Frisco realtor Jenna Ryan arrested, charged for role in U S Capitol riot

FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth

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    1. Angie Worrell

      She is fixing her hair in that video, really?

    2. Angie Worrell

      Now her best day is getting a patdown

    3. Sandra Giese

      So little lady now you're a felon with that being said you have no rights to vote you have no right to serve on a jury traveling aboard owning Firearms or ammunition certain types of employment parental rights have been taken away and no Parton from the orange Kool-Aid Man

    4. Jonathan Harley

      Where there video it isn't allegedly

    5. Angelic Gay

      I hate women that try to sound all tough. Do women even aspire to be ladies anymore?

    6. Draz kathan

      You keeping saying "alleged". I do not think you know what that word means...

    7. Ali Siadati

      It wasn’t a riot. BLM/ANTIFA have done far more harm to life and property than this incident. This is fake news.

    8. Darrin Steven

      So entitled. She is so self centered. Run for Governor Jenna. Jenna is special.

    9. Darrin Steven

      Donald Trump is giving her the best pardon ever.

    10. Byron Anderson

      What a bunch of stable geniuses! Should've followed the leader, who by-the-way, didn't storm the Capitol Building. Idiots!

    11. Tim White

      LOCK HER UP!!! for years to come.

    12. Pineappletaco

      0. Days since Texas wasn't a national embarrassment.

    13. Teresa Donaldson-Smith

      Fe her

    14. angie moore

      her duty is to sale property lock her up

    15. angie moore

      lock her up

    16. Jack Black

      Was the ex-president some sort of cult you were worshipping. I believe your duty was voting. What is the cause of "protesting" and breaking your own city? You should really stop for a moment and open your eyes. Breath and maybe learn something from countries where democracy is working and everything is not spinning around money.

    17. s alan

      Paid by Soros.

    18. Nightman Cometh

      "the best day of her life" Literally, her loyalty to Trump is more important to her than the day her children were born.

    19. Black Thought

      Get em !! Get em allllllllll

    20. Brett Gilligan

      Typical Texas inflated ego

    21. weatherthestorm

      Who's going to buy from her.

    22. kitty silky cat

      You put your foot of evil in my house...not noble, shameful

    23. Davionious

      Takes a private jet to a protest. That's fantastic.


      This is what happens when your parents are cousins

    25. Delgerbayar Gonchigsuren

      Beautiful 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👌👌🤘🤘

    26. 啟稟皇上

      Please identify all of those violences , thank you!

    27. 啟稟皇上

      It’s time to let those idiots responsible for what they did!

    28. J Clayton

      I didn't mean.... with guns and knives. It was an accident!

    29. Andre B

      How do they not understand that you support a country not any one man? Charge every last one of them with treason and put them in a cell under the prison where no one has to see or hear from them again!

    30. Lucian Higginbotham

      You have no shame. Maybe after you become a convicted felon .....

    31. Helen Hislop

      Ask TRUMP for the money since you love him that much

    32. Historynerd247

      She did not think she was gonna get charged? Lady of course you are gonna get charge you did somthing illegal!

    33. Thomas Downs

      Do the crime, do the time!

    34. Reginald Grant

      Don't leave out one.

    35. Kilo Byte

      1:02 JENNA RYAN ARRESTED BY FBI 🤣 Also, "September 13, 2021" Has FOX acquired time traveling technology?

    36. Michael Pollock

      No more house selling. Trump is laughing at you lady

    37. EdChoongTF

      I'm doing my duty as dumb dumb trumpdogs.

    38. Georgette Cosenza

      Ha ha you ignorant fool.

    39. H Johnsen

      nice that they provide all the evidens needed to make the case money saved for the government. But if they relay support Donald i guess they will pay all the costs out of their own pocket since that is lojal to Donald`s policy by sending the bill to the criminals like building of the wall. Walk the walk talk the talk ....


      She says she did something noble and she's proud. She'll be entering a guilty plea then?

    41. ambright the thinker

      So stupid to say my president

    42. TheHypnotstCollector

      Based out of Frisco. That's it, Frisco, not San Francisco. Frisco, like Fresno.


      Just being there shows support for rioters and empowers them.

    44. Phoebe

      She basically said: ‘I have no regrets for being a traitorous extremist 😃 - I’m a terrorist and anti-democracy loon but I’m proud! - but why am I being persecuted 🥺’

    45. slappy abromowitz

      She is a brainwashed fool who gets all her incorrect information from one source that breeds dissension and hatred and I’m no liberal.

    46. NEO Stephens

      Oh but now she's crying like a little girl saying she's ashamed of what she did and was fed lies. You knew all that crap was lies, you just wanted to cause some trouble and you did, so put on your big girl pants and deal with the consequences!

    47. Richard Rodriguez

      A perfect example of white privilege.

    48. Virginia Britton

      Never call it Frisco

    49. California’s Water

      Wait...SHE feels persecuted? Actually I feel persecuted because she attacked OUR country. OUR country. Prison is where she belongs, and she can fly there on a private jet.

    50. jimmy nguyen

      That news anchor is a dead head!!!!!

    51. tarful58

      Well, I guess you didn’t get that “pardon” from your great president, huh??? Entitlement didn’t work this time right? Now you need to pay for your consequences.

    52. Balaclava Man86

      A private jet 😂 you really are a voice of the people! Best day of your life?! 5 dead! I didn’t know people where getting hurt, next sentence someone has been shot in the face! I don’t care! YOUR WORDS leather face

    53. sc128

      Every terrorist who stepped foot in the capitol that day are traitors and deserve the death penalty

    54. Ernesto Delgado

      This is a face of a criminal,even taking a video right before committing her crime.she must be accountable and pay for her actions according the the Law.

    55. ferdz

      Stupid last forever. Lock her up!

    56. James P. Brady

      The President is not the country. One doesn't do one's duty to the President. There is no such duty. Further, even the President has to be invited to the Capitol and has no right to invite anyone there. He can invite who he wants to the White House. But, he didn't do that. She needs to go back to a 4th-grade civics class.

    57. writerpenn2012

      Those dummies....hope it was worth it for you... you're going to go to federal prison.

    58. J Dog

      Hope she spends a long while in prison, traitor to her Country.

      1. Xhristina P

        If she is charged, probably a year

    59. Nalijay

      Woman doesn't know what duty is.

    60. Maria Ramirez

      U should b ashamed !!!!

    61. patrickmoreorless

      The timestamp at 01:19 states the video was filmed on September 13, 2021.

    62. Merle Dixon

      Can't wait to see her first prison haircut.

    63. GiantArc SFORA

      criminal traitors think they are patriots: traitor trump has totally brain washed lots of people

    64. Gwen Fluker

      Dummy Karen

    65. Joe Reyes

      i think the judge should be fair with her and sentence her for at least 25 years in a federal prison with no possibility of parole.

    66. milsub59

      "I have no fear" , and no principles.

    67. jeff lynne

      lock her up for 20 years , wee don t care what she is up too in a prison cell

    68. Tony

      The riot was the best day of her life? She just won a free trip to prison. Her best days are still ahead of her.

    69. Sandra bowes-rennox

      Well Jenna no brains eh and now she's arrested..Still having a great time blondie.

    70. FAB

      MAGA..Morons Anti-American Getting Arrested !!

    71. Bee Em Wyllie

      WHO takes a private jet to catch a Federal Charge🤔 Just a heads up...the more you run your mouth the more evidence you are providing the A.U.S.A. They have you under a microscope like a bad high school science project...And you don't know when to shut up..if you are reading this post you can thank me later...

    72. drummerd 333

      Guantanamo Bay would be a perfect place for all the traitor's! I believe the traitor Trump himself said he would be with them!! Traitor to traitor, he never met them at their unbelievable act of disgrace to our freedom, why would anyone take a bullet for him! Republican party is just as precious to our country as the democrats are that's why our country has worked believe it or not, since the beginning. Then the billionaires (Trump's) came and f****** it all up!

    73. TheSecondof5

      No shame, no brain.

    74. Funnyfresh420

      imagine if they worked this hard to i dont know find the people burning businesses and threatening people in the streets.... but no, theyre gonna charge a ton of people with basically trespassing and disrupting the "orderly conduct" of government business....

    75. realityb3n

      It says “September 13, 2021” is this footage from the future?

    76. WafflingWallet2020

      Oh, BLM are so violent with packet signs. They're so peaceful protesting, they're so offending me and my skin then committed inciting against Capitol Hill, called it peaceful protesting, lmao.

    77. Yee Song

      I like to troll these videos just to stupid people.

    78. Judy Braughton

      Noble, she felt Noble?

    79. Judy Braughton


    80. Bon Brenda


    81. jaime cayamanda

      Hey Jenna Ryan, did you break one of the Capitol look so proud standing there.

    82. Jon Mendez

      Lock Her Up!

    83. Joyce Sexton

      She's crazy

    84. Cyndi Paul

      The lack of education some of these people show is disturbing. Basic education is free.

    85. Hector Cordero

      How about all the riots in the past what year plus ago All that destruction people died, business destroy,people’s house’s, Remember. What happened to that DEMOCRATE’S oh yea it’s not youre fault, that happen over a day ago, and democrates can’t remember that far.

    86. BioDOC

      They're all mindless fools, first they commit crimes and then they help the FBI by publicly documenting their crimes on video.

    87. Yanet Smith

      Margie Greene's cousin?

    88. Hinson James

      All them terrorist need to be hanged for terrorism!!!

    89. Sherbet_Bomb

      Travels on a private jet without a care during a pandemic.

    90. Benedict Donald

      Her “President” wears orange.....soon, so shall she.

    91. Simo Harjane

      Now they gonna use the law against those hooligans

    92. Terry Nash

      Hey I'm looking for some prison front property. Please get back with me on i mean after you storm the Capital. Shoot me in the face o don't care. Perhaps you might if it happens to you. North Texas is safer now that you are not there. I didn't do anything wrong except trying to over throw the United States Government.

    93. Joey Guillen

      It was a crime.

    94. Steve Cole

      I think her real estate business is from now on going to be limited to trailer sales.

    95. Peter Guercio

      Um....ah......lock her up?

    96. Kevin Suarez

      This is what passes for "noble" nowadays.

    97. Mike Abdullah

      The woman should be locked up for a long time!

    98. Chaos Ordeal


    99. Seriously You jest?

      Did you enter restricted areas? Is there evidence of you inside? If so, you should be charged, and prosecuted according to the law. It was disgusting behavior. Sorry , not sorry.

    100. Dronethat

      You're busted!