100 Years vs 100 Tacos | Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias

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    Happy throwback Thursday!

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    1. yoly70perez


    2. vodoochilie38

      Thanks brother this made my barbacoa tacos go down better. Love from San Antonio Texas.

    3. Asriel Dreemurr


    4. burns0100

      This clip still holds true in so many ways. Life isn't worth living if you aren't actually out living life. If you reach 100 and that's your only accomplishment then was it worth living that long?

    5. Carla Graham

      *My mom in bad mood Me to myself: She's Angry

    6. VeeVex

      Keep in mind! You won't live twice!

    7. Mohammed Farqad

      Im from Iraq 🇮🇶 Im totally sad 😞 that Iraq’s image used as a violence , terrorism, dangerous country yes is funny joke but it give indirectly bad image , I’m not denying that we have very severe issues but we have bright side also .. American people much love and respect ✊ to You from Iraq 🇮🇶

    8. J S

      Those VW buses are beautiful. I’d love to restore one.

    9. jmf187

      You are the Man 😅😅😅

    10. MrTopRage

      I'm the 1,000 comment

    11. Icespoon

      Steve Irwin rest in peace, sir. But damn I laughed with this

    12. MinatoAce

      You might not make it till tomorrow...so live today! :)

    13. 6977mixman

      Watchin this after work while eating tacos lol

    14. No no

      This is why I binge watch tv shows I dont want to die not knowing what happens to the characters

    15. Gale Paulson

      I'm 69 and on my way to "Taco Bell" (mexican phone company) to get a 12 pack 6/soft & 6/ crunchy.......my mama lived to 99

    16. Akash Kumar

      Every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes

    17. Rahul Kumar

      Ironic cause when the doctors told him that he'd die of diabetes if he didn't lose weight he lost weight real quick

    18. derek marquez


    19. emmqnuel agbozo

      This guy makes me want to try being fat 😂😂😂

    20. Cindy Walters

      So love u from the get .funny sucker

    21. Naeira K

      Gonna get so much hate right now but... I eat tacos without guac! And i eat it with Cucumber!!, ground beef, corn, red onions, cheese, lettuce, sour cream and PINEAPPLE SALSA, yes i said it! In a tortilla

    22. Cookie Freak


    23. The Real Asian

      What you gotta do is measure how much fun you have between each taco, burger, pizza, whatever food is your favorite, then you will know if you've lived your life.

    24. Victor Ian Oliveira Vieira

      "why don't we measure by how good the years were" soooo can we not measure 2020?

    25. michaelarchebelle

      Hey Fluffy. I drive a semi truck riding through California on State road 58. And there is a restaurant on State road 58 called fluffy's You know what my next question is going to be. Is it yours? And if so does it have truck parking? And it damn well better have tacos!

    26. how2vintage

      why havent you been on joe rogan?

    27. Madara L Uchiha

      Fully bald looks like hes going through chemotherapy

    28. Vernox

      Its Thursday but 3 weeks later :)

    29. VeeVex

      This was more like a inspiration more than comedy

    30. Kem Licht

      Poke him with a stick ? 150gr, full metal jacket, 2,800 fps. Right between the eyes.. nuff said.

    31. Ope Goat

      “Age is overrated if you don’t enjoy your life.” -Gabriel Iglesias 2020 That’s low key inspiring 🤣🤣

      1. Exoryy

        Actually, it wasn’t in 2020 he said “old video” ..

    32. Nina Marie

      As usual Happy day when you're on. 😀♥️👋😂

    33. NarlyWaves San

      The cars in the back are dope

    34. Rehan Aiden


    35. Sajidul Shawon

      Happy whatever day you are watching 😆😆

    36. 落ち着いて人生は幻想です

      He literally looks like a thumb up for the Oldtimer in the background 😂

    37. Santiago Casas

      Soooo gooood

    38. trash


    39. T81

      If you need unhealthy food to enjoy your life, somethings wrong.

      1. ALTAIR

        You are the person who has a negative answer to everything

    40. ghaleb albalawi

      I wish I can eat taco just to sea why he loves it

    41. Pointblank Honest

      Its kind of ironic I came across this video this morning. Just last week a co-worker and I was just saying the same exact thing as Gabriel did in this video. Its better to live life enjoying what it has to offer than to try to live life trying extend it as long as possible, missing out on some great things. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

    42. Matthew McIntyre

      Rip Steve Irwin 2/22/62 - 9/4/06


      Fluffy shaved his head o.o

    44. Hunter of Truth


    45. otakon17

      Does Fluffy have a garage full of vintage Volkswagen automobiles? Man, you really did love that Beetle you had way back in the day, didn't you?

    46. Sebastian Solis


    47. Yolospirit5346

      My great grandma lived to 90 living her life, she drank all day long, smoked and just partied, we miss her

    48. kanna nayagam

      When you don't have purpose you get false sense happiness from eating food

    49. Joseph Stalin

      Some random guy: FLUFFY I LOVE YOU.... Fluffy: hey sit down mahu

    50. William Jones

      I don't want to die tomorrow knowing I could have had a piece of cake tonight!!! That's going on my home screen on my phone right now!

    51. Granny Kim in Alaska

      I live by the 90% rule. If I want a taco, I eat it. That goes for everything. Live your life and don't sweat the small stuff. Que Sera sera

    52. Trident Gameing

      I never drunk and go club pub because it's not healthy for me yup i prefer friend instead of this 😇


      People who stay inside are the ones who don't understand the ones who do things they do, like risking your life..in a exiting way..❤❤👌😎

    54. Mason Lyerla

      im ganna poke him

    55. Alexandros Mourelatos

      Every time I see vids like this it makes me smile. I really live for the day I will get to meet you.

    56. FuryousD

      well shit i might as well live to 100 then cause my life is fucking terrible

    57. Josh Adams

      Good point fluffy

    58. Cory Williams

      It's Thursday for me today.

    59. If You Want Peace Prepare For War

      Yes Thursday 3 weeks later

    60. Yency Chen Liang

      4:56 Channing Tatum?

    61. xxaxnxtxhxoxnxyxx

      if i don't die drinking a beer, having a dip in, or driving a car on a track.. just dump me in the ocean, I don't deserve to be buried at that point. davie jones would set my soul straight. arrrrrg, shoulda had the beer.

    62. Sam Gafford

      Mmm. Tastes bittersweet...

    63. starvin marvin

      3 weeks old but im still watching on a Thursday

    64. Grace K

      The same thing applies to the covid lockdown. what's the point of living if you're going to stay inside all day isolated from people

    65. Racheal Lange

      mmmm....Tacos...My fav!

    66. Code MHIC

      I am actually watching on Thursday

    67. The Asian Angeleño

      I’m ded!!!!

    68. michael chaney

      Preach it is just over right you don't need to exercise and do all you want you don't want

    69. Moto Gorilla

      Watching this on a Thursday 👍🏻

    70. PandaGaming 110

      Man I have watched lots of fluffy and I have been going back re watching most of his content and I still get a good laugh out of it. Thanks Fluffy for all you do.

    71. *ᒪᗩᗪY ᐯOᒪᗪEᗰOᖇT*

      I miss Steve Irwin...I miss his enthusiasm and energy...there were many brave animal lovers out there tried to channel his style, but nobody comes close in my book... ❤ And so is Fluffy. These guys are one and only. ❤👍

    72. walter briggs

      My daughter played this scene about the crocodile hunter on her mom! It was hilarious! Mom sitting in her chair watching tv. Kelly creeping up, with a stick, in the dark, “ hey, that’s a deadly Momma right there! One touch and I’m dead! I’m gonna poke it with a stick.

    73. The Bushwacker

      My gawd he is funny.

    74. Blas Reyes

      This guy just 2 funny 😂🤣😂👌👍

    75. R Broyles

      Now Thats real comedy .

    76. Adam Norazilah

      "age is overrated if you can't enjoy your life"

    77. wyzolma99

      Safe is overrated. As for the Croc Hunter.... THAT was only a matter of time. This Aussie just knew he was cruising for a short ending🇦🇺😂😂😂

    78. Jerry Hammack

      If we lived life like it was going to be our last day on earth. Did you volunteer for special forces and make the cut? Yep. What now , pray the V.A. can fix my problems! 🤐🤨🤣🥵🤓🥺😡🙈🙉🙊🤟🖕🙏🦾🦿🦿 yeah!!!

    79. Hector James

      "... Why do people measure life by year instead of how good the years were ?" Thank you sir.

    80. Lori Crockarell

      I can always depend on Fluffy to make me smile even when I don't want to. Thank you!!

    81. Cesar Maya

      TACOS son más saludables que puto Macdonald’s esa comida Si Es veneno .. fluffy para Presidente love u

    82. Evil Lyn

      Fluffy has the right lifestyle philosophy... you only live once, better have fun while you're here!

    83. Ishvallan .Newgate

      The only credit i would give them is that more years of your life means more tacos you can eat

    84. Lori Minick

      He respected animals and died loving animals.....please respect the animals not just him, Theresa reason he filmed his adventures. Kinda offended

    85. A B

      Since I saw you live on last comic standing, hands down my favorite. Saludos jefe. 🙏🏽

    86. Joshua Chavez

      Sorry man it’s Friday

    87. Our Red Dirt Life

      Literally eating taco salad as I watch!

    88. Khaimera

      Gabriel i love those buses, great condition and beautiful colors. The shine on those are pristine

    89. Chelsea Overton

      "... Why do people measure life by year instead of how good the years were ?" Thank you sir.

    90. Chelsea Overton

      I Want Tacos 🌮 just came to say Love you FLUFFY and you made my evening 😁 I always laugh til am crying 😂

    91. Steev

      Age is overrated if you can't enjoy your life ~ Gabriel Iglesias

    92. Dorthy McBride

      Btw.. I love ya and your ohana. .god bless🤗🤩

    93. Leon Beck

      Tacos for ever😁🤗🤗🤗🤗🎅🏼

    94. Ayan Chakraborty

      Food provides energy and we should eat as much as we can to get maximum energy

    95. HMAS DropBear

      I am Australian and I endorse this video. I love your Aussie accent.

    96. Nacho Mama

      Fluffy, thank you. Vaya con Dios.

    97. Lyn L

      Love it 😆

    98. 박재영

      My dad sadly passed away at 46. But one thing I do know: dad died a "fat, happy bastard."

    99. lunarrainbow2501