Anilee List Gets Standing Ovation From Judges And A Surprise From James Durbin - American Idol 2021

American Idol

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    Anilee List reflects on how being diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome at 10 years old has affected her life up to this point and how seeing James Durbin audition for American Idol in 2011 reignited her confidence in herself and her voice. Katy Perry calls Anilee’s performance "one of the most technically-perfect" auditions they’ve ever had on American Idol!
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    AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
    American Idol 2021
    Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

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    1. Stephen Stephenson

      So mad she didn't make it further. I still don't get it. I'm still listening to this two months later.

    2. Shaina H.

      Ahhhh I've never watched an American Idol audition so many times. Just beautiful. I love this so much.

    3. Hendri Su

      OMG.. So perfect

    4. Ollie Jordan

      i wish she'd kept making these types of song choices but instead she went commercial and it left her out of the competition.

      1. Rebecca PNW

        They don’t get much of a choice being boxed into a cheesy “theme” every week.

    5. Bikini Sexy Fitness workouts

      American idol sucks people don’t know music

    6. Dana Allen

      2:25 her performance begins 🔥🔥

    7. Raymond Nieva

      Wow. What a difficult song and she absolutely killed it! And the subtle tics she has are actually kinda cute imo. You go girl.... And on top of all that talent you are gorgeous honey!

    8. Irene C.

      Omg chills from the first few seconds. Love her voice!!! I can listen to her songs on the radio.

    9. Lalthakima Hmar

      I just love this audition....would watch it over n over again

    10. Michael Jones

      I made unique creatures to show the world what matters. 😎 I got stepped on by a Clydesdale. Broke my femur. They said I wouldn't walk. WHO.WON? JESUS DID!

    11. Michael Jones

      Different means YOU'RE MINE! 😘

    12. Michael Jones

      You're beautiful! 😲😍😘

    13. Michael Jones

      Mask off. 🙈🙉🙊😻

    14. Sheila collins

      Anilee List should have been TOP Ten!

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    16. Frankie Geist

      Awesome girl!! Soulful voice!!!

    17. Kiroppi

      3:06 "if you love me baby" yow I lowkey wanted the guy to look at Anilee longer. zzzz

    18. S McNeeley

      If she put out album I'm definitely getting it. AMAZING

    19. Rebecca PNW

      You guys are so lame for voting this girl off. I get literal goosebumps and I’ve watched this audition so many times. It never gets old. I really hope she takes the bit of the exposure and takes off big time! I love her!!!

      1. CA1959

        I thought her and Valles should have moved on too.

    20. Andre Cavalcanti

      She is flawless and I’m so sad she hasn’t got enough TV time to become known by the American voters. I definitely want to listen more from her.

    21. A N

      So sorry you were robbed baby girl!

    22. Terena Simons

      I knew I'd be coming back for more on this one!!!!

    23. David Centino Amores

      I just came here again watching from top 16, was she able to make it?

      1. David Centino Amores

        Oh man I knew it. Right from day one I rooted her. But that's okay atleast she's gained experience from the show. I want to see more of her in the future.

      2. Gerardo Hernández

        She didn’t make it :(

    24. London Wade

      I can’t believe this superstar didn’t make top16 in absolutely flabbergasted

    25. Sara B NY

      I can't believe she didn't make Top 16! I was just sure she was one of the few that were "for sures". They did her dirty by not airing her parts of Hollywood week

      1. Rebecca PNW

        They were too busy airing Madison’s hair to stick to talent.

    26. A M

      I am sad she didn’t make it all the way through.

    27. Tanner Eustace

      Sad to see you not make the top 16, Anilee, but I will never forget your audition :)

    28. Cris Onin

      In philippines voice like that is very common. She is great but sounds like someone who comes and go..

    29. Irene


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    31. Alondra Skål

      Ok.... is she related to Yebba Smith bc... Guuurrrllll

    32. Kyra Strom

      Yebba energy!!

    33. Lew Thrasher

      Forget the fact you have turrets. Your voice is spectacular. Your top 5 from what I've heard until now.

    34. Jenna Fisher

      Anyone else notice she looks suspiciously similar to Sarah Goldburg, the so called crazy girl from season 6 of American idol??

    35. frank blue

      Holy shit!!!

    36. gcollman

      I'm going to find out who this Aaron Taylor and this song is after this audition.

    37. Ashley Medice

      Why didn’t I see her throughout all of hollywood 😩

    38. Josh

      yebba vibes

    39. Jera Jera

      Why there's no Anilee on the Hollywood weekend?

    40. Jera Jera

      Why there's no Anilee on the Hollywood weekend?

    41. Margo Bonilla

      Good job! Good song choice! remind you of Tina Marie!

      1. Margo Bonilla

        Good job! Good Song choice! remind you of Tina Marie!

    42. CA1959

      Usually, Songs take awhile to get going but this one starts out beautifully. it's interesting how people who stutter, and those with Terets, sometimes don't do it when they sing. The brain and nerves are complex, but there has to be an answer .That was a great performance. She's a great person.

    43. maddie gallagher

      if anyone knows the first chord the guitarist plays, please tell me!!

    44. Christopher Waldrop

      Oh my.....!

    45. Bikini Sexy Fitness workouts

      Who are the 516 haters who don’t know what sounds great bro she is doing this with Tourette’s

    46. Jan Palmer

      my fave contender in AI21. gwan girl :)

    47. pineirokatherine

      How... how did she do that 🤯 Those runs, texture, tone... I could sleep to that voice 😴 🎶 PERFECT my dear!

    48. Avalon Kenton

      Hope she wins

    49. kimberly williams

      I just want her to get into the studio and do an official recording of this. So I can add this to my Spotify 🙏🏾😀

    50. CJ1808

      Wow! 😲 Just WOW!

    51. Mark Gray

      Best audition by far. Better than the original.

    52. Henry Chuailou

      Is she a girl long time ago who says she can't sing but she said should be American idol

    53. Eddie Tapia


    54. Yelly Jelly

      Where’s is she in the show???? I haven’t seen her perform!

    55. Lashun Butler

      All I can say is Jesus!

    56. Rebecca PNW

      I watched to see her. They are either insane for having her leave, or more likely, saving her up for last. I hope it’s the latter.

      1. S K

        She's in the Top 24, but they didn't showcase her at strange! Even when they showed her making it, it was like a 5 second clip. She is terrific!

    57. Cassidy Fix

      reminds me of yebba

    58. T Johnson

      All this time and we only got a snippet 😒they didn’t even show them saying she made it

    59. Rae Torres

      I just cried when I heard the first couple of notes. That almost never happens to me!

    60. Debra Molley

      She tore your song up but hey that's why music is THE universal language. And now I know who you are and I'm listening to you too, so everybody wins !

    61. R. B.

      I’m so bummed we haven’t been able to see the rest of her Hollywood performances! This was by far my favorite audition.

    62. Terence Jay Piodos

      Where is Anilee?

    63. Michaela Lindsay

      I love that she sounds so different that what everyone else is sounding like these days. No one else is singing like this. Her voice, her style, and her presence is completely her own. Don't wish her luck, she don't need it.

    64. Oh! Hey There

      where is she now? did she got eliminated during the Hollywood week?😞

    65. a. Hardy

      Did she make top 24?? I think they're trifling this season 🙄😒

    66. Steve Zanoni



      Im blown away by her vocals and definitely had to search for Aaron Taylor after hearing her sing

    68. T Johnson

      Same performers again 🙇🏾‍♂️Where oh where is Annalee List🤷🏿‍♂️

    69. Lawrence F

      Where are all you performances! I so want to hear more from you but there are no others uploaded on American idol?

    70. lewis collins

      What happened to her? Is she still in the competition? I think this is my favourite audition this season.

      1. S K

        She's top 24, but they did not showcase her at all during audition week!

      2. maddie gallagher

        yes she’s in the top 24!

      3. Jayleen Marmolejo

        I was just wondering this! I’ve watched all the episodes, have been waiting for her, and she just hasn’t been on the show since the audition??

    71. Eli Fermin

      why does we don tsee her on duet and showstopper? where is she?

    72. Jerry

      When I first heard Anilee, the whole season was over for me. I already found my winner, and that is Anilee List!! She was then, and still is, the Gold Standard for this year. Others have tried, but no one can touch her. GO ANILEE, AMERICAN IDOL WINNER 2021!!

    73. Kari Pagotto

      Where is she in Hollywood week!!?

    74. Tee1167

      They haven’t given her any screen time. Shame on you American idol

    75. Ariel Albert

      When I sing my Tics completely go away too it’s really weird but it’s so relieving

    76. Suzi Mayer

      She looks just like the woman who was on one of the first seasons and yelled at Simon. Way better singer though

    77. harold wilkes

      I stopped watching AGT when they started using the disease du jour to drive ratings, not because of the talent displayed. If Idol goes this route, I'll stop watching it too. If they're good, they're good, don't turn it into a pity party. She is good and deserves to be recognized for her talent.

    78. vincent billy amacna

      I can’t find her performance in hollywood week. What happen to her?

      1. vincent billy amacna

        @Tracy HaeHae She wasn’t eliminated, in fact, she’s one of the top 24. Hope to hear more of her. 😊

      2. Tracy HaeHae

        I'd like to know that as well. I live in NZ and can't find any other performances for her on American Idol as we don't have the show here yet. Did she get eliminated?

    79. Spiritual Awakening

      I got so many tingles omg

    80. Felicia Hurst

      I can’t wait until you win!!!! You have an amazing voice!!!

    81. tubegobey

      I want to go to her concert, NOW!

    82. Sherrie Alexander

      Yes ma’am

    83. Angie Reid

      Been waiting for her genre and duet performance :/

    84. Amanda Gonzales

      Still-still watching daily because American Idol won’t post more of her performances.

    85. Trump Would Date His Daughter

      When she sings she transcends into another dimension and transports into another universe and she brought us along on her journey.

    86. O. V.

      Sista. Church. DeAngelo vibes. Girrrrrlllllllll. She SANGIN’. Not singing.

    87. Jaxon Freeman

      I have seen no new performances from Anilee List other than her original audition? I search the internet but no one seems to be asking why?

      1. Sarah Barnett

        That’s what I am looking for too. Where is she? Wanted to see more of her singing!

    88. quietconfidence TV

      She has a mesmerizing voice!

    89. Ashlee Williams

      Still listening 🥰🥰🥰

    90. Bridget Morris

      Beautify done. OMG

    91. Jon

      The amount of times I've listened to this is stupid..

    92. Kristan Fernandez

      I am still waiting for her performance in Hollywood week, is there an update on her?

    93. noel reyes

      Why am I not seeing her in Hollywood week ? 🤔

    94. vance governor

      AMAZING indeed totally AMAZING

    95. bad8301

      I haven't seen her on hollywood week

    96. Jayy Ayy

      How could y’all not air her next round 😭😭😭 congrats on getting through again girl routing for YOU!!!! 💯

    97. Bona

      where is anilee now? i did not see her on hollywood week. she will be the next american idol

    98. Lake26Lee

      Where is she? Haven't seen her since this.

    99. J. Nieves

      I dont care who wins the damn AI competition just let me know when she drops an album 🎤

    100. Brianna Janaé

      she ate this entire song up