be proud of P X Please √ KGup for rapid fire Lejeune / luh jern video kgup.info/get/ZI1lZnjYl4OHnH8/video plus √ out 4 minutes with the General's daughter Laura Search KGup under > > Laura Lejeune / luh jern kgup.info/get/iHijdZbGpbGcnH8/video Semper Fidelis Leathernecks 🇺🇸 ! God Bless America

    76. Lenin 6969


    77. Virginia Lanford

      General PX Kelly was the Commandant when I was in the Service....in 1993 after I had gotten out, he was the speaker at the Marine Corps Ball in Tampa Florida. I went up to meet him at 9 months pregnant and he touched my stomach and he said,"Oh Another Future Marine I See"...lol....He was a great Man..RIP

      1. Glen Peterson

        Awarded me my first Purple Heart in Beirut.

    78. Matt F.

      I don’t know why, I can see Army, Navy, Air Force funeral services all day and nothing. I see a USMC service and I’m done and choked up. It’s probably got something to do with my father being a Marine and knowing this is to far off in my future, and I dread those words more than most anything “On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation...” I do not look forward to seeing this for myself, but then again who does?

    79. Alfredo Portillo

      General Kelly was my company commander at 2nd Force Recon when he was a captain and I was a corporal. This was 1958. RIP Sir, Semperfi.

      1. Marga Van Dieken

        Hoe old was he rip sir

    80. Matthew Skudzienski

      😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥😢😢😢😢😢😢 (I'm so sad)

    81. Gabriel Carneiro

      What is name music marchingband 15:15

      1. kent

        Onward Christian soldier

    82. Nathaniel Gruffud

      What happens after rhe video.. They take the coffin to another place and bury it?

      1. EmergencyGuy1994

        No. The grave in the video is where the burial takes place.

    83. H. Nguyen

      I love the military but the treatment between officers and enlisted men when it comes to burials at Arlington national cemetery is disgraceful. Every soldier that dies for his/her country deserves a full military honor. The fact that officers get a full honor burial and enlisted men get standard honor burial has always rubb me the wrong way.

      1. 大叔

        @C Eng you have such patient to explain to those people who refused to understand. Their question for me sound like why passing governor didn't get funeral service of a passing president (which most understand the reason), I have seen Nguyen posting the same question in clips from others youtuber; and found others patiently explaining and yet he/she still continuing posting this questions LOL.....

      2. Lesyk Konecky

        @Fight Censorship Fight Globalism that may be true, but generals still deserve more than enlisted

      3. Fight Censorship Fight Globalism

        @Lesyk Konecky Yes, I was. I was also born and raised on military bases. Enlisted men deserve better burials than they get, period.

      4. Lesyk Konecky

        @Fight Censorship Fight Globalism that has nothing to do with this, generals lead men, they’re not grunts out in the trenches. Were you even in the military?

      5. Fight Censorship Fight Globalism

        @Lesyk Konecky How often are generals on the battlefield?......

    84. James Piatt Sr

      General Kelly was the Commandant when I went to Bootcamp on December 1, 1986.

      1. diego f

        James Piatt Sr I was in in 87-91 and I remember him and gen grey as commandants .

    85. Jeff Ogilvie

      Semper Fi

    86. james justice

      RIP GENERAL PX KELLY... SEMPER FI. General kelly was my commandant when I went to Boot Camp Paris Island in October 87.

      1. Joel S

        @reyol me too platoon 3106 Oct 86.

      2. reyol

        Same with me but at San Diego, January 1986.

      3. Ivan Ordonez

        Same with me in October ‘87.

    87. Thì Ngoc Lan DO